Faking it till they make it

Jul 10th, 2018
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  1. >You are Anon Y Mous, master of the mystic arts, purveyor of the uncanny, magician extraordinaire!
  2. >You are a powerful mage, capable of children's birthday parties, school assemblies and even CORPORATE EVENTS!
  3. >At least you used to be.
  4. >Until you got your ass warped right into magical horse land.
  5. >Everyone and their fucking mother's got magic here.
  6. >Not that you'd let that stop you.
  7. >You're showing a card trick to the local librarian and her lizard boy servant.
  8. >Not your place to judge people for their kinks.
  9. >Apparently this "Twilight" character is some big magic expert.
  10. >You fan the deck out for her.
  11. "Pick a card, madame!"
  12. >She looks unamused.
  13. >"I still don't see how this is supposed to be 'magic.'"
  14. >Her boy slave looks like he's having the time of his life, though.
  15. >"C'mon, just go with it!"
  16. >"Fine!"
  17. >She takes one.
  18. >You turn your head away so as not to peek at the card.
  19. "Memorize your card please, then stick it anywhere in the deck."
  20. >She does so.
  21. >You shuffle for a few seconds then stop.
  22. "Ma'am, I don't appreciate being stolen from."
  23. >She looks offended.
  24. >"Excuse me I-"
  25. >You cut her off by putting a hand behind her ear and producing the 4 of clubs.
  26. >You give her a deadpan look.
  27. "Then why was your card hidden behind your ear?"
  28. >"That's not magic, it's just creative movements and tricks!"
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