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  1. Having somewhat friendly interaction with an alien race was weird. Having somewhat friendly interaction with an alien race that used to hate your existence due to the manipulation of a few creatures was even weirder.
  3. The relationship between Sangheili and Humans, as it stood currently was… Shaky, for a lot of the population. There was still a lot of tension there between us. Not too long ago, we were enemies, dead-set on trying to wipe each other out. Now we're in some sort of odd half-alliance where we're working together, but mostly because of a common shared enemy, not because we suddenly resolved our differences.
  5. I could definitely see why each side would have it's fair share of rigid, single-minded abolitionists who hated the very idea of this, and wouldn't trust the air the other breathed.
  7. But personally, as I stood in one of their people's own quarter's, with my head leaned back against a wall, currently receiving one of the most amazing (and also a bit dangerous) blowjobs of my entire life; I had to admit, I kinda liked them.
  9. "Ahhh!" I nearly yelped, getting snapped back into reality as my alien partner nearly reached the base of my length, his mandibles just ever so slightly grazing my most sensitive organ and making my adrenaline spike a bit, even if I knew he was always careful.
  11. "H-Hey, ease up a bit. I don't wanna finish when we barely started, that'd be totally embarrassing."
  13. The Sangheili below me snorted, pulling back. "I wasn't aware there was such a thing as being pleasured *too* much." He said, smugly. "Did you ever consider you're maybe too easy to work up? Maybe you should work on that. I may not stop next time."
  15. "Too easy to work up? That's not even fair, you try getting sucked off by a ridiculously handsome alien, it's pretty hard not to get excited."
  17. My partner then stood up to his full height, crossing his arms as he now looked down at me. "You seem to forget sometimes that from my perspective, you're the alien. So yes, actually, I have tried it before."
  19. "Oh yeah… Huh, that's kinda weird to think about. Wait a minute, you think my race is attractive too?"
  21. He doesn't speak at first, instead choosing to roll those bright, yellow eyes at me. "What a strange question to ask three months into our involvement with each other. Surely you know by now that I don't find humans such as yourself to be repulsive. At least, not anymore."
  23. "Ahh. Cool." I replied, mostly distracted by him getting ready to undress. That suit he had on didn't leave much to the imagination, although that was mostly his fault. Him, and his stupid toned, battle-ready body.
  25. I just couldn't stop myself from jumping forward and wrapping my arms around his muscular torso, while also pressing my head lovingly against his sturdy back.
  27. "Hmmph, I appreciate your eagerness to touch, but wouldn't you prefer it if I took my undersuit off first?" He said, twisting his neck to look at me.
  29. "With your body, it isn't like it's hiding much anyway." I say, letting go and giving him space.
  31. I can hear him laugh at what I said though, and it's always kind of nice to hear Utan laugh. It's one of my personal crowning achievements: being able to make the stoic, mostly serious Sangheili general actually laugh.
  33. Landing a coveted engineering job on a literal space ship, working with the absolute height of technology? Eh, close second, not gonna lie.
  35. I watch ardently as Utan begins to strip by first pulling off his tight, form-fitting shirt, revealing his impressive battle hardened body for my undeserving eyes. As I stared at him, it hit me again just how big Utan was compared to me, in all ways.
  37. I was about average height for a human my age, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, always forgot. Point is, I wasn't short, but even then I only reached up to Utan's chest area. The guy was huge. Even compared to some of the other Sangheili, I've noticed.
  39. He throws the shirt on his bed, and I can feel myself getting really excited for what comes next. And he knows I'm excited too, judging by the look he gives me and the way his mandibles twitch.
  41. His sharp fingers slip underneath his suit and run along the sides of it in an achingly teasing manner, before he finally pulls them down by an inch, letting me see only a glimpse of his undeniably most attractive asset. His… well, ass.
  43. With the way I act around him, it quickly became no secret to Utan that his very fine warrior behind was the one thing about him that made me weak in the knees everytime. The blame doesn't lie on me though, I swear. If you see the armor these Sangheili wear, and if you've seen Utan before… Yeah.
  45. And this was before I'd even thought about doing something with his race. Just goes to show that even by human standards, Utan's got a very nice backside.
  47. I gawked before we were together, and still did after. He even called me out on it one time… Oh man…
  49. ------
  51. "Listen, while it is flattering that you find me so attractive, you have to take my rank around here into account." Spoke the alien.
  53. "Coming in while I'm performing a demonstration on proper swordplay form to-as you put it-"take a peak of the good stuff" may not be the most efficient way to build respect with the minors I'm teaching it to.
  55. I laugh, because it's funny to hear him repeat my own words, but I still nod and tell him I'm sorry, and it won't happen again.
  57. He nods, his mouth twitching in affirmation. "Good." He says, before looking around and coming in closer. "And just so we're clear..." and his voice is nearly a whisper now "compliance with this order may or not end with a *heavy* reward later on."
  59. He teases, and turns around in the most deliberately slow manner. I almost broke a sweat trying my hardest not to catch a glimpse at his rear as he walked away. Sometimes Utan could be so evil, I swear. But then again, he did promise butt stuff later so who am I to complain, I'm spoiled.
  61. ------
  63. Once again, I'm snapped back to reality by the Sangheili general bending over slightly, but still taking his sweet time freeing himself of that accursed fabric that was separating me and one hell of a good time from coming together.
  65. "So impatient." He says, before finally ending my suffering and pulling his pants down all the way, shaking them off his two-toed foot and letting them land carelessly on the floor.
  67. As soon as I lay my eyes on those perfectly sculpted alien glutes the biggest grin appears on my face, and my dick springs back to life.
  69. Noticing that, he smirks. It obviously doesn't have the same tell of a human smirk, but I'm well versed enough with his kind now that I can tell one apart when I see it. It's subtle, but he even poses for me a bit. He enjoys the praise, no doubt.
  71. "Take a picture if you're so enamored."
  73. "Already have." I reply. "Multiple times actually."
  75. "What?!" Utan exclaims, turning around.
  77. I laugh a bit at his reaction, but pick up my phone from the side of his bed and show him. I go to photos, open the folder named "Cherished Memories", enter two passwords, and show him a complete gallery of, you guessed it: His ass.
  79. At first he's shocked, but just a few seconds later he's shooting me an amused look. "Hmmph, you are ridiculous. As if you weren't drooling over my rear enough, now I find out you have an entire secret stash hidden away on a device you keep on you at all times."
  81. Then he laughed, actually laughed. "And just what is the point of this?"
  83. I shrugged. "I don't know, what if you leave to go do something and I can't go with you? I need something to remember you by!"
  85. "And the way you wish to go about remembering me is with dozens of pictures of my rear end?"
  87. "Yes." I reply, without missing a beat.
  89. He shoots me another look before scrolling though some more of the photos. I'm no photographer or anything, but some of those pictures are pretty damn nice, if I do say so myself.
  91. Aside from that, there was something much more important that needed my attention right now, and I had to address it.
  93. In the next moment, I was on my knees, arms wrapped around Utan's legs as I pressed my face tenderly against the grey skin of his firm, rounded glutes.
  95. All the hard work Utan went through with his training. Swordplay, gunplay, movement, defense, everything. It had helped him become a warrior worthy of the title of general, and I knew that. But I also knew that all his efforts also played a part in giving him (in my opinion) the best ass on the whole damn fleet.
  97. The content smile on my face said it all. I was at peace. Hugging and appreciating my alien boyfriends rump was the best stress relief on the planet. It was only logical that the next step for me was to lay a big, sloppy kiss on it as well.
  99. And when I did, the slightly salty test on my lips finally made me realize. "Oh man, Utan. You're pretty sweaty."
  101. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I just came back from a sparring session with one of the other general's. It was a performance of skill for all the minors we're currently training." He explained. "I would've showered, but then I remembered who I was coming back to and how you most likely would've been upset if I did."
  103. I could almost cry. "You know me so well."
  105. He snorted. "That I do, human. Now get up from there. I wouldn't mind letting you do that to me all day, but we both want something more, don't we?" He said, running his fingers through my hair before climbing on top of his bed, spreading out his legs, and absolutely murdering my poor dick with the sight that was laid out before me.
  107. It was the same perfect set of glutes I had been kissing and hugging just seconds ago, but now, In between the cleft of his cheeks was an alluring, damp, dark purple taint that was practically demanding me to take care of it. And what am I, but an eager beneficiary of Utan's backside?
  109. Now here's the thing; I'm not exactly a deeply opinionated person. I don't really see the point in arguing anything that comes down to personal preference. But when I say that eating sweaty alien ass is one of the best things in the universe and I'd fight anyone who disagrees, I fucking mean it.
  111. And to anyone who hasn't yet, my extreme condolences. You guys are missing out. I can only pray some of you sorry souls end up face-first in an alien's ass one day, seriously, it's fucking great. Once you're in there, you'll never want to leave. A shame about the whole breathing thing though.
  113. And no, I can sadly confirm that huffing buttmusk is *not* enough to keep on going. It sucks, but it's the truth.
  115. "I sincerely hope you aren't just going to stare. I need a human tongue inside of me now, and that's an order, so get moving, soldier."
  117. The whole general/soldier thing that Utan did sometimes never really made sense. But it was hot, so why would I ever complain about it?
  119. I did as I was told, shoving my face into his crack and dragging my tongue upwards from the base of his slit until it slipped into him, eliciting a moan from both of us. Utan's probably came from pleasure, mine was mostly because holy *fuck* did he taste good today.
  121. I drove deeper into him, grabbing both his globes in my hands and using them as leverage to really get in there, eagerly lapping up his sweat and circling my tongue around that sweet, decadent violet rim.
  123. My partner's moans were more than welcome, and goaded me into pressing deeper. Not that I didn't know I was doing a good job of course. Which isn't arrogant to say by the way, when Utan bends over for me like that, I wouldn't dare give his behind any less attention and care than it deserves.
  125. "Mmm… Human tongues are-Ah!" Utan said, shuddering as I must've hit a particularly juicy spot within him. "Human tongue are one of the great boons your race has, I must say."
  127. "Thanks. I'd say something like that in return, but it's hard to choose one thing about you to compliment. Even if I do have a fair selection of favorites right now.
  129. "Do you ever pass up a chance to flatter me?" He asks, and I can tell from the tone of his voice that he enjoys it.
  131. "I try not to." I answer back.
  133. I pull away for just a second. My face is wet, and I don't know how much sweat is his, and how much is mine from being in such a humid place for so long. I don't really care though, doesn't bother me.
  135. I push my hands apart, spreading the Sangheili general open and delving deeper once again, kissing his pucker frantically, like I'm lovesick.
  137. I only end up stopping because Utan tells me too, but if he let me, I could've gone all day.
  139. "What's the big idea?! I'm having the best meal of my life here!" I say jokingly. Well, half-jokingly, if I'm being honest.
  141. "Sorry." He says, turning around and sitting on the bed again. His member was fully unsheathed now. And like the rest of him, it was pretty huge. A dark purple length with a few round bumps at the side of it. Which, I knew from experience, felt fucking incredible once it hit your sweetspots.
  143. "I was just wondering if you wanted to try something new."
  145. "But-"
  147. "Don't worry." He interrupts, pulling my arm and wrapping me up in his larger form. "Although I still don't quite understand your infatuation with my nethers, I wouldn't take it away from you. So you'll be glad to find out what I have in mind still involves you being quite intimate with my backside."
  149. My ears perk up at that, and I'm immediately interested. "Alright, I'm down, what do you have in mind?"
  151. "Hmmm, well… I was thinking that you lie down on the bed, and I… for a lack of a better phrase, take a seat on you?"
  153. "Oh!" I yell, all too excited. "You mean facesitting? Hell yeah I wanna do that with you."
  155. "So you're familiar with this position?"
  157. "Yeah! I mean, I never would've asked you to do it since you're so much bigger than me and it probably wouldn't have worked, but if you think you can make it work, I'm totally willing to try it!"
  159. To my surprise, the Sangheili actually seems a bit mad at what I said, huffing and crossing his arms.
  161. "I take offense that you would think even for a second I'd ever try to hurt you. Especially during sex."
  163. "Oh c'mon Utan, look at you. Besides, that's already in the past, this is the present! I just wanna get to the future where I've got an alien sitting on my face, so can we please get to that?"
  165. "Well if you're so eager, let's get on with it. Safely. With no pain."
  167. I groan. "Yeah, yeah, I love you too let's do this already." In a blink, I jumped on the bed, excited as-no, *happier* than a kid in a candy store.
  169. It was then when I saw Utan stand atop his bed and slowly walk over to me, getting into position. His ass was now directly above me, still a bit wet from all my earlier work.
  171. "Ready?" He asked.
  173. "Ready." I replied. I think my voice cracked a bit from my sheer enthusiasm, but he didn't say anything about it if he heard it.
  175. He began by slowly lowering himself onto me, inching that seductive pucker closer to my quivering mouth at an agonizing pace. As soon as he made contact with my mouth, he plopped himself down with a surprising amount of force.
  177. My hands lifted up from my sides on reaction, taking each of his boulderous mounds in my hand and trying to lift up his massive frame.
  179. (Then again, would being crushed under sweaty alien ass even be bad? I mean, I technically wouldn't even be suffering. Hmm… Questions for later.)
  181. When Utan slowed his descent, I was surprised at my strength, so you can imagine the very, very slight disappointment I felt when I realized he was actually holding himself up on his digitigrade legs, and placing his hand on my chest for balancing.
  183. "Yeah, this could work." Speaks the deep voice above me. "How's it feel down there? I'm not putting too much weight on you, am I?"
  185. I can't speak right now, for obvious reasons, so instead I settle with muffled sounds of approval.
  187. "Right… Of course you're into this. Let me just..."
  189. He trailed off, shifting himself until my mouth was digging into his pucker, basically trapped in between the musky crevice of his well-shaped cheeks.
  191. "Ahhhh… Right there, that's the spot." He breathed, grinding his large form down harder. "Never would I have thought something like this could feel so good. Then again, I never would've thought I'd meet a human so eager to throw himself into Sangheili rear…"
  193. I've always found sex talk to be a bit weird most of the time, but Utan was good at it. His voice really helped out in that aspect. He always sounded serious. Even now, it was hard to find anything spoken by that deep, shaking voice not hot as hell.
  195. "Lick up my sweat too, if you aren't already. I never quite understood what you liked about me being so drenched in my own perspiration, but by all means, indulge if it makes you so happy." My fervent eating was slowed down the moment I felt those long, alien fingers take hold of my length, bringing me dangerously close to climax.
  197. “To think such a depraved act could make you so hard,” he said, letting out a rumbling laugh that I could not only hear, but actually feel from underneath him, making his pucker amicably fight back against me “and to imagine I’d enjoy it so much as well. Hmmph, getting involved with a human has had a much bigger effect on me than I would've thought… All in good ways of course.”
  199. As much as I wanted to continue hearing his voice while being pressed under his weight, I was getting dangerously close, and I really didn't want this to end, at least, not until we got into the actual fucking part of sex. Thankfully, Utan seemed to have noticed how close I was as well, and took his hands off my member, lifting himself in addition.
  201. I looked, slightly disappointed, but also very accomplished when I saw just how wet and slick I had left my partners taint. I could even see a strand of saliva, still connecting us before it fell apart a second later.
  203. He turned around and abruptly fell onto me, pinning my arms to the bed and looking straight into me before taking a quick sniff on me and speaking. "You smell all over like a sweaty Sangheili generals rear end."
  205. I smile. "Nice. Still can't believe nobodies ever made that into a perfume. Those guys are sitting on a goldmine."
  207. "Is that so?" He says, his voice dripping with intrigue. "I've never really thought about scents in any sort of sexual manner before you. What is it about our kind's musk that you like so much?"
  209. "Oh no, it's just you, Utan. I like how you smell. Everyone else probably smells gross. You smell good, though." I reply, and he looked a bit confused.
  211. "I can't believe I used to think you were the norm for how your race viewed intimacy. You're such a strange little human."
  213. He closed the gap between us, running his mandibles over my chest with gentle motions, making sure his teeth didn't so much as graze my skin.
  215. "You're lucky I find you so endearing."
  217. "Yeah… So, how are we gonna do this? You wanna top this time, or are you willing to let a "mere human" take the reins for a moment?"
  219. He just scoffs. "I've taken you inside of me many times already. You know my position as general doesn't influence me at all when it comes to this." He finishes.
  221. "Regardless, I don't think it really matters. You're so close I'd be impressed if you can last one second with my warm insides gripping against your human appendage." Utan says, before smugly adding "Not that you last that long normally."
  223. I frown, feigning sadness. "Rude."
  225. "Sorry. Allow me to make it make it up to you right now."
  227. Before I could even act, Utan had nearly jumped into my lap, aligning himself with my cock before slamming down onto it and sending me into pleasure overload.
  229. "Argh! You're always just a little bit bigger than I expect. I really should be used to you by now."
  231. It really didn't take long at all before I spent all my seed into him, panting and out of breath.
  233. He was wrong about one thing though: I didn't last one second... I lasted five!
  235. "Hey, Utan... That's like... Five times as long as you said I'd last... Don't I get a prize?"
  237. He nods. "Of course you do. Turn around for your prize, why don't you?
  239. I did as I was instructed. Turning around and spreading my legs, getting myself ready for that giant hunk of alien warrior to take me.
  241. He pushed himself against me with haste, placing his (admittingly) much bigger cock against my hole, teasingly.
  243. He glides his hands over my back tenderly before finally pushing himself inside.
  245. I groan, because he could easily destroy me but instead decides to go slow, stretching me bit by bit and easing me onto his impressive length.
  247. "To be completely honest with you, I'm rather close as well. You're quite talented with that tongue of yours."
  249. Utan whispers into my ear, but it's more white noise than anything. I can barely concentrate on anything, too focused on this feeling. Every thrust, every push making me moan and roll my eyes into the back of my head.
  251. He speeds up, and for a moment I think he's really gonna break me, but of course, he doesn't. Instead he pulls out, soaking my bare back with his odd, purple seed.
  253. With both of us completely spent, we collapse on the bed, and all I can feel is him pulling me closer into his embrace as we catch our breath.
  255. ------------------
  257. "I'm just putting the idea out there. You should think about it, really."
  259. Speaks Utan from the other room. He's-once again-trying to convince me to take some Sangheili sword training classes, of which he is one of the instructors. I'm still busy drying myself from my shower, but that doesn't stop him.
  261. "They're not going to send you into combat with an Energy Sword strapped to your waist, if that's what you're thinking. The classes would mostly be for recreational purposes."
  263. "Oh yeah?" I responded, but only to get him to get on with his explanation faster. Nothing against him. I love him, really, but I've heard this like a thousand times at this point.
  265. "Yes. And even if you aren't interested in learning swordplay, the basics we teach will still help you. They'll increase your ability to focus, and it will be good exercise."
  267. "Oh wow, neat."
  269. "And… I think you'll be very happy to note that recently, the higher-ups have begun to let us wear lighter, more flexible armor to make some movements easier to demonstrate."
  271. Now that caught my ear, so I stepped outside into the room to question him.
  273. "What kind of, "more flexible armor" are we talking about?"
  275. "Oh, various different models." He shrugs. "Like the yellow one I haven't worn in a while."
  277. "The one with the super tight skin-suit underneath!?" I nearly scream, to which Utan just nods.
  279. "Precisely."
  281. At first, I'm ecstatic. I've only ever seen him wear that armor once, but I'm honestly surprised it was ever something they actually wore for battle. The way the undersuit hugged against their skin made it seem more like it was made for something else entirely. The fact that the lower half of it had basically no armor was nice too, definitely made things easier on the eyes.
  283. But then, I'm mad, because he finally tricked me into being interested in those dumb classes. And only because he's basically bribing me with looking at his toned, sweaty body working up a sweat in his most revealing battle-made outfits. What a cheater.
  285. "Fine, I'll check it out next week when I'm free. Hopefully they don't have anything against the students flirting with the instructors."
  287. Utan laughs. "Just be sure to not be too obvious when you do it. I won't say a word."
  289. I nod, picking up my clothes and heading out of Utan's room, before I feel a pair of hands pull me back, and next thing I know, I'm in his embrace again, and he's pressing his forehead against mine, closing his eyes.
  291. I never quite understood what this meant, but from what I could read on it, it's a very special thing Sangheili do to their partners when they consider them very important, so whenever he did it, I just went along with it.
  293. His hands run along my back until one of them is pressing tenderly against the nape of my neck, rubbing circles on my skin.
  295. "Don't leave. Sleep here tonight."
  297. "Sure."
  299. "Thank you." He says, and it's so genuine it nearly confuses me. But then I remember that for all his posturing, sometimes Utan just likes to be a romantic.
  301. He'd never act like this in front of anyone else, but when it's just me and him, he likes to get all sweet. It's nice.
  303. I can't help but smirk at the way he takes my hand into his-not even caring that his completely envelops mine-and wraps his other arm around my waist, pulling me closer.
  305. "I like how soft human skin is. It isn't rough and textured like ours." He cooes, guiding my hand. "Let's go to bed."
  307. I can't argue with him. Especially not when I'm so tired myself.
  309. I just slip under the covers, waiting for Utan.
  311. His bed is bigger than mine. His entire room is bigger than mine, actually. It makes sense, considering who he is, and I don't mind at all, since I'm dating him.
  313. I look to my side and see him dressing himself for bed. He doesn't like sleeping nude. I remember him telling me that once.
  315. I can see him bend over, slipping his underwear on one foot at a time. It's a good view, like always, but this time it's more in an appreciative way, and less of a lusty way. I'm too tired to even make a sly comment about it.
  317. He finishes, and slips into bed right behind me. Scooping me into his arms and hugging his body close to mine. We're a perfect fit, like two puzzle pieces.
  319. I back up into him, craving his touch. He recuperates by moving his mandibles towards my ear. Nibbling on my earlobes and producing a comforting clicking sound.
  321. I can feel everything about him. His hard muscles, the way his chest heaves whenever he breathes, and the way his arms tighten around me once every so often, like he's checking to see if I'm still there.
  323. Honestly, yeah, I like Sangheili. I might be biased because I'm dating one, and he's the best, but still, I like them.
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