SYL 2: Mouthing Off

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  1. Nathan awoke in bed, groggy, but calm. His heartbeat slow, and his eyes not bothered by the soft morning glow filling the room, he yawned mightily, and stretched his arms above his head, his muscles groaning back to life, as he cocked his back forward, before falling back onto the pillow, smacking his lips contently. No hangover, despite all the wine he and Alicia had polished off. Wondering then where his darling fiancé was, he propped himself up on one shoulder, scratching an itch on his chest as he continued to rise from his sleepy haze. Looking down over his body on the bed, he saw her. Well, her legs at least.
  5. There, sprawled over his own legs, were hers. Tight, toned, and tan, they splayed across him, and over the back edge of the bed, her feet out of view. He followed them up to her gorgeous, firm ass, big and beautiful, which connected to...something. It was hard to tell. A torso began at the end of her ass, but it quickly spread out and distorted over the side edge of the bed, flattening and dropping down like a Dali clock. For a split second, Nathan panicked, about to leap up out of the sheets, but then he remembered last night. The stretching. The...embiggening of his fiancé.
  9. Staying still from the hips down so as no to disturb her slumber, he slowly leaned over the edge of the bed, and saw Alicia's face, on a 4 foot neck, coiled up near the closet door on a stretched out pile of her right arm, her left arm equally stretched out the opposite direction, leading into the master bath. He followed her gooey torso, long and droopy, back up the bed, around 10 feet long and distorted. Gingerly, he reached out, and slipped his arm underneath her long stomach, slowly lifting it up off of the edge of the bed. It drooped over him like pizza dough, distending and deforming to shape around his arm.
  13. Suddenly, he heard a sleepy grunt from the floor, as Alicia began to stir. As she did, the torso over his arm slowly firmed up and thickened back out to its usual width and shape, and grew heavy. He quickly slipped his arm back out from under it, as he saw Alicia's head, like a worm emerging from the soil in a rain storm, lift into the air. Like Nathan had, she yawned deeply. Unlike Nathan, her jaw stretched down, down, down, her mouth a foot wide, as her tongue stretched out of her mouth and curled upwards at the end. Her long chest heaved with a huge intake of air, before she exhaled, her mouth quickly snapping back, and her chest deflating again. Her face turned towards Nathan as she looked up at the bed, her head a few inches off the floor, tilted to the side. Blinking her eyes, she asked sleepily, "The floor?"
  17. Nathan sat silently, smiling at her predicament. No doubt she'd not registered everything yet.
  21. "I slept on the floor, baby?" She asked again, still groggy.
  25. "Well," he said with a grin, "Sorta."
  29. "Hmm?" she asked, confused at his lack of detail, and went to rub the drool from her mouth. But she found it difficult to move her arm, and her prehensile neck craned in different directions in an attempt to locate it. When she finally saw it, she opened her eyes wide, and yelped, seeing it coiled up like a snake, her hand floating in the air trying to find her lips. “Wha…” she said, pulling her head back a bit further than her body would normally allow, before cocking her head down and seeing her super long neck. As she traced it back over to her drooping body, up over the edge of the bed, it all came back to her.
  33. “Oh,” she said, turning back to Nathan. A small smile came to her face. “Oh yeah, that all, uh, that all happened, didn’t it?”
  37. Nathan nodded. “It did. And it was fun.”
  41. Still taking in the situation, she nodded, lifting her right hand up to her face, as her left arm slowly began retracting across the carpet, a pleasing sensation arising deep within her as she felt the fabric rubbing her skin. “Yeah, that was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” she suddenly said, very bluntly. “And I think my ‘pleasure feature’ is still on, too.” Her eyes closed as she began retracting her right arm as well. “This carpet feels pretttttty damned good.”
  45. Nathan smiled and shook his head. “You looking to go again so soon?” he asked, a little hopeful.
  49. Alicia giggled. “Not yet, babe. I’d like to wake up first. And eat, too. I’m starved.” As she finally reeled her arms back in, she hooked one leg on a bedpost, stretching her foot and calf around it as a loop for an anchor, and began to pull her torso back in from her lower midsection, her body dragging up over the bed. “Although,” she said, as her tits dragged across the ground, “This does feel nice.” After a moment, however, she was restored, and tussled her hair, as beautiful as before. She was, after all, 24 now, at least cosmetically.
  53. Nathan took a second to admire her, before trying to snap out of it. “Hungry?” he asked, a little distracted. “Hungry for what?”
  57. “Oooooh,” she began, “I dunno, anything. I just need to eat. I think this stretching business burns a lot of calories.”
  61. He laughed. “Well, I can whip something up really quick if you like. Least I can do after you, y’know…”
  65. “Became your fetish incarnate?” she asked with a grin, her smile creeping a little wider than it should.
  69. Nathan’s face turned bright red. “Well, yeah, that’s one way of saying it.”
  73. She laughed a little, before collapsing on the bed, exhausted and comfy, her body easily folding over his legs. “I’d say breakfast in bed is a fine repayment for that, if that’s okay with you.”
  77. Nathan nodded eagerly. “You can have breakfast in bed every single day of your LIFE if it means we get to do what we did last night again.”
  81. “Well,” she started, “Today will do. Now go. I’m hungry.”
  85. Nathan smiled. “Sure thing, babe. Be back in a minute.”
  89. Still naked, he slid himself out from beneath Alicia, and walked towards the door, but was stopped by a tap on his shoulder. Spinning around, he was met with Alicia’s head, her neck stretching from her perfect lounging body, eagerly puckering her lips, and her hand having followed to get his attention. Pleasantly surprised, Nathan stuck his face out, and Alicia's neck moved the rest of the way, caressing him with her hand as she kissed him deeply. Pulling away, she winked. “Okay. Now go.”
  93. Nathan could only shake his head as he lingered, before walking down the stairs. He had to be the luckiest guy on Earth, he thought to himself. As he continued down the stairs, Alicia watched until he was out of view, before turning her view to the laptop on the dresser near the door. Sure he was gone, she grabbed it with her extended hand, and brought both her head and arm back to their homes on her body, before opening the laptop and navigating directly to the elastic bookmarks he showed her the night before. It was time for a brainstorming session.
  97. 20 minutes later, Nathan carefully walked up the stairs, not wanting to spill any of the orange juice or food he carried on the tray. As he walked into his room, he saw Alicia sitting on the bed, staring intently at the computer screen and biting her lip. Nathan approached cautiously, and placed the tray on the table next to the bed. “Breakfast is up. What’re you looking at hon?” He tried to peek over her shoulder to see the screen, but she quickly shut the computer and set it beside her. “Oh, just a couple ideas. Power perversion potential, I guess you could call it.” she replied slyly. “Although, I guess not, since these powers you gave me were completely intended for perversion, right?”
  101. He laughed. “Well yeah, that’s true.” He sat down on the bed and grabbed one of the glasses of orange juice. “So you gonna tell me what these ideas of yours are?” he asked.
  105. Alicia smiled. “In due time. I have a question first. About the wish, actually." She held out a ginger and counted fake numbers in the air as she spoke. "So, you said you wanted me to be able to ‘stretch, reshape, deform, modify, shift or change’ myself however I want.” She’d had the wish completely memorized at this point. “That’s pretty elaborate. You want to explain what you meant by all those words that came after ‘stretch’? Because I was under the impression you just wanted to fuck Elastigirl.”
  109. Nathan began to blush, and scratched the back of his neck. “Well, yeah. I mean, that’s a big thing. But a lot of these, y’know, superheroes that can stretch, their powers allow them to do a lot of other things. Shapeshifting, appearance changes, pretty much able to transform themselves however you - sorry, they, want, becoming anything they wanted. I kind of wanted you to be like them. A polymorph, really.”
  113. Alicia cocked her head. “Anything? ANYTHING I want?” She looked over herself. “Jesus, you only paid $150 for that wishing stone?”
  117. Nathan laughed, and said “Yeah, I think I’m getting the bang for my buck.” his word choice not incidental.
  121. Alicia didn’t laugh, but looked herself over once more. “So what do they do with it? What do they become?”
  125. Nathan shrugged, but he was hiding his arousal at the fact that Alicia was assuredly considering this. “Well, it depends. Sometimes they want to look like someone else, sometimes they turn into something like a floor mat or a table to surprise their enemies, sometimes they do something like changing their body composition to metal or something, or buff themselves up and give themselves extra limbs to help in fights. Keep in mind that they’re superheroes, so this is all crime fighting stuff.”
  129. Alicia looked at him, pondering for a minute. “But I’m not a superhero. I’m just…” she trailed off. “…yours. Your horny, what was the word? 'Polymorph' fiancé.” Nathan began to stiffen at those words, and Alicia laughed at him. “It is just wild to see you get turned on by this stuff. But hey, I’m game. Let’s play around with it!”
  133. Nathan stammered, “But, but babe the breakfast, and -“
  137. “Are you really pushing breakfast right now? I forgot about breakfast already! I’m good to go! I’m ready to fuck around with this. Breakfast can wait. Breakfast can rot. Let’s play.”
  141. Nathan sat open mouthed for a second, before shrugging his shoulders and absent-mindedly placing a hand on his growing manhood. “Well, okay!”
  145. Alicia nodded. “That’s what I thought. So, what do you want me to do first?”
  149. He was like a kid in the world’s most expansive candy store. A million ideas raced through his head, and he was having a torrid time trying to narrow them down. Slime, extra tits, anything. Anything at all. He was just about to stammer out the first words he could muster, but he was stopped as Alicia spoke up.
  153. “No no, wait, let me be the ideas guy here. I wanna take this for a ride. Just jump right into it. It can’t be that hard. If stretching came to me quick, I don’t see why this wouldn’t.” Nathan acquiesced, hoping she literally wouldn't become a "guy" as she'd just said. She looked around the room for inspiration. “Okay, what to do, what to do…” She noticed a metal grasshopper sculpture, given to her by Nathan’s mom, on the bedside table. “No, too icky.” she thought to herself, and continued looking for hints.
  157. Nathan couldn’t believe how nonchalant she was being about this. It was actually driving him nuts to see her so eager to test her abilities. As he subconsciously rubbed at himself, Alicia’s gaze fell upon a picture on the dresser. It was of them at Nathan’s company Christmas party that past year. The picture was taken at a photo booth the company had set up, having fun, drinks in hand, ugly sweaters adorned. But it wasn’t the subject of the picture that intrigued her. It was the setting.
  161. “What was her name…” Alicia mused to herself, as her index finger stretched slightly and exaggeratedly scratched her chin.
  165. “Who’s name?” asked Nathan, a little nervous.
  169. “OH, that’s right! Sarah!” said Alicia.
  173. “Sarah?” asked Nathan again.
  177. Almost as if she hadn’t heard him, Alicia turned back to look at herself. “How do I do this… do I just…” she muttered as she looked up across the room, finding her reflection in the mirror over the dresser.
  181. Again, Nathan asked, “Who’s Sarah? Do you mean Sarah Finnegan? From work?”
  185. “Mmhmm,” said Alicia absentmindedly, before she shivered. Nathan was about to open his mouth and ask why she was talking about Sarah, but was stopped in his tracks when he saw Alicia’s face, focused intently on the mirror, began to shift. Her head, almost as if squeezed by a vice, thinned and lengthened, as her nose grew a little bigger, and the end became slightly pointy, losing it’s ski-slope round off. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger, wide and almond shaped. Her lips plumped up, and her whole body shuddered, goosebumps bursting from her neck downwards with a little moan escaping from her mouth. She turned to Nathan, her face now a near perfect copy of Sarah from the office’s face, and smiled. Nathan was shocked. He wanted to ask why, why Sarah, but he was too speechless from watching her face shift and change in such a way.
  189. He was never one with words, so he found it especially hard to articulate the only thing he could think to say. He started to stutter out, “W-well, she’s also a redhe-“, but was cut off when he saw Alicia, or Sarah, close her eyes. Her hair shook a little, wavering back and forth, before bursting from a dirty blonde mix into a brilliant, bright ginger red color, exploding from her hair part downwards, as the hair curled and shortened, becoming a big, curly bob around her face. Not long after, her skin, all at once, began to drain itself of color, going from a summer tan, to a light olive, lighter and lighter, until almost all pigment was gone, leaving her skin ivory white, and her nipples a soft pink. Visibly writhing a little now, Alicia groaned as from her chest, shoulders, arms and face, exploded into a wide mess of freckles, dotting her skin evenly but with a good amount of thickness. Still closing her eyes, she placed her hands on her chest, rubbing herself as they ballooned outwards, expanding to a D cup in no time. Her legs then lengthened, along with her midsection, and she laid finally, heaving and breathless, a shapely, 5’8 redhead, her eyes now a sparkling blue as she opened them and smiled at Nathan.
  193. “Well,” she asked, uncupping her hands from her chest and laying one on Nathan’s shoulder. “How do I look?”
  197. Nathan’s mouth was dry, and his cock was throbbing, still absentmindedly grabbing and stroking at it. He whispered, “A hell of a lot like Sarah…”
  201. Alicia took her hand off him, looking visibly annoyed. “A little? I just copied this bitch perfectly! What do you mean?” The voice was still hers, but it came from a completely foreign body.
  205. Nathan laughed, and said, “Well, uh, you’re like a much more in shape version of her. She’s a little, well, curvier than that.” He felt like a spoiled brat critiquing his fiance's fantastic transformation for him.
  209. A smile crept back over her face. “Oh, you mean like this?” and looked over herself. Her skin began to swell, just a little bit, all over her body. Her legs and arms thickened, her stomach filled out ever so slightly, and her ass rounded and became plumper. All the while, she couldn’t help a whimper escaping from her mouth. Now a voluptuous, curvy bombshell, her eyes fluttered open, and she whispered, “God, every single thing I do feels so fucking good. It’s amazing, baby.”
  213. Nathan looked her over. She now was, really, a perfect copy of Sarah. She was amazing. He’d always secretly wanted to see Sarah naked, too. How did she land on her, of all people? For the last time, he stammered out, “Why Sarah?”
  217. She smiled, and gestured over at the Christmas picture. “The party. She was all the fuck over you. Rubbing your arm, laughing way too hard at all your jokes, tussling your hair. She clearly wanted you. And you were a little turned on by it, if I remember correctly, weren’t you?”
  221. Nathan thought back to the party, and remembered everything she’d just described. She was right. Sarah was all over her, and he was digging the attention pretty hard, although he never let it lead to anything more than her harmlessly flirting with and touching him.
  225. “You were. You were eyeing her tits and ass, meeting her gaze. Made me pretty fucking jealous, actually.” said Alicia’s voice coming from Sarah’s mouth. “But hey. Now you can see her naked.” Her hand drifted upwards, and caressed Nathan’s face, her voice dropping to a sultry whisper. “You can even fuck her if you want.”
  229. Nathan’s heart was pounding. This was either the ultimate office fantasy, or the ultimate fiancé trap. Carefully he said, “Wouldn’t that be…be cheating or something?”
  233. Alicia rolled her eyes. “It’s still me, babe. I’d never let you fuck her in real life, but you can fuck me looking like her anytime. You can fuck anybody you want, I guess, as long as it's me. I know you like my real body and face, but this is fun! I want this. It feels..." she paused, reveling in the sensations of a new frame, "...fucking fantastic, and it’s obviously turning you on. I mean, I can even fake the ditzy voice if you want!” Throwing her red hair over her shoulders, she reached out and grabbed his arm, before doubling over in fake laughter, and she screeched in a high pitch voice, “Oh my godddd, Nathan, you are so funny! You should like, totally do standup!”
  237. Nathan began laughing, as Alicia kept up the act. She grabbed him and rolled him on top of her full figured frame. “Haha, Nathan! Oh my god, you should like, totally fuck me! I like, totally want to! It would be like so so funny, right?” Nathan was laughing too hard, and mid sentence, he put an arm up and smothered her mouth with his hand. She was visibly taken aback at first, and tried getting a few words out, but suddenly, she stopped, and he saw her eyebrows furrow mischievously.
  241. “Haha, Nathan!” he heard. He looked, and sure enough his hand was still covering her mouth up. Again, he heard the ditzy voice. “Down here, silly!”, Sarah’s eyes faux rolling in turn with the voice. Looking down, he saw her chest. On the left breast was her nipple, but on the right, a tiny, areola sized mouth, lips just as plumped as the ones on her face. “You totally gave me an idea when you said something about ‘extra limbs’ earlier!” said the titmouth. “I figured, like, it couldn’t be that hard to just do the same with extra, like, whatever! It’s like -”
  245. The voice was cut off by Nathan, wide open mouth and smiling, shoving a finger into it. With a gurgle, it stopped, as Alicia’s body spasmed and seized, her eyes rolling back into her head. Quickly removing his finger and hand in surprise, he waited for Sarah to slump back onto the bed. As she did, her legs kicked out and rubbed against the bedsheets. In Alicia’s normal voice, both mouths whispered, “That….felt reeeeaally good.”
  249. She swiftly wrapped her arms around him, kissing him deeply on his face, her second mouth wildly kissing and licking his chest, while a third appeared on her other nipple, mimicking it's twin. Steadying himself, he pushed himself up on his arms, his hands planting on her shoulders, sinking in as he maneuvered his cock into position outside her pussy. Before he could even think to thrust into her, her pussy, one step ahead of her, stretched outwards, lips gaping wide, and enveloped him, stretching her vagina up and down him on a long tube of skin, fucking him quickly and powerfully, dripping wet down his shaft. Her whole body rippled and vibrated with ecstasy, like a pool of water.
  253. She found the subsequent changes easier and easier to perform, as if she only needed to consider it before her body made it happen. A fourth mouth appeared in the middle of her chest, it's lips big and plump, spanning wide enough to swallow a honeydew melon whole. This became her new talking mouth while her original one stayed glued to Nathan's face. "More!" the newest pair of lips cried crazily, "I need more!" Nathan's hands, which had sunk so deeply into her shoulders that he could feel the bedsheet beneath him, were suddenly enveloped up to his mid forearm by her skin, like quicksand, and at the start of that skin, two sets of lips appeared around his arms, followed by snaking pink tongues that wrapped around him up to his shoulders and stretched to lick his earlobes. She now had six mouths, all thrashing and sucking different parts of Nathan, save for the biggest one on her upper chest, which was reserved for the moans and cries that she could not hold in. Her body was electrified, every single part of her beginning to deform and stretch out. Ideas, however, kept coming to her, fueled by her foray into the fetish sites he'd provided. She'd gone a little off the beaten path, to places he hadn't even told her about, and her creativity was flowing like a river.
  257. As Nathan was nearly blacking out in the bliss, the incredulity of it all, he felt the mouths around his arms begin to twist and shake, and opening his eyes, peeking past Alicia-Sarah's rubbery rippling face, he saw the lips shifting, twisting sideways, and thickening out, layers developing. She was turning them into two pussies, and he could feel them mold around his hands, his arms soaking in their juices. Alicia's legs began to jerk, unable to keep still from the completely debilitating pleasure this added, and with every kick, they stretched off the bed, around the room, like fire hoses being pulled and thrown wildly about as they went. As they continued to develop, the tops each of her new vaginas developed clits, and the tongues that had wrapped themselves around Nathan's arms, not removed in the transformation, dove back down and started to rub the swelling bumps with abandon. The mouths on her breasts suddenly stretched outwards,  and then downwards, one landing on her pussy and tonguing her original clit, which she wanted to be the most sensitive, and the other stretching further, beneath Nathan's swinging balls, before sucking them inside, and juggling them around another frantic tongue. She felt every pussy, clitoris, and mouth individually, all of them nearing climax at different rates.
  261. As her pleasure increased, her body began changing of its own accord. With every thrust of her pussy downward onto him, another part of her would pulsate and swell. Her forearms plumped with one, before deflating as her eyes doubled in size on the next. Her breasts would explode and recede, as would her hands, her tongues, her ass, and on and on the list went. Her various vaginas climaxed and reset as they went on, independently orgasming from one another, all to the delighted cries of Alicia, another mouth appearing and trembling beneath or around each erogenous zone as it exploded.
  265. Nathan couldn't hold it in, as he felt precum surge forth from within him and out into the ginger woman's super long sex. He began to try to warn Alicia of his impending explosion, sputtering into her mouth what would only be frantic fragments of a warning anyway. His masquerading fiancé, however, knew what he was getting at. The large set of lips on her chest smiled a big toothy grin between moans and shouts, and cried, "Oh, baby, let me help you with that!"
  267. Tilting her body to the side slightly, suddenly an arm, hand, fingers and all, sprouted quickly from the small of her back, the palm facing downwards. Immediately, she cocked the new appendage back, and threw it downwards, inserting itself into her quivering ass firmly, more shocks erupting through her frame. Now completely ready to have one final, massive climax concurrent with Nathan, she felt around inside herself, pulling and stretching around the walls of her insides, until she stretched the arm far enough to feel his cock through her uterus, still being fucked by a prehensile vagina. Grabbing a hold of it tight, she began to pump it passionately, allowing him a handjob on top of everything else. Inside her main sex, she sprouted one last hidden tongue, ready and waiting eagerly to taste his mess. As the last bit of her consciousness faded, she heaved and hyperventilated, and said to Nathan, "I'm ready, I'm ready to cum, I'm ready, ready, cum..." Her voice sounded distant, a gurgle, as if she was drowning.
  271. Nathan did not need another invitation, nor could he hold off any longer. He felt his cock tense up, and his balls, still hooked to a long pair of lips, pull up into his body, ready to burst into the writhing mass of Alicia. Alicia herself, fading from conscious thought into pure bliss, knew that when she came, the big one, she would change again, but she had no idea how. In fact, the change had already begun. Alicia began to drip, as if sweating, but her body, heaving with every thrust, was deforming, melting, and liquefying as she built further and further, her human frame devolving like plastic in a furnace. With a few final pushes, his fiancé now nothing more than a gurgling, moaning mass of watery, pale goop, Nathan felt himself seize a final time.
  275. He came.
  279. She tasted it, and erupted.
  283. Alicia's half-form exploded upwards out what was once a mouth, in a torrential tornado of semi-solids, spinning around his cock, the only solid bit of her being the remnants of a tongue remaining to taste him, but that too went the way of her body after a while. Droplets and gobs of her spun off of the towering storm and showered around the room as she spun faster and faster, pulling apart and crashing back in on herself in torrential waves of excitement. It pulled and twisted about Nathan, intensifying every sensation he had, and the sights of it only made him shout and cum more, and more, directly into the porcelain hurricane. As he slowed, so did she, or 'it' at this point. The last bits of his semen bursting outwards, the single stalagmite of muck spun slower, and slower, before coming to a stop, wobbling, six feet high and a foot wide, atop Nathan. He could see his cum swirling about inside it, inside Alicia. He weakly reached out, and placed his hand first just beside it, before dipping it in gingerly, feeling how warm and gooey it was. The form shook, and Nathan heard a watery groan emit from all sides.
  287. "Baby?" He asked, breathless. "Baby, you in there?"
  291. For a few seconds, there was nothing. No sound, no movement. Until suddenly, Alicia collapsed. She crashed downwards and outwards upon herself and Nathan, splashing onto the bed, the carpet, pillows, walls. Nathan couldn't close his panting mouth fast enough, and caught a mouthful of her, tasting a mix of her skin, sweat, and secretions. As the last of her dribbled flat, most of her mass on the mattress, a small pillar emerged at one end of the bedsheet, the color of the form now similar to Alicia's tanned skin. From the mound, only stretching about 5 inches off the bed, an eye formed slowly, followed by a small mouth. It could only utter one word, "love..." before it collapsed back into itself, the whole warm puddle rippling once, and then laying still.
  295. Nathan surveyed the room.She was everywhere. There was no way he'd be able to clean her up and put her back together by himself. So, after turning and releasing the wobbling bits of Alicia he had in his mouth back into the puddle, he simply laid back, and after replaying parts of the session back in his head, he laughed, exhausted. Looking over, he could see the tray of breakfast, and desperately grasped at the glass of OJ closest to him. But alas, unlike his fiancée, he was only human, and could not reach. He surmised that he'd just have to wait for her to wake up, and then, who knows. But it was going to be fun.
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