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  1. Baby imagine me coming into your room some night, crawling into your bed, sliding up right next to you. Rubbing my hands up under your shirt, rubbing your nipples, making you moan lightly. Then I'd slowly pull your pants down, then your underwear, showing your big dick, I'd grab it and jerk you off slowly. Rubbing your nipples, you'd moan so loud. Then I'd turn you around, bend you over, and I'd put my dick right in you. I'd thrust my dick into you, making you tremble because you get so close. Then when you're so close to cumming I would pull my dick out and make you suck it, fucking your face, making you choke on my cock, cumming down your throat. Then I'd pull it out and jerk your dick off right in front of my face, and make you shoot it all over, soaking, drenching me with your cum, and I'd let you lick it all off, and we'd make out until we fell asleep naked.
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