Even-Bladed Sword Training and Pets

Oct 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. <-- me checking ur'traps!
  3. On Nautilus Pompilus street, near the park.
  4. Pale, watery light floats away from a shield shrine of Carakhan nearby. This location is flooded with shallow, crystal clear water. It is warm and quite pleasant. Small, fine gravel, in pastel hues, covers the street in a thick layer, affording a soft, comfortable surface to walk on, and a pleasant view. Short, squat palm trees, about two meters high, and two meters wide at the crown, line both sides of the street, as it winds its way through town. A statue of the Swimmer of Destiny stands here, memorialising her noble spirit. A slender leothin sits here motionless, brightening its surroundings with its natural golden bio-luminescence.
  5. You see exits leading southeast, southwest, and northwest.
  7. The beacons atop the city towers briefly throb with a pure white light, casting their lambency upon the dark streets beneath.
  9. A firm yet feminine voice rattles in your head, "Gurashi."
  11. You blink.
  13. Reaching up suddenly, you ask, "Ah-- y-yes?"
  15. The metallic clang of metal against metal pierces the air as Terentia appears from a billow of smoke.
  17. You blink.
  19. Bright and clear, you say, "Oh! Ohmyg--."
  21. With a flourish, Terentia slips Answerer into a buckled weaponbelt of scaled silver-hide.
  23. With a flourish, Terentia slips Confessor into a buckled weaponbelt of scaled silver-hide.
  25. You have emoted: Gurashi nearly falls in their haste to bow before Terentia. "M-My Lady Even-Bladed! Lady of Even-Blades!"
  27. You think to yourself: * a sudden rush of silvery anticipation *.
  30. Possessing a diminutive frame, the Goddess Terentia might be easily overlooked; however, Her commanding presence forces attention nonetheless upon the fact that She is a radiant immortal. What was once brilliant coral blue hair has paled to the most subtle silvery turquoise, and its curls forming a loose crew cut with a close shave on either side of Her head. Icy green eyes are set in a steely gaze that are constantly and completely focused, seeming to never miss a single detail. Lithe muscles ripple gracefully beneath smooth, starlit skin; traces of previous battles remain, the cruel beauty of scarred god-flesh acting as both medal and wound of battle alike. Most significant amongst these scars are three trailing claw marks cross Her left cheek and descend across Her chin and down a long neck. While time seems to have taken the Goddess' appearance, Her lips form a tight, thin line that suggest the disposition of a more ageless being.
  31. She is wearing:
  32. a buckled weaponbelt of scaled silver-hide
  33. a skirt of bejeweled silver scalemail
  34. a shining helm of empyrean steel
  35. ornate, silver-plated greaves
  36. an intricate breastplate of white edged in silver
  37. a pair of pearl-studded, winged sandals
  38. a mirrored vambrace
  39. a pristine woollen cloak embroidered with delicate daffodils.
  41. With a wave of one of Her hands before Her face, the helm around Terentia's head vanishes in a flickering of motes. Her gaze settles upon you; her expression steely.
  43. The gentle light of the Pool of Stars suffuses the night sky with streaks of white.
  45. You have emoted: Gurashi rises just as quickly, their gray eyes wide. "Hi! Hello! Good evening! How are...You?"
  47. Terentia, the Even Bladed says to you, "I only seek to hear whether you have practiced some with your gift? Have any of My kin been a bother to you?"
  49. With a gasp, you say, "Oh ...!"
  51. At your question, Terentia smiles--Her thin lips curling into something slight. "The night finds me well, I am busy with something far important, but I seeing you here..."
  53. Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "I thought I would inquire."
  55. Perking up, you say to Terentia, "A-actually... no! I mean," They quickly fumble to pull out the katana, "I have not been bothered! Nobody and No One has bothered me."
  57. Bright and clear, you say, " least not that I am knowing of."
  59. Giving a short nod, Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "That is good to hear. Granted, it might not be of much use. It is only a sword of wood."
  61. Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "But bravery and boldness are better weapons than a sword I suppose."
  63. You have emoted: Gurashi quickly looks over their shoulder. "I spoke with the Lady Empyreal last month, but of course did not need to use it." They puff their cheeks, looking up at the Divine before them with still-wide eyes. "Thank You - that is very nicely of You to ask..."
  65. Terentia crosses one of Her arms over Her chest, and then with the other hand, alights it under Her chin. "Did you now?" She quirks Her head in one direction, interested at what you shared.
  67. You nod your head emphatically.
  69. Bright and clear, you say, "Mm."
  71. You have emoted: Gurashi cants their head and offers a hopeful smile. "Yes yes. We had some things to talk about, and She had some things to tell me, so, talked, and, listened..." They trail off, looking down at the katana that they now awkwardly hold.
  73. You think to yourself: * a brief swell of cerulean color, quickly deepening - curious *.
  75. Still resting Her head upon hand as She listens to you, Terentia's briefly move to the hand as your attention shifts there as well. "You need to hold it more firmly, Gurashi. Otherwise, it will be of little use."
  77. Bright and clear, you ask, "Huh?"
  79. Wryly, Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "The sword."
  81. You have emoted: Gurashi looks down at their hands. "Oh!" Quickly they grab the handle with both hands and hold it out before them. "Like," They swing it lightly, grunting with the effort, "-this-?"
  82. You think to yourself: * a fleeting sense of accomplishment * hi-yaaaahhh...
  84. The sound of clashing swords strikes the air as Defenders of the Light spar nearby.
  86. You think to yourself: ... * they shift their grip - this feels weirdly - am still holding it weird? *.
  88. You huff, puffing your cheeks.
  90. As you try to swing, Terentia's smile returns and She nods affirmatively. "Though, put all your force into it. There is no value in a tender swing. Mean it."
  91. Looking up hopefully, you say to Terentia, "Oh? Oh."
  93. You ponder the situation.
  95. You have emoted: Again, Gurashi puffs their cheeks, squeezing the handle of the katana and lifting it overhead before bringing it down with a mighty swing of their arms, the air whistling through the gaps in the wood. They stop before the blade hits the ground, grimacing. "Hu-wah-."
  97. Bizirik's head begins to droop. It opens its great maw and curls back its lips to allow its forked tongue to unfurl as it yawns before snapping its mouth shut.
  99. Bizirik, the leothin snorts, clearly unimpressed.
  101. Bright and clear, you say to Bizirik, the leothin, "What!"
  103. "Tch." The disappointment in Terentia's voice is plain as day. "Do not stop yourself. You will only hurt yourself." As Bizirik snorts, She faces the creature--surprised, perhaps only noticing her for the first time. "Agreed," She answers flatly at her.
  105. Bizirik, the leothin snorts again, tail slapping the ground behind it.
  107. Surprised, you ask Terentia, "Hurt myself not swinging hard enough?"
  109. Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "Aye. You divert the energy in your swing elsewhere when you do not let it go straight through."
  111. You have emoted: Gurashi releases the sword with one hand, flexing and relaxing their fingers before taking the handle again between their hands, furrowing their brow. "Oh. I did not know that - am sorry. Have never used swords before." They let the blade wobble left, then right. "Not ever."
  113. You ponder a wooden training katana thoughtfully, looking it up and down.
  115. Bizirik, the leothin sniffs Terentia, trying to decipher just what that smell emanating from Her is.
  117. "That much shows," Terentia remarks, and as Bizirik gets close to sniff Her, She looks down at the creature. Bending down, the Goddess' hand alights just a hair above Bizirk's form. "This is not like anything I have seen, Gurashi. Does she like pets?"
  119. Terentia, the Even Bladed says to Bizirik, "Or perhaps I should ask you, do you like pets?"
  121. Bizirik, the leothin tilts her head curiously at Terentia.
  123. Terentia, the Even Bladed says to Bizirik, the leothin, "The question is rather simple: do you appreciate being scritched and tended to, or do you prefer not?"
  125. Bizirik, the leothin watches Gurashi lift the katana over their head, then awkwardly hold it there. The leothin snorts and returns to staring up at the Divine, tail slapping the ground once...twice, thrice. Over and over, happily little slappies on the pavement. "Ah! Yeah! She is Bizirik! She loves pets, she does!" Gurashi exclaims, still holding the katana over their head.
  127. Bizirik, the leothin gazes up at the Divine with silent and knowing expression, its blank eyes focused as its tail continues to slap the pavement.
  129. Bright and clear, you say, "She loves Shrimps mostest, then naps, then pets, probably, in that order."
  131. Terentia's gaze flicks to you briefly. "Now go and strike," She offers as that hand that raised above Bizirik's form descends, Her fingers gently tickling the creature's scales, soon sloping into a smooth, fluid rub. "Quite unique, Bizirik."
  133. With a gasp, you say, "A-ah! Yes!"
  135. You think to yourself: * a sudden curiosity - what would do if really had to use it...? *.
  137. Gently attending to Bizirik, Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "You would probably run away and hide behind someone."
  139. Bizirik, the leothin thrums pleasantly, craning its neck upward to press its head into Terentia's stroking hand. Its tail never stops as it stares out ahead of itself, continuing to grumble happily.
  141. You give a horrified gasp.
  143. Aghast, you exclaim to Terentia, "Hide behind someone? But then they would be in trouble!"
  145. You think to yourself: !
  147. You think to yourself: * another passing recollection - fear, and a voice, but not their own ... "Kid? Kid!" *.
  149. You have emoted: Gurashi suddenly tightens their grasp on the handle on a wooden training katana. "I would not do that...!"
  151. Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "Then bark encouragements from behind them." As Bizirik nuzzles into Her hand, She scritches around her ears, much like one would do a dog or other creature. "Would you?" She asks that absently. "I am not so sure, but if you say so."
  153. You think to yourself: * another swell of hues, vibrant scarlet splashing like watercolor - embarrassment, -no- *.
  155. Terentia withdraws Her hand before giving Bizirik one last pet, one last scritch, and one last gentle tickle. She smiles. Before, the Goddess' smiles were slight, short like a knife. But now, Her lips part to reveal teeth: a wide smile. "Do not be embarrassed, Gurashi, it is better to know what you would do rather than be surprised when you do not."
  157. Earnestly, you say to Terentia, "I know what... I would LIKE to do!"
  159. You fret over everything that might go wrong.
  161. Her icy gaze pulled back from the leothin and now back to you, Terentia folds Her arms across Her chest. "And what would that be?"
  163. Bizirik, the leothin leans on Terentia seeking consolation.
  165. Bizirik, the leothin snorts once.
  167. Terentia, the Even Bladed says to Bizirik, the leothin, "Yes."
  169. Terentia nods Her head at Bizirik, the leothin, showing Her acceptance.
  171. Bizirik's head begins to droop. It opens its great maw and curls back its lips to allow its forked tongue to unfurl as it yawns before snapping its mouth shut.
  173. You have emoted: Their gaze focused, Gurashi does not look towards Terentia, their heels scraping the ground as they give the handle of the katana a squeeze. "Protect the peoples I love." With that, their face twists and they swing the sword down with all their might, until it hits the stone, producing a CRACK so loud it reverberates off the buildings around them.
  175. You wince in pain.
  177. You think to yourself: * a mental grimace - l o u d *.
  179. Terentia's eyes briefly widen at the sound of wood striking stone. "You and I share that in common, Gurashi. We will protect those we care for, love." There, the Goddess' smile falters, fades; Her face steeling itself.
  181. You have emoted: Gurashi pants quietly, releasing the blade with their dominant hand and giving it a shake.
  183. You glance askance at Terentia.
  185. You have emoted: Gurashi lowers the katana and stands up straight, reaching up to rub their nose. "Is hard though."
  187. She sniffs. A gentle sound as She waves a hand about Her face again, the helm materialising once more in shining metal. Terentia intones, "We shall have to chat again soon, Gurashi. Perhaps we can practice some more. My Fort has testing dummies for that very reason."
  189. Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "And we can discuss how we can help you protect those you love best."
  191. You tilt your head curiously at Terentia.
  193. Bright and clear, you say, "... ah... oh."
  195. Bright and clear, you say to Terentia, "Uhm, it was nice to see You again."
  197. You have emoted: Gurashi bows their head politely. "Thank You very muchly."
  199. You think to yourself: * a warm wash of pastel color, pinks and golds and swirling shades of apricot *.
  201. Terentia flicks Her right hand, the wrist bending to reveal motes of light that when they evanesce, a dish of shrimp appears.
  203. Bizirik, the leothin rises as Terentia's helm returns, then promptly looks down.
  205. Bizirik, the leothin gives a short gasp of elation.
  207. You throw back your head as you let loose a delighted laugh.
  209. Bright and clear, you say, "Oh gosh!"
  211. Bright and clear, you exclaim to Terentia, "Oh dear! A new best friend You've made!"
  213. Terentia gives fennel-sauteed shrimp finished with creme fraiche to Bizirik, the leothin.
  215. Bizirik, the leothin stares blankly at fennel-sauteed shrimp finished with creme fraiche before nudging it back to Terentia.
  217. Terentia, the Even Bladed says to Bizirik, the leothin, "Perhaps you are not yet hungry."
  219. Bright and clear, you say, "Bizirik...will eat it if You leave it."
  221. You nod your head sagely.
  223. Terentia bends down and places the shrimp upon the ground.
  225. Terentia drops fennel-sauteed shrimp finished with creme fraiche.
  227. Bizirik, the leothin stares implacably at Terentia.
  229. Bizirik, the leothin stares implacably at fennel-sauteed shrimp finished with creme fraiche.
  231. Terentia nods Her head at you.
  233. Bizirik, the leothin's lips curl back to reveal far-too-many teeth as it bears down over the shrimp.
  235. Your shoulders bunch as you let out a short giggle.
  237. Terentia, the Even Bladed says, "Until next time, Bizirik."
  239. Whispering, you say to Terentia, "T-thank You, haha."
  241. Terentia winks conspiratorially at you.
  243. With a sudden crack of energy, Terentia disappears from sight.
  245. You have emoted: Gurashi sinks to crouch down beside Bizirik, the leothin, grinning and petting the leothin once along its crest. "Did you have fun? I did not scare you with the sword, yeah?"
  247. Bizirik, the leothin does not answer, too busy laying waste to the plate of shrimp before it.
  249. You nod your head sagely.
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