..but whenever a bee shows up we are number one gets played

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  1. Last paste
  2. Everything what happened so far
  5. Going to comment on some of the shit that comes out of leuphies mouth, starting with [copyy ]
  7. >So this whole thing is about Liver. He's my exboyfriend and I've been together with him for almost 2 years and lived together with him for 1 year
  8. True, but we've known each other for nearly 4 years by now. Met her somewhere around when she was 14.
  10. >since I didn't get along with my mum and she didn't want me to continue school if I lived with her
  11. There are more than enough good reasons why your mother didn't want you to continue school.
  13. >I don't wanna get too far into that, let's just say that he abused me physically
  14. Oh wow, how great of you to just mention the parts what *I* did wrong but never say what *you* actually did to "deserve" all that.
  16. >I failed school because of that
  17. Wowowow, hold your horses. You failed school because you only attented classes when you felt like it and later never went for half a year to deliberately drop out. No one knew about this because whenever her teacher called, she bullshitted my mother into believing her whatever reason.
  18. Alina would wake up in the morning and go out spend half the day somewhere in town and not go in school. Later on friends and relatives of mine told me they saw her wandering around. To where I confronted her and she said she "couldn't handle how hard the school system here is" BULLSHIT
  20. >He also kind of blackmailed me with money. Like, in an emotional way. My family really doesn't have a lot of money, unlike his. And he works as well
  21. How do you kind of blackmail someone with money in an emotional way?? She's fucking 16/17 and I was 19/20.
  22. Her "family" which is just her mother has no money, it's true for once. Her mother receives gov money because she's somehow unable to work (I never asked her mother why that is, and Alina doesn't know either)
  23. MY family is trying to function as one on the other hand, my father has his normal work and a kind of "own company" where he's self-employed. My mother doesn't work for almost 5 years by now because of a work related accident and physical health.
  24. And I am not a lazy fuck who doesn't do anything, I was in an aprenticeship and am finished by now.
  26. >He's got no expenses so he can do as he pleases
  27. But he saves every bit of money to do shit with his *then* girlfriend. I rarely bought any games or other shit since there are torrents etc. So everything I spent was majorily on or for her. Like clothes, gave her money for food, she didn't like makeup but occassionally used some, payed almost every train tickets which are like 200€, my father helped her with her pc, I bought her a (then) brand new phone and sim card with money on (HTC m7 iirc), whenever we went to cinemas, amusement parks, wellness swimming centers, restaurants, etc etc.
  29. >I moved back to my mum's place. Since it was pretty sudden I did not have the time to look for an apprenticeship or another school
  30. "SINCE IT WAS PRETTY SUDDEN", she planned out to do all that for almost half a year and didn't think of applying for anything beforehand
  31. She wanted to do nothing, I got to know later on from her mother
  33. >so I kinda was forced to become a NEET for the time being
  34. Epic meme
  36. >One week after I moved in, he decided to come by. Of course without consent
  37. No one needs ones consent to visit some place. I wanted Alina to tell me exactly what she has done and do a proper breakup and not the half assed bullshit she gave me when she was with me. I've talked with her mother and told her about Alinas life and what she does to people beforehand which was like a 3 hour talk and after went to their place to talk to Alina. I have the latter recorded too which is almost 2h of audio [ofcourse in german].
  39. >Apparently they had a long talk, I never got told about what it was tho
  40. Uh yes, I've told her about what it was exactly into detail
  41. I also wanted that Alina told her mother about all of that in her own words which she refused to like a little kid throwing more tantrums.
  43. >He stayed for 2 days, they forced me to go out together and shit.
  44. At this point Alina saying anything about "someone forced me to something" is a meme and no more.
  45. Coulnd't be so 'forced' when she was the one who kissed me when we were at the park.
  47. >Since then I was forced to meet up with him here and then
  48. Refer to this pastebin [copy ]
  50. >he kept paying things because it's something he can use against me
  51. How??
  54. Something to think about to not have plain text commentary:
  59. Something must be wrong in your head if you seriously believe that taking a simple picture of someone who's asleep who you had a relationship with, sex beforehand, etc is anywhere creepy or related. It's cute so you take a picture. Nothing wrong with it on itself, no nudity visible, no weird pose, nothing special. Stop pretending so much.
  62. >I think a few people noticed that Yasu and me got in some kind of argument and that we weren't sure if it was a good idea to actually stay together or not. He found out about it,
  63. You and yasu aka patrick got into an argument because you didn't tell him what happened in the three days you went missing
  64. I "found out about it" because you've been sending me screenshots and quotes of your chats. And when I told you my honest opinion you went mental.
  66. >told me that I just ruin relationships and that I "should think about what I've done".
  67. See above comment.
  69. >The pastebin contains another threat, he calls me a liar, saying that I hide behind masks and shit. And a picture of me, hiding behind my Pokémon Moon package.
  70. So you are more concerned about the pic where one can't see you because hidden? Oh lordy.
  72. >He lent me money, which he offered in the first place, I could've gotten it myself with my own money (just had to go to my old bank to get it which is 45 minutes away by bus, and I didn't know about it) one day later.
  73. First of all, no you could not have gotten it because you didn't have enough money (or own money, since it was mine to begin with)
  74. Second, you wanted to "go there and get your money" for a couple weeks by then and never went because you are way too lazy to get your ass up.
  75. Third, I did mention that I could buy it and you'd just pay me back once you get home and got the money finally (which was my own, lol)
  76. Not saying that it's about the money or anything, I couldn't care less. Just want her do actually stand up, go to the bank, and fucking do what she wanted to do weeks ago.
  78. >He kind of pressured me so I just accepted
  79. read comment above
  80. Also she was that happy about me buying it for her that she sucked me empty the night before \/shrug
  82. >I know that faked logs exist. He's also been creeping into servers I was, trying to get as much logs as possible, possibly so he can just get something to put out of context.
  83. Wow now one must really be paranoid to think one would do that. Surely you can fake logs but it's harder with screenshots.
  84. Also I don't care about your circlejerk servers since if there is anything of value for me to see it, the right people will make a screenshot and show me. No need for out of context, that's what you do. I show on point proof.
  86. >At this point I wouldn't even wonder about faked pictures of me irl.
  87. Nice setup for later on use, right? Wrong, here have something
  88. I should get my old phone back to working and check for more pictures, maybe later.
  90. Now a lot of you will probably question this and ask why would he upload pictures of someone who doesn't look very good in the pics.
  91. It's just to make a point, there won't be pictures of alina looking "normal" and or smiling into the camera because there are none.
  92. None except of the ones she takes herself where only half of her is visible and edited with filters etc.
  93. If you want me to upload pictures of her how she looked like in middle school, I will. It will make you understand her more too [anorexia, obesity]
  95. More on the last part. Her hygiene is terrible, and with that I mean really low case tier. She does not vacuum her room, clean the shower after showering resulting in lots of hair in the drain. Her comb is disgusting till beyond and back, she never cleans it.
  96. If you don't believe me, ask her for a picture of her desk area and her keyboard (which is roughly one and a half years old). It's full of crumbs, hairs, dirt in general, it's sticky to the point that some keys don't click anymore. She showers only when she needs to, meaning now that she's a "neet" only when she has to go out which is like once a week at most.
  97. Oh more on the body part, ask her to show you her nails.
  99. "D-don't believe what he says, he makes up everything and just wants to trash talk me"
  100. Shut your god damn mouth up you bitch. Provide counter proof and we can talk, slut.
  102. >He has my address, my last name and all other sorts of personal information, that might just get leaked as well
  103. Who would want that honestly? No one can or will use any of that. It's irrational to do so and I don't want your mother to get hurt more than you hurt her already.
  106. I honestly should get her other online-relationship failures together and show them all these pastebins so it's not just 'oh the liver guy is at it again, let's ignore him'
  107. Want me to count?
  108. Lukas, at the time she was 15 and he was 14 (I guess that was just the beginning but they weren't doing anything lewd or erp)
  109. Shortly after it was someone from her school, Justin, and he went out with her because of a lost bet (yes, like in those shitty movies)
  110. Meanwhile it was someone from osu! called Remillia. I don't know if his name was Marcel or if that was someone else yet again.
  111. Then there's that guy, Jante, who so called raped her but that was just a short thing
  112. There's Liver, André, Kishi aka Niklas, and the latest loverboy is yasu.
  113. There are two more guys that are somewhere close to her one who randomly texts with her. She spent one new years eve with him (Now I'm wondering if she fucked that guy also), Manuel. And our drama king, who should really man up for his age, Maxi.
  115. There's still a lot that is missing and I should write a whole documentary but everytime I start doing so I procrastinate.
  118. #######################################################################################################
  119. Here you have a pastebin she didn't share with the public
  120. (copy)
  121. It's her trying to get the special snowflake treatment.
  122. Here a comment on that pastebin from someone who has been following this
  123. #######################################################################################################
  124. Some funny shit to laugh at
  125. Notice the small lock, meaning his account is private. Oh the irony.
  128. The "friend" is vii aka rantdere. She is somewhat friendly towards me but of course I knew the first moment she talked to me that it was a setup. I've played along to see where it went. She was kind enough to share hot tigh high pics with me and I simply checked the exif to find out her adress. Which I told her I wouldn't use for anything because she is innocent.
  129. She then said she wasn't pretending to be nice, which I would like to believe.
  132. Also we have Maxi who, not to my surprise, really wanted something more than just friends with Alina
  133. [who would have thought, liver 3 years ago knew and told alina so which ofc she didnt believe heh. Now she knows better.]
  134. He asked me to delete this video and said "I didn't do anything to you". If he really didn't and was innocent I would not have made or uploaded this. He tried to gain something out of leuphie and yasu having a fight, he said.
  135. His private account's tweets which he deleted after I confronted him with.
  137. And we have the secret private account of leuphie too! (which I have already forgotten of its existence but found again, lucky me!)
  140. I am probably still missing some things but that can wait. This should be enough for once. I will get in contact with people if there is more to this story of the passive witch that fell into despair and apathy.
  142. -L
  144. [mirrored and local copies]
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