Redpilling Lincoln

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  1. >Lincoln was sitting on his bed at night.
  2. >It had been one hell of a day, with their annual garage sales going extremely wrong.
  3. >They had literally sold all their stuff.
  4. >Everything. From the garage itself to their homework.
  5. >Getting it all back had been a titanic effort, but they'd made it.
  6. >They were all grounded to the house for a month, but Lincoln didn't care.
  7. >He had his comics, he had internet, he had his videogames.
  8. >He actually had a good excuse to not go out and play sports like his mother wanted him to.
  9. >So there he was, lying in his underwear on his bed, getting ready to a good session of Ace Savvy.
  10. >"Alright, Ace. Time to deal out some justice!" He said, excitingly turning the cover.
  11. >"Lincoln."
  12. >Lincoln was frozen in place.
  13. >He looked behind him, but there was no one there, not even Lucy.
  14. >He sat up and started to look around his room.
  15. >His window was closed, his laptop wasn't on.
  16. >He scratched his head. He'd swear he'd heard a voice.
  17. >"Must've been my imagination" he said out loud.
  18. >"It wasn't" said the voice.
  19. >Lincoln jumped in his place.
  20. >The voice was definitely inside his room.
  21. >It sounded like a guy in his twenties.
  22. >'A burglar' he thought, gritting his teeth.
  23. >The only place he could think of where the burglar might be hidding was under his bed.
  24. >He had to run, he had to get out, but there was no way he would get to his door without the burglar grabbing his foot.
  25. >"Lincoln, don't be afraid" said the voice, scaring the shit out of him. "I'm here for you. I've always been."
  26. >His heart started beating faster, as his eyes focused on the other side of his bed.
  27. >He had recognized the source of the sound.
  28. >"Bun-Bun?" He said, staring at his stuffed animal.
  29. >Lincoln thought he was going insane.
  30. >There was no fucking way a stuffed animal was talking.
  31. >He had inhaled some of Lisa's chemicals, though.
  32. >Probably he was having some sort of secondary effect.
  33. >He tried to ignore it. He laid down on his bed once again and tried to focus on the first panel of his comic.
  34. >"Lincoln, please, don't ignore me" said Bun-Bun, once again giving him the creeps.
  35. >"Calm down, Lincoln Loud" he said to himself, closing his eyes and trying to keep a steady breathing. "You're just imaginating things, this isn't real."
  36. >"Am I not?" Said Bun-Bun's voice. "Although you could be right. It wouldn't be the first time you have an imaginary friend. Remember Erik, the friend you used to play with when you were three?"
  37. >Lincoln dropped his comic and crawled back, hitting his head against the dry wall.
  38. >He had forgotten about Erik. It had been just a phase he'd went through.
  39. >Before starting school he didn't have actual friends, he just played with his sisters, which he had plenty.
  40. >He had created an imaginary friend for himself, someone outside the family to play with.
  41. >He had wrote about him somewhere in his diary, some years ago, but it was a memory that by no means was fresh in his mind.
  42. >Why was his mind playing those tricks on him?
  43. >"You can't be real" he said, staring at his beloved stuffed animal.
  44. >"Don't you want me to be real?" It calmly asked back.
  45. >"No. Yes. I mean... It's not possible."
  46. >"Alright, then. I thought you were ready for me" sadly said Bun-Bun. "Don't worry. I'll never try to talk with you again. I'm sorry for bothering you. It won't happen again."
  47. >Lincoln, still trying to keep his heart from beating its way out of his chest, remained in silence.
  48. >Looking at Bun-Bun's button eyes. Waiting for something to happen.
  49. >"A-Are you real?" He asked.
  50. >"Now that's an interesting question" playfully said Bun-Bun. "Am I real? I can't be, can't I? I'm just a stuffed animal."
  51. >"But you're talking" replied Lincoln.
  52. >"Yes, but that doesn't mean anything now, does it? It could be you imaginating things."
  53. >"So you're not real."
  54. >"As a talking rabbit? I'm probably not. But I'm talking and you're listening. I have memories, I believe I'm real. Even if I'm a product of your imagination, some sort of manifestation of your conciousness, I'm self aware. In the end, isn't that what makes us real?"
  55. >"I don't... I don't understand..."
  56. >"You don't have to. Don't overthink it. I'm here right now, and that's all that matters" he calmly said.
  57. >"But if... If this isn't real..."
  58. >"I thought we'd agreed that—"
  59. >"...then why's my mind doing this?"
  60. >Lincoln heard his stuffed animal sigh.
  61. >It was unnerving to hear him so clearly, but to also see him petrified, without moving a single milimiter.
  62. >"I don't know. Even if your mind created me, I'm not your conciousness. I'm just your best friend."
  63. >Lincoln, still uneasy about all of this, sat down to a more comfortable position.
  64. >"Alright. So let's pretend you're real, that you're actually Bun-Bun."
  65. >"Perfect!"
  66. >"What do you want?"
  67. >"That's an easy question. You're my best friend. I just want you to be happy."
  68. >Lincoln smiled at the friendly tone his stuffed animal had used.
  69. >"You do sound like Bun-Bun. I mean, how I imagined Bun-Bun would sound if... you know."
  70. >"I'm glad to hear that. And you know that I only want the best for you, don't you?"
  71. >"Yeah, I get that" Lincoln said, still smiling.
  72. >"That's why I'm concerned about how you've been treated here, lately."
  73. >Lincoln's smile faded in an instant.
  74. >"What do you mean?" He asked, worried.
  75. >"You know what I mean. You're a smart kid. I know, I've been here the whole time, watching you grow up."
  76. >"And I've seen the way your sisters treat you."
  77. >"My sisters?" Asked Lincoln, taken aback. "What do you mean?"
  78. >"Well, they aren't being really fair with you, you know?"
  79. >Lincoln shook his head. This had to be some sort of hallucination.
  80. >He would never think of anything bad about his sisters.
  81. >Well... Maybe once in a while.
  82. >He had been mistreated a couple of times, but that was something that happened to everyone,
  83. >Although... It probably happened with him more often than with any of his sisters.
  84. >They were always blaming him for everything.
  85. >He always needed to be apologizing for everything.
  86. >Even when it wasn't even his fault in the first place!
  87. >"That's not true" he said to Bun-Bun, though. "We have our issues every once in a while, but that's normal in a big family."
  88. >"Lincoln, I'm just trying to protect you. I've been watching over you since you were a baby, and it hurts me to see how they all think of you just as some kind of servant."
  89. >Lincoln clenched his fist.
  90. >"That's not true. They love me."
  91. >"Do they?" Asked Bun-Bun, his tranquil eyes fixed on Lincoln.
  92. >"Of course they do."
  93. >"Alright, then. What's the last time they agreed to do something you like?"
  94. >Lincoln quickly opened his mouth to reply, but he couldn't come up with anything.
  95. >"And yet you're always helping Luna with her jamming, being Lynn's sparring, testing Luan's aweful jokes, modeling for Leni, polishing Lori's nails—"
  96. >"Alright, I get it" he interrupted his stuffed animal. "So yeah, they don't like reading comics or haunting ghost. That doesn't mean they don't love me."
  97. >"Fine. Then how about this: when was the last time one of your sisters talked to you without asking for a favour?"
  98. >Lincoln wanted to answer right away.
  99. >He wanted to make him eat his words.
  100. >But he couldn't.
  101. >Lincoln looked away from his doll.
  102. >He was trying to remember something like that, just a casual conversation with one of his sisters.
  103. >Just one of them asking him about how his day had been.
  104. >He had ten sisters, for crying out loud!
  105. >At least ONE of them had had to be concerned about him at some point recently.
  106. >"You can't think of anything, can you?"
  107. >Lincoln looked back. He was glaring at his stuffed animal. He hated him for making him think this way about his sisters.
  108. >"You don't know what you're talking about" he told Bun-Bun, crawling closer to him. "You may be my best friend, but you know nothing about my sisters."
  109. >"I know enough, Lincoln" he said, in a hard whisper, like he was afraid the walls could hear him. "I know you, you're a nice kid. You have a good heart. You don't deserve to be treated like this."
  110. >"Shut up" he said, covering his ears with his hands.
  111. >"You should teach them a lesson" Bun-Bun said, with clear excitement in his whispering. "They need to realize that they can't take you for granted."
  112. >"Why are you doing this?"
  113. >"Because I love you. And I can't stand the way they treat you."
  114. >"You're insane."
  115. >"You can say whatever you want about me, but I'm YOU. This is what you really think those girls."
  116. >"Shut up!" Lincoln yelled, and he kicked Bun-Bun off his bed. "Don't talk to me ever again!"
  117. >It landed on the floor, and it remained there, without moving or saying anything else for the rest of the night.
  118. >Lincoln couldn't read his comic anymore.
  119. >He couldn't concentrate on anything, actually.
  120. >He decided to call it a day.
  121. >He turned off the lights, laid his head down on his pillow and tried to have some rest.
  122. >His troubled mind would keep him awake for hours before finally giving up to exhaustion.
  123. >He fell asleep thinking about all the injustices he had had to face lately.
  127. >Lincoln woke up that morning feeling extremely tired
  128. >He didn’t know why at first, but he didn’t think much of it
  129. >He thought he might have slept in an uncomfortable position, or maybe he had had nightmares
  130. >It could also be something related with his sleep cycles
  131. >Lisa had told him about them, but he didn’t quite understand it
  132. >He yawned and stretched his arms
  133. >He sat on his bed and was about to get up when he noticed something on the floor
  134. >It was laying down on its side, with its puffy ears all tangled
  135. >And its eyes were fixed on Lincoln, like it had been waiting for him to wake up
  136. >Usually, seeing Bun-Bun on the floor would’ve caused Lincoln to quickly pick him up and cleaning the dust off him
  137. >But the boy remembered everything that had happened the night before, and he was suddenly scared
  138. >’It was probably a dream’ he thought
  139. >Maybe that’s why he felt so tired
  140. >He had had a horrible nightmare about his stuffed animal being alive, talking with him and saying bad things about his sisters
  141. >It made sense
  142. >He wanted it to make sense, to find a rational answer to it all
  143. >But he somehow knew that it hadn’t been a nightmare
  144. >It had been all real
  145. >He knew it
  146. >And it scared him
  147. >He stood up, avoided at all cost touching that dreadful animal, and opened his door
  148. >He ran all the way to the bathroom door, needing a cold shower right away
  149. >Luan was in the middle of the hall and tried to tell him something, but he didn’t listen to her
  150. >His mind was somewhere else
  151. >Was he going insane?
  152. >It had to be his imagination, right?
  153. >But why was his mind telling him bad things about his sisters?
  154. >He KNEW they loved him
  155. >He opened the bathroom door, and stepped inside.
  156. >He closed the door behind him
  157. >And then he realized someone was already there
  158. >It was Leni
  159. >Apparently, she had been taking a shower just minutes ago
  160. >She was obviously in the middle of drying off
  161. >It’s not that it was particularly hard to figure that out, she had a towel in her hand and she was soaking wet
  162. >Basic math, really
  163. >But Lincoln’s brain needed a minute to understand what was going on
  164. >All circuits were fried the moment he saw her naked for the first time in *so* many years
  165. >Even though most of his friends constantly teased him about having so many hot older sisters, there was a consensus about Leni being the most beautiful
  166. >Maybe she wasn’t the hottest
  167. >Lori had more cleavage and a more prominous booty
  168. >Luna had the attitude, she was a bigger tease
  169. >But Leni was simply perfect
  170. >She looked like she was out of a Botticelli painting
  171. >Like Michelangelo and Bernini had decided to mold the most perfect woman in the planet out of marble, or clay
  172. >However, it was one thing to see her in her swim suit, and another completely different thing to see her completely naked, only three feet away from him
  173. >Her perfect sized breast
  174. >Those beautiful areolas, so round, so pink
  175. >Her amazing nipples, standing erect due to the cold water
  176. >There was even a drop of water on her right nipple’s tip
  177. >He was left out of breath, and so much blood was transferred from his head to his quickly growing member that he almost fainted
  178. >He then looked down
  179. >Her legs were slightly spread, and he could see it
  180. >Her hairless pubic mound
  181. >Her open lips
  182. >Her pink and moist insides
  183. >He was transfixed by that amazing sight
  184. >Somewhere deep down in his mind, he knew that he should’ve looked away
  185. >He should’ve apologized, left the bathroom and tried to forget that this had ever happened
  186. >His body didn’t know how to react, tho’
  187. >His palms were sweaty
  188. >Knees weak, arms were heavy
  189. >Leni’s spaghetti
  190. >Leni…
  191. >Lincoln looked up
  192. >His sister was just standing there, with her arms up drying her hair with the towel
  193. >She was looking at him with surprised eyes
  194. >For a second, no one said anything
  195. >And then she screamed
  196. >Leni’s scream pierced both his eardrums
  197. >He was so scared that he started screaming too
  198. >They were both just looking at each other’s eyes, screaming their lungs out
  199. >When she ran out of air, Leni breathed in (unknowingly showing more of her breasts to a still astonished Lincoln), and then started to scream again
  200. >”I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!” Said Lincoln, finally realizing that staring at her breasts wasn’t helping any of them
  201. >Leni, with her eyes closed, tried to cover herself with her towel to the best of her ability
  202. >She also started to throw everything that was at hand at him
  203. >Toothbrushes, combs, shampoo bottles
  204. >He tried to dodge them, but she was at point blank distance
  205. >A frightened Leni was a dangerous Leni
  206. >He had just received a full bottle of shampoo to the head when the door was violently opened behind him
  207. >The impact threw him directly into the tub, getting him all wrapped up with the curtains
  208. >He was still recovering from the fall when he opened his eyes and saw the rest of his sisters getting inside the bathroom, alternating looks between Leni (who was now crying) and Lincoln
  209. >It was at that precise moment, when nine pairs of eyebrows changed from a surprised look to a glare, that Lincoln knew he’d fucked up big time
  211. >It was impossible to know whom had asked him that
  212. >He thought it had been Lori, Lynn and Lana at the same time
  213. >It probably had been all of them at the same time
  214. >”You guys, I’m sorry” he started to say, noticing how they were all shivering with anger
  215. >”Oh, you will be!” Said Lola, quickly stepping out of the bathroom
  216. >They all heard the high pitched “DAAAAAAD!” that followed soon
  217. >Lori finished helping Leni wrapping the towel around herself, and held her as she cried
  218. >She then glared at Lincoln with such hate and force that he thought she would disintegrate him
  219. >”Lincoln, you have LITERALLY five seconds to try to justify yourself before we pulverize you” she told him with spite
  220. >”Yeah, dude, or we’ll be giving you a Justified Black Eye” added Luna, looking at him like he was the most horrendous thing on earth
  221. >”Come on, it was an accident!” He said, feeling his whole body trembling with fear “I didn’t know Leni was here!”
  222. >”Of course you did!” Replied Luan “I had just told you that the bathroom was occupied when you walked past me!”
  223. >That certainly didn’t help to appease his sisters
  224. >And then Lynn let out a shriek of disgust
  225. >”Lincoln, you fucking pervert!” She said, looking away form him
  226. >”EEEW!” Added Lori, also looking away from him “LYNN, LUAN, TAKE LUCY, LANA AND LISA OUT!”
  227. >As the two brunettes did as they were told, Lincoln looked down to his pants
  228. >His tent was obscenely obviously
  229. >He felt his face blushing as he tried to cover himself with the curtains
  230. >”I-I d-don’t… It doesn’t mean… I...” he stammered out
  231. >”Just shut up!” Yelled his elder sister “I just… Lincoln, I literally can’t express how disappointed I am at you right now”
  232. >”Lori, please” he said, at the verge of tears
  233. >”You disgust me” she said
  234. >And it hurt him
  235. >It hurt him like a blade cutting right through his heart
  236. >It hurt him because he realized that she wasn’t just saying it to make him feel bad
  237. >She was being completely honest
  238. >”Don’t say that” he pleaded, doing his best effort to stand up in the tub while still hiding his erection
  239. >”C’mon, Leni, let’s get out of here” Lori said, ignoring his words and dedicating him one last glare before taking the crying Leni to their room
  240. >Now there was only Luna
  241. >She was staring at him with fire in her eyes
  242. >She was mad, obviously
  243. >Maybe even justly
  244. >But she was a cool sister
  245. >She wasn’t as stern as Lori, or temperamental as Lynn
  246. >She never rat on her siblings
  247. >She would always avoid getting in fights that didn’t involved her
  248. >She actually seemed to enjoy being with him
  249. >Sometimes he didn’t have to be helping her with her instruments or actively listening to her jams
  250. >Sometimes she just took her axe to wherever he was, sat next to him and then she would start to improvise something
  251. >Lincoln wasn’t bothered by it
  252. >He actually liked the way his sister played
  253. >So he would sit down, continue to read his comic, and maybe even lay down against her shoulder as she kept playing
  254. >They wouldn’t say anything to each other, because they didn’t need to
  255. >And when they were over, they would thank each other at the same time
  256. >They would smile, maybe even share a hug
  257. >Because they truly loved each other
  258. >That’s why he knew she would trust him
  259. >She would understand that it had been all a misunderstanding
  260. >Because she loved him
  261. >”Luna… It was an accident… You know… You know I would never do something like this on purpose” he said
  262. >He stood there, looking at her
  263. >Waiting to hear her reassuring words
  264. >Waiting to see her softening her expression
  265. >But nothing happened
  266. >She kept glaring at him
  267. >”Luna… Please” he said, feeling the first tear coming out from the corner of his eye
  268. >He took a step forward
  269. >She took a step back
  270. >She looked at him and snorted
  271. >She just snorted
  272. >And then she left the bathroom
  273. >She didn’t say anything to him, because she didn’t need to
  274. >Her actions spoke louder than words
  275. >Lincoln was left alone in the bathroom
  276. >Not for long, though, since his dad came storming just a minute later
  277. >He lectured him about privacy, knocking the door and being more careful
  278. >He didn’t sound particularly angry
  279. >It was clear that he was slightly annoyed at best
  280. >He was probably just lecturing him to please his daughter’s demands
  281. >He send Lincoln to his room and told him to stay there until lunch
  282. >Lincoln didn’t care
  283. >The punishment or the disappointment in his father’s voice didn’t mean anything to him
  284. >His heart was already dead by the time his dad came in
  285. >He didn’t even cry
  286. >He thought he would
  287. >He’d shed a tear already
  288. >But after the last sister left him abandoned in the bathroom, he couldn’t find it in himself to cry
  289. >Not there, at least
  290. >He obediently walked to his bedroom when his father dismissed him
  291. >He walked with his head down, just staring at the carpet
  292. >Some doors were open
  293. >Some whispers were heard
  294. >The sudden silences were also painfully eloquent
  295. >He opened his bedroom door, closed it behind him, and rested his back against it
  296. >He slide all the way down, until he was sitting on the floor
  297. >He embraced his knees against his chest and rested his forehead atop them
  298. >He couldn’t cry, but he wanted to do it so bad
  299. >It was like an invisible force was squeezing his heart
  300. >He felt so…
  301. >So alone
  302. >Abandoned
  303. >So mistreated
  304. >His sisters should’ve listened to him
  305. >It had clearly been an accident
  306. >And yet they acted like he was a monster
  307. >They should’ve known better
  308. >They should’ve believed him
  309. >But they didn’t
  310. >And now he was alone in his room, with no one to take care of him
  311. >No one to talk to
  312. >No one except…
  313. >He looked up
  314. >He was still there, laying on its side
  315. >Lincoln picked him up
  316. >”Bun-Bun?” He softly asked
  317. >A part of him wanted the stuffed animal to remain inert
  318. >The rational part of him wanted it all to be a nightmare
  319. >The other part, though…
  320. >The biggest part…
  321. >...wanted it to be alive
  322. >”Are you there?” He hopefully asked, looking straight into the stuffed animal’s eyes
  323. >The seconds passed
  324. >He felt his heart beating fast as he expected something to happen
  325. >Anything to happen
  326. >He let out all the air in his lungs when he heard the calm, happy voice
  327. >”I told you they were bad, Lincoln.”
  332. >”Lincoln” Said Lynn Sr, knocking on his son’s bedroom door “Are you there, son?”
  333. >He heard some mumbling, like his son was having a whispering conversation
  334. >He was probably calling Clyde, Lynn Sr thought
  335. >Poor kid
  336. >Not only they were all grounded to the house, he was now also grounded to his own room
  337. >And it wasn’t even that spacious
  338. >Must have been hard for Lincoln to deal with that
  339. >Specially since all his sisters were so angry at him
  340. >Lynn knew that his daughters had been pretty rough on their brother
  341. >It had been a simple accident
  342. >They should’ve cut him some slack
  343. >But well, they were ten girls
  344. >They always overreacted
  345. >Four hours had passed since the bathroom incident, they should be over it by now, now that the dust had settled
  346. >Lunch was ready, and Lincoln was the only one who hadn’t answered his dad’s call
  347. >”Son?” He said, knocking once again, but the whispering didn’t subsided
  348. >He respected his son’s privacy by knocking
  349. >But he asserted his authority as his father coming in anyway
  350. >He opened his door and looked inside Lincoln’s room
  351. >He didn’t have his lamp turned on, and even though enough light entered from the small window on the wall, the room looked a little dark
  352. >Lincoln was sitting on the floor, with his back turned against his father
  353. >Lynn frowned when he realized both Lincoln’s phone and walkie-talkie were on his desk
  354. >Whom was he talking to just a second ago?
  355. >He wasn’t reading a comic, he wasn’t playing with his action figures
  356. >He was just sitting there in the floor
  357. >The only thing that looked kinda out of place was Bun-Bun
  358. >The stuffed animal was placed against the other wall, directly in front of Lincoln
  359. >It was weird, because Lincoln would normally freak out if Bun-Bun was on the dirty floor
  360. >Lynn cleared his throat, but his son didn’t turned to look at him
  361. >”Hey, kiddo” he cheerfully said “The food’s ready. We’re having my Lynn-sagna!”
  362. >His laughter quickly died when he realized Lincoln was as motionless as when he first popped his head in his room
  363. >”Listen, son” he said, in a more serious tone, fully opening the door and taking a step inside his son’s room, “I’m sorry for grounding you, okay?”
  364. >Lincoln said nothing
  365. >”You didn’t deserve that. Your sisters were all pretty freaked out, and I thought that would settle them down. It was unfair, and I should’ve known better. You’re no longer grounded to your room”
  366. >He waited for an answer, but he didn’t get any
  367. >Lynn Sr felt really guilty
  368. >Lincoln had all the right to be mad at him
  369. >”Alright, I get it” he told him “Just don’t take too long, or you’ll eat cold lasagna”
  370. >He started to leave, but decided to stop at the last second
  371. >He looked back at Lincoln one more time
  372. >”I love you, son” he told him
  373. >And then he closed the door behind him, leaving Lincoln alone in his room
  374. >Alone, with his thoughts
  375. >With his mind
  376. >With Bun-Bun
  377. >”See?” Lincoln said, pointing a thumb over his shoulder, behind him, to where his father had just been “He’s worried about me. He feels bad for punishing me. He says he loves me.”
  378. >”I don’t doubt that both your parents love you, Lincoln” said the voice inside his head, the voice that was so clearly coming out from the stuffed animal sitting against the wall right in front of him
  379. >”Yes, you did. You told me that no one in my family cared about me. But you were wrong. You don’t know anything” Lincoln defyingly said
  380. >”Your parents love you. They would probably give their life for you. But even though their intentions are good, the weight of having to deal with eleven kids is too much for them. He just told you: he decided to punish you to please your sisters. He’d rather have you suffering than being bothered by them all”
  381. >For the last hours, Bun-Bun had been telling him mean things like that
  382. >Bad things about his sisters
  383. >Telling him how no one really cared about him
  384. >How no one really loved him
  385. >Bun-Bun made a recap of the last year, with every situation where his sisters had caused him pain, in one way or another
  386. >How they all took advantage of him
  387. >How they all used him to their benefit
  388. >Lincoln had argued
  389. >He knew that Bun-Bun was exaggerating
  390. >The stupid animal was just selecting only the memories that served his arguments
  391. >He was ignoring all the heartwarming moments Lincoln and his sisters had lived
  392. >All the fun times they always have
  393. >Lincoln was convinced that Bun-Bun was just trying to confuse him
  394. >So he did his best to defend his sisters
  395. >He had replied to every single argument Bun-Bun had made
  396. >But little did Lincoln know that Bun-Bun wasn’t trying to fully convince him
  397. >He wasn’t trying to change his mind in a single conversation
  398. >Bun-Bun had just planted the seed of distrust
  399. >It was there now, even if Lincoln didn’t know it
  400. >”You’re just making this up” Lincoln told Bun-Bun, standing up
  401. >”You’re grabbing little details and you make such a big deal out of them” he said, carefully grabbing Bun-Bun by his left arm and putting him on his bed “But I don’t care what you say. I know that they all love me, and that’s all that matters”
  402. >He quickly opened his door, waiting for a comeback from his stuffed animal, but it never came
  403. >Before he knew it, he was already climbing down the last step of the stairs
  404. >He stopped in the entry hall, and took a deep breath before finally getting to the dining room
  405. >His older sisters and his parents were all in the grown up table
  406. >”Oh, you’re here already” said Lynn Sr when he noticed Lincoln on the corner of his eye, turning around to smile at him “Great. Your food’s on the kiddie table”
  407. >His father’s words alerted the rest of his sisters about his presence
  408. >Lincoln took a moment to see how they all individually reacted
  409. >Lynn looked at him and gave him a little smug grin
  410. >He couldn’t really tell if it was a friendly gesture, or if she was somehow making fun of him
  411. >He could already hear Bun-Bun telling him it was the latter
  412. >Leni immediately blushed and tried to hide her face behind her glass of water
  413. >Lori just frowned at him for a second before concentrating once again on her food
  414. >Luan looked a little nervous at him for a second, and then a big stupid grin appeared on her face
  415. >She have a quick look at her parents and then looked down at her plate
  416. >Lincoln was one hundred percent sure that she had just came up with a pun, probably a dirty one, so she wasn’t going to say it in front of their parents
  417. >But the look she gave him told him that he was eventually going to hear it
  418. >And finally, Luna
  419. >She didn’t look away from him
  420. >She kept staring at him
  421. >And he could see how disappointed she seemed to be
  422. >He ignored them
  423. >He walked to the kitchen and sat on his place at the kiddie table
  424. >He was greeted by a general “Hey, Lincoln”
  425. >At least his little sisters didn’t seem to be mad at him
  426. >Right then, they were all having a food fight
  427. >Lincoln looked at his lasagna; it seemed to be still warm
  428. >He tried to grab his fork, but he realized it wasn’t anywhere near his plate
  429. >”Hey guys, have you seen my fork?” He said, but none of his sisters seemed to pay any kind of attention at him
  430. >He frowned
  431. >”Guys, I need my fork to eat” he said, a little louder
  432. >”Just use your hands” said Lana, who dodged a meatball from Lucy at the last second “it tastes better like that anyway”
  433. >Lincoln let out a big sigh
  434. >He then looked at Lola, and saw what she was holding
  435. >”Lola, that’s my fork!” He complained
  436. >”Oh, yeah, I needed another one to throw two meatballs at once” she said, proving her point by using two forks to attack Lisa and Lucy at the same time
  437. >”But I need to eat!” Said Lincoln, getting slightly pissed off
  438. >All his younger sisters stopped their little food war and looked at him
  439. >They simply stared at him
  440. >He just looked them back, confused at first
  441. >And then, when small grins started to appear on their faces, he became worried
  442. >”Oh, you want food then?” Said Lola, with a smile that would’ve scared the devil itself
  443. >”Ask and you shall receive!” Added Lana
  444. >And with that, they all attacked him at the same time
  445. >Meatballs, sauce, pieces of pasta
  446. >They got him everywhere
  447. >His clothes, his hair, his face
  448. >There was no way he could’ve taken cover
  449. >No escaping
  450. >He tried to get up, but a piece of lasagna went directly into his right eye
  451. >He let out a cry of pain and crouched, covering his eyes with his hand, feeling the hot sauce burning his eye
  452. >When he became a mess, they finally stopped
  453. >And then they all started to laugh
  454. >He tried to catch a napkin or something to wipe his eye, but he couldn’t find anything
  455. >He opened his left eye and saw how they were all practically rolling on the floor with laughter
  456. >Even Lucy
  457. >He felt his other eye starting to itch
  458. >But it wasn’t because of the lasagna
  459. >He finally stood up and stormed his way out of the kitchen
  460. >He walked as fast as he could, and luckily, everyone in the grown up table was laughing at something
  461. >It was certainly not one of Luan’s jokes
  462. >Unless she’d make a joke about him
  463. >That would’ve definitely made them all laugh
  464. >No one noticed him as he walked into the stair, up to the bathroom in the first floor
  465. >He washed his face the best he could
  466. >He actually needed a shower, but he didn’t feel like having one right then
  467. >Someone would go barging in the bathroom and would kick him out
  468. >And he needed some peace
  469. >To be alone
  470. >To think
  471. >Once his face and hair were clean enough, he went back to his own room
  472. >He closed the door behind him and changed his clothes
  473. >He saw how dirty they were
  474. >They were probably ruined
  475. >Lincoln groaned and fell flat on his bed
  476. >He grabbed his pillow and pressed it against his face
  477. >Why was he having such a horrible day?
  478. >How much bad luck could he have?
  479. >His morning had been a disaster
  480. >”You’re angry”
  481. >Lincoln removed his pillow from his face and looked at his right
  482. >Bun-Bun was right there, looking at him right in the eye
  483. >”You’re sad” he added
  484. >”Shut up” said Lincoln, deciding to stare at his ceiling
  485. >”It’s okay. You have every right to be mad at them” added the happy rabbit
  486. >”I’m not… Look, this happens everyday, okay? I’m used to food fights”
  487. >”Naturalizing such violence and abuse towards you is not healthy, Lincoln”
  488. >”Abuse?!” He exclaimed, sitting up and glaring at his stuffed animal “That was just a game”
  489. >”Oh, yes, you were having so much fun” Bun-Bun ironically said
  490. >”I don’t get it” said Lincoln, closing his eyes and putting his palms over them “Why do you want to make me feel so bad? Why are you trying to make me sad?”
  491. >”Lincoln, that’s not true at all” said Bun-Bun, sounding honestly hurt by those words “I told you, I’m just best friend. I’m just trying to save you. I’m telling you all these things to help you realize that you’re letting yourself be mistreated”
  492. >”No, no, no!” Said Lincoln “Shut up!”
  493. >”If you’d just listen to me, then you’d realize just how right I am”
  494. >”Oh, I listened to everything you had to say, for hours! You’re just trying to put me against my sisters, but that’s not going to happen! They LOVE me!”
  495. >He screamed that last part directly into the stuffed animal face
  496. >Bun-Bun didn’t say anything else
  497. >He just had his eyes fixed on Lincoln, who was staring back at him
  498. >Lincoln looked at him, and he found himself waiting for an answer
  499. >An answer that never came
  500. >He bit his lip and looked elsewhere
  501. >”They… T-They do love me… R-Right?” He asked, now looking unsure at his animal
  502. >”I don’t know, Lincoln. Do they?”
  503. >”I mean… Yeah… They… They have to”
  504. >”Just because you’re siblings? Just because you love them back?” Asked Bun-Bun and if the stuffed animal had a mouth, Lincoln could’ve seen the growing smile on it
  505. >”B-But… I know they love me… I… All this time...”
  506. >”You thought they loved you, yes. But Lincoln, let’s be honest here, your definition of love is pretty unaccurate”
  507. >Lincoln glared at Bun-Bun
  508. >”What’s that supposed to mean?”
  509. >”You can’t tell the difference between love and violence. You think that by pushing and shoving you’re showing your love for your siblings. You fell in love with the girl that gave you a black eye. You were perfectly fine being Chandler’s slave just to be invited to his birthday party”
  510. >With every word Bun-Bun said Lincoln’s heart sank a little bit deeper
  511. >”Just face it, Lincoln. You can’t tell love from abuse”
  512. >Lincoln wanted to say that he was wrong
  513. >He wanted to tell Bun-Bun that he was a monster, that he was just trying to mess him up
  514. >But he couldn’t
  515. >Lincoln simply couldn’t find it in him to tell him that he was wrong
  516. >Because, honestly, he was starting to feel like he wasn’t
  517. >Maybe he was right
  518. >But it couldn’t be
  519. >He loved them… And he… he knew that they loved him back
  520. >”I know what you’re thinking” Bun-Bun reassured him “If it makes you feel better, I don’t think they hate you”
  521. >”Then why…? What do they feel towards me?”
  522. >”I’m pretty sure that they like you, but all these years, you acted in a way that made them think that they could mistreat you and get away with it”
  523. >Lincoln felt his eyes itching, like he was about to cry
  524. >”You’ve taught them to love you in the wrong way. It’s your fault that they see you as their personal slave. All your so called friends, all your sisters… You’ve showed them the weakest version of yourself”
  525. >”I’ve shown them my true self” said Lincoln, as he started to shed some tears “I’m… This is what I am… There’s nothing more in me”
  526. >As he started to sob, Lincoln heard Bun-Bun clicking his tongue
  527. >”Now, now, Lincoln, that’s not true. There are more layers about you than what you think. I know. That’s where I come from”
  528. >Lincoln, with teary eyes, looked up into Bun-Bun’s eyes
  529. >”What do you mean?”
  530. >”There’s a stronger version of yourself. A Lincoln that’s been asleep all this time, waiting for its time to awake”
  531. >Lincoln felt a chill running down his spine
  532. >”He can make you braver. Stronger. He can earn your sister’s true love. I can help you reach it...”
  533. >He made a dramatic pause, and it was almost like Lincoln could see the smile on his stuffed animal’s face
  534. >”...but you need to let me do it”
  535. >Lincoln stared at Bun-Bun and wiped the tears from his eyes
  536. >”Show me.”
  537. .
  538. .
  539. .
  540. .
  541. .
  542. .
  543. >As the week went on, no one seemed to notice any change in Lincoln’s behavior
  544. >They were probably so busy with their things that they didn’t realize that he was more absent
  545. >He spend most of the time inside his own room
  546. >The only times when he got out of it was on the meals, and for showering
  547. >Oddly enough, that week turned out to be one where none of his sisters had any need for him
  548. >Somehow, no one found the need to ask him for help
  549. >Therefore, no one even tried to talk with him, to see how he was, to ask him about his day or anything
  550. >They were happy with their lives and they didn’t need him, so they forgot about him
  551. >But he didn’t forget
  552. >He was suddenly remembering it all
  553. >Everything that they had put him through throughout the years
  554. >Everything that he had done for them
  555. >All the energy he’d invested in his sisters
  556. >All the love he’d selflessly given
  557. >Bun-Bun kept telling him all about it
  558. >That little stuffed animal had a perfect memory, recalling events Lincoln had long since forgotten
  559. >And he was also very convincing
  560. >”You just have to grant me control, Lincoln” he told him one day. “And then I’ll make sure that the best of you comes afloat.”
  561. >”I know how you think” Lincoln stammered, sitting on his bedroom floor as he stared at the happy rabbit face “You want to hurt them.”
  562. >”It’s not that I want to hurt them. I just want to save you.”
  563. >”By hurting them.”
  564. >”By teaching them a lesson.”
  565. >”That’s not okay” the boy said, with tears rolling down his cheeks “I-I… I can’t let you”
  566. >”You don’t want to be free from them?”
  567. >”No. Yes. I just… I won’t let you take me. You’d hurt them”
  568. >Bun-Bun said nothing more, and Lincoln was scared
  569. >He hated when it didn’t talk, because he couldn’t know what was it thinking
  570. >”Fine” Bun-Bun finally said, with a happy tone “I understand. How about this: just let me open your eyes, okay?”
  571. >”What?”
  572. >”And then you’ll see.”
  573. .
  574. .
  575. .
  576. >It was well into the afternoon when Lincoln left his room
  577. >He closed the door behind him and stared at the hall
  578. >It was a big mess, like it always was
  579. >Disgusting
  580. >He wasn’t the cleanest guy, but he had standards
  581. >He kept his mess to himself, contained within his own room
  582. >His sisters couldn’t even do that
  583. >It was easier for them to be a mess, to left their toys, clothes and unfinished snacks on the floor
  584. >It was his chore to take out the garbage, after all
  585. >He calmly walked downstairs, ignoring all the noise and commotion
  586. >Lola, Lucy and Lisa were fighting over the TV remote control
  587. >They were screaming, pulling each others hair and trading kicks and blows like they were fighting for their lives
  588. >He would’ve normally backed away
  589. >He usually tried his best to stay out of fights
  590. >But there was a new episode of ARGGH
  591. >And he wasn’t about to miss it
  592. >He slowly walked straight into the fighting and picked up the remote control, which in the turmoil had been left alone on the floor
  593. >He then sat down on the middle seat of the couch and put his show on
  594. >The sudden change alerted his sisters
  595. >”Hey!” The three of them said, immediately ending their fight to glare at him
  596. >”What do you think you’re doing?!” Asked an angry Lola
  597. >Lincoln didn’t answer at first, he just kept staring at his show with an unenthusiastic expression on his face
  598. >”My vampire show is about to start” said Lucy
  599. >”There’s a very interesting documentary about supernovas that I’d like to analyze” added Lisa
  600. >”Yeah, and my cartoons are about to start!” Complained the young wannabe princess “So you better give me my…!”
  601. >They all started to rant on about how each one of them deserved to have the TV for themselves
  602. >Lincoln was tempted to just tell them that they could all watch something together
  603. >Maybe a Blarney movie on the cable channels
  604. >He almost told them that
  605. >He opened his mouth with the intention of ending the conflict
  606. >But other words left his mouth
  607. >”Shut up!”
  608. >His younger sisters stopped talking and looked at him with wide eyes
  609. >Lucy and Lisa looked taken aback, but the blonde girl seemed to be offended
  610. >”Excuse me?” Said Lola, frowning and pursing her lips until they were a just a thin line
  611. >”I said. Shut. Up.” He calmly repeated, slowly turning his head from the TV to look at his little sister’s eyes
  612. >Lola kept glaring at him, like she was trying to melt him down with her gaze
  613. >She looked completely menacing, and all their siblings knew that they should always avoid making Lola mad
  614. >But now Lincoln knew better
  615. >He could see behind her false bravado
  616. >It was all so clear now, like he had been looking at the world through a frosted glass, getting the general picture, but unable to appreciate the small details
  617. >He saw his little sister, afraid of losing her leadership
  618. >A girl who had tried so hard to build herself a reputation by tormenting her siblings
  619. >”She’s not a sweet, slightly temperamental princess, Lincoln” Bun-Bun had told him “She’s a tyrant. Will you let her continue treating you all like slaves? Always ratting on you? Always threatening you to get her needs satisfied?”
  620. >He wouldn’t
  621. >”I’ve been waiting all week to see my show, today’s a very special episode, and I can’t miss it” he told her in a sweet yet menacing way
  622. >”Well, tough luck” she said, “but I’ve ALSO been waiting for today’s cartoons, so I will watch them!”
  623. >Lincoln stared at her
  624. >She was waiting, looking at him with her chin up and her lips still pursed
  625. >She was expecting him to sigh and give her the remote
  626. >To comply to her demands
  627. >”No” he told her, instead
  628. >And then he looked back at the screen
  629. >She grunted and then jumped onto her big brother, getting ready for a fist fight
  630. >But when she was in the middle of the air, Lincoln extended his arm, and Lola’s face crashed against his open palm
  631. >Lucy and Lisa gasped, and took a step back
  632. >Lincoln was motionless
  633. >On the outside, his face seemed imperturbable, but on the inside, he was screaming
  634. >He hadn’t moved his hand
  635. >On the ground, Lola let out a small groan of pain
  636. >Lincoln, whom for an outsider observer looked uninterested, with half lidded eyes and a raised eyebrow, looked at his little sister
  637. >Lola slowly stood up, with both her hands grabbing her nose, which seem to be a little sore
  638. >She was letting out little shrieks of pain, and she was breathing sharp, like she was trying to contain her tears back
  639. >She had her eyes closed, but finally opened them and looked at Lincoln
  640. >She didn’t look offended or angry anymore
  641. >She looked like she was feeling a mixture of surprise and fear
  642. >”Y-You… You hit me in the face” she said, almost astonished
  643. >Lincoln tried to apologize
  644. >”You hit yourself” he said instead, unimpressed
  645. >Her eyes started to shine with the tears that were forming on its corner, and she pouted her lips
  646. >”Why are you being so mean?” She asked
  647. >”Oh, I’m being mean?” He said, letting out a short, sarcastic chuckle “Lola, you’re the one who tried to jump on me to hit me. I’m sorry, guys, but I’m the oldest here, and I got the remote. Good luck next time.”
  648. >Lola continued to look at him like she was about to cry, but she then recomposed herself, clenched her fist and gave him a glare
  649. >”Fine! You can keep the dumb TV! I don’t want it anymore! I’ll go have a tea party with my dolls, and you won’t be invited anymore!” She yelled
  650. >Lincoln looked at her, and the corner of her mouth lifted up to form a half smile
  651. >”I’ll hold you to it”
  652. >Her lips started to tremble, and she stomped her way out of the living room right away
  653. >She didn’t want him to see her cry
  654. >Lincoln then looked at Lucy and Lisa
  655. >”Does any of you have a problem?”
  656. >They didn’t answer
  657. >They simply turned around and slowly walked away, taking one last look at their brother
  658. >The show was good, entertaining, but it ended without Lincoln really noticing anything about it
  659. >He was just sitting there, staring at the screen
  660. >Meanwhile, his mind was fighting a battle that was proving to be pointless
  661. >Only when it ended he could stand up and go back into his own room
  662. >He walked like an automaton, without caring about anything that happened around him
  663. >He ignored Luan’s joke as they met on the stair, and he ignored Luna’s guitar playing on the hall
  664. >The only thing he managed to do was giving a single look at Luna and Lana’s room
  665. >The door was closed
  666. >He got inside his own room
  667. >As soon as he closed the door behind him, his left hand ever so slowly went into the back pocket of his jeans
  668. >The moment his hand closed itself around Bun-Bun’s head, Lincoln regained full control of his actions
  669. >He almost fell forward, letting out all the air he had in his lungs, like he’d been holding his breath for ages
  670. >And then he threw Bun-Bun against the opposite wall with all his strength
  671. >The rabbit just bounced against it and ended up face down on the floor
  672. >Lincoln was about to explode with anger
  673. >His arms were shivering trying to contain his nerves
  674. >”You lied to me!” He said, running to grab Bun-Bun by its ears
  675. >”You told me that you wouldn’t hurt anyone! You told me that you wouldn’t use me!” He said, before giving a punch right into the stuffed animal’s belly
  676. >”She was about to hurt you” Bun-Bun said, like he couldn’t see what was wrong with what he’d done “I just tried to protect you.”
  677. >”She’s only six years old!” Lincoln replied “Are you crazy?! You almost made her cry!”
  678. >”I just showed her how unfair she was being.”
  679. >”No. No, don’t you try to sweet talk me into it” Lincoln warned him, pointing a finger at his face “I’m not stupid. I know what you were doing there. I swear to you, if you ever touch one of my sisters again, I’ll-”
  680. >A soft knocking on his door interrupted him
  681. >Lincoln quickly threw Bun-Bun on top of his bed
  682. >He checked himself on his mirror to make sure that he didn’t look as disturbed as he was feeling
  683. >His eyes were clearly terrified, and he had to wipe some sweat from his forehead, but other than that he looked pretty much his usual self
  684. >Taking a deep breath, he opened his bedroom door
  685. >Lola was standing outside
  686. >She was looking at the floor, nervously playing with her fingers
  687. >Lincoln gulped and tried his best to stay casual
  688. >He was having troubles keeping a steady breathing
  689. >He wanted to apologize so much, but he didn’t know how to do it
  690. >Luckily, he didn’t have to say it
  691. >”I’m sorry, Linky” Lola said, sounding extremely regretful “I shouldn’t have tried to hit you”
  692. >He didn’t know what to say
  693. >It was him who should be apologizing
  694. >Unfortunately, she misinterpreted his silence
  695. >”And I’m sorry for yelling at you, and for… And for telling you that you were not invited to my tea parties. I’m… I’m sorry”
  696. >He couldn’t stand it anymore
  697. >”It’s okay, Lola, I...”
  698. >He wanted to apologize too
  699. >But he heard Bun-Bun whispering into his ear
  700. >”I’m glad you realized how unfair you were being”
  701. >Lola looked up at him
  702. >She had puppy eyes
  703. >A very sad, mistreated puppy
  704. >”I.. I know” she say, looking away from him “I didn’t mean to do it..”
  705. >”It’s okay, Lola” he said, finally having enough will power to smile at her
  706. >He also patted her head, as tenderly as he couldn’t
  707. >”Do you.. Do you want to come to a tea party? Y-You don’t have to be the butler, you can be the honorary guest!” She quickly added
  708. >He was about to tell her yes, that he would love to do it
  709. >But he felt a chilling sensation on his back
  710. >He looked back at his bed, and saw Bun-Bun’s eyes fixed on him
  711. >”I-I’m sorry, Lola. Maybe.. Maybe later, alright?” He nervously said
  712. >She seemed to be a little disappointed
  713. >Lola nodded and walked back to his room, dragging his feet all the way there
  714. >Lincoln quickly closed the door
  715. >He leaned against it and closed his eyes
  716. >”Do you see it now?” Bun-Bun said
  717. >”What?” He asked
  718. >”She came here asking for your forgiveness”
  719. >”Yeah, she was so afraid of me she came here to apologize for nothing. Are you proud?”
  720. >”You’re not getting it” the rabbit said, with clear disappointment in its voice
  721. >”What are you talking about?!” Lincoln impatiently asked
  722. >”She came to apologize to you because she realized she’s been treating you in a way she shouldn’t have. Just by planting yourself, just by having your convictions defended, you made her realize how unfair she was being to you.
  723. >”You’re mad” Lincoln said “You hurt her and now she’s afraid”
  724. >”No, Lincoln. You showed her that you won’t be taking her shit any more” he said and Lincoln shivered when he heard his stuffed animal cursing “and now she respects you.”
  725. >”Respect? Is that what you call respect?”
  726. >Lincoln shook his head
  727. >He knew that this was wrong
  728. >He knew that his little sister was scared
  729. >But his mind didn’t want to give him the reason
  730. >All his brain could process was the fact that he had watched his show
  731. >None of his little sisters had bothered him
  732. >He’d won the TV
  733. >”Yes” excitingly said Bun-Bun “You’re getting it now. You showed them your strength and they left you alone. Do you understand it now? This is the path, Lincoln.”
  734. >”The path to where?” He asked, closing his eyes
  735. >”Why the path to your freedom, of course.”
  736. >He wanted to cry
  737. >This was all too much for him
  738. >He didn’t know what to do
  739. >Should he listen to his heart?
  740. >Or should he listen to Bun-Bun?
  741. >He didn’t have time for deciding it
  742. >The door was suddenly kicked open, throwing him to the floor in the process
  743. >He fell face first into the hardwood, and the impact on his back left him sore and in pain
  744. >He didn’t need to look back to know who it was
  745. >”Hey, bro” Lynn said, with a smug smile
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