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Jan 12th, 2020
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  1. The biggest issue in the current ORAS NFE metagame – limitations in teambuilding – manifests itself in a Monferno usage of >80%. This is the issue we're trying to fix. Looking at the win rates of teams using Monferno vs teams not using Monferno shows that „They are broken because they almost dictate / require usage, and a standard team without one of them facing a standard team with one of them would be at a drastic disadvantage." does not apply. The same is true for teams using Pawniard vs teams not using Pawniard. Taking a more detailed look at replays and usage / win statistics, however, reveals that using Pawniard vs a team without a Monferno results in a 70% win rate. Suggesting that Pawniard counterplay is pretty much limited to Monferno. The reason for this is that other defensive checks are worn down rather easily (e.g. Marshtomp, Gabite) or aren't too viable because of metagame trends (e.g. Tangela). Offensive checks to Pawniard struggle with the fact that Pawniard finds many opportunitites in this metagame to set up a Swords Dance and invalidate them with Sucker Punch after just one boost.
  2. A secondary issue is the pressure offensive Monferno sets (mostly Nasty Plot sets) assert on the metagame. Pawniard's help in wearing down common checks / removing their Eviolite with Knock Off and in invalidating defensive options like Lampent, Slowpoke and Frillish to an extend is essential to the potency of these sets. The removal of Pawniard will free these answers up a bit.
  3. We have to consider, however, that a Pawniard ban could further increase the usage of offensive Monferno sets by reducing the need for defensive Monferno sets – something we should definitely keep an eye on.
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