Flutterfind (Anon, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, EqG)

Mar 6th, 2018
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  1. >”Lunchtime; my favorite part of the day!” Norman boldly announces as he enters through the double doors.
  2. “Next to wanking it and taking a massive shit, eh?” You jokingly interject while following him.
  3. >He shoves you on the arm, barely chucking in the process.
  4. >”Yeah, well, I hope you have something special for your girl tomorrow.”
  5. >Shit, you completely forgot about that.
  6. >Worst part about it is that you have nothing.
  7. >No chocolates, flowers, just a truckload of nothing.
  8. >This sense of situational awareness puts you in even more of a hole when you realize that these last couple of months seem to be going slow.
  9. >The two of you try to spend some time despite the fact that she’s busy with her friends and some… weird shit with magic, whereas you’re at a shit-end job at a grocery store to keep up with some car payments.
  10. >”Anon?” Norman’s voice pulls you back to reality. “Quit holding up the line and pick something!”
  11. >You look down and quickly grab something to keep the line moving.
  12. >”Wow, finally deciding to eat healthy?”
  13. “Wha--?”
  14. >You look down to see a bowl of lettuce, an apple, and two percent milk.
  15. >You bite the bullet and decided that it will be your lunch.
  16. >”I swear, I was joking. I didn’t think that you were actually going to eat that junk.”
  17. “I may as well. Plus, it would make her happy.”
  18. >”Speaking of which, here she comes.” He points at two approaching figures behind you.
  19. >”Hi Anon.” Fluttershy speaks in the usual soft voice of hers.
  20. “Hey Fluttershy.”
  21. >”Good to see that you’re finally taking up on my advice.” She points out your choice of lunch for the day.
  22. “I may as well try it, not like the tacos are good here.”
  23. >She smiles, whereas her friend tugs on her sweater.
  24. >”Fluttershy, we should go. The rest are waiting for us.” Rarity interrupts.
  25. >”O-oh, right.” She begins to walk away with her friend, but stops to turn around and tell you something. “I’m free tomorrow, would you want to do something?”
  26. >This is your chance, make it count!
  27. “Definitely.”
  28. >Her warming smile puts you at ease, reminding you on one of the many reasons on why you like her presence.
  29. >”I can’t wait.” She waives goodbye before going along with her friend.
  30. >”Have I ever told you on how lucky you are, but yet, you seem to not care?” Norman makes up a conversation to pass the time for the two of you to head for an open table.
  31. “The first part, yes. The second part is new to me.”
  32. >”You and her have been dating for a while, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s trickling down.”
  33. “I’m busy and she’s busy.”
  34. >”Sounds like a lame excuse.” He pushes your reasoning aside as he sits down.
  35. “Hey, I’d love to spend every waking moment with her, but we have lives to live, ya know.”
  36. >”If you even want to keep her as your girl, you better do something, and fast.” He takes a quick bite out of his taco and swallows. “Because tomorrow can make or break your relationship.” Norman points at the girls sitting two rows away from you.
  38. >Meanwhile....
  40. “I don’t know why you keep on dating that loser, Fluttershy.” You tell her your honest opinion about her relationship.
  41. >”Will you let it go, Rainbow?” Rarity speaks for your friend.
  42. “Hey, I barely hear anything from her about it, so why bother continuing it?”
  43. >”Maybe because it isn’t your business?” Rarity becomes Fluttershy’s voice once more.
  44. “Look, I’m just sayin’ from the fact that I have barely seen or even heard about her hanging out with him.”
  45. >”Will you back off, Rainbow?!” Fluttershy snaps at you.
  46. >All of your friends stop eating to look at her, infuriated at your outlook of her private life.
  47. >”I swear to you; Anon has something planned for me tomorrow.”
  48. “What if he doesn’t?” You begin to poke a hole into Fluttershy’s expectation.
  49. >She gets up and begins to leave the cafeteria.
  50. >After she leaves, you see Anon getting up, running out of the same exit Fluttershy took.
  51. >”Now look at what you’ve done!” Applejack angrily points at your mistake.
  52. “I wish she had thicker skin.”
  53. >”This is Fluttershy, what did you think would happen?”
  54. “Ease up, Applejack.”
  55. >”She isn’t the one that peeved her friend to the point that she stormed off.” Rarity defends.
  56. “Alright! I’ll go and apologize to her.”
  57. >”Don’t bother. Anon has it under control.” Sunset stops you from leaving the table.
  58. “Jeez, will you guys make up your mind?”
  59. >”You do owe her an apology.” Twilight finally chimes in.
  60. >”And I’ll be there to hear it.” Rarity keeps a smug on that dumb face of hers.
  61. “Whatever makes you feel better.”
  62. >Once all of that’s settled, everyone goes back to eating their food.
  64. >A few hours later…
  65. >The final bell of the day rings.
  66. >You get up and start to head for the door.
  67. >Right as you’re about to run down the hallway, someone grabs your shoulder.
  68. >”Aren’t you forgetting something?” Rarity stops you from heading outside.
  69. >You groan in disgust as she guides you the opposite direction.
  70. >”Don’t be like that. Remember; you’re doing this for Fluttershy.”
  71. “Let’s get this over with.”
  72. >”At the very least, do try to look the part.”
  73. “What, are you saying that I can’t do it?”
  74. >”Not even if you tried.” She mocks you.
  75. >Okay, that tears it.
  76. >You walk over to Fluttershy to grab her arm and pull her away from a few students.
  77. >”Whaa!” She squeals out.
  78. “Look, Fluttershy, I’m sorry for that, but I also want to apologize for giving you a hard time back at lunch.” You not only rush, but do your best to sound sincere with your apology.
  79. >”Oh.” She mumbles out. “Thanks?”
  80. “That’s it?” You try to hide your irritation.
  81. >”Yeah. Besides, if it wasn't for you, Anon wouldn’t have talked to me about tomorrow.”
  82. “Really?” You cross your arms, interested to see where she’s going.
  83. >”Yup, something tells me that tomorrow’s going to be a great time~” She teases with a sly smile.
  84. “Ohhh, I see.”
  85. >”Anyway, I should get back to talking with today’s volunteers.”
  86. “You do that.”
  87. >She walks back to her group, while you report back to Rarity.
  88. >”I really wish you also had some patience.”
  89. “I did my part, and Fluttershy was fine with it.”
  90. >”Oh, really now?”
  91. “Yup! She basically thanked me for upsetting her.”
  92. >”Now that’s preposterous!” She nearly yells out.
  93. “Ask her tomorrow, and you better do it before she goes out with Anon, because it looks like your old friend Rainbow Dash was the spark to set the fire!” You nearly cheer on yourself.
  94. >”Now that’s… that cannot be!” She nearly blows a gasket from containing her anger.
  95. “Jealous that you didn’t help your friend’s dying relationship?”
  96. >She clears her throat and adjusts her hair.
  97. >”No, no. If what you say is true, then I’ll be more than happy to admit it.”
  98. >You and Rarity begin to head out of the school.
  99. “Sweet! I can’t believe I’m saying this but-- bring on Valentine's Day!”
  101. >Valentine’s Day rolls around.
  102. >No sign of Anon or Fluttershy so far.
  103. >Seems like they are making up all of that missing quality time.
  104. >Not that you blame them. From the looks of it, they needed it.
  105. >Everytime you see Anon, he’s pretty sour. Only time that he smiles is when he’s around Fluttershy.
  106. >Fluttershy's much like the same way. Instead of being grouchy, she’s more temperamental.
  107. >With managing homework, hanging out with us, spending most of her free time at the shelter, and even tutoring you every so often.
  108. >If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be doing so well in Algebra.
  109. >When the lunch bell rings, you text Fluttershy to see how she’s doing.
  110. >”Yo, how’s Valentine’s Day so far?”
  111. >Normally she instantly responds, but as of right now, you’ll give her some time, especially with the fact that she’s most likely with Anon right now.
  112. >As you put your phone away, you see Rarity heading for the lunchline.
  113. >It’s never too early to show off, even if it’s Rarity.
  114. >You bob and weave through the crowd to catch up, surprising her in the process.
  115. >”Gah!”
  116. >You chuckle and wait right beside her in the line, ignoring some of the glares that are clearly from the people behind you.
  117. >”You should stop doing that.”
  118. “Heh, why?”
  119. >”Aside from scaring me, there's a few people who do not like your antics.”
  120. >You take wind of her hint about the people behind you.
  121. “I’ll consider it.”
  122. >”You really should.” She urges.
  123. “Maybe I will, if you admit that I’m a hero for helping out Fluttershy.”
  124. >”Doh!” She expresses her rage, but ends it by taking in a deep breath. “Not until I have confirmation from her.”
  125. “I don’t think that will be a problem.” You confidently announce while pulling out your phone. “Check it out.”
  126. >She turns the phone on and furrows her eyebrows.
  127. >”Yes, you have a nice wallpaper. Now how does that prove anything?”
  128. >You take your phone back and look at the text message you sent to Fluttershy.
  129. >No response.
  130. >You decided to send another one.
  131. >”Hey, what’s going on?” You send it and give out a half-hearted smile, trying to stand tall from the small setback.
  132. “I guess she’s busy.”
  133. >”I suppose so.” She crosses her arms, clearly displaying how irritated she is.
  134. “Look; if she doesn’t respond, I’ll send you a screenshot, and if you can’t take that, we’ll see her tomorrow.”
  135. >”Knowing you, the photo would be altered, so I’ll just wait to see her tomorrow, or a response from your very own phone.”
  136. “Alright, have it your way.”
  138. >A few hours later…
  139. >The final bell rings.
  140. >You pull out your phone and check to see if she responded.
  141. >Nothing.
  142. >”Hey!!! Come on, I need to know!!” You send out one last test, hoping she’ll finally respond before--
  143. >”Any luck with our dear friend, Fluttershy?” Rarity catches you off guard.
  144. >You jump and nearly drop your phone in the process.
  145. >If it wasn’t for your cat-like reflexes, Rarity would owe you a new one.
  146. >”Did she finally respond?” She subtly mocks you.
  147. “No, still nothing.”
  148. >”How strange. Let’s hope she’s in a good mood tomorrow and that Anon didn’t louse it up.”
  149. >She walks away with that same dumb smug on her face.
  150. >You can’t wait to put Rarity in her place and show her how awesome you are for saving Fluttershy’s relationship.
  151. >If only you got a simple response from her, it could be enough.
  152. >Looks like you’ll be waiting for Fluttershy tomorrow. It’s like that old saying; patience is a virtue, or something like that.
  153. >You can only hope and wish that by the time Fluttershy comes back to school tomorrow, it will be worth it.
  154. >The next day...
  155. >You spotted Anon around school, but Fluttershy is still missing.
  156. >What’s even more weird is the fact that Anon is trying to act low.
  157. >The only time that you were able to get a good look at him was in class.
  158. >He looked… different.
  159. >Almost as if he was guilty of something.
  160. >Something feels wrong about this, but you’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  162. >When lunchtime comes by, you look around for Anon so that you could have a chat.
  163. >As you’re waiting in line, there’s no sign of him so far.
  164. >Once you grab your lunch and sit down, you look around, scanning for him.
  165. >The only thing that you were able to find was his friend, sitting by himself.
  166. >That bizarre feeling grows stronger every minute.
  167. >None of this seems right.
  168. >”Rainbow Dash--”
  169. “I get it; Fluttershy isn’t here. We’ll talk about it later, Rarity.” You cut her off and focus back to looking for Anon.
  170. >”That’s just it, I’m kind of worried.”
  171. “That makes two of us.” You stop looking around and look at Rarity, clearly concerned about your friend.
  172. >”Have you texted her?” Applejack overhears your conversation and jumps on in.
  173. “A few times yesterday.”
  174. >”Any luck?”
  175. “Not a single response.”
  176. >”Shoot, that doesn’t sound anythin’ like Fluttershy.
  177. >”What about calling her?”
  178. “I could get in trouble, but let’s give it a shot.”
  179. >You pull out your phone and call Fluttershy.
  180. >After two rings it goes straight to her voicemail.
  181. >”H-hello. I’m sorry but I’m away for the moment, but please, leave a message and I’ll get back to you. I-if you want.”
  182. >You hear a beep.
  183. “Fluttershy, where are you? What’s going on? We need to know if you’re okay. Call me back.”
  184. >You hang up.
  185. >”Still no word from her?” Sunset asks.
  186. “She’s still in the dark.”
  187. >All of the girls chatter, wondering what happened to Fluttershy.
  188. >”Do you think she’s well?” Rarity worries about her friend.
  189. >”What do you think that Anon knows?” Twilight speculates his involvement.
  190. >”You don’t think that he’s the reason for all of this?” Applejack tosses in a conspiracy that doesn’t sound so far off.
  191. >”Nonny? Don’t be so crazy! Why would he?” Pinkie, for some odd reason, defends Anon.
  192. “He was going to take Fluttershy out yesterday.”
  193. >”So it would seem that he’s the last person to be with Fluttershy.”
  194. >”What about her parents?” Sunset suggests.
  195. >“If anyone would know about Fluttershy is her very own family.”
  196. ”Looks like I’ll be visiting her house after school.”
  197. >”What about practice?” Applejack reminds you.
  198. “Forget it. Fluttershy is my best friend. She’s more important than some boring practice. Besides, it isn’t like I need it.” You gloat while showing how much you dedicate to your friendship.
  199. >”I’m coming along.” Rarity votes for herself to help. “The more that I wait around, the more that I fear for our friend.”
  200. “Alright, but don’t get in my way.”
  201. >She’s irritated at first, but goes back to her sorrowful expression.
  202. >”You don’t think that his friend might know anything?”
  203. “Good call. I’ll head over and talk to him.”
  204. >You get up, but stop when someone grabs your wrist.
  205. >”Be careful to what you say. The last thing that we need is to lose are only lead.”
  206. “What are you worrying about? I’m able to persuade anyone.”
  207. >”You couldn’t even persuade a guy to take you to the formal.” Applejack flings stones from a glass house.
  208. >”She isn’t wrong.” Rarity sides with her.
  209. “What about you two?” You put them in the sidelines.
  210. >Both of them blush out of embarrassment.
  211. >”I’ve been busy. You know how it is.” Applejack gives out a half-assed excuse.
  212. >”And I have been tirelessly working on our outfits.” Rarity flings in her excuse.
  213. >Oh well, at least you tried.
  214. >You pull your arm out of Rarity’s grasp and head over to the loner sitting by himself at the farthest table in the cafeteria.
  215. ”Yo!”
  216. >He drops his sandwich and turns around.
  217. >”Y-yeah? What is it?”
  218. >You don’t want to waste time, so you choose to go bad cop on him.
  219. “Where’s your pal?”
  220. >”I don’t know.”
  221. “Don’t lie to me.” You grab his tray and pull it away from him.
  222. >”Hey!” He exclaims. “I’m not finished with it!”
  223. “And I’ll give it back to you; IF you tell me where’s your friend.”
  224. >”Look, I really don’t know! I’ll tell you anything else, just, give me back my lunch.”
  225. >Maybe you’re giving him too much stick and not enough carrot.
  226. >You decided to pull out the bowl of grapes and pass it to him.
  227. >“Is this a joke?” He starts to have a hard temper on.
  228. “Bit by bit, you’ll get it back. I wouldn’t want to walk away empty handed while you get to keep your bag of secrets and a full stomach.”
  229. >He clenches his fists.
  230. >”Here’s what I know; I warned Anon about his relationship, thinking that it wouldn’t last long, unless he made yesterday a day that she would never forget.”
  231. “Looks like I’m not the only one who started the fire.”
  232. >”What?” He asks, confused about your statement.
  233. “Forget it, here.”
  234. >You pass him the carton of milk.
  235. >”Come on, just give me the rest already!”
  236. “Not until you tell me everything.”
  237. >”I would if he told me, or if I even saw him!”
  238. >You don’t budge, he has to know one thing about Anon.
  239. >”As far that I know, Anon possibly helped Fluttershy out at the shelter. Maybe you should check there. You might find something.”
  240. >A suggestion.
  241. >And a decent one at that, but you could’ve figured that out by yourself.
  242. >”Now can I have my burger?”
  243. >You give him the tray, or what’s left of it.
  244. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfCPeHRroGU
  245. >You walk back to the table, ignoring the few wandering eyes that saw your interrogation skills.
  246. >You’ll admit that they aren’t the best, but they still get the job done.
  247. >Your friends all look at you; some angry, others shocked.
  248. >”Did you seriously--”
  249. “Get some info. You betcha.” You cut off Applejack and sit back down.
  250. >”That’s now what I meant. You basically picked on the poor fella!”
  251. “I had no time or patience. My friend might be in danger, and I need to get my hands on some info.”
  252. >”And do tell us about your findings.” Twilight picks out your logic.
  253. “Nothing much, aside the fact that he also nudged Anon to make yesterday a day for Fluttershy to never forget.”
  254. >”That’s quite a statement, are you sure he said those exact same words?” Twilight goes on to criticize your knowledge.
  255. “Go ahead and ask him. You don’t trust me?”
  256. >”No, I do. It’s just… odd.”
  257. “He also mentioned about the shelter, mentioning the chances of Anon helping out there, along with finding a clue to what might have happened.”
  258. >”It’s a but of a reach, but it is something.” Sunset judges.
  259. >”So, where do you want to start off first?” Rarity questions your first stop after school. “Fluttershy’s home, or the shelter?”
  260. >After some consideration, you set your mind for the shelter.
  261. >Who knows, you might be able to see her there.
  262. “We’re heading for the shelter. Do you still drive your dad’s car?”
  263. >With a smirk, she pulls out a set of keys from her purse and lets it loop around her finger.
  264. >The one perk that can be summed up with Rarity is her generosity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to a lift.
  265. “Alright, I’ll meet you in the parking lot afterschool.”
  266. >She nods as she puts the keys back.
  268. >Couple of hours later…
  269. >You rush through the double doors and slip through the crowd to meet up with her.
  270. >”Right on time.” She proudly states while unlocking the car.
  271. “I never waste it, especially when it comes down to a friend.”
  272. >”Not just that, but Anon just left.”
  273. “Wait, when?”
  274. >”Just now.” She points to a grey muscle car exiting the parking lot.
  275. >The driver is none other than your favorite suspect revving his engine before speeding off, almost hitting a student as he drives down the street.
  276. >”Where do you think he’s headed?”
  277. “Hopefully work.”
  278. >You and Rarity enter the classy, luxurious sedan.
  279. “Because with driving like that, he’s going to need it for the accident he’s going to cause.”
  280. >Rarity was a little annoyed by your joke, but she let it go moments later by starting up the car.
  282. >The car rolls by the local animal shelter and stops right beside the curb of it.
  283. >”We’re here, and no sign of Anon.” She turns off the engine and unbuckles her seatbelt.
  284. “I feel as if we’re going to find something about him.”
  285. >”I… wouldn’t doubt it.”
  286. >The two of you exit the car and enter the building.
  287. >there’s a few of your classmates scattered around, doing their thing.
  288. >Sassaflash is cleaning out a cage, while Berryshine is mopping up a spill.
  289. >You can only hope that it was caused by one of the animals instead of her; the last thing that she needs to go through is her parent’s liquor again.
  290. >Minuette comes from the back room, holding out a clipboard.
  291. >She looks up and notices you.
  292. >”Hey, Rainbow Dash! Hi, Rarity!” She says with joy, waiving the clipboard around.
  293. >The two other girls take notice and give out a waive before going back to their job.
  294. >”Hello, Minuette.” Rarity greets her.
  295. >”Came to help out?”
  296. “We actually came by to see if Fluttershy or Anon visited.”
  297. >”Oh.” Her positive attitude grinds to a halt. “I haven’t seen her ever since the emergency meeting from a couple of days ago.”
  298. >”Strange. Can you tell us anything about the meeting?”
  299. >”It wasn’t much. She told us that most of the work will be taken care of in the morning. By the time that me and the girls come around, we would just watch over the store.”
  300. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1lf4EcCGrw
  301. “Did that also count for today?”
  302. >”Not really. There was a note left here from Anon, saying that he took care of the hard part for us today, leaving us the easy parts to watch over.” She pulls out a light green sticky note from the clipboard’s face.
  303. >You’ve only seen one person use that kind of sticky note, and that’s Fluttershy.
  304. >You yank it out of her hand and quickly read it.
  305. >”Hey!”
  306. >’The bags of dog food moved to the opposite side.’
  307. >She takes it back and sticks it on the clipboard.
  308. >”You know you could just ask.”
  309. “Can I have a look?” You try to ask nicely, but begin to lose your self-restraint.
  310. >”It’s just a bunch of recorded hours of people who volunteered and what they did. I doubt you would find anything useful from it.”
  311. >Forget this, time to play by your own rules.
  312. >You yank it out of her hands and quickly scan for Anon.
  313. >”HEY!”
  314. >There he is, but it gets blurry moments later when Minuette grabs the clipboard and tries to take it back.
  315. “Let me have a look!” You gruble out.
  316. >”N-no!” She argues.
  317. >”Dash!” Rarity grabs your arms and tries to pry you off.
  318. >Your grip only tightens as the clipboard begins to break.
  319. >Sassaflash and Berryshine drop from what they were doing and help out Minuette.
  320. >Before anyone knows it, the board breaks, ripping up the time sheet.
  321. >Everyone falls back, scurrying around to clean up the mess.
  322. >”Now look at what you’ve done!” Minuette complains.
  323. >You pull out your phone, look for Anon’s info and take a picture.
  324. >Minuette reaches forward and yanks the paper out of your hands.
  325. >”What’s wrong with you?!”
  326. “I have a friend to find!” You cry out.
  327. >The girls look at you, almost as if you were insane.
  328. >You get up and head out of the building.
  329. >As you look at the picture, Rarity catches up with you.
  330. >”WIll you calm down?!”
  331. “I will, when I know that Fluttershy is safe!”
  332. >She backs away, terrified by your outburst.
  333. >”This isn’t like you, Dash.”
  334. “Fluttershy could be gone! Don’t you care for our friend?”
  335. >”I do, but we won’t get anywhere if you keep on acting like this.” She calmly says to get you to relax.
  336. “Says you. Besides, I know where Anon lives.”
  337. >”You do?” She looks over your shoulder and stares at the screen.
  338. >At the end of Anon’s listing is his home address.
  339. >Rarity sighs as she grabs out her keys.
  340. >”I question your… tactics, Rainbow Dash.”
  341. “I still get somewhere, unlike you.”
  342. >She glares you you before unlocking the car.
  343. >”What’s next? Anon’s place, or Fluttershy? I fear that we’ve put off Fluttershy for far too long, and I think that it’s time to check in on her.”
  344. “Or we head out to Anon’s pad and see if we can find something there.”
  345. >”Dash, please listen to me, whatever you choose, you must think carefully. We’re low on time, and we could miss something if we skip Fluttershy.”
  346. “But Anon could be at his place, planning or even holding Fluttershy!”
  347. >”Please, Rainbow Dash. Think this one through.”
  349. >Deep down, you want to head on over to Anon’s pad and confront him, but Rarity is right; Fluttershy is the main priority here.
  350. >If she isn’t home, then you know where will be your next -- and hopefully -- last stop.
  351. “Get in the car, we’re heading over to Fluttershy’s house.”
  352. >Rarity lets out a sigh of relief.
  353. >”Thank you, Rainbow Dash.”
  354. “But if she isn’t home, you know where we’re going afterwards.”
  355. >”And believe me, we will. But we should just make sure she’s fine.”
  356. >The two of you enter the car and begin to make your way towards Fluttershy’s home.
  357. >Rarity turns on the radio to her usual radio station.
  358. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E6b3swbnWg
  359. >You lower the volume, doing it to not only get that annoying classical crud away, but to see her upset. At least that could put some joy in you.
  360. >”You know you could ask.” She tries to not sound irritated.
  361. >You just shrug and slouch in your seat.
  362. >”When you left, I took a look at the other half of the paper. Seems like both Anon and Fluttershy spent the morning at the shelter yesterday.”
  363. “How did you find that out?” You sit back up, interested to see how she got that info.
  364. >”I politely asked Minuette for what was left of the schedule.” She says with that smirk.
  365. “Oh…” You cross your arms and look out the window to gaze at the passing buildings.
  366. >”Sometimes having subtly is the best way, or else you won’t get far.”
  367. “If the stakes were different, then I would do it your way.”
  368. >”How about this; you try to stay calm, you will see for yourself how far you’ll get.”
  369. >You sigh, thinking on how well it went for her, so it should go well for you.
  370. >She parks the car and turns off the engine.
  371. ”Alright, let’s go.”
  372. >You exit the car and spot a familiar gray muscle car that’s parked in front of you.
  373. >Rarity just stands there with wide eyes, fearing on what you might do.
  374. >You begin to march up the walkway, but stop when Rarity runs past you and grabs you by the shoulder.
  375. >”Rainbow Dash! Remember what I said.”
  376. >You take some deep breaths.
  377. “Right.” You ring the doorbell and wait for Fluttershy or Anon to answer the door.
  378. >When the door swings open, you wish it was either of those two, or even any of Fluttershy’s parents.
  379. >”Heyyy! How’s it going, Dashie?” Zephyr says with cheer.
  380. >Rarity cringed while you bite down your tongue.
  381. >Remember Dash: Keep calm and you’ll get through it.
  382. “Is your sister around?”
  383. >”Yeah, she’s around here, somewhere. How you’ve been? You don’t visit often or call.”
  384. “I’ve been busy, and I could be better.”
  385. >”Well, if you spent some time with the Zeph, you’ll feel a lot better!”
  386. “I’d rather not. Can me and my friend come in to check up on Fluttershy.”
  387. >”Right, where are my manners? Come on in.”
  388. >He makes way for you and gestures you inside.
  389. >”By any chance, are your parents home?” Rarity asks.
  390. >”Naw. Mom and dad are spending a couple of days out of town.”
  391. >You begin to look around to see if there are any clues.
  392. >So far, the whole house is clean, and everything is in order.
  393. >The only thing that was new to you was a note on the refrigerator.
  394. >’Out of town for a few days. Watch your brother, Fluttershy. --Your mother’
  395. >”You know, if you’re looking for something, I’m writing a manifesto and you could take a look at it if you want, Dashie.”
  396. “Pass, and stop calling me that.”
  397. >”Come on, I know that girls like you enjoy the cutsey stuff.” He boldly claims his chauvinism.
  398. >You groan.
  399. >”Does Fluttershy have any other visitors?” Rarity comes in to save you from snapping at him.
  400. >”Hmm? Oh, yeah. Her boyfriend or something.” He points his thumb down the hallway. “I’m not sure if they’re here, it has been pretty quiet. Why bother with them when I could show you my--” By the time he realizes that you and Rarity were gone, you’ve made it halfway down the hallway. “manifesto.”
  401. >”Nice going, Rainbow Dash.” Rarity encourages your more relaxed approach.
  402. “You don’t know how badly I wanted to shove that manifesto down his pipe.”
  403. >”I know it’s rough, but patience is a virtue. You’ll get what you want in due time.”
  404. “Well, the time is now. So let’s--”
  405. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxBxCMRrVoU
  406. “Do you hear that?”’
  407. >You and Rarity focus on the door and hear a faint guitar strumming on the other side.
  408. >”I do.”
  409. >You open it up and see that no one is inside.
  410. >At first glance, there’s somethings out of place.
  411. >A window is left open and there’s a iPeach playing the music.
  412. >You and Rarity walk on in to begin investigating whatever clues you can find.
  413. >”Oh my-- what is that smell?!”
  414. >Looks like it wasn’t just you that noticed a somewhat rancid smell that lingers around.
  415. “Augh! Let’s just power through it.”
  416. >You follow the smell and find out that it’s coming from a set of bedsheets sitting in the corner of the room.
  417. “Wait a minute…”
  418. >You grab them and start to unravel it.
  419. >”Aww, Rainbow Dash! Do you know how unsanitary that is?!”
  420. >You ignore her complaining and spot something that’s out of the ordinary.
  421. “Check it.”
  422. >”I’d rather not.”
  423. >You grab her hand, but she slips right out of it.
  424. >”Don’t touch me, unless you have them washed.”
  425. “Just look!” You point at a set of red splotches on the bed sheets.
  426. >”Oh my goodness.” She whispers.
  427. “I don’t like this, Rarity. Not one bit of it.”
  428. >”Me neither, Rainbow Dash.”
  429. >You continue to look around and see a bag sticking out of the space below the bed.
  430. >You grab it and read out the bolded words.
  431. “Venus Paradise.”
  432. >”Hmm, I never figured for Fluttershy to shop there.” You look at Rarity with a raised eyebrow. ”What?”
  433. >You move on by rummaging through the bag.
  434. >”Are you sure you want to do that? Some things are meant to be private.”
  435. >After realizing on what you’re doing, you start to wonder if this is for finding out what happened to Fluttershy, or this is your inner gossip to find out what’s her tastes are like.
  436. >It’s possibly both, but that still won’t stop you from snooping around.
  437. >You dump whatever is in the bad on the bed and examine it.
  438. “Some rope, a big bottle of lube, a few condoms, and… two collars?”
  439. >You grab it and take a look at them. One is white with a tag on it that says “Lover” and the other is black, being held with a small metal heart in the center of it.
  440. >”That black one is a choker.”
  441. “Not a surprise you would know on what it is.”
  442. >”Don’t tell me you’ve never went into Venus Paradise.” She begins to put you into the light.
  443. “Only one time, and that was when you dragged me in when they were about to close!”
  444. >”And you spent your time looking at some ‘personal care’ products.”
  445. >You start to get warm and irritated.
  446. ”Maybe it was more than once.”
  447. >”Aha!”
  448. “Look, can we talk about this later? We have to find out where Fluttershy is.”
  449. >”Really? I was interested on what you bought there.”
  450. >You and Rarity turn around and see Zephyr laying against the doorway.
  451. ”You creep!”
  452. >”H-how long have you been standing there?” Rarity startles.
  453. >“Long enough.”
  454. >You march up to him and grab his shirt.
  455. “You tell anyone and you’re DEAD! Got it!?”
  456. >”Hey, hey! Watch the duds!”
  457. “GOT IT?!”
  458. >”Okay! I won’t say a word!”
  459. >You drop him and resume investigating.
  460. >”What has Anon been doing?” Rarity wonders when looking around the room.
  461. “Whatever it was, it doesn’t look good.”
  462. >Next to the iPeach is a teddy bear with a “I love you” heart in its arms, and a set of roses scattered around.
  463. >”Such a waste.” Rarity chimes in, grabbing a rose from the pile.
  464. “Fluttershy has some weird taste in music.”
  465. >You tap the screen and see that it’s on a radio station. It’s highlighted ‘Romance/Dance mix’.
  466. >Okay then?
  467. >Rarity looks at the screen for a moment then backs away.
  468. >”I remember something like this from one of my novels; it’s where a love story takes a turn for the worst.”
  469. “Romance gone wrong?”
  470. >”More like romance gone south, this place looks ruined.” Zephyr throws in his opinion.
  471. “Will you just go?!” You shout at him.
  472. >”Hey, I’m just helping out.” He excuses himself.
  473. “You can do that by leaving.”
  474. >”Fine, but if I were him, I would’ve jumped out that window.”
  475. >Wait a minute…
  476. >You run over to the window and look outside.
  477. >Nothing.
  478. >You run for the doorway and push Zephyr aside.
  479. >”You can just ask!” He screams down the hallway.
  480. >You bolt it to the front door and open it up to see that same grey muscle car warming up.
  481. >What shocks you is by looking at the window is a half awake Fluttershy in a white sweater.
  482. >With all of your might, you dart for it, but missed the door handle by a split second as the car speeds off.
  483. >Rarity catches up to you and waivers the key.
  484. >”Let’s go.”
  485. >You jump into her car and let her do the rest of the work.
  486. >Zephyr comes out of the house and starts to run for Rarity’s car.
  487. “Drive!”
  488. >”Wait! What about--” The car takes off, leaving Zephyr all by himself. “Me?”
  490. >”Shoot, I lost him!”
  491. “I have his address on my phone! Make a right here!”
  492. >Rarity nearly drifts and keeps on going down the street.
  493. >Your phone nearly slipped out of your hands from her sudden move.
  494. >”A warning ahead of time would be great.”
  495. “Just keep driving! I’m not letting him get away!”
  496. >”What if we catch up to them? We just talk it out?”
  497. “Oh no, the time for talking is over! Now when we know what he did to Fluttershy!”
  498. >”What do you mean?”
  499. “Do I have to spell it out for you!? You’ve seen her room!”
  500. >”It could mean a lot of things!”
  501. “Make a left here!” You shout out at the next intersection.
  502. >She does so, causing you to hit your head on the side of the car.
  503. >”Should’ve warned me a little earlier.”
  504. “Just keep on going. I’m telling you, Anon went too far on her, and now he’s going to pay!”
  505. >”I really do hope that isn’t the case, but it’s hard to go against it. I still feel as if we’re missing the big picture.”
  506. “What else is there?! I wouldn’t be surprised of he raped her!”
  507. >”WHAT?!”
  508. “You saw the blood! If Anon didn’t get what he wanted through the usual lovey-dovey stuff, he had to take it by force, and left Fluttershy helpless, or worse, he make her shut up about the whole thing!”
  509. >”Please, Rainbow, please just… just think of something else.”
  510. “NO! I want him to pay!” You notice his car parked at the side of the road. “There! Pull up!”
  511. >Rarity stops right next to his car.
  512. “Pop open the trunk.”
  513. >”What?”
  514. “JUST DO IT!” You demand her.
  515. >”Okay!”
  516. >You jump out and pull up the trunk.
  517. >”Rainbow, what do you have in store for Anon?”
  518. >You pull up the emergency kit and dig through it.
  519. >Flares, space blanket, jumper cables… there!
  520. >You take out a crowbar that’s as long as your forearm.
  521. “I’m giving him just what he deserves.”
  522. >You begin to walk down the walkway leading up to Anon’s door, but stop when Rarity jumps in your way.
  523. >”Rainbow Dash! Reconsider what you’re doing!”
  524. “Forget your subtly, we’re doing this my way now!”
  525. >She takes the initiative by taking ahold of the crowbar, and starts to yank it out of your hand.
  526. >You grab it tightly and elbow her in the stomach.
  527. >”Omph!” She backs away, letting go of the crowbar to cover herself.
  528. >You head for the door and prepare for your next move.
  530. >Meanwhile…
  532. >You’re currently kneeling right next to Fluttershy lying down on the couch.
  533. >You hold Fluttershy’s hand, trying to comfort her from Rainbow's intrusion.
  534. >”Do you think that… she followed us?”
  535. >You scoff.
  536. “She’s fast, but I don’t think that she’s that fast.”
  537. >Thump! Thump, thump, thump! Thump!
  538. >That subsequent series of knocks…
  539. >Where’s the last two?
  540. >A loud crashing sound hits on the door.
  541. >Followed up with a much louder one, causing a hole to tear right through.
  542. >”Anon! I’m home!” Rainbow maniacally tosses in her fucked up type of humor.
  543. >You and Fluttershy scoot back and hide behind the couch.
  544. >”Don’t you try to hide from me!”
  545. >You peek around the corner to see her arm going around to find the lock on the handle.
  546. >With hesitation, you look around to find something to defend yourself.
  547. >On the nearest table is a wired phone, candle, and a cup coaster.
  548. >You grab a hold of the phone and rip it out of the cord to give it a good chuck at the door.
  549. >It successfully hits Rainbow’s arm, causing her to retreat.
  550. >”Argh!” She groans in pain. “You’ll pay for that!”
  551. >”Uh, Anon?” Fluttershy tugs on your shirt. “Couldn’t we call for help with that?”
  552. “Flutters, cops take a few minutes to make it. By then, Rainbow could--”
  553. >You hear more crunching sounds, followed by a loud smack.
  554. >Curiosity getting the best of you, you decided to look over and see that she smashed the doorknob off to make her way in.
  555. >Within her arms is a crowbar, raised and ready for a beating.
  556. >”Let’s go! I still got room for more!” She waives it around, approaching the couch.
  557. >Fluttershy clenches your shirt.
  558. >”Run!” She pushes you away from the couch.
  559. “I’m not leaving you with her!” You yell out and pull her up.
  560. >”I’ll reason with her, just go!”
  561. >”Let her go!” She screams at you while raising the crowbar.
  562. >Fluttershy jumps in front of you, spreading her arms out to cover you as much as possible.
  563. >”Out of the way, Shy!” She demands.
  564. >”NO! What has gotten into you?!”
  565. >”Rainbow Dash!” Rarity comes barging in, raising her phone in the air. “Stop this madness!”
  566. >”Me!? Look at this!” She points at you and Fluttershy. “She’s protecting her rapist!”
  567. “WHAT?!” You and Fluttershy yell out in unison.
  568. >”You heard me!?” She grabs Fluttershy with one arm while keeping the other levitated. “Now move! I’m gonna make his life a living nightmare!”
  569. >Rarity steps in to intervene by grabbing the crowbar and yanking it out of her hands.
  570. >Rainbow Dash roars and jumps after her. They tussle on the ground for the crowbar, rolling around to keep the other from taking it.
  571. >Rainbow Dash starts kneeing her, taking a dirty tactic to keep it in her hands.
  572. >You decided to jump on in and take a hold of the crowbar.
  573. >Fluttershy joins along, grabbing it in the palm of your hands.
  574. >As everyone pulls, you and Fluttershy manage to slip it through their hands, but it also slips out of your own.
  575. >The crowbar soars in the air and lands in the wall.
  576. >Rainbow Dash does her best to get back up, but you stop her by jumping on top of her.
  577. >”Get off!” She screams. “I’m not joining whatever sick fantasy you have!”
  578. “The fuck are you going on about!? What the hell is going on, and why are you two here!?”
  579. >Rarity brushes off the dust from the scuffle as she gets up.
  580. >”Rainbow and I have been looking around for clues on what happened between you and Fluttershy.”
  581. “Can’t you two leave us in peace?” You give both of them a menacing glare.
  582. >”We haven’t seen her for a while and she refuses to respond to our text messages. Rainbow Dash got the conclusion that she was…”
  583. “We get it, but wow, are you two insane!”
  584. >”It wasn’t my idea!” Rarity stomps on the ground, refusing to take any credit of Rainbow Dash’s incident. “She decided to go loose cannon when we chased you back to your home! All I did was call the police, and they’ll be here any minute to see about you, Anon!”
  585. >Fluttershy awkwardly moves to you to hug you.
  586. >”They can’t take him! He didn’t do anything!” Her voice cracks a bit.
  587. >”Then explain!” Rainbow shouts from below.
  588. >Fluttershy grits her teeth, refusing to tell the truth to her friends.
  589. “Look, maybe I should--”
  590. >”WE HAD SEX, OKAY?!” She screams out. “That’s all, I swear!”
  591. >Rarity and Rainbow both raise their eyebrows.
  592. >”There wasn’t any beating?” Rainbow asked.
  593. >”Or abuse?” Rarity adds on.
  594. >”What? No!” She shakes her head.
  595. >”But what about the blood and the stench?” Rainbow continues to pry open the case.
  596. >”That was… that was…” Fluttershy tries to think of an explanation.
  597. “We were inexperienced.” You concluded.
  598. >Fluttershy nods in agreement, beating a sweat as she looks at her friends.
  599. >Rarity and Rainbow look at each other in shock, but you can tell that they had more questions, and that’s what worries you the most.
  600. >”Why keep it so secretive? You had us in quite a stir for answers.” Rarity asks first.
  601. >”Yeah. We wouldn’t think of you differently.” Rainbow speaks for the group from below you.
  602. >Fluttershy looks at her, doubting that it’s any true.
  603. >”Okay, I would do a bit of bashing, but some props to you for going out of your comfort zone.” Rainbow spills out her true intentions. “But I’m sure everyone else wouldn’t think of something else.”
  604. >Fluttershy looks at you with fear filled eyes, afraid to tell them what’s wrong.
  605. >”Look, I don’t want to be pushy or anything but-- CAN YOU GET OFF?!”
  606. “If you promise me that you’ll leave the crowbar alone, I will.”
  607. >”I promise. Now get off!”
  608. >You shrug and do so.
  609. >She brushes her jacket and looks at Fluttershy.
  610. >”Uh, is there something wrong?” She goes back on topic.
  611. >Fluttershy stands up and hangs her head in shame.
  612. >As she begins to walk, it’s clear that it wasn’t her usual stride. Fluttershy waddled as she tried to walk, clearly showing the results from your extravaganza two nights ago.
  613. >”My goodness…” Rarity says out of astonishment.
  614. >”Wo-ho-ho!” Rainbow gloats with a smirk. “Got carried away there?”
  615. >Fluttershy was furious for a moment, but the amount of defeatism overwhelmed her as the cat’s out of the bag now.
  616. >”Rainbow!” Rarity says in disappointment of her outburst.
  617. >Rainbow shrugs, pleading ignorance.
  618. >”I cannot get a bit of fun for all of what we went through?”
  619. “A bit soon, don’t you think?”
  620. >Fluttershy makes her way back to the couch and awkwardly sits there. A shame that she can’t sit nor walk right for some time.
  621. >”If it makes you feel better, I never had that experience.”
  622. >Everyone glares at her, showing how much gall she has to put herself on a pedestal.
  623. >”Wait, not like that! I mean that… I never did have what you had.”
  624. >Everyone was confused, but Fluttershy was the first one to realize what she meant.
  625. >”Ohh… w-wow.”
  626. >A few moments later, you and Rarity realized that Rainbow Dash never got some.
  627. “Huh. Who would’ve thought.”
  628. >”I knew.” Rarity interjects.
  629. >”H-how!?” Rainbow yells out, shocked and calling out her bluff.
  630. >”For starters, you wouldn’t stop talking about it for a week about how great it was, with little detail for a person who boldly claims that did it. And finally, I talked to said individual, and they refused the allegations.”
  631. >Dash blushes before hiding her head in shame.
  632. >”B-big deal. It’s not like I liked them or anything!”
  633. “Will you two just shut up and kiss already?”
  634. >Both of them look at you in shock and awe of your implication.
  635. >”Really now?” Rainbow looks at you in disbelief.
  636. >”I cannot believe you would say such a thing!” Rarity does the same.
  637. “You argue like an old couple that needs therapy.”
  638. >Fluttershy giggles.
  639. >”And you guys have a bad habit that rabbit’s do.”
  640. >”What is THAT supposed to mean?” Fluttershy ends her giggling and steps up.
  641. >”The way that you walk says it all.”
  642. >”Humph.” Fluttershy crosses her arms, but grows a smirk. “At least I had a great time.” And with that, she grabs her turtleneck and pulls down to reveal some familiar markings.
  643. >Both of her friends look at it in shock once more.
  644. >”A-Anon…”
  645. >”Yup, I did the same to him, too.”
  646. >As the girls look at you, you pull up your shirt and sigh.
  647. >Across your chest are similar markings painted around.
  648. >"You two really did went at it--"
  649. >"EVERYBODY, HANDS UP!" A cop with his pistol raised up walks right through the smashed doorway shouts at you and the rest.
  650. >All of you do, worried about what may happen next.
  651. >He scans the house while approaching you.
  652. >”We got a call about a potential kidnapping and we’ve received another call about someone breaking and entering, all within two minutes and at the same address.”
  653. >He slowly holsters his weapon and stops a good distance away from the group.
  654. ”It’s a long story.”
  655. >”Alright, let’s go one at a time then.”
  657. >After fifteen minutes, he received the rundown on the entire situation, along with any clear up on Rainbow’s and Rarity’s side, making sure that your ass wouldn’t go to jail for a misunderstanding.
  658. >”This is quite a day that all of you guys had, but there’s one last thing that I have to ask for before I leave.”
  659. >All of you ponder on what that might be.
  660. >He points at you and grabs his handcuffs while approaching Rainbow Dash,
  661. >”Would you like to press charges on Rainbow Dash for destroying your door and entering with the intentions of excessive force?”
  662. >”Wait, WHAT?!” Rainbow screams out.
  663. >”But officer, this was all a big mishap!” Rarity pleas.
  664. >”S-She can’t go to jail!” Fluttershy nearly breaks down.
  665. >”Yeah! I have a big game tomorrow!”
  666. >”I’m sorry girls, but Rainbow should’ve waited before we arrived to sort out the situation, instead of going on a rampage that could’ve potentially harmed Anon or any of you. In the end, she did commit a crime. As of right now, seeing that Anon is the only one in the house, he is the one to make the call. So, Mr. Mous?” His handcuffs giggle when he finishes his sentence.
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