Cutting Corners

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. Bozrin groaned as he was roused from his slumber. A bright white light was piercing the scape of his eternal void.
  3. ‘Another lamp rubber’ he grumbled, scratching his behind and trudging toward the growing light. His legs dissipating as he floated on a fine white mist. Making his way through the entrance to the mortal world, Borzin was met with two young males watching him with shocked expressiong. Yeah yeah, he’s seen this a million times before; let’s just get this over with.
  5. “Holy shit dude! It fucking worked!” the one on the left said, grabbing his friend by the shoulders. Borzin would have let them go on but he wasn’t in the mood. He was enjoying his slumber and strived to get back to it as soon as possible.
  7. “Yes, yes, magical genie here to grant you both a wish. Let’s get this over with.” He said, stretching his arms out and yawning. He was glad there was only two this time. Last time he was awakened at a house party, and that shit was tedious.
  9. “You’ve gotta ask for it in separate rooms though, it doesn’t work if someone else hears your wish for some reason, you can talk about it as much as you like afterwards, I don’t give a shit.”
  11. The one on the right looked excited, “So we can wish for anything we want?!” he was practically bursting with excitement.
  13. “No, you can only wish for knitting supplies,” he said in a deadpan tone, “Of course you fucking can, what would be the point of me restricting shit? Now hurry it up.”
  15. “Oh! Alright me first!” the one on the left said, picking up Borzin’s lamp and taking it into another room.
  17. “Alright, wish away,” Bozrin said, “just know that I do have a conscience so no wishing everyone dies or some shit.”
  19. “Of course,” the man said, “I want to be a pony!”
  21. Borzin rolled his eyes. Another one? That’s like the 4th one this year! The man kept prattling on about something but Borzin pretty much knew the drill here. That show had been explained to him like 50 times and it was getting old.
  23. “-and I want to live somewhere cool like… Manehattan or something and-“
  25. “OK, got it, pony and stuff, other guy’s turn, you’ll get your wish when I leave.”
  27. The man let out a barely contained squal of excitement, as he rushed back outside with the lamp, shoving it into his friends hands and pushing him into the room. The second guy was less excited, but still seemed to be happy about having a wish.
  29. “Wish away.” Borzin said, examining his hand.
  31. “Ok… umm… wow. I think I want you to make a girl for me. Not like, mind controlled to do anything I want or anything just… Someone who finds me attractive and likes my personality… can you do that?”
  33. Borzin thought for a moment, making a whole new being wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but whatever, a wish is a wish.
  35. “Got it. It’ll be granted, now take me back to your friend and I’ll make it all happen.” Borzin was way too eager to get out of this apartment. It smelled of microwave dinners and old pizza boxes.
  37. He hovered in front of the two men, looking down on them.
  39. “Enjoy your wishes gentlemen, and whatever else you do… and stuff.”
  41. The pony wisher turned to his friend and hugged him tight.
  43. “I’m gonna miss you Jake, I hope shit goes well for you.”
  45. His friend was confused for a moment, but seemed to get the idea, and hugged back, various different emotions flashing across his face. Borzin could feel the emotion radiating off of them, being a creature of magic, and it would have brought a tear to his eye if he cared about mortals at all. Wait… maybe he could compromise here. Make this whole thing easier for himself and those two…
  47. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Borzin didn’t need to use more magical energy than needed right? And he had a feeling they’d appreciate it… or learn to appreciate it at least. He was always one to jump at the idea of taking the option that took less effort.
  49. With a snap of his finger, Borzin was sucked back into his lamp accompanied by a spectacular burst of energy. The whole apartment shook as the lamp imploded on itself and left with a ‘pop.’
  52. A few seconds passed after the disappearance of the genie, and the two friends look at each other, waiting for something to happen. After a minute or so, Jake spoke up.
  54. “Dude isn’t something supposed to happen by now-”he was cut off as his roommate doubled over, crying out in pain. Jason was quick to support him with an arm, confusion and panic setting in.
  56. “Shit Dan, are you OK dude?!” he asked, putting his hand on his friend’s back. Dan just continued to retch and groan, waddling over to the couch and sitting down. Dan felt like his insides were having a fucking bar brawl inside him.
  58. “Dude I…” Dan gasped between convulsions, “I think it’s happening.”
  60. “What’s happening?” Jason asked, looking up and down his friend’s body.
  62. Dan was about to answer before another wave of pain hit him. He cried out and clutched his stomach. It felt like someone had his innards in a fucking meat grinder. He couldn’t compare it to anything he’d experienced before. He rather forcefully expelled the contents of his stomach onto the hardwood floor.
  64. “I-it hurts.” He whimpered, still clutching at his midsection. Jake had no idea what to do, but seeing his friend in so much pain made his heart heavy. He laid an arm around Dan’s back and placed his other hand on his shoulder, letting him know that he wasn’t alone.
  66. The contact didn’t ease the pain for dan, but it… It really didn’t ease the pain. He didn’t even notice the fur that was spreading from his stomach outward. Jake saw it, and stared in awe as the red fur slowly made its way up his friend’s body. It was really unsettling to watch. No movies had quite perfected what rapid hair growth actually looked like.
  68. He could hear joints popping and bones cracking as his friend moaned beside him. The sounds made his skin crawl, and he felt slightly nauseous at the thought of the pain his friend was experiencing. He tightened his grip around dan’s midsection, noticing that he was a little bit smaller than he was a moment ago. If there was any doubt in Jake’s mind about what his friend was turning into before, it was completely gone now. They both enjoyed the show, and Dan had always been slightly obsessed with the thought of going to Equestria and… ahem… ‘fucking some hot mares.’
  70. Jake wasn’t into clop himself, but to each their own right?
  72. Bones continued to pop painfully, and Jake watched in awe as Dan’s ears shifted, lengthening and moving on his skull. Dan was considerably smaller now, and his limbs were looking more equine by the second. The fur had spread over most of his body now, covering him in a bright red sheen. Somewhere along the way his hands had merged into hooves, and with no fingers to contract anymore, his limbs shook violently as the changes started to wind down.
  74. Tears were streaming down Dan’s face as his jaw cracked and pushed out. This was worse than anything he’d experienced in his life. He wouldn’t have made the stupid fucking wish if he’d known what was in store for him. The last change is by far the worst. There’s a feeling as if he’s being kicked in the balls. Hard.
  76. He would have screamed if his voice was still present. All he could get out were gasps for air. ‘Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fucking shit this is bad,’ his mind screamed. It felt like his genitals were being crushed slowly. He could feel them being pulled into his body, twisting and ripping and changing. And all he could do was sit there and experience it. In an act of desperation and hysteria he threw himself into his friend, who had stayed by him the whole time. He convulsed and cried and just wished it was all over. The presence of Jake made it slightly more bearable, but only slightly. Even though some really fucking crazy shit was going on right now, he’d stayed there by his side. Dan didn’t know what he’d have done if he was alone through all this.
  78. Finally things down there seemed to come to a stop, and he was left with a dull throbbing sensation. Something was definitely different in his crotch area, but he was too out of it at that point to investigate.
  80. Nothing happened for a minute or so, and the room was silent, save for a soft panting. Dan’s changes were mostly complete, and Jake looked down at a shivering red earth pony with light yellow hair, sitting in a pile of oversized clothes that were drenched in sweat. Tears were still wetting… his fur? Jake assumed his friend was still male, but the petite frame and short muzzle of the pony next to him gave him second thoughts.
  82. Dan’s whole body was aching, he was aware of a new thing in the centre of his peripheral vision, but his eyes were too fogged up to tell. Everything was loud and confusing and painful and he just wanted it all to stop.
  84. After some more silence, Jake spoke up, “Dan, dude, are you ok?!” His voice was laced with concern on the verge of panic.
  86. Dan didn’t have the energy or emotional state to answer, only staring at his friend’s face. It was nice to know that Jake cared so much. The worry on his face sent butterflies into Dan’s stomach… wait what? No, that must be to do with the change, it’s still winding down. He was done wasn’t he? He really hoped he was done. That was the worst thing he’d ever experienced, and he still couldn’t get the tears out of his eyes from the aftershock.
  88. “Is it ov- ah!” Dan’s hoof flew to his throat, his eyes widening. Jake’s fears were confirmed, as Dan’s voice came out as a feminine alto. Dan didn’t even need to check. His crotch felt so empty compared to what he was used to.
  90. He was now a -She-.
  92. “No!” Dan yelled, her eyes filling with tears again, “This wasn’t supposed to happen! I’m supposed to be in Equestria, I’m supposed to be a dude, and that wasn’t supposed to hurt so fucking much! Magic is supposed to be just POOF and it’s done! I went through all that and I’m a fucking girl?! And why does my crotch feel so fucking weird? It… It’s not fair!”
  94. Dan was bordering hysterics, and it pained Jake to see his friend like this.
  96. “Hey, Dan, it’s gonna be ok.” He said, placing a hand on her shoulder, “Here, lemmie get you out of that thing.” Dan complied, letting Jake pull the sweat soaked shirt off her body. It was big enough to be a dress with her new size.
  98. Dan just looked down at her naked body, quickly closing her legs and tucking her tail after getting a rather intimate look at her very horse like pussy. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t feel at all embarrassed about being completely naked. It felt natural really.
  100. “But… but I’m not in Equestria! I can’t be on Earth looking like this! I’ll get captured and dissected in a lab! I’ll… fucking damn it.” She said, getting frustrated at herself for tearing up yet again. Why was she so emotional right now? I mean sure she was a girl, but they’re not usually -this- dramatic. She guessed she could excuse herself considering what a shitty situation she was in.
  102. Jake saw his friend’s turmoil, and desperately wanted to do something to help. He wrapped the distressed mare into a hug, easily lifting her onto his lap. Dan was shocked at first, but the hug was warm and safe, making her relax and slow her breathing. Normally she’d gag at the thought of being all sappy with Jake, but right now it was the most comforting thing in the world.
  104. “T-thanks.” She murmured, wiping her eyes with a fetlock.
  106. “It is going to be ok Dan. We’ll get through this.” Jake said with a smile. Dan looked up at him, gazing deep into his eyes. She’d never noticed how gentle they looked until now…
  108. “You turned out to be a really good looking pony y’know.” Jake said in an attempt to cheer her up.
  110. She blushed at his compliment, looking back at her flank. There sat the visage of two deep red flowers with black stems that curled around each other in the shape of a heart. It was unbelievably girly, but she… kind of liked it. If she was in Equestria she’d go with the name Poppy, or something.
  112. Jake smiled, noticing that her mood had improved just a bit.
  114. “I like your colors, they suit you.” He said, letting her off his lap.
  116. Dan turned to face her friend, “So uhh, what was your wish Jake?” she asked, “Nothing seems to have happened to you.”
  118. “Yeah, weird that yours kinda happened but mine didn’t. I wished for the genie dude to make a g-” hold the fucking phone. He wouldn’t.
  120. Dan frowned at Jake’s shocked expression, “make a what, dude?”
  122. Jake shakily looked back down at the scarlet mare, gazing deep into her bright blue eyes. He’d noticed the looks she was giving him before, but he didn’t think anything of it at the time. The Genie had cut a huge fucking corner here, for both of their wishes.
  124. “Uhh… nevermind. It’s not important. He didn’t grant it” Jake said, not wanting to cause her any more distress than she’d already been through.
  126. “If you say so,” she murmured, tucking her hooves to her sides and sitting on the couch in a more comfortable position. Her old clothes were scattered all over, reminding her of what had happened there. What she used to be.
  128. They both sat in comfortable silence seemingly taking in the events of the last half hour. Now that it was over, there wasn’t really anything to talk about. Dan frowned. There was an odd sensation coming from her lower body. She noticed it before, but it seemed to be growing in intensity as the minutes went on.
  130. “Hey dude, can you open up a window or something? It’s pretty hot in here…” she asked, shuffling a bit on the couch to get in a more comfortable position.
  132. Jake didn’t think it was that hot, but he complied, getting up and sliding the window open to let a cool breeze flow through the room. He sat back down and they just waited some more. The window didn’t help, and Dan was feeling hotter by the minute. What was going on here? The feeling in her nethers was intense now. It was a weird feeling. Not painful or unpleasant, just… warm, and slightly pleasurable. She found her mind wandering. She couldn’t quite pinpoint it, but something was making her really, really aroused.
  134. Jake watched as his friend’s gaze wandered. Her back legs were shuffling restlessly and he could hear barely audible moans coming from her mouth. There was a really weird smell wafting throughout the room.
  136. ‘Please don’t let that be what I think it is.’ He thought to himself, glancing at the small wet patch on the couch behind Dan’s hindquarters.
  138. Her eyes snapped open. She just realised that she was aroused… and her pussy was really wet… and she was in the same room as Jake with almost no chance of him not noticing.
  140. Jake.
  142. Dan scrambled to the other side of the couch, her eyes wide with shock, hoping desperately that this was all a dream. The burning in her crotch was demolishing that hope by the second.
  144. “Oh… oh god why is… n… no I can’t be doing this. Jake. Please, I’m still me, I’m not a girl I’m not… I shouldn’t be thinking these things. I’m not a pony and I’m not in fucking heat… I… I’m not,” she moaned. Her voice was feminine and husky. She sounded anxious and scared and aroused and she couldn’t get the idea of Jake’s cock out of her head. Why was she thinking about him that way?
  146. “Jake…” she moaned, still squirming on the couch. She made the mistake of looking up at him. The front of his pants were bulging out, proudly displaying his erection. Her eyes widened at the sight, and she looked up to his face. He seemed nervous and indecisive.
  148. She couldn’t believe she was actually considering doing this. She’d been a straight male all her life, and now the thought of Jake’s cock was sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. She licked her lips.
  150. “I shouldn’t want this Jake,” she said, breathing heavily, “I shouldn’t want this but I do, I really want you.” She crawled forward on the couch coming face to face with the bulge in his jeans.
  152. Jake was going to say something, but shut his mouth. He didn’t want to admit it, but this was really fucking hot. He wasn’t a clopper, but the noises she was making coupled with the sweet scent permeating the air was making him really fucking hard.
  154. “Oh god Jake you… you don’t know what it’s like. You… please just… please.” she made a movement toward his crotch, hoping desperately that he would agree.
  156. Jake hesitated for a moment before unbuttoning his pants, letting them slide down around his ankles. His underwear was still in the way, and Dan decided to take initiative. She reached her hoof up and curled it over the rim of his shorts, pulling down and letting his erect cock free. It was dribbling precum, and Dan had never seen something so amazing in her life.
  158. She let herself go, and licked it, shivering at the taste. It was slightly salty, warm and fucking wonderful. Soon she was licking the whole length up and down, taking the head into her mouth every now and again. It didn’t take long for her to forget how alien the feeling of a cock in her mouth was.
  160. Jake groaned as she took the whole thing into her muzzle, licking and sucking. She wasn’t experienced but it felt great anyway. Jake was extremely conflicted. He should have been disgusted at the mere thought of a pony blowing him, but he wasn’t. She was intelligent, and she wanted it too didn’t she? Who was he to deny a girl her relief?
  162. Dan was in a completely different world. Hearing Jake moan and knowing she was the reason for those moans was beyond amazing. Her pussy twitched wildly, massaging a cock that was not yet there.
  164. “Hold on,” Jake said softly, placing a hand on her cheek. Dan stopped, looking up at her roommate and desperately hoping he didn’t want to stop. The heat in her crotch was almost unbearable now, and she didn’t think she could last another minute. There was a clenching feeling coming from somewhere down there without her thinking about it, which she could only assume was winking.
  166. “Let’s take this somewhere a little more comfortable.” Jake grinned, all his inhibitions dealt with completely. Dan may have been his friend, but there was no way that they’d continue being ‘just friends’ from here on out.
  168. Dan was a little surprised when Jake wrapped an arm around her midsection and lifted her up easily. It was a bit weird being light enough to carry, but Dan didn’t mind it. She felt small and fragile in his arms, but that was fine since he was so gentle. Her hips were shivering in anticipation as they walked through the apartment toward Jake’s bedroom. Dan was really going to have sex! Sex with a guy seemed just as good, if not better, than sex with a girl seemed before. Especially since it was with Jake! It only took a change in sexuality for her heart to speed up at the thought of doing a bunch of gross mushy stuff with her former best friend. She wondered if her crush on their friend Anne had changed too. She was too preoccupied to actually test that theory.
  170. The door was already open, and Jake wasted no time in laying Dan on the bed and removing his clothes. Dan watched with anticipation and lust. She bit her lip as he revealed more of his lightly toned body. Jake wasn’t the most well-built guy in the world, but he wasn’t unfit by any means. It was mesmerising to watch. Soon enough Jake was completely unclothed and looming over Dan, his cock still slightly wet with her saliva.
  172. Oh god this was really happening wasn’t it? She was going to lose her virginity to her best friend. She’d imagined being on the other side for her first time, but she couldn’t help but feel that this was… right.
  174. “You’re absolutely sure about this, Dan?” Jake asked, pausing with his dick just inches from her opening. It would only take a small thrust and he would be inside her. The anticipation was killing her. The heat in her crotch was so intense that she didn’t care what happened as long as her need was satiated.
  176. “Y-yes! God yes Jake just… fuck. Just do it… me! Fuck me!” She whined. That was the confirmation. Throwing her manhood completely out the window, if it hadn’t been half way around the world already.
  178. Jake didn’t need any more encouragement than that. With a small deliberate motion, he pushed his head into Dan’s pussy. It was lubricated sufficiently, and his cock met almost no resistance.
  180. “Aaauh!” she screamed, throwing her head back in pain and pleasure. The pleasure was much more noticeable than the pain, and as Jake slowly pulled out again she found herself making more sultry moans. His dick was just the right size, probably as big as a stallion’s would be with her proportions, and the feeling of Jake, pulling and pushing ever so gently, sent her off the edge she’d been teetering on for ages. His trusts were so drawn out that the penetration felt deeper than it probably really was, like she was deeper than she thought, like he was never going to stop going in, then all of a sudden, in one quick, jerk, he pulled it out, almost. He did it, and Dan gasped, unable to control anything she said or did. Her body was running on complete autopilot.
  182. He started to speed up. Soon enough he was fucking her in a steady rhythm, sometimes pushing deep inside her and moving back and forth, then pulling almost all the way out. Just barely, and rocking her back and forth, while his fingers rubbed her body up and down, while he kissed her all over. It seemed like the size difference would make it awkward, but it was far from it. She just felt so utterly overwhelmed and amazing in his embrace, as the constant movement of his hips cooled the fire in her loins.
  184. “Oh god f-fuck Jake! Aah!” It had been building for a while now, but it still seemed to come suddenly. With an intense shudder Dan came, pleasure pulsing through her whole body originating at that one point. Jake didn’t slow down at all, continuing to fuck her right through her orgasm.
  186. Soon Jakes thrusts started to get erratic and jerky. He came with a low moan, hilting inside of her and shooting his cum straight into the deepest parts of her. The feeling of wetness filling her finally satiated the heat, sending her into another mind shattering orgasm.
  188. They lay like that for a while, Dan’s hooves still splayed in different directions. She could feel his seed running over her anus and pooling at the base of her tail. It was an extremely satisfying feeling, and she felt herself giving Jake affectionate licks up and down, tasting the sweat and exertion of their activities. She was floating on a cloud of wonderful feeling, and with her head finally cleared of the burning lust her body thrust upon her she felt… happy. She didn’t regret what she did with Jake one bit, and as they shuffled around on the bed, his arms wrapped around her as they drifted off to sleep, she felt more content than she ever had as a human male.
  190. Right then, thoughts of government and living on earth as a pony weren’t that important.
  192. Poppy was exactly where she wanted to be.
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