Dec 28th, 2017
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  1. " SAND "
  2. USERNAME : @yahjoon
  6. - @ahnjelina + @konichan / nana komatsu + @cathizzlle (asain face claims)
  7. - @lilmixedhunny + @thesaraholmes + @hallyulux (american face claims)
  11. " WATER "
  12. FULL NAME : Iwasaki Daisuke
  13. NICKNAME(S) : Dai, Sasuke, Duke, Doki Doki, Mama
  15. ETHNICITY + NATIONALITY : Japanese + Asian
  17. AGE + BIRTHDATE : 15 + March 26, 2002
  18. HEIGHT + WEIGHT : 165 cm + 47 kg
  20. BIRTHPLACE + HOMETOWN : Okayama, Japan + Osaka, Japan
  22. " WAVES "
  23. PERSONALITY : daisuke is someone who is extremely lazy, but is someone who is willing to go the extra mile just to do something extremely stupid and extra. it sometimes surprises people, how she's whining and frowning at being asked for a pencil but she more than ready to run from even large feet away just to jump onto someone's back, all for a laugh. daisuke is someone who isn't only lazy, but she's also someone who is really chill and easy going! you could be someone who everyone tries their best to ignore, because they're annoying or ask for too much, but daisuke is someone who will get along with everyone and everything, unless given a reason to do so otherwise. but even at then, daisuke wouldn't be someone to stir up something, nor follow along when someone stirs the pot for her, many says it's because she's not enthusiastic enough to go along with it, but she says it's because she see no point.... and the first one mixed in a lil as well. though lazy, she's really respectful! not just elders, but others thoughts and their personal space and such, she treats others the way she would want to be treated. that's her motto, treating others like shit? it's because you want to be treated like shit, can't do something like that and expect something better out of it. it's no lie she won't let her friends borrow any pencils because she's too lazy to make any effort to look for them in her pencil bag, but she's do the impossible to stand up for her friends... and possibly any other if they deserved it. "lazy but protective" that's what she's known for, around school and her block, can't ask for one simple thing but you can count on her on one of your toughest situations.
  25. BACKGROUND : daisuke was born in Okayam, Japan till the age of two, soonly moving to Osaka, Japan with her biological mother and father. she was an only child, though her mother happened to be pregnant and that was the sole reason why they were moving to Osaka, young daisuke didn't have a problem with having a younger sister or brother though, she was always alone or with her parents... not that they were much fun. her parents always spoke of stuff that she didn't care to listen, resulting in her sleeping almost always. a few months into living in Osaka, the young girl had made some friends, and instead of hanging back in the house or tagging with her mother everywhere, she stayed out to play with her friends. though, the girl somewhat regretted that when it was pitch dark out, waiting for her mother. sooner or later, the girl understood why her father seemed so stressed and had his eyes teary and cheeks pink almost always... daisuke's mother had been in a kidnapping situation, and because her father didn't have the money the kidnappers were asking for, her life was taken away. the young girl didn't think much of it, she just thought her mother and little sibling were taking a rest, till she met her step mother and brother three years after her mothers death, a lady that was five years younger than her father and a boy that was two years older. yet again, she didn't think much about it, but the situations with her mother made ideas worse for her. she wanted to be with her father, possibly even her new family, she just wanted to be accepted, and not lose him the same way she lost her mother, but the young girl was always being poked at by her step mother, her father always following along. daisuke coulnd't care less though, she believed that, as long as they're healthy and happy, she's fine with how everything is put. but, peace is something the young japanese girl could never have, she was sent to south korea at the age of thirteen because her father believed a new society would roughen his daughter up, and make her more of an adult and less lazier. her step brother followed along, the boy being fifteen at the time, and even though he was probably more clueless than daisuke, he wanted to be there for the younger and take care of her just like she wanted to do with him. even though the two were in a completely different country, with a different language and many other different things, they got onto their feet after long hours through the night of studying the foreign language and getting used to the new setting.
  27. FAMILY :
  28. - Iwasaki Daichi / 40 / father / 30%
  29. - Iwasaki Saito Chiaki / 35 / step mother / 30%
  30. - Saito Chiharu / 17 / step brother / 80%
  33. - extra comfy and big clothing
  34. - not having to do anything
  35. - learning famous / catchy phrases in foreign languages
  36. - things that are in style
  37. - couches that when she sits, she sinks in
  38. - watching dramas and movies from foreign countries
  39. - really really likes chinese music
  40. - number 8 because it reminds her of the infinity sign
  41. - people being supportive of everything, not just throwing idiotic negative comments
  42. - eXtra cold coffee, any type of coffee
  43. - huge puppies that are enthusiastic about everything
  44. - doing everything through her phone from her school work to making memes
  45. - her name, because it isn't a name you'd call a girl, but a boy
  47. DISLIKES :
  48. - forced into something, like uncomfortable clothing or situations
  49. - when her family checks in with her and her step brother, but only pester at her instead
  50. - being called a wannabe or a weirdo for the things she likes and her hobbies
  51. - pants that go way way above her ankle
  52. - cleaning cleaning cleaning
  53. - slow as hell websites, like kissasian that shit be slow ):
  54. - receiving the stank eye bc many think she wants to come off older than what she is
  55. - commercials popping out when she just found a good television show after hours of surfing
  56. - people making ugly slurs without knowing the full picture of any topic, especially touchy ones
  57. - not being able to take in much coffee, even if she's deadly in love with it
  58. - extremely snappy people, like pls calm
  59. - those that see her differently once they find out her sexuality
  60. - when people question what her parents were thinking when naming her
  62. HABITS :
  63. - pulls at the skin around her fingernails, resulting in bloody fingers
  64. - pulls her ear when stressed or just bored
  65. - effortlessly touchy, wraps her arms around others shoulders too much
  66. - promises she'll do something, forgSEAets, and never does it
  68. HOBBIES :
  69. - visits local cafe's for coffee almost everyday
  70. - watches foreign dramas, mainly movies
  71. - soaks in gay, manga, gay japanese and chinese movies, anything gay tbh
  72. - hangs at the library for the sake of calmness and nice atmosphere
  74. TRIVIA :
  75. - though her family was always poking at her and she felt smaller around them, she still wanted to protect them and be with them as a member of the family
  76. - when she had just moved to south korea, she didn't know much of the language but she always noted down things and other things she saw
  77. - wasn't completely herself even after a year in the new country, but after a few months after, she showed her true colors and became what everyone knows now
  78. - her and her step brother chiharu live in an apartment building, in which their parents pay for because chiharu insisted hi mother
  79. - they aren't wealthy, though daisuke's father is cheap, so he saves most of his money
  80. - daisuke had a small problem with her name when she was younger, but now she even tells girls to call her oppa since her name is common among japanese males
  81. - daisuke has come out to her step brother as bisexual, and doesn't give any flying fucks what her parents will think upon it
  82. - has dated multiple girls, not seriously but not just flings either, but has been with very little boys
  83. - because of her small knowledge on dating with boys, she's somewhat awkward around them, losing her chill and becoming a stuttering mess till she is cool with them
  84. - she and her step brother aren't the biggest sibling types, both grew up as only childs, but they always try their best to comfort one another
  85. - the risky type that wants other girls to call her oppa and put her arms around them, but calls herself a lazy bottom, people don't understand her at times
  86. - when she has to do something, and she doesn't do it, she'll have someone else do it for her
  87. - likes those see through case because she likes putting polaroid pictures of her and her friends / significant other between her phone and case
  88. - calls herself manly because of her name but people say otherwise because she lets others manhandle her
  89. - likes playing online games, but mostly otome games because its her secret stress reliever
  90. - really likes the color rose pink, she thinks its really pretty
  91. - she also likes daisies, and likes wearing them in her hair with a few other flowers and plants
  92. - eats macaroons like theres no tomorrow
  93. - likes reading manga but won't just pop it out anywhere because people will blame her ethnicity for it and that ticks her off
  94. - is easily angered but won't start fights
  95. - really needs coffee almost everyday it's like an addiction but she won't admit that
  96. - shy around boys, cool around girls
  97. - likes funny comedy shows as much as she likes foreign dramas
  99. " SEAGULLS "
  102. HOW SHE/HE TREATS HER : chaeyoung treats daisuke like an actual girlfriend, holds her hand, wraps her arm around her shoulder or waist, kisses her cheek... all out in public and behind closed doors. neither have a problem with being themselves in front of others, because nothings wrong with who they are towards each other. chaeyoung is mainly sweet towards daisuke, which awes many because the ladder is always either bitter or not in the mood, but she somehow puts that aside and treats daisuke better.
  104. WHY YOUR LOVE INTEREST DOESNT LIKE HER/HIM : love interest seems to not like chaeyoung because he's afraid that the said girl will ever flip out on daisuke. love interest can't seem to be calm about the relationship because he doesn't like chaeyoung's personality, and how it changes at times. the girl can go from bitter and rude to smiley and protective, it doesn't make any sense to him and he feels once chaeyoung doesn't have feelings for daisuke any longer, she'll simply leave the young japanese girl there after flipping out on her. all he wants is for daisuke to be alright and see chaeyoung's true colors, because the said girl only acts that way towards her and her only. love interest thinks she's holding up a wall, with daisuke only.
  106. WHO BREAKS UP WITH WHO : daisuke couldn't do it, she couldn't bare to break up with chaeyoung because she doesn't want to be blamed for the aftermath. the said girl just waits till chaeyoung starts acting differently than she did before in the relationship, acting much more bitter towards the Japanese girl and using sarcasm at the highest level. soon after the personality change, chaeyoung decides to break up with daisuke because she feels that the japanese girl and her don't get along too well any longer, so chaeyoung ends it and daisuke agrees on it.
  108. " SUN "
  112. - he calls her nicknames like DAISY because the first time he actually paid attention to her, she had daisies in her hair. another could be DAISO because she can bring you a variety of emotions with her smile and her words, just like the market brings you a variety of grocery shopping. last could be DOKI DOKI because he'll play around with the nickname, it means that your heartbeat is beating for another person or so, so when around daisuke, he'll use it to call her but put his hand over his heart saying "ah, doki doki"
  113. - she calls him names like CHAN because in japan, you can use that after a name, though you'd usually use it for someone cute, and she makes sure to let him know he's cute. another could be BERRY, since he has died his hairs different colors that resulted in berries colors such as blue and red (jisung blue haechan red). last one could be HANDY because of his seemingly large hands, and also his feet, his hands are somehow almost always the largest out of everyone and he also breaks a lot of things
  115. HOW YOU MET : daisuke wasn't always sure if LI was always there, honestly speaking. she remembers seeing his colored hair every now and then, but she would either be too busy with school work or her own group of friends to actually pay the boy any mind. though, the moment she did exactly remember him is when she had encountered him at school, when he had made her drop her morning coffee for the day when he turned the corner she was on. he apologized and apologized, trying to make up to her by giving her money that she wouldn't take, she was alright... she did need to cut down on her coffee intake anyways. but sooner, when it was hours after school, minuets after her cram school, she had seen someone with the same hair color laid on the beach that she ventured to. the girl only visits the beach after stressful days, and since today was the day her girlfriend cut things off, it came as stressful for her. she wonder what the actual hell another person would be there for at nine pm, walking quickly to check if it was who she thought it was, and gasped the loudest she ever has when she saw a half naked body. "yo, kid, wake up. are you dead? pls don't be dead I don't wanna be a victim or... what if they think I killed you oh my– oí the waters cold!" she had been pulled out of her ranting from cold water hitting her. though she was feet away from the actual water, she looked down at the boy who had a smirk on his lips. "that's what you get for spilling your coffee on me today" they were both in quiet trances, just staring at each other, till she spoke. "why the fuck are you half naked and on the beach, what type of" "i don't remember much, but if you help me I'll tel you everything I know" so daisuke ends up taking him to her and her brothers shared apartment, the said boy running to his room from the kitchen when he saw the half naked kid.
  118. - since the coffee spilling on him wasn't his first impression, it didn't change his idea on the girl. he had noticed her from time to time while being a student at the same school as her, and he thought that she was someone he could really be himself with. she seemed really accepting in his eyes, and she wasn't a pushover but she still doesn't go up to people and demand things either. he liked that she was evidently lazy, wouldn't dare grab a pencil for her friends but would let all of her dignity go just to stand up for them. he looked up to her and wanted to be with her, taking care of her
  119. - her first time actually looking at him would be the coffee incident, because she's not even completely sure if she had seen him all the times she claims did. though, she thought he was very good looking, and seemed really humble because of how he wasn't throwing any snarls at her when she dropped her coffee on him. though later that day, when she met him on the beach, she though he was really mysterious but cool at the same time. who just asks for help when they're wearing probably only a towel around their waist?
  122. - they've got matching backpacks, his is mustard yellow and hers is burgundy, actual couple backpacks
  123. - he buys her a lot of cute stationary, like pencils with character on it or character shaped erasers
  124. — they have a shared planner, in which they plan get togethers, or dates lol
  125. - they both walk everywhere, so when they're getting ready to walk to school one of them show up at the others house and they walk together
  126. - or he'll ask her what she's doing for the weekend and he'll tag along and walk with her everywhere
  127. - they watch others play sports, instead of going in lol, and point out characters and make fun of them
  128. - he lets her rest herself in his arms, like he'll have his arm around her shoulder and he head rests on his
  129. - or she uses his leg as a cushion, and he lets it happen because he knows how much she likes to laze around
  130. — he hangs a lot around her apartment, always finding her step brother in there alone with no one else but that's not his business to poke at
  131. - they go grocery shopping together since he can't grocery shop even if his life depended on it
  132. — beach dates!!
  133. — she buys him cool and in the day clothing since he seems to always wear the same damn hoodie
  134. — he lets her snatch his clothes, reason why he's always wearing the same damn hoodie
  135. — they have matching almost everything, from phone cases to shoe laces, to matching clothing
  136. - aren't lovey dovey around friends but are always either somehow touching or have to be around one another
  139. - when he had first visited his house, he heard daisuke's step brother say "i won't tell mom and dad but can you not get it down anywhere else but your room? it's awkward seeing a shirtless boy", making him want to drop and roll down a hill because wowie that's embarrassing
  140. - they're on a date and her friends appear, poking at her and saying gossip that they had promised they wouldn't speak about around him
  141. - he introduces her to his friends, the dreamies maybe, and she's wowed by the fact that he actuall has friends
  142. - him explaining to her who he really is, and her having an extra ass reaction
  144. " MERMAN "
  145. EXTRA : lolol no there isn't anything else (:
  147. MESSAGE : omg hey it's rachel (: how r you, how did you sleep lol... hopefully you slept great and hopefully my form wasn't completely trash? like hopefully it made sense bc idk man... if I need to check it or change anything please tell me!
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