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  1. Username: -kayutae-
  2. Name: Song Hae Lee
  3. Birthdate: 30th of December 1996
  4. Age: 19 years (20 in Korean way)
  5. Height: 168
  6. Weight: 56
  7. Blood type: A
  8. Face claim: Jung Roo (Ulzzang)
  10. Back-up: Ryu Hye Ju (Ulzzang)
  11. Slot: Emo Princess
  12. Back-up: Quiet Princess
  13. Personality:
  14. -   Introverted and quiet.
  15. -   Doesn’t care about people or life at all.
  16. -   Basically a real life version of Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.
  17. -   Shows no expressions besides being disgusted, sad or judgmental (Typical resting bitch face).
  18. -   Doesn’t talk much, but when she does it’s something depressing or whining (“We’re all going to die anyway”,”I told you we wouldn’t win.” etc. etc.)
  19. -   She is way too honest, which will come off as rude towards others.
  20. -   Despite her depressive behavior, she has a caring nature and giggles at others their stupidity.
  21. -   Seeing her smile is something that doesn’t happen often and seems almost magical.
  22. Background: Hae Lee has two fathers, they decided to get a baby with the genes of one of them (which is Ho Joon) and a lady who offered to give birth to their child. They were delighted and blessed with their healthy baby girl, but little did they know how much shit she has to go through in her daily life. Growing up, she got bullied for having two fathers, she got called terrible names and hit by fellow classmates. The teachers didn’t do anything because, well, they were disgusted by the idea too. Despite all the hate, Hae Lee kept on living, but her positivity faded away. The only things that give her a reason to live are her fathers and her cat Dal (달, It means moon in Korean).
  23. Her family is rather rich, why she and her small family has never known besides her biological father (Ho Joon). He got thrown away by his family (who were royality) because of his sexuality.
  25. -   Berry Tea.
  26. -   Her cat and cats in general.
  27. -   The night, the moon and stars etc.
  28. -   Taking walks in cold nights to clean her head.
  29. -   Playing her violin or electric guitar.
  30. -   Music (Especially classic and rock).
  31. -   Dark colors.
  32. -   Black Noodles.
  33. -   Singing lullaby’s.
  34. Dislikes:
  35. -   Typical pop music that have no meaning.
  36. -   Bright colors.
  37. -   Noisy people.
  38. -   People who judge others just for their sexuality or looks.
  39. -   People in general.
  40. -   Carrots.
  41. -   Bunny’s.
  42. -   Shopping.
  43. Trivia:
  44. -   Plays classical music, but also rock ( She just loves instruments with strings).
  45. -   Only goes shopping if she needs something.
  46. -   Hates to spend money on something unnecessary.
  47. -   Never has luck, ever.
  48. -   Has shaky/weak hands, arms and knees.
  49. -   Is scared easily but tries to act like she isn’t scared at all.
  50. -   Can be rather stubborn besides her introverted and easily intimidated character. (When it’s about music or family, for example.)
  51. -   Sticks her tongue out when she’s concentrating.
  52. -   Reads a lot of English literature.
  53. -   Can speak English fluently.
  54. -   Writes her own poems and lyrics in her notebook, which she ALWAYS carries with her.
  55. -   She will go crazy of she lost her notebook.
  56. -   She loves the zoo since she can see cheetah’s and black panthers there.
  57. -   Has a weakness for kittens.
  58. -   Her heart is easily captured by the fellow maknaes who do aegyo on her. (She always ends up buying candy for them etc.)
  59. Why did you become a princess?: The royal family side of Ho Joon needed an descendant, so they demanded him to give his daughter to them and train her into a princess and marry a prince from a richer family. This royal family of Ho Joon has a few bad scars because of his actions, hence why they are so desperate over taking in Hae Lee and her marriage.
  60. Fashion: Dark colors, prefers black and grey. Often wears rock band t-shirts and hoodies with cat ears on them. Ripped jeans are a must, along with her black boots (which need to be replaced, but she doesn’t want to). As a coat, she wears different types of leather jackets along with her oversized black and gray scarf.
  61. Examples:
  62. -   Shirts -
  63. -   Hoodies -
  64. -   Pants -
  65. -   Boots -
  66. -   Scarf -
  67. What do you want to achieve as a princess?: Hale Lee has no desire to be a princess nor a future plan to look up to. The only thing she can think of is more acceptation towards parents like hers, and people with a different sexuality in general. She wants people to be less rude and judgmental, but that is easier said than done.
  68. Do you actually want to be a princess?: No, she hates the idea and all the responsibility that will come along with it.
  69. Which slot are you closest to?: The Artistic Princess, since they both share creativity. Also the quiet princess, since they both dislike people and she isn’t noisy like the others.
  70. Which slot are you the least close to?: Probably the fashionista, since Hae Lee doesn’t like shopping.
  71. Who’s your roommate?: The Artisctic Princess (But anyone is fine, really.)
  72. Where will you be a princess?: Hyrule lol (Daegu or Ulsan.)
  73. Love interest: Kim Taehyung (V)
  74. Backup: Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)
  75. His personality: Bubbly and outgoing, he can’t keep still and enjoys meeting new people. He can be weird at times, but that is one of his many charms. He can’t stand seeing others sad or drawn back and does whatever he can to bring a smile on their faces, even if he has to act like an complete idiot. The only downside he has is that he wears a mask, on the inside he is actually very unhappy living as a prince and being forced into a marriage. Holding this in causes outbursts towards people who are close to him (Like his hyungs or maybe later on Hae Lee). He turns cold as a stone and can’t think straight for a while. Of course he feels terrible later and does whatever he’s asked to, to make up to them. He puts others before him, which includes both his mental and physical health to go downwards. It is a nice trait but can be really bad for himself.
  76. His first impression: He wondered why Hae Lee became like this (as in depressive and introverted) and tries to get a smile on her pretty poker face. His first thoughts were: “She’s different, a different aura, pretty but would be prettier if she smiled. I can make her laugh, for sure!” etc.
  77. Your first impression: “So loud and way too much energy. Besides he is being so extra for no reason, let me live my already chaotic life in peace.” But later on Hale Lee starts to miss his energy if he isn’t around her and he is the first one to make her smile so much.
  78. Requested scenes:
  79. -   Taehyung holds his thumbs on her face to force a smile on her lips.
  80. -   Him joking around and hurting himself because of it, she would nurse him (Putting on a band aid).
  81. -   Him meeting her cat which she secretly took with her.
  82. -   Hae Lee seeing his other side and comforting him.
  83. Extra: Her dream was to make a band that mixes classic with rock music.
  84. Anything else: Her nicknames!
  85. -   Eeyore, Lillee (Pronounced as li li, just the last part of her name Lee but cute-ified), KoaLee (based off from koala since her nature and movement are as slow/lazy as a koala).
  86. Message to other princesses: Um, nice to meet you… I guess.
  87. Messages to other princes: Stop being so noisy and acting crazy.
  88. Message to love interest: Why are you so weird but yet so cool? Just… Leave me alone. (Don’t go lol)
  89. Message to writer: I’m excited for the story~
  90. Password: Caught in a Lie or Stigma or 21st century girls (I just can’t choose…)
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