Catlike Grace

Darkgenerallord Feb 16th, 2020 58 Never
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  1. It was like grace beyond any grace you can imagine as a human. I passed a wooden fence. There was a railing up high, maybe three feet up. I looked up at it and then, before I could even think about it, I leaped. My powerful hind legs coiled up and released.
  3. I sailed through the air. Three feet straight up, and I was an animal that stood only about twelve or thirteen inches tall. It was the same as a human being just leaping to the top of a two- story building.
  5. And it was totally nothing.
  7. It was just automatic. I wanted to jump, so I did. I wanted to stick the landing on a narrow two-inch-wide rail, and of course, no problem.
  9. Compared to a cat, the best gymnast who ever lived is like a big staggering cow or something.
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