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20 Questions About.....ThatGuyNamedMikey.

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  1. So, after the long awaited interview that was MegaBossMan's, I though the only real way to follow it up, especially since the next one would be #10, was for ME to be interviewed. Since interviewing myself would likely be boring and tedious, and slightly predictable, I asked MegaBossMan to choose all 20 of my interview questions for me, including up to 7 of his own, if he so wished. Me being the sport I am, I answered the 1st 20 he sent me, and yes, a few of them are questions asked of me since I've been here, while others are complete doozies.
  3. No questions were denied in the making of this interview, so, here goes. 20 questions about me. No intro needed, 'cause I'm not that special.....yet. :P
  5. Community Q's:
  7. 1. How did you find MMRPG? [Meta]
  8. Me: Pretty much the exact same way that Adrian got the idea to MAKE Prototype; I was surfing around Newgrounds's games section one fateful day in the beginning of September 2014, and I came across 2 crudely effective MM flash games called Mega Man RPG Flash and Mega Man RPG Flash 2, which, again, were crude, but, worked....mostly. BEating those, made me want more, so, I seached around the internet for more MM RPG's, and stumbled upon the Mega Man RPG Prototype on September 6, 2014.
  9. The rest, as they say, is history.
  11. 2. What got you Grinding to Become like Bawssssssssssssssssssss(!) And Tails at that time? [Meta]
  12. Me: At the time, I had free time up the.....keister. Yeah, keister. That, and I'm pretty competitive. Oh, and I really liked the concept. Still do, in fact, minus a few.....things.....that we'll get into later.
  14. 3. If you were on a some island for 1 year with nothing but a years worth of food and water, what would you do when that year is over? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  15. Me: .....starve and eventually die. I'm not a wilderness guy, and I freely admit that. I'm a city guy through and through, and I prefer having a toilet, and I prefer my organic food cooked, and I prefer to eat junk food over all else. That's just the kind of person I am. Chances are, once the regular supplies run out, I'd be dead, especially since there'd be no one there with me.
  16. I'm a mad genius, sure, but, I know a hopeless situation when I see it. :P
  18. 4. In the Classic games, what types of weapons do you prefer? Close range boomerangs like Rolling Cutter? Screen wipers like Astro Crush? Homing weapons like Dive Missile? Aim-able weapons like Ballade Cracker? Something else? [TobyJoey]
  19. Me: My all-time favorite weapon is indeed MM8's Astro Crush, simply because it obliterates almost everything it touches, and since it touches the entire screen when you use it, it's extremely handy to have if you use it at the right times. For the record, I should explain that I normally go through an MM game using just the Arm Cannon/Mega Buster, unless I absolutely HAVE to switch, i.e., Quick Man Doc Robot, or Wily Capsule 1 [MM4] or Gamma.
  21. 5. I seem to be the only person in this community who doesn't know why you like Bright Man. [TheDoc]
  22. Me: Heh. You were supposed to ask me this in the Chat. :P
  23. All right, I'm Bright Man for 3 reasons:
  24. 1, Astro Man is my all-time favorite MM, but, he's not available as an avi, yet, so, I go with the next favorite; Bright Man.
  25. 2, I admittedly have an affinity towards any RM's that are themed after either space or electricity, as I'm such an avid admirer of the 2--both in video games AND in real life.
  26. and 3, 'cause Bright Man is so effing BRIGHT.....like me. :P
  28. 6. We all have asked you why you like Bright Man, but, you have mentioned you are also fond of Astro Man. Why? [TobyJoey]
  29. Me: Excellent question, and there are many answers, too, but, I'll give you the more important ones.
  30. As most people who play MM's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.5 [MM&B], 9 and 10 know, The RM's in said games don't speak, and as such, have no personality outside of the data on CD's in 8.5. Besides that and Mega Man Powered Up, they have almost nothing else in terms of official sources of proof that they have actual personalities. the MM8 RM's are really the first, outside of MM, Proto Man and Bass, to break this 'no personality' mold; they TALK. They react to pain. They crack jokes. They make threats. Some are a little crazy, others are deadly serious. You can actually tell this in their speech, rather than looking at an RM's poses and trying to play psychic, wondering what they're like.
  31. For this reason, and many others, the RM's in 8 are among my favorites in the entire Classic series,  but, the reason that I love Astro over all the others are even MORE awesome. For example, Astro Man easily has the hardest-to-avoid move in all of MM8; It chops off 1/5 of your health every time you're hit by it, and the only way to stop it coming in the first place is to use Astro's weakness, which, if you don't have, you're crap outta luck. You'll also notice that you'll not find many people on YT that will face him with just the Mega Buster--this is because he's the hardest in MM8 to beat with uncharged Mega Buster shots. Astro Crush will kill you before you kill him if your reaction time sucks, which makes him pretty challenging as far as normal RM's go; if you think he's so easy, beat him with uncharged Buster shots in MM8. I dare you. Harder than it sounds.
  32. Oh, yeah, Astro's personality is the BIGGEST reason I love him some much. I know he SEEMS like a coward, but, think, if your standard move was calling down nearly unavoidable meteors from space to crush your foes, wouldn't YOU be scared of you? Even a little? His Astro Crush is so powerful, he's actually scared of himself. You notice he disappears when he uses it, don't you? :P
  34. 7. You seem like a well read kinda guy, so is that true? If so, what is your favorite book? [TobyJoey]
  35. Me: This.....is gonna seem completely weird [and I'm an admitted weirdo, so, I know weird when I see it], but, I hardly ever read books. They just don't do it for me. I read stuff on the internet [Wikipedia, Wikia, Prototype bios, etc.], but, for info purposes more than for just a good read. I go to FF.net for the OCCASIONAL fanfic read, but, it doesn;t go beyond that really.
  36. According to my Mom, I knew how to read entire baby books by the time I was 3 (I was apparently a big Dr. Seuss kid). Reading stuff comes naturally to me. I was reading stories to whole classrooms when I was 6, reading 8th-grade level novels when I was 11, and able to pronounce almost any word put in front of me by the time I was in high school; I just like learning. That's how I am, and reading seems to have been a pretty big part of that.
  37. If I had a favorite book, though, I'd definitely say it's Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs And Ham"; I remember reading the heck out of that as a kid. xD
  39. 8. Favorite hobby besides gaming?[TheDoc]
  40. Me: Youtubing. Mainly VG music, VG playthroughs, and other VG-related stuff. Still a gamer, though. Through and through. :P
  42. 9. What would you consider your crowning achievement in Prototype?[MegaBossMan]
  43. Me: Oh, that's easy. 2,000 [2,032 as of this interview] Missions completed. No one else even has 1,200 as of this interview, and the closest anyone has ever come to me was Tails, who had 1,474 missions when he reset. That's a testament to how much free time I have. :P
  45. 10. The one thing we'll always differ on is our opinions on Mega Man 8, so could you list me a few defining features from it, if you can?/Why do you like Mega Man 8 so much? [MegaBossMan/MusicalKitty]
  46. Me: I'm gonna **** people off with this answer, but, it's the truth, so, deal. I have to deal with people still loving 8-bit like it's still 1987.
  47. I already mentioned the personalities thing, which is a big thing to me, even if it isn't to you readers. Other than that, I always liked Mega Man 8 for being DIFFERENT; It's NOT in 8-bit. Just because it's a Mega Man Classic game doesn't automatically mean it has to be in 8-bit. Prototype is different, because it's 1 person--Adrian--programming it all; it is NOT like this at Capcom. I know this because there are good platforming MM games that aren't in 8-bit and were made by many different people: they're called the Mega Man X series, specifically MMX's 2-6 [yes, I said 6; it has it's massive flaws, I know, but, it's still enjoyable without treating you like a newb, unlike MMX1], and they're all done mostly well, and they're ALL fun. X's 4, 5 and 6 even have Mavericks that speak and have personalities, which is why I give MM's 9 and 10 so much hate; there's actual solid evidence that they could've done so much better with both, and yet, they're basically Mega Man 6, only even MORE of a let down; I personally liked seeing Roll in 16-bit in MM7, and she was even cuter in MM8, so, why couldn't we see a Splash Woman in 16-bit on the Wii? There's no excuse for treating MM's 9 and 10 like they were made in 1987. They were just pandering to the MM fanboys still stuck there, and that's why the Classic series is dead; Capcom didn't even TRY to gain new fanbases with 9 and 10.
  48. 8 breaks this mold. 8 has RM's that speak. 8 has a shop that forces you to choose your upgrades wisely, since you CAN'T buy them all. 8 is CHALLENGING, and forces you to grow skills [No E-tanks, thank goodness]. 8 also has the greatest Rush attachments for any MM game [Super Adapter doesn't compare with free items. Period]. 8 has MORE than 8 RM's [which I've always wanted in an MM Classic game] if you're playing the Sega Saturn version, and, best of all, 8 is not just a platformer; It's also a horizontal shooter for 2 levels. It's also a reflexive jump and slide downhill obstacle course for 2 levels. It's also a maze for a level. It's also a Puzzle for a couple of other levels. It has variety, yet, not so much as to take away from the challenge: You MUST grow skills. You MUST pay attention. You MUST dodge. You MUST use your Rush attachments wisely. You MUST be able to think on your feet. You MUST adapt to different styles of gameplay besides platforming and jumpnshoot. This is a challenge level no previous game in the series offers, in my experience.
  49. Forget the cutscenes. We already know they suck. Even me. I'm talking about the gameplay. The gameplay itself dares to be diverse. Dares to be challenging. Dares to force you to think. Dares to have enemies that you wanna hate in more than just attack style. In short, it dares to be DIFFERENT. That's why I love it.
  51. 11. What's with the hate for the Genesis Unit, man?/ Quint is awesome. [MegaBossMan/ThatOneEnderMan]
  52. Me: Genesis Unit first. It's not that I HATE these 3 robots. I just think they don't matter enough to be in Prototype. These are slots that could easily be filled with custom creations of Adrian's, Rhythm's and Boss's. Bosses that we might actually come to REMEMBER and appreciate and like for more than just the fact that they're based off a japanese novel.
  53. As for Quint, he's just a walking, talking time paradox that sucks. Period. He shouldn't exist. When you make PLANT MAN look tough, you just suck. Period.
  55. 12. Favorite movie? [TheDoc]
  56. Me: My all-time favorite movie? Easy one, actually; The Lego Movie.
  57. For the longest time, my answer to that was Toy Story 3, but, then The Lego Movie came. I'm an animation guy at heart, so, the best kind of movie you can ever put in front of me is an animated one. Put that together with one of my all-time favorite Childhood toys, and I was done. Awesome movie, awesome script, and awesome VO's, save for Will Ferrell as [spoilers].
  59. 13. What is your favorite non-Mega Man game series? [TobyJoey]
  60. Me: This is haaaaaaaaard. So hard that I originally forgot to answer this [Thanks, ThatOneEnderMan].
  61. I seriously couldn't come up with ONE answer to this, so, I'll do you one better, T.J.; My all-time favorite video game, PERIOD, is still Super Mario Bros. 3. Still.
  62. Yeah, I'm a Mario geekoid. I guess that would be the answer, wouldn't it? Almost any Mario game. Not Super Mario Bros. 2 US, Super Mario Sunshine, Yoshi's Island DS or Super Mario 64 DS, though. They suck. HARD. -_-
  64. 14. Did Starforce steal your Credit Card or somethin' Why are you obsessed with starforce? [MusicalKitty]
  65. Me: 'cause it's the sole reason the Prototype is so flawed in it's difficulty design. It's also the biggest reason that it takes Adrian so long to update Prototype; EVERYTHING important in the game revolves around it. LITERALLY everything: Cores, Core selling price, Dark Elements, Attack, and soon, Defense, too. It singlehandedly is the cause of a number of game breaks, too; ask anyone who's used the current Rain Flush. The game literally overdepends on it, and it kills the entire experience for quite a few people; there's a reason that only 13 people, myself included, have ever gotten all 1,024 Stars, and it's not because they're fun to get.
  66. Long story short, it kills any chance of Adrian making Prototype as good as it can possibly be, and it sucks.
  67. .....and it annoys me.
  69. 15. Have you ever played Rockboard? [MegaBoyX7]
  70. Me: I've HEARD of it, but, I've never PLAYED it, nor have I SEEN it being played. That's Japan-only, isn't it?
  72. 16. Seeing as you enjoy Mega Man 8 for having voiced Robots, how do you feel about X4, which also introduced voice-acting in the X Series? [MegaBossMan]
  73. Me: My favorite X game, obviously. It also has Iris in it, who--as ditzy and gullible as she may have been--is easily the best-looking robot in the entire MM universe. It's also very challenging [and fun] if you have the gravitas to do a playthrough of it as X WITHOUT ever charging the X-Buster [unless you're fighting Double], and without using ANY weaknesses [save for Reaper Sigma's, of course]. Coincidentally, even though I hate playing X4 as Zero, I do love fighting Iris; that theme, man. That theme.
  75. 17. Ideally, how do you envision the Prototype of the future? [MegaBossMan]
  76. Me: As a Prototype that isn't afraid to to use conventional methods of employing a decent challenge. While I do agree that it's great to dare to be different, there is such a thing as having ideas above your station, and Star Force is one of those. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'd rather wait years for Adrian to build Prototype again from scratch than for him to continue it as it is now, with Star Force guaranteeing that Prototype will NEVER be a truly balanced challenge.
  78. 18. What aspect of Prototype would you say you enjoy the most? [MegaBossMan]
  79. Me: The Robot Master fights before we have to go through the painstaking task of getting the Star Force. When I first played, they were fun to fight, if a bit easy [besides the MM1 bots, of course -_-].
  81. 19. Do you ever look upon the night sky and wonder of the Stars? [MegaBossMan]
  82. Me: No, I look upon the night sky and wonder of the MOON. Way better to look at. :P
  83. It'd probably break Prototype less, too. xD
  85. 20. What Makes you ThatGuyNamedMikey (Or alternatively, Myyyyke -MBM)? [Meta]
  86. Me: Good question. You see anyone else named Mikey? :P
  88. Special thanks to MegaBossMan for choosing 20 pretty awesome questions for me to knock down [including 7 of his own]; took his sweet time choosing them. :P
  89. More special thanks go to MegaBoyX7, Meta, MusicalKitty, ThatOneEnderMan, TheDoc and TobyJoey for coming up with said questions that were awesome enough for Boss to pick out; none of you can blame me about talking about SF--you asked. :P
  90. Extra thanks go to ThatOneEnderMan and Kiaragate for spotting some errors. Good eyes, guys.
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