Decolonizing SAAM: Colonial Violence & #MMIW

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  1. Decolonizing the Anti-Violence Movement & Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  2. Week 1: Colonial Violence and #MMIW
  4. 1. Doctrine of Discovery and U.S. Expansion:
  6. 2. [How Native lands are inherently invadeable therefore Native bodies inherently rapeable] - American Studies without America: Native Feminisms and the Nation-State:
  7. 3. Colonialism, Two-Spirit Identity, and the Logics of White Supremacy:
  8. 4. The Two-Spirit People of Indigenous North America:
  9. 5. Indian Boarding Schools
  10. 6. American Indian Boarding Schools Haunt Many:
  11. 7. Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Boarding Schools
  12. 8. Heteropatriarchy, A Building Block of Empire:
  13. 10. Jennifer Denetdale: Indigenous Feminisms, Queer Indigenous Critique, and Settler Colonialism in the Uprising at Beautiful Mountain
  14. 11. Decolonizing Anti-Rape Law and Strategizing Accountability in Native American Communities:
  15. 12. Maze of Injustice - Failure to Protect Indigenous Women:
  16. 13. Tribal Law & Order Act of 2010:
  17. 14. What the Signing of the Violence Against Women Act Means to Me
  18. 15. The missing women you don’t hear about: How the media fails Indigenous communities
  19. 16. 2/14 Global Day for MMIW & Community Accountability
  20. 17. Montana's Oil Boom Has Made Reservations More Dangerous for Women:
  21. 18. UN Special Rapporteur - Oil, Gas, & Mining Brings Increased Sexual Violence to Native Women:
  23. Operation Thunderbird Spreads It's Protective Wings:
  24. Formerly Operation Thunderbird - *NOW* Save Wiyabi Mapping Project Map and Database:
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