Dadonequus Discord Part 280

Dec 18th, 2016
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  1. >You go up and knock on the door.
  2. "I hope Lyra is home."
  3. >....with Bonbon
  4. >It didn't take long for the door to open. But instead of Lyra, Bonbon is the one to answer the door. SCORE, it means Lyra was definitely around.
  5. >Bonbon, the moment she sees you and Scoots, smiles, finding it a pleasant surprise "Well well, long time no see Anon. How have you been?"
  6. "I've been alright. Things have been things. Lots of crazy stuff, ya know how it is. How about you?"
  7. >bonbon could only guess on what you meant considering what you've done with your horn. But she doesn't put too much thought into it. "Oh, she's in her living room. We're setting up a telescope she bought from Canterlot so we can go star gazing. We're almost done, do you and Scootaloo want to help us out?"" Bonbon had noticed Scootaloo, but how did she know her enough to just casually say her name? She did think however, that she was here with you to visit. Hence acting so casual.
  8. >"Hey, that sounds pretty cool. I wanna help out. I need the practice anyway. It's just like putting a scooter together right?" Scootaloo seemed pretty happy to get to work and socialize.
  9. >"Right." Bonbon nods as she steps aside to let you both in. But as Scoots steps had to ask.
  10. "Wait, you know Scootaloo?"
  11. >Bonbon shrugs "Sort of, it's a small town Anon. everypony knows everypony elses name. And when you have Pinkie Pie around throwing parties for everypony every other day? Yeah, you tend to learn pretty quick. So, with that said. Have you really been ok?....."
  12. >She leans in and whispers "Considering your bug problem?"
  13. >You eyes go wide...DA FUCK?!
  14. "...You know? H-how?"
  15. >"It's my business to know Anon. Don't worry, nopony else knows. But next time there's a very strange puppy attack. You might want to make sure to cover it up better.I know about your sister, I know about the Crusaders knowing, and thats it. I know Princess Celestia knows. But she's asked me to stay out of it."
  16. >..G-goddammit.
  18. "...oh..I-I see. Agent stuff then?"
  19. >She nods "Mhmmm, so...Keeping it together?"
  20. > much does she actually know?
  21. "Yeah, it's tough sometimes. But, ya know. I can handle else do you know?"
  22. >"Only that...why? Is there something else?" She looks at you with suspicion...FUCK
  23. "...uhm, would you accept "need to know" basis"
  24. >You give her a great big fake grin.
  25. >She just raises an eyebrow, but still nods and turns to walk inside. "I understand confidentiality Anon. So, let's just drop the subject ok? I need to check on Lyra anyway bec-" She stops herself when she sees the telescope's viewfinder discarded on the ground. Looking forward as you followed Bonbon. You can see Lyra and Scootaloo happily inspecting and tightening screws in the telescope while putting on the big lens in the end.
  26. >"Is it on right?" Scootaloo asked as she taps at the end of the telescope. She had to lower it to her level just to view it.
  27. >"I think so?" Lyra giggles "I feel kinda silly. I bought this thing and I don't even really know how to get it all together. This is more of a Bonbon thing and- Oh hey, there you both are" Lyra looked to the both of you and waved.
  28. "Heya Lyra! Heard you were making a telescope. Looks like it's almost done"
  29. >"Yeah, almost. I need to put the smaller lens of the other end. But that's a little tough because there's all these knobs I need to figure out how to get in. And there's this slot right here on the end of the telescope I just can't figure out what it's for. It looks like a weird cup holder for a hat or at the theater." Lyra points to where...the viewfinder should go
  31. >Bonbon rolls her eyes with a smirk on her face as she stares at Lyra with a snarky grin "...or it may be for this" She takes and holds the viewfinder towards Lyra.
  32. >"That? Oh Bonbon, we don't need that. That's why we have the telescope" Lyra giggles as she dismisses the object.
  33. >"Actually Lyra, that's the viewfinder. You use that to find where you want to point the telescope at. You just attach it there and look at what you want to look, then look into the telescope" Scootaloo actually lectures her on it. Then again, everyone should know what it fucking does at this point. Good thing Lyra was cute about it. Because..damn.
  34. >"Huh? But...why not just point with the telescope?" It was clear Lyra had never used one before. "I did it all the time as a foal" Or used one properly.
  35. >Bonbon laughed as she walked over and went to work to attaching the viewfinder "Lyra, you silly filly, the telescope looks at things very closely. So it actually makes it harder to find what you're looking for with it since you have to be precise. This let's us point at what we want to look at by having less of a zoom. And after we pinpoint the star or the moon with it. We look through the main lens. Easy peasy."
  36. >"oooooooh! Now I get it. I guess I should have read the instructions a little closer, huh?" Lyrish giggles a little embarassingly as she rubs the back of her head.
  37. >"It's fine, I just want to get it ready for tonight. This is a pretty high quality telescope Lyra. Are you sure you had the money for it?" Bonbon got a little concerned as she looked over the telescope and tapped it a few times.
  39. >"Oh no, it's fine. I had been saving up for something for us to do this whole time. Then I saw the telescope and thought "STAR GAZING!". No price is too big when it comes to our friendship" Lyra exclaimed....aww. Dammit, you forgot how strong a bond these two shared. Hanging with Chrysalis for so long. You forgot a few things.
  40. >You didn't even bother thinking how much bonbon knew about you at this point either. She knew, she's known for a little bit. Enough that if you were to be worried, it would have been days ago. It'll be fine.
  41. >"Wow, so do you two do everything together?" Scootaloo asked, impressed with their bond.
  42. >Bonbon nods "Just about, Lyra and I are very good friends. There's a lot of things we do that just wouldn't be any fun by ourselves. And trust me, it's A LOT of things."
  43. >It's weird. You had a weird feeling in your stomach when she said that.
  44. >They were so close. A real friendship. Something you forgot. You looked at your closest friends. Who defaulted to Discord and Chrysalis and Starlight.
  45. >Discord, he was a good guy deep inside. For him, you kinda wish...yeah..that he was more dad like. Or just, maybe just going out and doing some normal things together without an ulterior motive.
  46. >Chrysalis, she says she's your friend. But, is it true? Maybe, but you had this feeling that there was a truth to her wanting you on her side. Like an odd obsession. But she lies, she cheats, she manipulates. But, in the end. You wouldn't be standing here without her. She saved your life.
  47. >And Starlight, the most normal of the three. You actually would like to get closer. She was nice, sweet, and...yeah. She needed a friend. But the distance...If only she lived in Ponyville. But her town needed her.
  48. >The rest? Well, Fluttershy was your "Aunt". You dearly appreciated her love, and wish you really were here nephew. With none of the bullshit attached.
  50. >The CMC, welp. Scootaloo has slowly been climbing that ladder.
  51. >Lyra and Bonbon. Pretty cool casual friends. Need to visit more.
  52. >Everything else wasn't as close. And the Princesses? Yeah, they were basically monkeys on your back now. You had to watch out for them.
  53. "So, can we go star gazing with you guys? Make this twosome a foursome?"
  54. >Haha...they will never get the double meaning.
  55. >"Hey, that sounds like a great idea!" Lyra smiled as she poked at the viewfinder. "Doesn't it Bonbon?"
  56. >But Bonbon let's out a lamentable sigh "You know we can't Lyra, I don't mind but, you know, they do have school tomorrow. I doubt their parents. Well, at least Scootaloo's parents would let us have her tag along tonight"
  57. >Lyra's ears droop as she frowns. "Awwww, I thought it would have been cute. Have either of you ever gone late night star gazing? When the moon is right above us. It's's just perfect."
  58. >You never went star gazing period.
  59. "No, I never even gone star gazing before."
  60. >"I have, but not that late.....awww" Scootaloo looks down, she wanted to try late night gazing "late night star gazing actually sounds pretty cool. I bet the stars get really bright when it's that late"
  61. >"Well..." Lyra starts to think it over "It's not like I won't have the telescope after today. If you both get permission for when you have a day off of school. We can set up a night where we just eat popcorn and gaze at the stars."
  63. >"That sounds pretty cool. I gotta see if I can get Rainbow Dash to join in. Then it'll really be a star gazing party!" Scootaloo said with excitement.
  64. >You know, you liked her ignorant and adorable nature best out of the CMC as well. It was innocent wonderment that didn't bother you. Still, RD being there was kinda eh.
  65. "I mean, I'm for it"
  66. >You lie
  67. >"Well, we'll have to see. Lyra, you know I have to have a day free myself if we're going to have a get together" Bonbon explains to her
  68. >Lyra gives her a grin as she wiggles her eyebrows at her "Are you saying you wouldn't have a free night to spend with your bestie best friend?"
  69. >Bonbon then gave her own smug grin back "You know I always have a free night when it comes to you."
  70. >....And yet they don't fuck.
  71. >"Then it's settled. Next night you both have off. You should definitely come for a visit." Lyra says as she finished the final touches on the Telescope. ".....aannndd done! Woo! You two should have come when we got started. We would have finished a lot sooner then. Then again..." You all hear a ding go off in the kitchen. Which makes Lyra grin big as she licks her lips "We would have been done wayyy too early for some apple pie. You both eat apple pie right? It's got a little extra sweeeetnesssss" She tempts the both of you. Which was pretty easy, being both a horse, young, hungry, and fucking PIEEE.
  72. >You and Scootaloo agree to some pie. Lyra heads into the kitchen and quickly comes back with the pie. It had steam coming from the top. It smelled good! and damn...magic sure is convenient. It just floated ahead of her. No need for gloves.
  74. >Lyra set it up on a small table she prepared mostly for just her and Bonbon. There were two plates and a knife for cutting. She cut the pie into four pieces. You and Scootaloo getting smaller pieces as she sets them on the plates and magically brings them towards the both of you. You both sit on your plots and take the plates and start blowing on the pies. Well..not just bit right in as it seemed Lyra and Bonbon would just eat straight from the pan.
  75. "Agh! HOT! HOT!"
  76. >"Anon!" Lyra exclaimed "Of course it's hot, it just came out of the oven. Oh geez, maybe I should have warned you first. Didn't think you'd just bite in like's good huh?" The table also had a pitcher of water and two glasses as well. She fills a glass with water and puts it beside you. You drink from it immediatly and start rubbing at your tongue as Scootaloo giggles.
  77. "...eyyhhh...."
  78. >your poor tongue
  79. "'s really good..."
  80. >It really was. The fragrance of apple, that sweet taste...if only it didn't burn.
  81. >"Anon, you're funny sometimes. Y'know? Sometimes I think you do that kind of stuff on purpose just to get a laugh out of everypony." Scootaloo chuckles as she blows on her pie.
  82. >On purpose?!...on purpose...well....dammit...fuck. Was it really that silly?
  83. >it must have looked silly. Burning your tongue like that? What the fuck were you thinking?
  84. "Uhm..I guess sometimes. Yeah, I mean."
  85. >You give a smirk, yet there was no confidence behind it
  86. "Nopony would REALLY be dumb enough to just bite into freshly baked pie"
  88. >Lyra giggles "Yeah, you could feel how hot it is just from having it close to your face." Lyra lifts her piece with her magic and brings it close to her nose and takes a whiff, her smile becoming a little drunken from the fragrance. "Sooooo goooood." She blows at the end a couple of time and takes a small bite.
  89. >Bonbon was the only one looking at you as if you were full of shit, but she didn't comment on it. Instead, she took her piece onto her hoof and bit down on a huge chunk of it without even blowing. Not a hint of pain on her face as she chews and swallows. She looked pretty smug about it too. "Luckily for me, I've dealt with so many different conditions in my life that a little heat doesn't bother me at all."
  90. >Scootaloo was blown away by that. "W-what?! Wooah! Isn't that burning your throat or something? How did you do that?!"
  91. >"I'm fine, as for why it's not burning? Let's just say I've had to get used to swallowing a lot of things at a lot of different temperatures. Warm pie is nothing to me" Bonbon said as she proudly stood, taking another bite.
  92. >"And that's one of the reasons you're so amazing Bonbon, Nopony else can eat pie like you can" Lyra cheered
  93. >"Oh come on Lyra, it's not that amazing. Besides, I think Pinkie Pie has me beat anyway. I've seen her down like three pies in one go. ALL fresh out of the oven." Bonbon sounded humble, but she still felt damned proud.
  94. >"Yeah, but Pinkie Pie is a weird kinda cool about stuff like that" Scootaloo explains "It's scary sometimes, especially how you can swear she was in front of you...and then she's behind you...and then above you. Sometimes a rumor goes around that she's actually a ghost or an alicorn in disguise but I don't buy it. It's just Pinkie being Pinkie." Scootaloo then blows and takes another bite.
  95. >Both Lyra and Bonbon have a laugh at that. You didn't see what was so funny though.
  96. >"A ghost?" Lyra giggled
  97. >"An Alicorn? Foals these days have really active imaginations" Bonbon notes.
  99. >"Well...umm" Scootaloo felt a little insulted. It may have been in general. But she felt it pointed at herself as well. "I mean...Twilight used to be a unicorn, then BAM" She finishes off the rest of the pie and swallows. "Alicorn. You never know, How can you know? Anything can happen in Equestria. I day I could save the world and stuff.....Like Rainbow Dash" Scootaloo was now projecting. Poor girl. She overthought it.
  100. >But Lyra just agreed with her like it was nothing "Well of course you can. Look at Anon, a few days in Ponyville and he became the "Hero Colt". I bet, if you really want to be, We'll be calling you Super Scootaloo or something in just a couple of moons"
  101. >"Super Scootaloo? Or maybe just Super Scoots...yeah...That sounds pretty cool" Scootaloo pondered. "I'd need a new cape though"
  102. >"A cape? That sounds pretty neat. Anon, why don't you have a cape?" Lyra asks with genuine curiosity.
  103. "What? pffft, c'mon. I don't need a cape. I'm the HERO COLT!"
  104. >You jump and stand in a prideful position.
  105. "I have like, just this aura that just comes off as heroic."
  106. >"...I dunno, you'd be cooler with a cape." Lyra couldn't see it, she really thought the cape would add on to your "heroness"
  107. >"I dunno Lyra. I mean, I think I'd look cool with a cape. But Anon is just keeping it old school. You know, like how the princesses don't have capes, or Twilight, or Rainbow Dash. I mean, if we wanna go into comics. Heroes like Filli-second don't have capes either. It just depends on the circumstances and who you are. If you're brave in here.." Scootaloo points to her chest "Then it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like. That's something Twilight taught me once."
  108. "Aww...thanks Scoots. And yeah, she's right...I mean check these moves"
  109. >You perform you're near trademarked Shoryuken and actually. for once. Land gracefully on your hooves. Yeah! You got it this time!
  110. "Yeeeeah! It wouldn't even look that cool if I had a cape. Bandanna maybe, but no cape."
  112. >"That move, do realize if you miss with that hit that you leave yourself open for a buck right? Or worse if you're facing say...a griffon" Bonbon analyzes your Shoryuken. It seemed useless to her.
  113. "What? I mean..yeah. But that's why you don't miss."
  114. >"Yes, but the power you have in a single hoof from a jump like that is negligible compared to say...a buck to the face or a jumping stomp or even the basic flurry jabs of the front hooves." Bonbon explains.
  115. " Well...umm..."
  116. >"Ohhhhh...come on Bonbon. Don't go hurting his feelings now." Lyra felt bad for you, she knew Bonbon would know what moves work and which don't. Considering her position. "I think it could work. It looks cool at least"
  117. >"I'm just saying, it could backfire." Bonbon was being truthful. And thinking about it. She may be right. Especially since you were so small. The Shoryuken never actually worked on anyone unless fueled by magic....ugh...
  118. "....I guess..."
  119. >"C'mon Anon..." Scootaloo noticed how discouraged you felt. And tried to cheer you up. "It's just one move, I'm sure all your other moves work. I even bet you have a move that always works!"
  120. > first you couldn't think of anything. But then...
  121. >Riiiight, hitting them in the nuts always had that.
  122. "M-maybe, but I guess my best asset is how I used the horn."
  123. >"Agreed, considering how you stopped those foalnappers and griffons. I'd say you have a good handle on it. So don't worry" Bonbon gives you a gentle love tap with her hoof. "You're still amazing, you just have one bad move"
  125. > least you were amazing. Oh come on Anon, stop being a little bitch.
  126. "Thanks Bonbon, y'know? You're right. I've done a lot of cool things. One bad move doesn't make a difference."
  127. >"Yup, I mean. You wouldn't have gotten a cute marefriend like Scootaloo if you were just y'know, not that great." Lyra giggles.
  128. >...WUT?!
  129. >"WHAT?! I'M NOT HIS MAREFRIEND!" Scootaloo gags
  130. "W-what even..WHAT EVEN GAVE YOU THAT IDEA?!"
  131. >Holy fucking christ!
  132. >"Oh.." Lyra was taken aback in surprise "I just though since you two were together right now. That....y'know."
  133. >Bonbon giggles "No Lyra, I know it's been awhile. But he's still with Filthy Rich's daughter"
  134. >"OHHH! Is that still going on?" Lyra snickers as she looks at you with a sultry look "Well Well, color me surprised. I thought that was gonna last a week. You know how relationships with rich ponies go. Good job Anon, you must have actually won her heart." Lyra hops over towards you and gives you a few gentle jabs in the chest "Don't go being a dad so soon."
  135. >"Lyra!" Bonbon scolds at her
  136. >Lyra giggles "Sorry, just seemed cute and weird to me"
  138. >Oh good lord. Pull it together Anon, it was just friendly banter. Then again, Scootaloo looked as irked as you were. But she was still on the "Being your marefriend" thing.
  139. >No seriously, when you gave her even an encouraging smile. Her face turned green. Was she THAT not into you? Or did just the mention just gross her out?
  140. >No, she felt like explaining at least "Look, let me get this out there. Anon is cool and all. But even if he didn't have a marefriend, I wouldn't date him. I'm WAY to focused on getting better at flying and learning from Rainbow Dash for relationship stuff"
  141. >Aww, that warmed your heart. You were "Cool"
  142. >The rest of the visit went along a little more normally. You all talked about recent activities. Though no mention of the empire or bugbutt was mentioned. Scootaloo got applause for giving her reasons to being like Rainbow Dash. Which included being able to help and save anypony with lightning speed and such. And Lyra and Bonbon decided to go on about a vacation to Las Pegasus they were planning. It was all kinda nice.
  143. >Yeah, you felt at ease. No stress, you were smiling, you were among friends. You could be....yourself. In a sense anyway.
  144. >At the end of the visit. You all gave hugs and promises were made to meet again soon. But as Scootaloo and you were stepping out the door. Bonbon stopped you, and pulled you aside. Asking Scootaloo for a private moment. She agreed, but didn't understand why.
  145. >"...Anon, before you go. I need to ask, are you sure...You know what you're doing? Do you understand how much everypony would just want the changelings to be gone for good?" Bonbon gives you a serious look. Even she couldn't understand your motives.
  147. >You sigh, dammit. You CAN handle this. You know it. You didn't need Celestia or even Bonbon questioning it.
  148. "I'm sure, trust me. I know that it can be done and even then, she's mostly contained by my dad. We've actually connected, heck, we went on an adventure and saved the world once."
  149. >"....hmm..." Bonbon looked deeply into your eyes, she was checking for any sign of lying. To her surprise, there was none. And then she was further perplexed by those words. "Saved the world?...seriously?"
  150. " It's a long story, if we get another time alone, I'll tell you abo-"
  151. >Lyra pokes her head around the corner with a smile "Hey, you're still here. Ohhh...are you both talking about the changeling thing?"
  152. >..........
  153. "YOU TOLD HER?!"
  154. >Bonbon actually felt nervous about that. And turned her head away while still acting serious. "She's my bestie, I couldn't not tell her."
  155. >"...oh" :Lyra's own sheepishness was apparent however."I mean, Anon. I'm not going to tell Anypony. I-it's just...well...what Bonbon said. And besides, now that we both know. If you ever need a place to just relax and collect your thoughts. You have us, I can't imagine how scary and stressful it is being around somepony like that all the time....sorry if you're mad" Lyra frowned, she didn't mean to cause any trouble.
  156. >Neither did Bonbon.
  157. >...Well, you couldn't be mad, could you? You could trust them right? The CMC seemed to be doing a good job with the secret. And, looking at that adorable frown. How could you be mad? Lyra and Bonbon had never ONCE been terrible or annoying towards you. It wasn't like they were fucking Sunburst.
  158. ", nah. You guys aren't trouble. I actually really appreciate it. But, we could have talked about that too during the visit you know. Scootaloo knows about it too."
  160. >"We know, but we can't talk about it because, Well...I have my secret too. So just blurting it out would raise some questions" Bonbon explains as she puts a hoof gently on your head and rubs "Anon, you're an amazing colt for doing what you're doing. But don't overdo it. Queen Chrysalis is dangerous and not to be trusted. Don't let her have her way. Alright?"
  161. >You knew all this. And for felt you'd be fine.
  162. "I got it, trust me. And..thanks again. You guys are true blue friends. Thanks for being friends with this crazy little colt."
  163. >Lyra giggles "Hey, we couldn't let you be sad all that time ago. Didn't think it'd turn into a friendship like this. But hey, weirder things have happened."
  164. >...aww.
  165. >You give them all a hug again. And leave on your way with Scootaloo. She asks you what that was about. do lie. You just tell her that they had a little pie left you'd might have liked. And kept it at that. Scootaloo thought it was weird you had to be alone for that. But she just shrugged. "Well, that was fun. I like them. They're pretty nice."
  166. "Yeah, Lyra and Bonbon are pretty cool. You don't think it's weird I have adult friends though?"
  167. >Scootaloo raised her eyebrow at you. As if that was a stupid question "Uhhh, did you forget that we're also friends with Rainbow Dash and her friends?"
  168. >You giggle could you forget.
  169. "Yeeeahhhhhhh...heh"
  170. >"Yeah, so. I was thinking of something actually. Because, well. I think Applebloom and Sweetie Belle HAS been harsh on you. And well, what if I got a taste of what you have to deal with?" Scootaloo...was...wait....why did this fill you with dread?
  172. "...what do you mean?"
  173. >You asked with caution
  174. >"What do you think? Let's go see bug breath together! Let's show her we mean business! Let's find out EXACTLY what she might be lying about! We can have eachother's back and corner her on any lie she's got for us. Not only will that help you out, but if I can handle her, I can handle anything." Scootaloo had a double goal in mind. You could see it behind her facade of bravery.
  175. >Chrysalis would tear her apart.....verbally
  176. "Scoots, that's a bad idea. A SUPER bad idea."
  177. >"Why? Don't you have her under control?" Scootaloo seemed confused.
  178. "Yeah but...look, she's still dangerous around anypony not me. My house has this barrier spell to protect everypony inside of it BUT still, she's a master of words. She'll tear you apart just by talking at you."
  179. > actually feared for her. You didn't want her to get hurt
  180. >But on the flipside...she could be right.
  181. >"Pffft, c'mon Anon. Tear me apart with "Words"? That sounds dumb. And it won't happen" Scootaloo started to get frustrated "C'mon! Don't be like an adult and tell me I'm too young. I got this! Don't you want Applebloom and Sweetie Belle to know just how hard you really struggle? I'm trying to help you"
  182. >....
  183. "I do...but..."
  184. >"Come onnnn..what's the worse that can happen? Now that I know she can't even hurt me, I totally got this. It'll be fine" Scootaloo gives you a confident smile.
  185. >......could Chrysalis do anything to her?'s just words.
  186. >And it did benefit you. What's the worse that could happen?
  187. >You could be responsible. But, maybe it's overprotective.
  188. >Scootaloo was your friend, she wanted to help you, and this...could prove to be useful indeed.
  189. >And you'd be there. So, you could handle the situation no problem.
  190. >Why say no then?
  191. > got this
  193. "Y'know? You're right. Why would I say no when you're trying to help me out. And you're right too. I bet once I reform Chrysalis and we can let everypony else know that Rainbow Dash will be SUPER impressed with you."
  194. >"Yeah! I know right? This helps the both of us and we'll totally not mess this up! You and me Anon. We'll be heroes...well, you're already a hero. But I'll be a hero too." Scootaloo was showing some of her selfishness as well, using this as an easy ride to the top, even if she did want to genuinely help you. She also knew or believed at least that she could help herself too.
  195. >She really did however, feel bad that the other two ragged on you. Especially Sweetie Belle.
  196. >"Trust me Anon, nothing can go wrong. Not one thing We'll go in, come out. And go see the girls and let them know what's up" Scootaloo's plan was pretty thin. You knew SOME extra precautions were needed.
  197. "Sure, but Scoots. We have to act like Scrappy lied to you about what he said. We have to go in there acting like we knew what I just knew. And act like we discussed that it's possible we were lied too because she's "Evil and always up to no good" and stuff like that. Which is, well, obviously true anyway."
  198. >"Ohhh..right. I don't want to get Scrappy in trouble either. Ok, I got it. It shouldn't be too hard, I didn't trust her anyway" Scootaloo giggled "You did though, that's still kinda funny."
  199. >you give her a grumpy face and you groan.
  200. >It just makes her laugh a little harder
  202. >......
  203. >"sorry Anon, it's just pretty silly...but ok" Scootaloo takes a breath, and calms down to stop from laughing. "I got this."
  204. >You start fumbling around in your saddlebag for the map.
  205. "Just don't say stuff like that in front of her, ok? She tends to tease me too and that will just make things worse"
  206. >"Got it.." She giggles again "but...geez Anon, c'mon. Don't be so whipped. You're a hero remember?"
  207. >......mmnnnggghhh
  208. "Yeah...look, just focus ok?"
  209. >Scootaloo nods, and tries again. Looking forward with a serious face " I got it"
  210. "Good.."
  211. >.....Hopefully she did anyway...sheesh. No respect, no respect at all.
  212. >And so, you and scootaloo returned to your home via the river that ran through town.
  213. >This was gonna be a thing.....oh lordy.
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