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weev @rabite predicts mass murder of jews

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  2.     <rabite⚡⚡> I know how I am going to die
  3.     <rabite⚡⚡> i am in a military organization
  4.     <renzo> rabite⚡⚡ but you also wont go to heaven
  5.     <rabite⚡⚡> and i will die in battle
  6.     <rabite⚡⚡> i can promise you that
  7.     <renzo> unless you fall in battle
  8.     <rabite⚡⚡> yes
  9.     <rabite⚡⚡> but when i finally die
  10.     <renzo> rabite⚡⚡ believe me I am familiar
  11.     <rabite⚡⚡> it will be slaughtering jews
  12.     <rabite⚡⚡> my whole life is dedicated
  13.     <rabite⚡⚡> to making the valkyries find me worthy
  14.     <rabite⚡⚡> it is not time for me to walk into a synagogue strapped yet
  15.     <rabite⚡⚡> i am young
  16.     <rabite⚡⚡> i have lots of white children to make
  17.     <rabite⚡⚡> but when the time comes, I will mass murder Jews, it is my destiny
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