Apr 6th, 2014
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  1. ???: Attraction +???
  3. A strange being from beyond...well the beyond which seems to have an interest in you. Last time you saw it in your dreams "it" started to appear "female". What it truly is or wants remains to be seen. "She" seems to be watching over you for her own reasons, something which lead you to "ahem" thank her.
  5. She's the only one you can remember. The only one still there. She seems to have strange powers that you don't fully understand yet.
  9. Summoning: ?
  10. Enchanting: ?
  11. Casting: ?
  12. Mysticism: ?
  13. Physical: ?
  14. Combat: ?
  15. Special (?): ?
  18. Harem Member.
  23. Christiane Friedrich: Current Attraction +65. +3 Protag points an episode. Sentient. Birthday October 26.
  24. Neighbor; you walked in on her almost naked in the shared bath but managed to make up when you met her in English Class. Took her to dinner, it went well enough you got a kiss on the cheek. Then you kissed her back the next day, causing her to turn bright red. Defeated you in your first real fight, stabbing you through your heart. She seems to be more responsive to banter since then.
  26. Has recently asked you to meet her father. We'll see how that goes.
  28. Rescued along with Tatsuko, she seems to be doing fine.
  30. Summoning: Legendary
  31. Enchanting: Weak
  32. Casting: Average
  33. Mysticism: Weak
  34. Physical: Expert
  35. Combat: Legendary
  36. Special: Tactics. Chris provides a +10 bonus to a group fight due to her father’s training.
  39. Akitsu: Current Attraction +30. +3 Protag points an episode.
  41. A Sekirei you rescued as you were trying to get to Karasuba. She seemed massively depressed, but you promised to take care of her and fixed whatever was wrong with her, causing her to react to you. Seems really loyal, if a bit distance.
  43. Summoning: Legendary
  44. Enchanting: Novice
  45. Casting: Legendary
  46. Mysticism: Novice
  47. Physical: Expert
  48. Combat: Expert
  49. Special: Sekirei's Kiss. For the cost of 5 mana and the ability to kiss her, Akitsu gains a 2x multiplier to her combat bonuses.
  53. Akeno Himejima: Current Attraction +65. +3 Protag points an episode. Sentient. Birthday: December 5
  54. Walks around with her friends a lot, seems to use lightning magic. Is in your Physical training class. Joined suddenly after being chased into your room by Kaede. Your subsequent responses to her questions reassured her to your intentions. Is very flirty. Has now kissed you after seeming jealous about Kaede doing it first. Seemed to enjoy taking care of you after your training session.
  56. Jumped you in the shower after your night with Kaname and Tatsuko.
  60. Summoning: Master
  61. Enchanting: Weak
  62. Casting: Legendary
  63. Mysticism: Weak
  64. Physical: Expert
  65. Combat: Strong
  66. Special: Accepted Darkness. After revealing herself to you, Akeno feels more comfortable with her origins. +10 to all casting magic.
  69. Physical Training Teacher, AKA "Ms. Black": Current Attraction +60, +3 Protag Points an episode. Sentient. Birthday: January 22
  70. Scary gray haired lady, a little older than most of the characters. You managed to touch her, barely, in the first class and it seems to have gotten her attention. You've now gotten to know her a little better, and she has decided to become your teacher. Your first training session ended with your arms basically numb and her mildly satisfied at your progress. Following a rather intense fight that nearly had you both bleed to death, she's joined completely.
  72. Rescued her early on, she seems to be getting more affectionate. Still bloodthirsty, but kissing and cuddle time don't always have to follow one of you dying any more.
  74. Summoning: Expert
  75. Enchanting: Average
  76. Casting: Strong
  77. Mysticism: Average
  78. Physical: Legendary
  79. Combat: Legendary
  80. Special: Sekirei's Kiss. For the cost of 5 mana and the ability to kiss her, Karasuba gains a 2x multiplier to her combat bonuses.
  83. Kaname Chidori: Current Attraction +60. +3 Protag points an episode. Sentient. Birthday December 24
  84. Confused Classmate: Forced herself into your harem after seeing you enchant two things you probably shouldn’t have. Seems to want to figure you out more than date you at the moment, but she’ll come around. Probably.
  86. Has now come around, majorly, seeing as how she has admitted to being sentient to you. You kissed her at her request, a real one. Makes a mean stew. Initiated your night with her and Tatsuko after the Public Morals Committee came by.
  88. Summoning: Master
  89. Enchanting: Legendary
  90. Casting: Weak
  91. Mysticism: Weak
  92. Physical: Strong
  93. Combat: Average
  94. Special: Mindlink. Kaname now has the ability to link a small group of peoples minds without your help. +10 teamwork bonus while fighting.
  97. Nanoha Takamachi: Current Attraction +45. +3 Protag points an episode. Birthday March 15.
  98. Nice orange haired girl, who almost accidentally vaporized you while practicing. Now rooms with Chris. Is always around when you seem to be acting like a pervert. Despite this she's asked you to build her a new wand, one that can handle her power level. Now seems to be in your harem, though certainly one of the less clingy members. Recently tricked you into spending the night in her and Chris's room, for snuggling.
  100. Summoning: Expert
  101. Enchanting: Weak
  102. Casting: Legendary
  103. Mysticism: Weak
  104. Physical: Strong
  105. Combat: Master
  106. Special: Starlight Breaker: Nanoha's strongest attack, which can vaporize nearly anything and is now considerably easier to cast since you gave her a new wand. Able to one-shot most enemies if given time.
  108. Kaede Sakura: Attraction +35. +2 Protag points per thread. Birthday: June 5
  109. Mildly psychotic lesbian who chased Akeno into your room, then tried to kill you before you helped yourself to her mana, along with all the other girls, to protect everyone. Then you woke up with her mysteriously on top of you, and she took your first kiss accidentally. Recently you've started to act polite to each other, in public at least. Most recently you've agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend.
  111. After a "date" in which she puked up a dark thing from the beyond, which you killed with relative ease, and where her Grandmother also turned out to be one of said dark things from beyond, Kaede has recently become much more friendly. Her current stance towards you is "caring" but still confused about her own sexuality, she is taking her time.
  113. Summoning: Expert
  114. Enchanting: Weak
  115. Casting: Weak
  116. Mysticism: Legendary
  117. Physical: Strong
  118. Combat: Expert
  119. Special (?): ?
  124. Permanent Harem Members
  127. Melodiana: Attraction +55 Birthday:N/A
  129. Blonde haired, blue armored angel. Asked you about honesty. Has a spear.
  131. Melodiana is the most...normal, of your angelic visitors. Calm, affectionate and caring, she combines grace with personality. Was comparatively eager with the ritual. Along with Mehisha she took you to a secret pool, where you had a very nice night of simply resting with two warm bodies pressed against you.
  133. Summoning: Strong
  134. Enchanting: Average
  135. Casting: Expert
  136. Mysticism: Average
  137. Physical: Master
  138. Combat: Legendary
  139. Special (Angels Grace): John gains +1 level of Combat as long as Melodiana is nearby
  143. Mehisha: Attraction +55 Birthday:N/A
  145. Blue haired, blue armored angel. Asked you about how you fight. Carries a halberd.
  147. Mehisha seems to be a fighting angel first, anything involving herself second. Along with Melodiana she took you to a secret pool, where you had a very nice night of simply resting with two warm bodies pressed against you.
  149. Seems to be opening up, you rescued her from attack in another dimension.
  151. Summoning: Strong
  152. Enchanting: Average
  153. Casting: Expert
  154. Mysticism: Average
  155. Physical: Legendary
  156. Combat: Master
  157. Special (Angels Strength): John gains +1 level to Physical when Mehisha is nearby.
  160. Elizasleyn: Attraction +55 Birthday:N/A
  162. Blue haired angel in a white dress, has a staff. She asked you about love. Is very...friendly.
  164. Initially you drove her crazy with all the love and affection you were causing her to feel from the surrounding area, without getting any herself. After giving out doses of affection, she's calmed down and seems to have taken to you well, even if she is entirely too much like Akeno for your own good.
  166. Summoning: Legendary
  167. Enchanting: Strong
  168. Casting: Legendary
  169. Mysticism: Strong
  170. Physical: Average
  171. Combat: Average
  172. Special (Angels Healing): Every three turns in combat, John heals 1 wound as long as Elizasleyn is nearby.
  174. Ragsmuena: Grim Reaper: Attraction +45 Birthday: N/A
  176. Red hair, wears...well she has cloth draped over her body at least. Carries a Scythe. Asked you if you fear death.
  178. Following some time spent with you, Ragsmuena began to question why you weren't scared of her like most people. After answering her truthfully, she's started to open up emotionally, if slowly. After the ritual she opened up even more.
  180. Summoning: Average
  181. Enchanting: Average
  182. Casting: Expert
  183. Mysticism: Legendary
  184. Physical: Strong
  185. Combat: Master
  186. Special (Soul Shield): John’s soul is now safe from direct attack. John may also be revived at ¼ health if he should happen to fall in battle outside of school, as long as Ragsmuena is nearby.
  189. Tatsuko Itagaki: Current Attraction +65. +3 Protag points an episode. Sentient. Birthday August 27.
  190. Cuddle Buddy: Snuggled up to you when you were taking a nap. Responded well to kindness and buying her a meal. Seems a little lonely, gives VERY nice hugs. Is apparently a Casting focused Witch. Kissed you along with Akeno at break time after the incident with Kaede. Has now let you share her bed. To sleep.
  192. After a brutal training session with Karasuba, you made her an additional promise to not get hurt. When the Public Morals Committee came by, she joined you and Kaname in bed. She likes that thing you do with your toe.
  194. Rescued from the trap first, you promised her that somehow you'd get her family over to your world. She has again joined your harem.
  196. Summoning: Weak
  197. Enchanting: Weak
  198. Casting: Legendary
  199. Mysticism: Novice
  200. Physical: Legendary
  201. Combat: Legendary
  202. Special: Unyielding Devotion. You have done so much for Tatsuko, being her first friend, dinner, cuddles, taking care of her, being her boyfriend and lover and finally giving her her family back. She's determined to pay you back, even if you don't think she needs to. Nothing will stand in your way as long as she can still stand and she can stand for a very long time. Tatsuko's wounds now all count for x4
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