Neptunia Victory/Rebirths Damage Calculation

May 7th, 2017
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  1. This pastebin is still a work in progress but it has a lot of the important bits covered already.
  2. Nothing is rounded unless it is explicitly put in floor(), most of the calculations are done in floats
  3. Everything is done in terms of each individual hit in the move, so individual hits can miss or crit separately and the hit counter bonus / guard break bonus are re-checked for each one.
  5. Share Adjustment
  6. ----------------
  7. Share adjustment for CPUs/Candidates is 1% extra stats per 5% shares when they're attacking and 1% extra stats per 3% shares when they're being attacked. Applies to all stats used in damage calc & accuracy. Only used in battle, not shown on the Status pages.
  9. * Nepgear's Leader Skill multiplies the buff by a further 20% - this actually just has the effect of *boosting ALL CPU stats by 20%* which is OP as all hell.
  10. * 9999 stat cap does not apply here, it only applies to the initial listed stats (stats + gear)
  11. * DLC Plutia/Peashy in RB1 still benefit from Planeptune shares
  12. * In boss battles against Yellow Heart she benefits from Planeptune shares even when she's meant to be affiliated with Eden at the time
  14. Solo Adjustment (new 9/11/2017)
  15. -------------------------------
  16. It seems that if you have a character fight solo, they gain a 10% buff to at least their core stats. I think it only applies to STR, VIT, INT, MEN but not 100% sure. This buff stacks multiplicatively with all other buffs (temporary buffs/share buffs) so it's pretty significant. Only tested in Victory and Re;Birth 1 so far.
  18. Weaken/Toughen Enemies (Rebirths)
  19. ---------------------------------
  20. Weaken enemies subtracts 15% of the stat rounded down. Applies only to STR, VIT, INT, MEN.
  22. So stat = stat - floor(0.15*stat)
  24. Toughen enemies is the same but in the other direction - 15% increase rounded down
  26. So if an enemy has 1000 STR they have 850 weakened and 1150 toughened. Fairly simple. But one with 999 STR would have 850 weakened, not 849.
  28. Accuracy
  29. --------
  31. Accuracy % = floor((Attacker LUK + Attacker TEC)/([Attacker LUK]/2 + Defender AGI)*70 + Direction Adjustment)
  32. Direction Adjustment = 0 if in front, 15 on the side, 25 if behind. This is added, not multiplied.
  34. No cap, both sure-hit and never-hit are possible albeit extremely unlikely in the case of the latter. Each hit of a move can hit or miss individually.
  36. Critical Hit Rate
  37. -----------------
  39. Base Critical Hit % = floor([Attacker LUK]/4 + [Attacker TEC]/5 - [Defender LUK]/5 - [Defender TEC]/5)
  41. Crit rate isn't capped below 100%, so if you out-stat an enemy enough you crit every hit. Similarly there is no minimum so you can never crit an enemy too high above you without additional modifiers.
  43. Hit Power
  44. ---------
  46. Hit Power = Listed Power / Number of Hits / 100
  48. Damage calcs are done per individual hit of a move. Each hit is usually equal. Boss extensions on EXE Drive moves have a separate bonus power and bonus number of hits that is used once the extended part is reached.
  50. (example: Victory Slash has 517 listed power and 2 hits, so each hit would have a Hit Power of 2.585)
  52. Guard Break
  53. -----------
  55. There does not appear to be any reward for getting the Guard bar low if it's not broken, contrary to what I've heard before.
  57. Guard Break status is inflicted when GP hits 0 but only removed if the enemy is hit when Guard Break is active and GP is not 0. Enemies regen 20% GP every turn if their guard is broken. The implication here is that you really want to hit them as soon as possible after they take their first turn after a guard break - they can regen all the way back up to full if you don't.
  59. Damage Calculation
  60. ------------------
  62. GBA (Guard Break Adjustment) = 1.4 if guard broken, 1.0 otherwise
  63. RA (Random Adjustment) = rand[0.9,0.92) (really 0.9 + rand(2000)/10000)
  64. HCA (Hit Count Adjustment) = 1 + (Current Combo Hit Count)/200
  65. CHA (Critical Hit Adjustment) = 1.5 if the move was a crit, 1.0 otherwise
  66. DA (Direction Adjustment) = 1.0 if attacking from in front, 1.2 from the side, 1.4 from back
  67. * direction adjustment has removed entirely in RB3 when the player attacks; it only applies when the enemy is attacking
  69. Damage = floor([(5*Offensive Stat*GBA) - (3*Defensive Stat)]*Hit Power*RA*HCA*CHA*DA)
  71. If damage limit isn't broken, damage is capped to 9999 per hit, otherwise 999999999 (though the natural ingame stats won't allow you to get anywhere close to that second cap). Negative damage becomes 0 as you'd expect.
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