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  1. Infomation:
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  3. This is a client i have been working on in the past few days, its using CR's base but CR was old, and the name and GUI went together and i didn't like that. So heres my new client, i also renamed it because i don't like working on the same thing for to long.
  5. Major Features:
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  7. Radar - Friends | Players | Mobs Shown
  8. IRC - Connect and Chat with fellow client users!
  9. Full ESP - Friends | Players Find that annoying player if he/she gets away
  10. Chat/Mob ESP - Find Chests or Mobs EASY!
  11. Click/Drag GUI - Toggle Hacks with a click of the mouse
  12. Custom KeyBinds - Change your keybinds and save them!
  13. Save/Load - Load and save what you currently have toggled, and friends!
  14. Config - Edit Aything from the clients name, kill delay, or xray block id!
  15. Auto Tool - Change to the tool best suited for the job
  16. AutoPvP/KillAura - Kill anything mobs or players within a certain distance!
  17. Teleport - Teleport anywhere with a click, or tying .tp x y z!
  18. Jesus - Walk on water without being pulled back!
  19. NoSwing - No Swing bypass, Look funny destroying stuff with this on!
  20. Full Xray - Full xray as well as Customization
  21. MUCH MUCH More inclding Survival and Creative nuke, NC Bypassed Sprint, Fly, Critical hit ect.
  23. All Features
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  25. Live news - live news at the main menu screen
  26. Array List - Array list showing currently activated hacks(aVo like )
  27. Click and drag menu - Click tab to open the menu
  28. Console - Click backspace to open console
  29. Menu color choice - Choose between red, green, gold, blue, purple and orange. within the menu tab called "GUI Color"
  30. Client name change - Use the console and type ("client=New name") This is saved in a settings file in your .minecraft folder
  31. Player name change - Use the console and type ("player=New name") This is saved in a settings file in your .minecraft folder(this changes your name client side.
  32. Instant respawn
  33. Friends List ("list") ("friend add/del *username*")
  34. Add friends
  35. Better fly. (Faster.)
  36. Username changer
  37. Proxy support
  38. Teleport (Click and x-y-z)
  39. Delete friends
  40. Friends have changed ESP
  41. Friends cannot be damaged.
  42. Friends get capes
  43. Global cape API thanks to pig bacon
  44. Custom jump height - Use the hack menu
  45. Custom step height - ("setstep <int>") or the Hack menu
  46. Custom speed - ("setspeed <int>") or the hack menu
  47. Custom Nuker - ("nukeid <blockid>") or the hack menu
  48. Custom Xray - ("setxray <blockid>") - or the hack menu
  49. Custom Fast Place - Use the hack menu
  50. Custom Kill aura delay - ("killdelay <int>")Set the kill aura delay with the "Delay" settings in the menu
  51. Day - set the time to day, client side. ("day")
  52. weather - set the weather off or on. ("noweather")
  53. Flash Light - see in the dark. ("fullbright")
  54. Jade - Make everything have a lesser opacity ("jade")
  55. xRay - Turn on xray for all ores ("xray")
  56. ChestESP - Find chests with a chest drawn tracer ("chestesp")
  57. Clean water - Removes a rendered image of when your in water, clears it up ("cleanwater")
  58. Radar - a radar of all the players within a certain block distance, if green they are on your friends list ("radar")
  59. Mob Radar - Adds mobs to the radar ("mobradar")
  60. XP Orb tracer - find XP orbs with a tracer line and box esp ("orbtrace")
  61. Fast Place - Place blocks fast, can be changed in the custom settings("fastplace")
  62. Smash Delay - Takes away the delay of smashing in creative("???")
  63. Custom xray - set your xray block id with settings or ("setxray 56")
  64. Auto PvP - Auto aim and attack people ("pvp")
  65. Full ESP - Player Tracer and box ESP, Red for enemy, Green for friend ("esp")
  66. Jet Pack - JetPack your way around by spamming the space bar, aka infinite jump ("jetpack")
  67. Creative Nuker - automatically threaded. Turn on in a creative server and destroy anything withing reach distance, INSTANTLY! ("creativenuke")
  68. Survival Nuker - Same as creative, but not instant, set the block id and nuke, no buffer overflow crash either! ("customnuke")
  69. Step - Step up blocks, edit how many blocks in settings ("step")
  70. Wall Climb - Climb walls like spider man ("wallclimb")
  71. Fly - Buggy, a creative fly, hold up then deactive to fix the down pulling ("fly")
  72. Speed Mine - Slightly faster mining ("speedmine")
  73. Aimbot - Auto aim at mobs and entitys within a certain distance
  74. Freecam - Buggy with the fly hack, but works. takes you out of your body to explore things ("freecam")
  75. Follow - Jump into a player or mob and where ever they walk, you walk! ("follow")
  76. Mob ESP - Draws mob nametags ("mobesp")
  77. Sprint - Emulates sprinting ("sprint")
  78. GodMode - Still buggy, sets the player as dead, cant toggle back YET(got to fix that eh? ;D) ("godmode")
  79. Ghost Mode - Not sure if its even working, but pulls you out of your body and you can walk without actually moving from your original player ("ghostmode")
  80. Retard - Derps you the fuck out ("derp" or "retard")
  81. No Web - not affected by web ("noweb")
  82. Auto walk - Auto walk...really? you need me to explain this shit? ("autowalk")
  83. Insta-mine - Improved speedmine, Diamond tools as fast as gold tools. ("instamine")
  84. Big Players - Renders players massive, for finding and for teh lol's ("bigplayer"/"big")
  85. Wall Hack - Makes all entitys a shade of red, and appear though walls ("wallhack")
  86. Kill Aura - Attacks anything within reach distance, set the delay on the attacking with settings or ("killdealy <int>") enable with ("killaura")
  87. Zoom - Zoom in ("Zoom")
  88. Sneak - send sneak packets, and move slowly to bypass nocheat ("sneak")
  89. High jump - Jump higher, custom settings in menu ("jump")
  90. No Swing - Dont send swing packets, good for trolling ("noswing")
  91. Suicide/Emo - kill yourself. friend. ("emo"/"suicide")
  92. Infinite Fly - Fly UP UP UP. ("inffly")
  93. Unblocker - This does practically nothing, but it unblocks movement at some points
  94. Critical hit - do critical hits always ("critical")
  95. Jesus - Bypassed jesus for nocheat, walk on water like it was solid ("jesus")
  96. No Fall - dont take fall damage on server without nocheat ("nofall")
  97. Get high - special hack for all you stoner fags. ;) ("weed")
  98. Reach - reach hack for non-nocheat servers ("reach")
  99. Xray.
  100. - Diamond Ore
  101. - Gold Ore
  102. - Iron Ore
  103. - Coal Ore
  104. - Lapis Ore
  105. - Redstone Ore
  106. - All ores
  107. - Chests
  108. - Custom
  109. IRC
  110. New Menu
  111. MORE
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