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Bid Billionaire Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Kid Billions arrives at the totally rad and shiny new Prodigy Center and is met at the gate by a robotic guard that lets him onto the grounds and directs him towards the interview room inside. The future base of Gen Prime is pretty much complete and already has a handful of service robots buzzing around the halls. When KB arrives at the interview room Bom-Pom is typing away on a laptop. Behind her another robot, far more advanced than the others, stands at attention. "Oh hey," Becky closes her laptop and looks up. "I definitely know I've seen you before. Take a seat."
  3. Swixer: *As per-usual, Buck is covered in bruises, cuts and bandages. He enters the favility with his bag slung over his shoulder and a skeptical look on his face.* "I'll stand, thanks."
  4.  *He looks around at the lavish surroundings.* "This all seems a little self-indulgent."
  5. "Though I figured you'd remember me considering how long we've known each other."
  7. GeneralFreedom: "Only the best for my team," Becky laughs. "You look simply terrible, Buckley. Rough day?"
  9. Swixer: "Not as rough as it could be." He winces as he sets his bag down, rolling his shoulder a bit.* "With the pampered life I lead, I could stand to take a few beatings. How are you, Becky?"
  11. GeneralFreedom: Becky rolls her eyes before answering. "Very well. Daddy insisted I come with him on a business meeting earlier. Lot's of fake enthusiasm and feigned interest. It was exhausting," she sighs. "Oh, this is my co-leader on this little project here. I don't think you've met Tutor yet." The robot gives a polite bow. "Hello. Do you require medical assistance? We have functioning facilities in base that can be activated."
  13. Swixer: *Kid Billionaire nods respectfully at Tutor but raises a hand in refusal.* "No, thank you. I'll just pay another visit to Mercy on my way home." *He rubs his side a bit.* "Stitches from that last knife wound feel like they're gonna pop out anyway." *He turns his attention back to Becky.* "How did you know I was Kid Billionaire?"
  14. *He grimaces as he says it.* "God, I hate that name."
  16. GeneralFreedom: "I think it's very catchy," Becky giggles. "I may not be a detective but for some people it's not hard to tell that they lead a double life! I may have also been tipped off by someone that heard a rumor from a friend of a relative of a neighbor." She says dismissively.
  18. Swixer: *He rubs the back of his head sheepishly.* "I guess I haven't been doing a great job of keeping it under wraps, huh?" *He reaches into his backpack and pulls out his costume. There are a bunch of holes and tears in it.* "I'm going through these things like crazy, even with the duplicates."
  20. GeneralFreedom: "I'm sure most people wouldn't have put it together, but I'm not most people," Becky says proudly. "You should let us get you something better quality. Well, provided you end up joining." Tutor chimes in. "Ms. Neven's costume was designed by a highly sought after scientist designer, made to withstand wear from everyday use as well as the strain her powers puts on it."
  22. Swixer: "I feel like I put too much money into getting my powers in the first place to blow some more of it on a flashy costume I don't need. With the amount of money I spend on something like that, I could probably feed a family for a month." *He places his hands on his hips and exhales.* "And I'm not sure about this team of yours either. Don't you think superteams are a little oppressive?"
  23. "I mean, just look at the Champions or the Protectors of the World -- they're a bunch of government lapdogs parading around and grandstanding and abusing their power like crazy! They have merchandise for crying out loud. Sure, they say it's for charity, but it seems a lot like flagrant consumerism."
  25. GeneralFreedom: "Pleeease, spare me your leftist bleeding heart routine, Bucky," Becky sighs. "I'm not your tumblr followers." Tutor quickly chimes in again, making a noise that sounds like its clearing its throat somehow. "This team isn't just a team. It's being used as a learning experience for young metahumans with a focus on teaching them to use their powers for the betterment of society. Trevor Neven, the team's sponsor is very excited about the project and has shown his committment to other such enrichment projects in the past."
  27. Swixer: "Sure, it's easy to give money and 'enrich' the community when you don't have to engage with it. Just keep tossing the peoples' money back at them until it buries the problem. No offense, Becks, but your dad sounds a lot like mine -- a capitalist fatcat who's more concerned with--" *He stops himself before he goes off into rant.* "Sorry. Sorry. I'm not a fan of superteams or 'enrichment' programs but you've always been a good person, Becky. If you say this whole thing is above board, then I'll give it a shot."
  29. GeneralFreedom: Becky looked like she was gearing up to go on a rant of her own, but instead she just lets out a breath and calms herself. "...it is. It's going to be a good team and while my main goal is going to be learning to use my own powers well, Tutor's job is to make sure everyone does the right thing and improves themselves." Tutor nods. "I'm here as a representative for Trevor Neven. It is my duty to provide guidance to the next generation of metahumans that will selflessly defend this city and eventually, the world."
  31. Swixer: "Well...that does sound like a good thing." *He touches a hand to a bump on his forehead.* "And I guess I could use more training. Kinda sick of walking around looking like I walked out of a Pyramid."
  33. GeneralFreedom: "Good then. It's settled," Becky says, all smug smiles again. She motions for Tutor to pass a fancy new Gen Prime card across the table. "We will contact you soon," Tutor says politely.
  35. Swixer: *He frowns as he takes the card and turns it around in his hand.* "Already marching to the beat of a drum. Let's hope you're right about this, Becks."
  37. GeneralFreedom: "I'm right most of the time. Trust me, it's going to be great," Becky says enthusiastically.
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