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Apr 29th, 2018
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  1. #asm, 2018-04-15:
  2. [18:28] ExE Boss: Is the new memory map frontend code on GitHub?
  3. [18:28] Telinc1: the new memory map code in its entirety is proprietary and will soon belong to kieran
  4. [18:28] Telinc1: as for the table design, see my post
  5. [18:28] 🐇: rip
  6. [18:29] Alcaro: why are people so interested in the source code of that compared to the rest of the site
  7. [18:29] randomdude999: because it does fancy stuff like simulating a LoROM mapping
  8. [18:29] randomdude999: whereas the site is just a homegrown forum software with a bunch of stuff hacked on top
  9. [18:30] Telinc1: and that means it doesn't qualify as fancy?
  10. [18:30] Telinc1: there's some pretty fancy stuff in it
  12. #asm, 2018-04-27:
  13. [16:53] Telinc1: okay, $401626 returning $7E1626 is not a bug
  14. [16:53] Telinc1: on SA-1, $400000-$4FFFFF is BW-RAM
  15. [16:53] Telinc1: the SA-1 pack maps $7E0000-$7E1FFF to $400000-$401FFF
  16. [16:54] randomdude999: oh lol
  17. [16:54] randomdude999: it should mention that being sa-1 somewhere
  18. [16:55] Telinc1: that was originally planned, never got around to it
  19. [16:55] Telinc1: not sure if it's way too worth it
  20. [16:57] randomdude999: why does it show 167A though?
  21. [16:57] Telinc1: looking into that right now
  22. [16:57] Telinc1: only shows up in the list after the expansions have run, so it might turn out to be a coprocessor remap
  23. [17:06] Telinc1: <code>$XX:7616-$XX:762B -> SMW's $7E:167A</code>
  24. [17:06] Telinc1: there it is
  25. [17:07] Telinc1: $00-$3F:$6000-$7FFF is a BW-RAM mirror
  26. [17:14] randomdude999: why is it still listed as being 12 bytes though?
  27. [17:14] Telinc1: doesn't adjust the size, that comes from the database
  28. [17:16] ExE Boss: Having the Memory Map be open source would allow for community members to implement stuff like this a lot faster.
  29. [17:16] Telinc1: tell that to kieran, I'm under an nda
  30. [17:16] Alcaro: how much is 'stuff like this', especially once we're done testing all this random crap
  31. [17:17] randomdude999: imo if the remapper adjusts the address of sprite tables then it should also adjust their size
  32. [17:17] Telinc1: I mean
  33. [17:17] Telinc1: it technically could
  34. [17:18] Telinc1: wouldn't be difficult at all, actually
  35. [17:18] Telinc1: but then it'd list something like $7E167A - 22 bytes, which makes no sense(edited)
  36. [17:18] randomdude999: *22
  37. [17:19] randomdude999: could you add "(SA-1)" to the end of the description for the remapped tables?
  38. [17:21] Telinc1: actually, no, the mapper only cares about single addresses, not entries
  39. [17:21] Telinc1: changing entries would require black magic
  40. [17:22] Telinc1: probably polluting the address filter (or maybe the whole filtering system)
  41. [17:23] Telinc1: memory mapper only sees the addresses you give it and its job is to figure out what they are
  42. [17:23] Telinc1: the filter takes those figured out addresses and it doesn't differentiate between the actual sprite table or an SA-1 equivalent of it
  43. [18:18] CutestKitten (Emily): Isn't information about the SMW rom in the public domain at this point? Not the actual rom itself, but information about it is accessible by anyone with time and the ROM file. How can an NDA force you not to disclose something that is already openly available? I'm pretty sure that isn't allowed.
  44. [18:18] Alcaro: the relevant nda covers the smw central source code, nothing else
  45. [18:19] CutestKitten (Emily): ah ok
  46. [18:19] Alcaro: I think he's technically allowed to share the map thing, but I'm not sure if kieran would like that.
  47. [18:30] Telinc1: I'll risk paraphrasing what kieran's said to me, it shouldn't be too secret
  48. [18:31] Telinc1: anything I write for smw central belongs to him and he's got rights over it; that's a condition I myself have agreed to
  49. [18:31] Telinc1: of course, this also means the memory maps are technically part of his codebase, so the nda covers them as far as I'm concerned
  50. [18:31] leod: that would be how it works yea
  51. [18:35] CutestKitten (Emily): i mean the only way to know how it works is to read the actual NDA, anything short of that is just shothand/paraphrasing
  52. [18:35] CutestKitten (Emily): But I get what you mean
  53. [18:35] Alcaro: it's not a written contract, just a gentleman's agreement
  54. [18:36] CutestKitten (Emily): NDAs, Waivers and non-competes are all kind of legally fishy and it all depends on the exact specific wording, payments etc
  55. [18:36] CutestKitten (Emily): You may want to look at your state laws
  56. [18:37] CutestKitten (Emily): In my state any verbal agreement in excess of 500 dollars of value is automatically void
  57. [18:37] leod: theres no money involved
  58. [18:37] Alcaro: you're assuming he even wants to violate or mess with the alleged NDA
  59. [18:37] CutestKitten (Emily): Time = money
  60. [18:37] CutestKitten (Emily): No I'm not assuming that
  61. [18:37] Telinc1: it's literally just a mutual volunteer agreement
  62. [18:37] CutestKitten (Emily): Just commenting on things
  63. [18:38] CutestKitten (Emily): I do open source code work all the time
  64. [18:38] Telinc1: though violating it probably means chocolate ban
  65. [18:38] CutestKitten (Emily): And I happen to know from experience that volunteers + verbal agreements is a dangerous game
  66. [18:38] CutestKitten (Emily): I hate seeing an asshole screw something great up by lying and violating agreements
  67. [18:39] CutestKitten (Emily): I wouldnt help someone screw over SMWCentral
  68. [18:40] CutestKitten (Emily): My bad if I upset anyone
  69. [18:45] Telinc1: staff and anything related to it are completely voluntary
  70. [18:45] Telinc1: though of course, that also means you reserve a right to quit at any time whether the others like it or not
  71. [18:46] Telinc1: I don't think kieran would let anyone he doesn't trust near his code so I'm pretty nothing will get screwed up
  72. [18:46] Telinc1: being a Minecraft proofreader is completely voluntary, too, and Mojang doesn't seem too concerned about me (or anyone) messing something up
  73. [18:47] Telinc1: anyway, seeing as NDA is a legal term, using it might have been bad wording on my part, though the meaning is similar enough
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