Cluck Dragon

May 20th, 2019
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  1. Cluck dragons are Tiny dragons that are in the forms of chickens. the average height they grow to is around 4 feet in height, females tend to grow a few inches taller than the males. They appear like dragons, with four legs and wings. But from the mid-leg up, they are covered in feathers related to the species of chickens they are themed after. Their tails are short and chicken-like. They have chicken beaks and coming from the side of their heads are ears. They have three claws on the back feet and four claws on the front feet. The wings they grow are small and lack the size to carry them in flight. Only a few rare species can fly.
  3. They live in flocks with one head rooster. The rooster tends to be the largest of the whole flock. Any other rooster is smaller than the hens. Farmers tend to raise the Cluck Dragons for eggs and very rarely meat. The eggs are larger than chicken eggs. Normal chickens are harder to find the deeper you are in dragon land. They vary depending on where they are found. All chicks come out with pure yellow feathers and blunt claws.
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