GreentextSavant - Sunset The Demon Huntress: Chapter 3

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. 3.I: The Prelude.
  2. >The demon hunting escapade from the last two stories has been going on for Sunset during the past several months. The more intense one, that is.
  3. >She’s been assigned to “clean up” the underworld on multiple occasions, usually called over to the other realm through signs and signals from the spirits that try to contact her between dimensions.
  4. >She’s gotten even more used to this than she was before.
  5. >And now, it’s time for the home stretch.
  6. >…
  7. >She rises to her feet, completely alone with the exception of her armor and weapons. Waiting for any threats to come her way in the silence that engulfs her ambitious soul.
  8. >The only source of light the ominous glow from her fiery hair, bringing light to the never-ending darkness.
  9. >She looks down at her equipment and almost smiles. But resists.
  10. >There are going to be a lot of demons to expel from the underworld, and this is going to be the last time Sunset comes here from the world of the living.
  11. >Her leather jacket tightly wrapped around her shoulders, making a low-pitched dragging sound with the rugged texture as she bends down to pick up her shotgun. She listens for any growls of roars that might indicate the presence of a predator. Nothing, which is a deadly sign of silence.
  12. >But Sunset embraces the free moment for preparation, polishing the side of the barrel with the edge of her jacket.
  13. >Eyeing the decorative design, demonstrative of the artistic nature of the craft. It is a work of art just as much as it is a supernatural weapon.
  14. >Sunset’s hand desires nothing close to letting go of this faithful tool of eliminating evil.
  15. >She tightens her steel-toed boots with her free hand before using the same hand to pick up the short sword lying beside her.
  16. >Her passionate grip on the handle causes the blade to catch ablaze. The flames lick the sides of the metal with a glow resembling Sunset’s hair on her head.
  17. >She listens to the leather surface of her jacket squeak in a low tone as she moves her arms around.
  18. >The shotgun rests in Sunset’s grip; she examines it.
  19. >Decorative designs line the handle, all coming to the point of the beginning of the barrel.
  20. >The blade glistening in the light that Sunset’s hair gives off, radiating with majestic orange from the combination of red and yellow locks of hair.
  21. >A reflection of Sunset’s turquoise eyes glare with bravery and might in the blade.
  22. >They light up with each echoing step Sunset takes.
  23. >Sunset’s boots resonating with the ground, they tread in a stylistic stride with a slight reflection of Sunset’s fiery hair in their twisting and winding patterns that stretch from the lower shin area to right above the thick soles.
  24. >The soles lightly strike the ground, and the steel toes chime against the surface every time this happens, letting out challenging, toiling echoes throughout the underworld that awaits its inevitable doom that is Sunset the Demon Huntress.
  25. >Once the light surpasses the sound through the darkness, the huntress is spotted.
  26. >Desperate foes on the verge of their last stand know that this is their final chance to defend the lands they have conquered long ago. And Sunset can smell their fear.
  27. >Almost smiling.
  28. 3.II: The Cyclopses and the Room.
  29. >She allows them to approach upon the echoing sound of her footsteps, they bear bright purple lights, trying to mislead Sunset into the wrong direction.
  30. >With a spin of the shotgun in her right hand, she curves the first shot right into the side of one of the tall-standing targets. These purple lights seems to come from their heads, and there is only one per target.
  31. >One falls.
  32. >Sunset jumps back to keep them from getting behind her, spinning around and tossing her shotgun high into the air to hold her short sword with both hands.
  33. >One of them looms behind Sunset, ready to swing a giant club in her direction.
  34. >She doesn’t need to duck, but moves out of the way anyway. Sunset holds the blade out and feels the giant club hit the tip of the blade before she even expects it.
  35. >Labored breathing indicates the rage within the monster… both coming from in front of and behind Sunset.
  36. >The tip of the blade sticks out the other end pf the club; Sunset’s arms remain firm and intact despite the sheer power of the blade that was delivered in her direction. The ground engulfs hand of the sword, keeping it there along with the club.
  37. >Sunset plans her next move in half a second.
  38. >Her invulnerability is surely going to win her the day in the end, and she doesn’t feel like letting these demons know the horrible truth of their fate until it’s too late for them to flee.
  39. >That’s the only way to keep them all in one spot to eliminate them.
  40. >The shotgun falls down from up in the sky as another one-glowing-eyed creature viciously swing its club. Just missing Sunset’s fiery hair.
  41. >It grunts as the swinging motion follows through, interrupted by a shotgun blast straight into the eye.
  42. >The demon whose club got nailed to the ground give up on trying to pull it out. It grabs Sunset by the shoulders and tries to hold her as two more of its kind come in with their own bludgeoning weapons.
  43. >These things are definitely typical cyclopses, given their great strength and lack of speed.
  44. >Sunset raises her legs and kicks in the eye of the cyclops holding her all in one motion, her arm holding the shotgun at the first of the other two attackers, her eyes guiding the way.
  45. >One flaming hit to the shoulder slows down the one in front; its friend climbs over it and takes the lead.
  46. >Sunset slows her perception of time, easily delivering another eye-shot.
  47. >Only now does the cyclops without a club let go of its hold on Sunset and covers its bloody face in anguish.
  48. >Sunset frantically showers shot after shot at the two in front, never ceasing her finger’s movement against the trigger for even a tenth of a second.
  49. >The loud bangs heard from a distance were the only warning the rest of the doomed needed.
  50. >There aren’t many left to try to overtake the huntress, they take their last measure.
  51. >From the mist on the ground, pillars rise, completely surrounding Sunset as walls begin to form between some of them.
  52. >They form an entire building around the huntress as every line of defense is called. Sunset can hear their angry calls to arms.
  53. >She can smell the stench of terror cloaked in that anger.
  54. >They don’t want to take any chances with her. They can’t afford to this time. She’s killed too many of them before.
  55. >On the literal bright side, Sunset’s hair lights up the walls of a tall, cathedral ceilinged room around her.
  56. >The last cyclops has retreated to elsewhere with its hand covering its charred, split-open shoulder. Sunset’s firepower gave it quite a surprise.
  57. >The agonized cries of the cyclops that lost its club continue behind Sunset; it can’t see a thing. But it can feel… and hear… the devastating force of multiple flaming rounds one after another.
  58. >Sunset grits her teeth, pulling the trigger again and again even as the cyclops lies dead on the misty ground. The mis soon disperses and gives way to a floor instead.
  59. >A solid stone floor. A floor that echoes the continued shots that Sunset fires in hopes that the demons can hear the amount of drive she has in store for them.
  60. >She wants them to at least cower a little bit.
  61. >She can tell that this isn’t the only place with a stone floor. The sound of rushed footsteps against stone come from all directions outside the room.
  62. >The room would be completely dark if it weren’t for her hair. She wouldn’t see the swiss-cheese-like corpse before her vanish along with the club it used to own.
  63. >She wouldn’t see the doors on each side of the room. She wouldn’t see her sword sticking out of the stone floor.
  64. >Sunset would not have been able to pick it up in an instant before the doors opened to reveal masked hitmen with guns aiming from all angles.
  65. >They better hope they’re immune to their own bullets.
  66. >Sunset leaps on top of her sword, landing on the tip of the blade with one foot and catapults herself into the air towards wherever in the darkness the cathedral ceiling would be.
  67. >There actually doesn’t seem to be a ceiling at all. The walls do converge, but never meet.
  68. >In the very same second, the hitmen open fire. The bullets freeze in mid air as soon as they pass through the room and enter the opposite hallway. They fall to the floor.
  69. >None of the hitmen are hit. And they step into the room and aim upwards. With Sunset bouncing off the walls high up enough to be able to perch herself between two opposite walls with her legs.
  70. >She looks down to hear numerous shots from below.
  71. >It’s pitch black down there, Sunset is shooting down into the dark while the hitmen shoot up from the dark.
  72. >Her hair would make a good target if that mattered.
  73. >Bullets scream by Sunset’s head, arms and legs. She has to hold her shotgun steady to keep the bullets that hit it from ricocheting it out of her hands.
  74. >They already bounce off of the girl herself, but she’s too far upwards for anyone below to see the lack of effect their ammunition.
  75. >She fires back down and sends more powerful blasts down into the hell below her.
  76. >It lights up the bottom with each impact on demon flesh and bone. The rounds explode with flames and take down whatever they fall upon.
  77. >The once one-sided crossfire has inverted.
  78. >But Sunset already loses her grip on the walls and begins to fall down. At the bottom, the hitmen are already falling down in a different way… with exit wounds bearing licking flames all over their bodies.
  79. >After losing too many for comfort, they duck back into the hallway away from the rain of fire. Right before Sunset lands on top of her sword’s tip again on one foot.
  80. >She balances herself and breathes heavily, soon spinning around and firing shots into each door. The floor of the bottom of the room is littered with bodies. Some of their masts blown apart to reveal the ashy, horned faces of the demons that already lost this battle. Their sharp-toothed, grimacing faces frozen in shock until their disappear.
  81. >All doors shut in unison. But Sunset uses her rounds to blast through them anyway. After initiating with an offensive, the enemy switches to the defensive.
  82. >More doors generate, but it doesn’t take long for Sunset to turn around and blast them down. Whatever it is they are getting ready behind the doors is going to be no match for Sunset. The demons attempting to keep hold of their territory unbeknownst to this.
  83. >Sunset knows she must wipe them all out before morning… when she inevitably wakes up.
  84. >Once she leaves, they can enter people’s dreams before Sunset has the chance to come in and take them down again.
  85. >This motivation is what gets all four of the doors shattered to the floor at the same time. They stop regenerating.
  86. >Quickly, the doorways close up into walls.
  87. >At first, this confuses Sunset… until she hears a rumbling coming from up above.
  88. >The walls are no longer converging, and the endless tunnel above has been replaced by a spike coated ceiling.
  89. >It slowly sinks down towards Sunset. But Sunset already knows where this is going.
  90. >To Sunset’s surprise, the ceiling accelerates its fall to a speed even faster than gravity could pull it. The spikes land on top of Sunset’s head, but go no further.
  91. >All Sunset has to do is stand there to keep the ceiling from continuing. The demons outside cannot see anything going on, and they remain in whatever positions they are in.
  92. >Sunset steps off of the tip of her sword’s blade and reaches down for it, only allowing the ceiling to lower a tiny bit more.
  93. >The spikes merely tickle the back of her neck as she grabs the blade with her bare hand and pulls.
  94. >With a slight but deep dragging sound with stone against stone, the ceiling gets pushed back up as Sunset straightens her back, with her hand pulling the sword with her.
  95. >Her other hand pulls the trigger to the shotgun, aiming at the bare wall. Round after round slowly corrodes the stone.
  96. >Something can be heard shifting around behind the wall that Sunset eventually blasts a hole through. They know they can’t keep her trapped for long, let alone kill her in that one space.
  97. >With a loud boom, the ceiling penetrates the floor with its spikes after Sunset steps through the hole she made to stop blocking its path.
  98. 3.III: The Hallway.
  99. >The hair of the huntress is no longer the only light source.
  100. >Sunset steps into the start of a seemingly endless hallway that glows a deep continuous gradient of blue and purple from lights overhead.
  101. >This was set up for the huntress, and there is in all likelihood something awaiting for her to pass by.
  102. >A feeling in Sunset’s heart knows that this is where the real fun begins. The enemy shows some style in their steps, their measures taken to stop the savior they desperately resist.
  103. >With a cold steel blade in one hand and heavy firepower in the other, Sunset brings both sword and gun to an underworld fight. The hole she blasted through the wall has already closed behind her with a barely audible growl.
  104. >The lights start to fade in and out as Sunset continues forward.
  105. >Sunset soon notices doors lining the walls of the hallway; they’re all closed. The floor nearly pitch black, the ceiling glowing the same gradient as the walls until the orange glow from Sunset’s red and yellow hair passes by.
  106. >She squints her eyes and looks side to side, even turning back to check behind her as though it mattered.
  107. >Making the demons think they stand a chance.
  108. >Keeping them all in one spot.
  109. >Getting ready to dish out the fire storm upon them that is her undying wrath.
  110. >She keeps her steps through the hallway completely even, with each pace she turns her head in a different direction. Energy filling her to the rim.
  111. >Her slowed perception of time in here has helped her react more quickly before. And it will work again as these doors around Sunset gradually open after she gets close enough to them.
  112. >There are no longer and hitmen in here, only dark figures with what appear to be claw hands. They almost look like humans.
  113. >But their glowing eyes and sharp teeth say otherwise.
  114. >Sunset gives the closes one a marginal head start before pointing and shooting once. It flies back with its head split open.
  115. >This feels too easy at first. There must be something more. Sunset blows another one back while a door behind her opens.
  116. >She reflexively turns around and swipes her blade across the attacker’s chest. Another demon on Sunset’s other side grabs the front of the shotgun.
  117. >Only now does Sunset realize how many of these things there are; dozens at once.
  118. >She fires anyway, and again and again, hitting two more demons in the background as she drives her short blade through the head of the one holding the shotgun.
  119. >Another demon pops up behind Sunset, and gets a foot to the gut before Sunset turns around blasts a flaming bullet into a demon behind it before kicking it again.
  120. >Another claw hand tries to grab the blade this time.
  121. >Sunset retracts briefly her hand just enough for the blade to still be in the hand before thrusting her sword upwards in the opposite direction. Sawing the long, sharp fingers off.
  122. >She then ducks out of the way before another claw hand can grab her. This hallway just got a little bit narrower.
  123. >With a swipe of her leg, she sends another demon off balance and sticks her sword up into its chest, only to hastily pull it out and swipe it across the face of another attacher.
  124. >The sound of the steel racing across the rugged demon flesh resounds off the walls with each slash that Sunset takes as she takes down demon after demon.
  125. >The shotgun blasts soon becoming more evenly spaced out as Sunset makes her moves more mechanic, keeping a flow and circular motion to them.
  126. >Dancing with the demons. Wiping them out one by one and soon two by two.
  127. >The lights fade more distinctively as the hallway widens again, making more space for additional clawed demons.
  128. >An army of shadows up against the bringer of light.
  129. >Kicking with her legs and feet, Sunset continues down the same direction in the hallway.
  130. >Occasionally delivering death blows into the sharp toothed mouths of a demon whenever it gets face-to-face with her. Rhythmically dealing down the threats around her.
  131. >Turning herself into the threat to them.
  132. >Introducing herself to the demons as their imminent doom.
  133. >Sinking her blade between their teeth that try to sink into her. Piercing their chests with the blade that now catches fire once more.
  134. >Spilling flames into their hearts. Pouring solid metal down their torsos until they fall to the ground motionless.
  135. >Sometimes, a demon or two goes flying, limbs sent even further.
  136. >They fearfully face the brutal efficiency of Sunset’s weapons that clean out their ranks. Parts of them falling in piles on top of one another.
  137. >Eventually causing too much clutter for the colorized hallway to stay narrow. It widens once more, but to no avail.
  138. >A clear path is soon made through the hallway as Sunset persists.
  139. >She cleanly severs heads and limbs, if not blowing them apart with fire. She spins around countless times, dealing blow after blow by metal and fire.
  140. >By grit and passion.
  141. >Kicking with her boots, stomping on the remains of those that are still alive. Ending their tyranny.
  142. >Moving to the beat that starts to fade in; it’s… dance music.
  143. >Getting louder the further into the hallway Sunset goes.
  144. >The swipes of her cold blade and the shots of her heated shotgun syncing up with the swift beat that booms under some muffled barrier at the other end of the hallway.
  145. >More doors open, but they only lead whatever’s inside to certain death. Sunset soon clears out her part of the hallway completely, not even paying any mind to the mountains of demon carcasses she has left behind her. They’d pretty much block the doors from opening again back there if they opened into the hallway.
  146. >It barricades Sunset’s path back to the closed up wall, but that’s the last place she wants to go to.
  147. >Less demons to wipe out over there. Less music. Less… to do.
  148. >And each time a door opens, Sunset is closer to the entrance, her orange glow conflating with the purple and blue gradient of the lights above.
  149. >Opening doors turn to shutting doors, syncing up with each time the distant bass drum sounds. And a blast of fire blows the doors apart off their hinges every time the distant snare drum sounds.
  150. >Sunset barges into the rooms of the hallway to the beat. And her sword nearly mixes with the high-hat cymbals at the other end of the hallway.
  151. >She enters one room, mowing down three demons inside before the door on the opposite side of the hallway opens to reveal the previously missing hitmen. Longing to trap her in the room and open fire.
  152. >The one in front aims before Sunset mule kicks him back into his buddies. She beheads a demon in the room in front of her with a shotgun blast before spinning 360 degrees to block a sudden axe.
  153. >Another cyclops stands at Sunset’s side, with its axe’s head sliced off by the blade of Sunset’s sword. The tip of the handle made into a giant candle.
  154. >Now aiming out the door again for a split second, Sunset blows away another hitman with three pulls of her trigger, and between these shots, she rams her blade into the cyclops’s eye twice.
  155. >Staying in sync to the beat at the end of the hallway.
  156. >Yet another demon spawns at the center of the room.
  157. >It sees Sunset take down the lumbering cyclops and blast the hitman away from the doorway with her shotgun to the beat of the distant music, taking them all down with what looks like ease.
  158. >The demon fades away in an attempt to escape, un-spawning.
  159. >Sunset sends a flaming shotgun blast into its head before it completely dissipates.
  160. >It’s eliminated before it hits the ground of wherever it spawned from.
  161. >The room is emptied… and Sunset continues across the hallway into the opposite doorway. Blasting through the shut door right after the click of a lock desperately tells her not to enter.
  162. >She flips a switch on her shotgun with it pointed towards the demons in the room, all trying to un-spawn before she can kill them.
  163. >With a growl, Sunset pulls the trigger and unleashes a long stream of raw napalm fire at the demons. Wherever they transported to, they bring the flames of Sunset’s wrath with them.
  164. >The huntress exits the room and repeats the same process with each door in the hallway, soon covering ground from one end of the hallway to the other.
  165. >It’s a good thing the demon bodies disperse in this realm. Though, anything can change in what has almost become literally hell.
  166. >At the opposite end of the hallway from which Sunset began her rampage, there is a tall closed door with the music blaring right behind it.
  167. >Keeping her footsteps consistent with the muffled beat, Sunset approaches the door and kicks it open in the same fashion.
  168. 3.IV: The Lights.
  169. >This music got a little bit louder, but it still sounds like it’s behind many walls.
  170. >Sunset enters a series of large rooms of the same colors as the hallway she left. These rooms are full of pools and baths, with some water soon trickling down upon Sunset.
  171. >More and more water pours down on Sunset the further into the rooms she goes, soon diminishing her flames. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this was done on purpose as a defensive measure.
  172. >Sunset clenches her fist to try and replenish the flames, but something has been done to this water to surpass her fire’s resistance to it.
  173. >Now slightly concerned, Sunset pulls her trigger to fire a test shot and hopefully draw some preliminary demons to eliminate.
  174. >Nothing comes out. Her shotgun is not functional in here.
  175. >Sunset takes her sword and drags the tip fo the blade across her cheek; it doesn’t pierce the skin. Sunset has nothing to worry about.
  176. >She has not lost her invulnerability, not has she lost her blade.
  177. >Now she’s back to stepping to the beat, keeping her confidence by her side and her sword in her hand as she attaches the gun to her back in case the water stops.
  178. >Her hair only lightly glows under the water now, and Sunset can tell she’s being watched.
  179. >Being waited for.
  180. >Once her hair is dim enough, bubbles start to surface in the pools’ waters. The inside of this bathhouse rains even harder. Sunset is a little out of her element.
  181. >She knows that this is evil’s last stand against here. They are giving it their all.
  182. >A gargling roar takes Sunset by surprise, startling her.
  183. >The huntress holds her blade with both hands and arches her fingers to press down the middle ridge of the handle. Facing the source of the noise.
  184. >Sunset keeps her eyes on the tentacles slithering through the water, deep beneath the surface.
  185. >But she knows that there are pools behind her as well.
  186. >A loud splash indicates the emergence of a tentacle from the pool water.
  187. >With her hands gripped tightly onto the sword’s handle, Sunset points the blade in the direction of the tentacle and rams it in.
  188. >The metal easily breaks the skin and slips through, rupturing the other side with a brutal excision.
  189. >And pitch black blood pollutes the water. The tentacle desperately squirms as it bleeds out, in the wake of more tentacles waiting for the blood to mask their position in the water to strike sneak attacks.
  190. >This is when Sunset places the tips of her fingers on the ridge of the handle once again, pushing down and splitting the sword in two.
  191. >The halves thicken.
  192. >Two swords.
  193. >Sunset grows silent with the music that tones down to a quiet melody of synthesizers.
  194. >She squints with a challenging snarl, hardly fazed by the deathly silence that will inevitably turn to loudness in a few seconds.
  195. >Like a statue in the middle of the room, Sunset remains motionless until the splashing commences.
  196. >She springs into action as the room crows colder and brighter.
  197. >Swinging her blades around with careful but ruthless precision. She feeds the ice-cold steel into the demon flesh with quick and calculated strikes and swipes.
  198. >Sometimes turning around 180 degrees, then 45 degrees, then 225 degrees.
  199. >Her hair tries its best to heat up and bring more light into the room, but it doesn’t even need to due to the lights imitating the ones from the hallway illuminating the room.
  200. >The huntress continues to slash apart the tentacles with frightening speed.
  201. >An alarm starts to sound; Sunset’s ears just pick it up before it fills the room to the point where the water vibrates.
  202. >The tentacles retract after losing many of their numbers, and the alarm soon can be recognized as a ship horn.
  203. >The god-forsaken monster of a naval vessel crashes through the wall, and off of it leap robotic wolves.
  204. >Their eyes quickly light up with each metallic bark, and they react to the swords hitting them like clubs.
  205. >The noises of metal against metal clanging at higher and higher pitches echo through the rooms, and and there is seldom an instance where the sharp blades of Sunset’s swords pierce the metal armor and jut into what would presumably be the soft wiring.
  206. >But there aren’t any wired, these things aren’t running on electricity.
  207. >Looks like throwing them into the pools won’t do anything, but Sunset kicks them with her feet anyway in response.
  208. >Breaking their necks with a swipe of her steel-toed boots.
  209. >Time starts to move faster for Sunset, despite her perception of time being slowed.
  210. >She knows this is being done on purpose, and they are trying everything they can to stop her.
  211. >She simply furrows her brow and thinks more quickly.
  212. >Stepping lightly around the edges of the pool, with the tentacles making for a revenge and trying to pull her in.
  213. >But Sunset finds it not too difficult to slash them apart as she dodges leaping wolves.
  214. >The water splashing everywhere, flying through the air in countless globs and drops with the purple and blue lights shining through and reflecting their textures and shapes.
  215. >The water starts to swirl in funnels as the lights grow brighter.
  216. >A strong wind develops inside of the pool rooms, and Sunset finds it harder to keep her balance.
  217. >But her hangs on and manages to deliver more kicks directly to the teeth of the wolves and blade edges to the tentacles.
  218. >The stress keeps on going, but Sunset only basks in it as she achieves kill after kill.
  219. >Even diving into the water for better cover.
  220. >She takes care of the tentacles with ease, as she can now see them a little bit more easily even though the water is almost blackened by the blood the huntress has spilled.
  221. >The lights in the room above form a colorful, wavy piece of art to Sunset below the surface.
  222. >But onto for a minute.
  223. >Sunset no longer would have needed to hold her breath; the open air surrounds her; the water is drained.
  224. >And even larger creatures made of metal line the perimeter of the pool.
  225. >The bark, growl and roar at the huntress before leaping in from all directions.
  226. >Some of them are bears.
  227. >And Sunset instinctively shoots up out of the pool with one massive thrust against the concrete floor.
  228. >Spinning at a blurring rate with her swords sticking out on either side.
  229. >Flipping upside down.
  230. >Her blades colored red for a brief moment for the speed combined with Sunset’s energy.
  231. >Nearly dicing the surfaces of the robotic demons that dared to leap up after her.
  232. >They fall to the ground in pieces.
  233. >Actually screaming in pain, but still persisting with their eyes glowing bright red with rage.
  234. >Parts are sent skyward, and it hits enough places on the room’s ceiling to cause lights to start falling down.
  235. >Loudly splashing into the water of the pools that haven’t yet been drained.
  236. >The music still down to a quiet melody as Sunset lands on one side of the pool, almost falling into another one.
  237. >The water drains anyway, probably assuming that she had fallen in.
  238. >It reveals a couple of tentacles preparing to strike.
  239. >Sunset reaches out her blades and dices them with just enough time left to turn around club away a metallic bear claw.
  240. >She challenges all of the demons to come to her, to approach their doom with her arms spread out as they all watch her fortitude.
  241. >”Step forth and strike!” Sunset blares at them. “Is that not why you are here?”
  242. >The collection of wolves and bears before Sunset snarl and do just that.
  243. >Lunging forward, with Sunset lurching at them even before they had decided to move. She’s ready to wipe them out completely.
  244. >Ignoring the bite on her leg, Sunset beheads one wolf with one clean blow, penetrating a bear’s gut with her fee sword.
  245. >A tentacle coils around the sword that penetrates the bear, and tries to pull it away.
  246. >Sunset suddenly retracts the sword and takes some of the tentacle’s skin with it.
  247. >She slices it in half with the other sword and readies her retracted arm to jut its blade into the jaws of the next wolf charging at her.
  248. >The pool rooms echo with the clangor of metal against metal, and the ripping sounds of some of that metal creating carnage out of the demonic tentacles.
  249. >The collective cowardly steps of the bears and wolves stepping back. Retreating.
  250. >Knowing that they will be next to taste the blades after their comrades so unluckily in front fall to the huntress’s wrath.
  251. >The music gets louder and more lively with speed again, and Sunset can’t help but dance along with it as she slays beat after beat. Now pretty much two by two.
  252. >Just like how she had with the even weaker demons in the hallway whenever she had gotten the chance.
  253. >Water turns black, metal hits the ground. All ranks fall.
  254. >But the fall right before a loud roar from the next room.
  255. >Sunset isn’t even remotely afraid… she finishes off the last wolf and sprints into the next room with her blades by her side.
  256. >A choir sings in the distance as Sunset approaches the entrance to a dance floor.
  257. >A MASSIVE dance floor. Completely empty aside the huntress herself. And all of the fury she has brought with her.
  258. >Her unstoppable energy.
  259. >The music becomes deafening, but the roaring still drowns it out.
  260. >The coir continues, and evolves into classical music. Night on Bald Mountain is the song that Sunset recognizes.
  261. >It even plays over the dance music for a few seconds, before the ground shakes from gargantuan, tyrannosaurus-sized, stomps that approach slowly.
  262. >Slow but close.
  263. >The roar is right in front of Sunset; she faces the danger already.
  264. >Ready to reverse those roles.
  265. >Drawing her swords as it begins to rain once more to ensure flames can’t be used.
  266. >Swirling in the air as the wind picks up. A literal typhoon forms inside the dance floor.
  267. >The walls are colored black and white, creating a spinning hypnosis-styles design to confuse the huntress into dizziness.
  268. >The monster before Sunset gleams in the blue-purple gradient of the room’s lighting.
  269. >The raindrops creating long horizontal streams, whirling in a complete circle around the huntress and her colossal prey.
  270. >Sunset points left her sword at the 30-foot-tall, six, armed, witch that she recognizes a little too well.
  271. >She points her right sword at the same creature, a pitch black mammoth with glowing green eyes and a spiked chain in each of its six hands.
  272. >Sunset points both swords at the towering whipwitch that roars in front of her before spreading her arms to the sides.
  273. >Challenging this beast.
  274. >Letting out a passionate war cry.
  275. >The raindrops rapidly ricocheting off of the walls they graze past.
  276. >The demon beast strikes, hurling its chains of horror directly at the huntress. The sound of them clanging against the blades can almost be heard over the turbulence of the typhoon.
  277. >Sunset can see other figures out of the corner of her eyes.
  278. >It’s all at once.
  279. >Metal wolves, shadow creatures, hitmen, cyclopses, pirates, and everything in between… all come charging at Sunset from all directions.
  280. >The thought of this inevitable confrontation with all of them at once makes Sunset’s fists clench on her swords’ handles so tightly that the handles themselves are constricted to be made thinner with the shape of Sunset’s fingers being molded into their form.
  281. >Sunset’s teeth grit as they all approach, some at high speeds.
  282. >Her eyes are set ablaze, her hair illuminates with rage, her passion soars into the blackness of the hell that surrounds her along with her wrath she has dragged along with her since the beginning.
  283. >Everything Sunset has been capable of rises out from the inside… blooming in the fiery glow in her livid glare. Her hair teeming with heat that evaporates the raindrops that fall close enough. The hair springs upwards and undulates like a true flame of glory.
  284. >The endless energy that Sunset has to offer begins at the first blow the huntress delivers to the eye of a wolf.
  285. >Sunset’s speed and strength increase with one another; she sends the wolf flying into the rest of its pack.
  286. >A shockwave of flames emerges and expands from the wake of the slashing direction of Sunset’s sword.
  287. >It covers the tumbling wolves and melts their bodies before a misty cloud of evaporating raindrops forms around Sunset where she swung the sword.
  288. >Hissing bullets from the hitmen’s guns create swirling trails in the mist.
  289. >The impact echoed throughout the chamber, and does little to phase the spiked chain whistling through the wind at the huntress from behind.
  290. >In an instant, Sunset spins around and slashes at the tip of the chain, slicing it apart wherever the blade meets the lesser metal.
  291. >Turns around again to impale the face of a shadow creature that foolishly emerged from the mist to attack.
  292. >A screaming bullet whizzes by Sunset’s ear, and she jolts her sword up in time to deflect a second bullet before blocking a cutlass sword from an undead pirate.
  293. >The pirate’s moves weren’t quick enough to match Sunset’s, and he found himself slain in a one-sided sword fight. Sunset’s blades are like an ever-shapeshifting fan of steel, taking apart anything that dares to come near.
  294. >The huntress mows down the ranks upon ranks of attackers, beating back chains all the while. Changing her position every half second, thrusting her blades out at the blink of an eye.
  295. >Vanquishing each foe at the blink of an eye.
  296. >Leaping into the air with her flaming hair defying the heavy winds, defying the rain…
  297. >The chains coil around both blades at once now… but they’re not getting them out of Sunset’s vice-like hands.
  298. >Sunset is spun around in circles with her swords in her grip, in the opposite direction of the swirling rain.
  299. >The raindrops pelt the huntress hard, but she hits the surrounding demon army even harder with her steel-toed boots. Letting a flame creep up the chains once more… they meet a purple flame this time instead of green.
  300. >The same shade of purple as the half of the gradient that fills the room, pulsating to the beat.
  301. >The middle of the two lines of fire emits a bright flash upon collision. Sunset’s toes dance along the faces of a number of the demons to the music, ringing as they hit against other metal.
  302. >Sunset flips herself around and claps her heels upon a single bullet, catching it in a split second before sending it through the force of her movement back into the supernatural realm.
  303. >The bullet adopts a tail of fire, like a speeding candle light that refuses to burn out before piercing the heads of whatever stands in its path.
  304. >Flying in the opposite direction of rotation of the typhoon, slivering through the blue and purple with its orange grace.
  305. >Knocking a hitman’s gun straight out of his hand, shattering the cutlass sword of another pirate, taking down several wolves and shadow creatures.
  306. >Wreaking just as much havoc as the powerful boots that Sunset’s feet don.
  307. >Demonic carnage is sent skyward to the ceiling. The slaves of evil are falling… and falling… and falling…
  308. >In yet another instant, the middle of the chain snaps after it concedes to the immense power between the two opposing flames.
  309. >Sunset is at the mercy of inertia for a short moment of planning before she straightens her legs… then proceeds to deal an aerial mule kick to the jaw of a metal bear in substitute for a landing.
  310. >Swings her arms in a single, deft motion.
  311. >Sends her half of the severed chain flying into a cluster of shadow monsters and wolves, entangling them in a metallic snare.
  312. >The nearly victorious huntress uses her now free blades to revive that shapeshifting fan of steel, beautifully destroying target after target that she approaches if it decides not to approach her.
  313. >Eliminating anything and everything she can, Sunset keeps a mindful eye on the whipwitch as it spreads its claws, lurching towards her.
  314. >Just as the last cyclops falls to the radiant blade; its severed head hits the dance floor before the rest of the lumbering body.
  315. >Sunset knows there is nothing left to kill but the whipwitch herself. She doesn’t do anything to prevent the jaws of death from closing in on her neck.
  316. >The whipwitch does everything she can to sink her razor sharp teeth into Sunset’s flesh, but her sinister wish does not come true.
  317. >It is only now can se see the true invulnerability of the demon huntress.
  318. >It is only now that she can see what exactly it is that makes the demon huntress a demon huntress.
  319. >It is only now that the whipwitch can taste nothing but pure doom in the surface of the huntress’s skin.
  320. >Two cold blades swiftly pierce their way into the whipwitch’s heart, and Sunset finally smiles for the first time in what felt like a thousand years.
  321. >A thousand years of kicking demon ass from one side of the underworld to the other.
  322. >The triumphant blow to the whipwitch’s heart stops the typhoon, drops all rain tot he floor, silences the music, floods the dark room with a bright white light and disperses every trace of evil from even the deepest, darkest corners of the spirit realm.
  323. >A deafening choir of angelic voices momentarily breaks through the barriers of silence, and Sunset is lifted off of her feet, hair in an inferno of calmed fury.
  324. >The victorious huntress disappears into a massive pillar of light, shutting her eyes in bliss.
  325. >Then opening them once more… in her bed.
  326. >Sunset sits up with her heart racing, the heartbeat the only sound over her exhausted breathing the only sound, and the breathing the only sound over the silence.
  327. >The rays of morning peeking through the blinds.
  328. >All is finally resolved.
  329. >The sun has risen, and Sunset has surged into greatness.
  330. Fin.
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