Arpeggio of Blue Steel drama CD translation transcript

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  1. # Exported by Aegisub 2.1.9 (built from SVN revision 6219)
  2. Takao: When will your repairs be done?I'm sick of this island already.
  3. Iona: Ask Hyuuga.
  4. Takao: For the love of...Not that mecha-fetishist.
  5. Iona: Even though you're a mecha yourself.
  6. Takao: Should I laugh?
  7. Iona: No.
  8. Iona: That book looks interesting.
  9. Takao: Hey, are right now?
  10. Iona: Well, I can't say that I'm not.
  11. Iona: I'm doing batch repairs right now.
  12. # Incorrect.  I don't know what she's saying in the first part.
  13. Takao: Anyways, let's talk about the venerable Gunzou.
  14. Iona: Gunzou?
  15. Takao: That's the only thing we can talk about.
  16. Iona: You can talk about your eventful journey in Hokkaido.
  17. Takao: How about no.
  18. Iona: I can also talk about the story of howI got a rare doujinshi by outwitting humans.
  19. Takao: Oh, come on!
  20. Iona: Be careful. If I'm Gunzou, then this Iron Claw would have killed me.
  21. Takao: I wouldn't use it against the venerable Gunzou!
  22. Iona: So, what were we talking about again?
  23. Takao: Okay. I get it. I'll never keep you company ever again.
  24. Iona: I see. So you don't want to know how Gunzou and I met?
  25. Takao: Huh!?
  26. Iona: Cue smile.
  27. Takao: If...If you insist...
  28. Iona: Huh? I can't hear you.
  29. Takao: I...I don't mind you telling me...
  30. Iona: "I don't mind"?
  31. Takao: Pl-...Please tell me...
  32. Iona: "Please"?
  33. Takao: Please tell me...Please, I beg of you!
  34. Iona: Unlocking route to memory archives.
  35. Iona: You should access my memories now.
  36. Takao: Huh? You're letting me into a simulation?
  37. Iona: I'll show another bond began.
  38. Takao: What do you mean, other bond...Huh!?
  39. Takao: Hey, don't start the simulation all of a sudden!
  40. Iona: Then, let's raise the curtains on "Trio Triangle."
  41. Takao: You gave it a title?
  42. Takao:!
  43. Iona: Now reviewing the summary of the destination:
  44. The National Maritime Institute of Technology is a massive national institute
  45. that educates 118,000 students from kindergarten all the way to graduate school.
  46. It aims to pass on the slowly dying arts of seafaring for the eventual counterattack and the world after that.
  47. The students are required to learn about high-level theories and techniques; the annual dropout rate is a high 5%.
  48. I'll take one class here.
  49. # Unsure.
  50. I forged all documents and prepared a set of uniforms for myself.
  51. I also gathered many attires for display to other humans.
  52. To put it simply, it wasn't easy.
  53. I hope that the experience I gain will be worth the trouble.
  54. Gunzou Chihaya...Don't let me down.
  55. Gunzou Chihaya...Don't let me down.
  56. Iori: You sure look comfy, Kyouhei.
  57. Kyouhei: Oh, Iori?  What's up?
  58. Iori: Well, you seemed to be having some sweet dreams, so I came to wake you up.
  59. Kyouhei: That sure is nice of you.
  60. Iori: I don't want to hear that from someone who's sleeping during exams.
  61. Kyouhei: I have a trump card.
  62. Iori: Trump card? What is it?
  63. Kyouhei: You're my trump card.
  64. Iori: Huh?
  65. Kyouhei: You're so good that you'll skip grades while I'll have to keep on repeating them.
  66. I'll fully experience seven years of student life, and graduate five years later than you.
  67. Iori: Ohh~
  68. Kyouhei: By then, you'll already be ahead in life, so I'll use your connections to get a job.
  69. Iori: Ohh~ That's unexpectedly smart of you!
  70. Kyouhei: The hell does that mean!?
  71. Iori: But shouldn't you get to know someone more talented than me?
  72. Kyouhei: Who?
  73. Iori: Why don't you try to make friends with second top student of the whole school?
  74. Kyouhei: Huh?
  75. Kyouhei: You mean the King of Silver, Gunzou Chihaya?
  76. Iori: Yep. Wouldn't he be a much better connection for your future?
  77. Iori: You haven't joined a crew for the simulation exam yet, right?
  78. Kyouhei: Not yet, but...are you asking me to join Gunzou Chihaya's team?
  79. I didn't know that you were friends with him.
  80. Iori: No, but I'm friends with his longtime buddy, Sou Oribe.
  81. Kyouhei: Oribe? Oh, the guy with the allergies?
  82. So this time we're teaming up with them?
  83. Iori: Yep.
  84. Kyouhei: Hmm...
  85. Iori: What?
  86. Don't tell me that even you're worried about that rumor.
  87. Kyouhei: The one about how his dad changed sides to the fleet of fog?
  88. Not at all.
  89. What his dad did doesn't change my opinion of him.
  90. Iori: Ohh~ Good boy! That's my Kyouhei!
  91. Kyouhei: Don't pat my head!
  92. Kyouhei: But...
  93. Iori: But what?
  94. Kyouhei: I can't handle elites like him.
  95. Iori: Um...
  96. Kyouhei: Huh?
  97. Iori: You're an elite of this school, you know.
  98. Kyouhei: I know, that's why I'm blowing off my future.
  99. Iori: That. Pisses me off.
  100. Sou: Gunzou.
  101. Gunzou: Oh, Sou?
  102. What is it?
  103. Sou: About the simulation exam,
  104. if we don't find crew members, we're going to get assigned random underclassmen again.
  105. Gunzou: I don't mind that.
  106. Sou: Gunzou...Well, I thought that you'd say that, so I've already worked this all out.
  107. Do you know Iori Watanuki?
  108. Gunzou: Watanuki?
  109. No.
  110. Sou: She's a talented engineer.
  111. She placed fifth on the last school-wide exam.
  112. I talked to her.
  113. You'll be the captain, I'll be your first mate,and Watanuki will be the engineer.
  114. We also have a weapons officer.
  115. Gunzou: I didn't know that you had those connections.
  116. Sou: You're too distant towards others.
  117. There's a student called Kyouhei Kashihara in Gunnery and Sea Mines.
  118. He's a friend of Watanuki.
  119. He isn't outstanding overall, but he's always in the top 10 of the Gunnery division.
  120. They'll make perfect crew members.
  121. Gunzou: Who'll be our sonar operator?
  122. Sou: Why don't you ask Hibiki again?
  123. She's always looking after you.
  124. She's always been your sonar operator since she transferred,
  125. and you two make a perfect combo.
  126. Do you mind if I send in our application with those crew members?
  127. Gunzou: No, that sounds good.
  128. Iona: Are you Gunzou Chihaya?
  129. Gunzou: And you are?
  130. Iona: Iona Kirino.
  131. Gunzou: Kirino?
  132. How can I be of assistance?
  133. Iona: I just wanted to see what kind of man Gunzou Chihaya is.
  134. I'm done. Sorry for interrupting you.
  135. I'm looking forward to the simulator exam next week.
  136. I've come to test you.
  137. I've come from the outside world to test you, that is.
  138. Gunzou: From the...outside world...
  139. Sou: She transferred here six days ago.
  140. Gunzou: Transfer student?
  141. Sou: Transferring here at this time is quite irregular, huh.
  142. Not to mention that she's been quite prominent since day one.
  143. Gunzou: Prominent?
  144. Sou: Yea. I heard that she's been first in her class for every quiz,
  145. and she even beat the guys of her class in physical exams.
  146. She stands out in every area.  The whole school is talking about her.
  147. Right now, Iona Kirino sees you as a rival.
  148. Gunzou: Why?
  149. Sou: She's the dark horse for the next simulator exam.
  150. She sees you as a rival for the top student of the whole school.
  151. Gunzou: Top student?
  152. Sou: Now that Kotono is no longer with us, that's what everyone thinks.
  153. Gunzou: Because I'm the King of Silver, huh.
  154. Sou: Gunzou...
  155. Maruri: Good afternoon, Chihaya.
  156. What are you doing all alone in this courtyard?
  157. Gunzou: Good afternoon, Hibiki.
  158. I was just thinking.
  159. Oh yea, thanks for filling in as sonar operator.
  160. Maruri: No, I was having a hard time building a crew too.
  161. Gunzou: I see.
  162. Maruri: Is this...a photo of Kirino?
  163. Gunzou: Oh, yes.
  164. I got it from students in the Observations division who secretly took pictures of her.
  165. I know that this is wrong, though.
  166. Maruri: Umm...
  167. Gunzou: Hm?
  168. Maruri: Umm...
  169. Are you thinking about Kirino?
  170. Gunzou: Yes, I'm thinking about her.
  171. Maruri: Huh?...Oh, I see...So you're thinking about her...
  172. Maybe he likes lighter hair.
  173. Gunzou: Thinking about how to win against her.
  174. Maruri: Huh...Huh? How to win against her?
  175. Gunzou: For some reason, this time, I don't want to lose at the school-wide simulator exam.
  176. Maruri: Oh..Oh, oh, ohh! I see, I see!
  177. So that's how it is. Phew.
  178. Gunzou: Hm?
  179. Maruri: It...It sure is unusual to see you to want to win, Chihaya.
  180. Gunzou: I don't know why myself,
  181. but it sure is strange for me to be like this all of a sudden.
  182. Maruri: No...well, I kinda understand.
  183. So you're thinking about your strategy against her?
  184. I hear that she's making a crew from top members of her class and upperclassmen.
  185. Gunzou: So it seems.
  186. But since the format is round robin, we won't know when we'll fight them.
  187. Maruri: But...why are you looking at her photo?
  188. Gunzou: In war, the one who understands his opponent more deeply wins.
  189. Maruri: Understand more deeply?
  190. Gunzou: Yea.
  191. It may sound strange to understand the enemy,
  192. but I want to understand personal details like
  193. what she's thinking, what her goal is, and what she's trying to do.
  194. Maruri: So that's why you're looking at her photo?
  195. Gunzou: I might be able to figure something out...That's what I think.
  196. Something more than meets the eye.
  197. I want more data on her,
  198. but if I go too far, I might run into trouble.
  199. I sure sound like a stalker, huh
  200. Maruri: That's right.
  201. Gunzou: I've also collected data on her crew members.
  202. I want to know everything about her.
  203. Maruri: Maybe I should've joined her team.
  204. Gunzou: Huh?
  205. Maruri: Ah, no, nothing at all.
  206. Gunzou: Then, I look forward to working with you from tomorrow on.
  207. Maruri: Oh, yes, I look forward to it too.
  208. Maruri: Um...
  209. Gunzou: Hm?
  210. Maruri: I hope you find out why you want to win.
  211. Gunzou: You're right.
  212. I'll think about it.
  213. Maruri: I think it's because she's like Kotono.
  214. Gunzou: Everyone, we've done great to get this far.
  215. You have my thanks.
  216. Our next opponent is the favorite for the winning this year's exam.
  217. XO, summary, please.
  218. Sou: Our submarine for this simulation is the New Harushio class.
  219. Her length is 90 meters, and draught is 10 meters.
  220. Her top speed while submerged is 40 knots.
  221. Her propulsion is nothing unusual.
  222. She has four bow tubes and two stern tubes that can fire supercavitation torpedoes.
  223. She's a standard fifth-generation assault submarine.
  224. We can assume that the enemy vessel will be the same.
  225. From now on, the enemy vessel will be referred as number 1, and we'll be number 2.
  226. This vessel would normally need 44 crew members,
  227. but the other crew members will be replaced by simulations of average sailors,
  228. and their actions will be automatically computed.
  229. The mission will be carried in Simulation Area B:
  230. a simple model of a part of the Pacific Ocean.
  231. It's set to be 150 km by 150 km.
  232. The time limit for the mission is four hours.
  233. The test rules are the same as the mock battle rules.
  234. # Unsure.
  235. Certification Computer No. 3 will be the judge.
  236. That's all.
  237. Kyouhei: Well, we just have to keep doing what we've been doing, right?
  238. Gunzou: I guess so.
  239. The enemy captain, Iona Kirino, is unusually meticulous and runs a very tight ship.
  240. Like a machine, she doesn't make any mistakes.
  241. They're different from the enemies we've faced before.
  242. Kyouhei: That makes me even more excited.
  243. Gunzou: Keep that up.
  244. Sou: 30 seconds before the exam begins.
  245. Gunzou: Okay. Let's go!
  246. Kyouhei: All weapons systems are reading green.
  247. Maruri: Sonar sensitivity is ideal.
  248. Iori: Engine is a-okay.
  249. Sou: All barriers are shut. Watertight integrity is green.
  250. Sou: The test has begun.
  251. Maruri: Contact with no. 1.
  252. Course unknown. Distance: about 32000. Speed: 15 knots.
  253. Kyouhei: That was fast.
  254. Gunzou: Start the engine! Speed: 10 knots. Maintain current depth. Course: 010.
  255. No. 1 Sonar: Can't make contact with no. 2.
  256. Iona: When you can't hear her with your ears, start audio analysis immediately.
  257. There's a good chance that she's caught us.
  258. Her sonar operator is an ace in her division, after all.
  259. No. 1 Sonar: A-Aye aye
  260. Iona: If only I can do everything in this simulation...
  261. How inconvenient.
  262. No. 1 XO: What is it, captain?
  263. Iona: Nothing.
  264. XO, new course: 3-3-0. Down trim: 15 degrees. Dive to 270.
  265. We're going to the bottom.
  266. No. 1 XO: Aye aye. Course: 3-3-0 port. Down trim: 15 degrees. Dive to 270.
  267. But...shouldn't we leave some more distance between us and the bottom?
  268. We may be in danger of colliding with the bedrock...
  269. Iona: They're different from the other students we've faced. If we can't even do this perfectly, then we're doomed.
  270. Maruri: Contact lost. She dived and blended in with the bottom.
  271. I'll start analysis.  Give me 15.
  272. Gunzou: Okay. Stay the course.
  273. Weapons officer. Load the torpedoes into the bow tubes.
  274. Load an active decoy and a passive decoy into the stern tubes.
  275. Kyouhei: Aye aye. Unlocking torpedo tubes.
  276. No. 1 Sonar: Sound of torpedo tubes unlocking. Distance unknown. Bearing: 0-7-7. Depth unknown.
  277. Iona: Let's make the first move. Fire tube 1. Detonate it twenty seconds after launch.
  278. No. 1 Weapons: Firing torpedo in tube 1.
  279. Maruri: Torpedo launch sound. One detected. Coming right at us from port side.
  280. Speed: 200 knots. 280 seconds until impact.
  281. Sou: So she really made the first move.
  282. Gunzou: Ahead full on port! Fire both decoys in stern tubes!
  283. Kyouhei: Aye aye!
  284. Maruri: Torpedo still moving...
  285. ...It isn't coming at us!
  286. Gunzou: Don't launch the decoys!
  287. Gunzou: It wasn't meant to hit us.
  288. Damn! We were baited into making a move!
  289. Iona: Analysis the sonar plot. No. 2's echo should be in there.
  290. No. 1 Sonar: Detected No. 2's echo!
  291. Iona: Load torpedoes in bow tubes. Set half of the torpedoes to target No. 2's propeller during terminal guidance.
  292. Fire all torpedoes at the estimated position!
  293. No. 1 Weapons: Firing all bow tubes!
  294. Maruri: We've been spotted though the torpedo detonation sound.
  295. Torpedo sound detected. Unknown number. Coming from the same bearing as before.
  296. Gunzou: They're going to hit us this time! Blow the tanks! Emergency dive! Stop the engine!
  297. Maruri: Active sonar detected!
  298. Torpedoes have entered terminal guidance!
  299. Gunzou: How many!?
  300. Maruri: Two active sonars!
  301. Sou: Gunzou! We're a sitting duck!
  302. Gunzou: There should be torpedoes that are configured to target our engine noise.
  303. We'll take the first hit.  If we start our engine, then we'll eat all of them.
  304. Down trim as much as possible!
  305. Maruri: Number of torpedoes confirmed!
  306. Six detected! Two are coming right at us!
  307. Gunzou: Fire the decoys!
  308. Kyouhei: Firing decoys in stern tubes 1 and 2!
  309. Gunzou: Damage report!
  310. Sou: We avoided a direct hit, but it was a point-blank blast.
  311. Detected leaks in blocks 7-14 and 20-48.
  312. Iori: Engine is fine.
  313. Maruri: No problems with sonar.
  314. However, our reception is low because of the noise.
  315. Kyouhei: The weapons system reports that bow tube no. 1 is out of order.
  316. Gunzou: Flood the blocks with leaks!
  317. Gunzou: For the sake of balance, also flood the opposite blocks!
  318. Sou: No, that would impair too much of our movement.
  319. Gunzou: Once the waters clear up, they're going to detect us through the leakage noise.
  320. Gunzou: We don't have time. Flood the blocks!
  321. Sou: Oh...Oh, yes, quite right. Aye aye! Releasing the valves!
  322. Iona: Sonar, report.
  323. No. 1 Sonar: All torpedoes detonated, but the waters are still filled with noise from the explosion.
  324. Iona: We should have dealt damage. Pay attention to leakage noise.
  325. No. 1 Sonar: Understood.
  326. Sou: Flooding complete. No remaining leaks detected.
  327. Our maximum speed has been reduced by 20%.
  328. Gunzou: Engine room.
  329. Iori: Engine room here.
  330. Gunzou: Can you make the drive system make some noise?
  331. I want a small noise that may or may not be able to detected by sonar.
  332. Iori: Hm...I'll try. Give me 3 minutes.
  333. Gunzou: I'll leave it to you.
  334. Weapons officer, prepare to eject torpedoes.
  335. Kyouhei: Eject torpedoes? Not fire?
  336. Gunzou: After we start the engine, eject three torpedoes from the stern tubes.
  337. As quiet as you can make it. Can you do it?
  338. Kyouhei: Well, I can just take out the compressed air.
  339. Gunzou: I have an idea.
  340. This idea can only work against Iona Kirino.
  341. Maruri: No. 1 shows no signs of movement. Position unknown.
  342. Gunzou: She'll start moving when we do.
  343. Hibiki, I'm counting on you to catch her.
  344. Maruri: Leave it to me.
  345. If you ask me, then I can't say no, right?
  346. Sou: All systems reading green. Ready signal received from the engine room.
  347. Captain, we're ready when you are.
  348. Gunzou: Okay. Let's go!
  349. Start the engine!
  350. No. 1 Sonar: Detected No. 1's engine sound. She's started moving again!
  351. Faint torpedo tube flooding sound detected. Distance: about 6500.
  352. Iona: There she is. She's closer than I expected.
  353. Do you hear any leakage noises?
  354. No. 1 Sonar: No, I can't hear any.
  355. Iona: We didn't deal any damage?
  356. She should have at least taken a point-blank blast. How strange.
  357. No. 1 Sonar: No. 2 is still moving at 7 knots. Course: 2-7-7.
  358. She's heading right at us, and will pass right in front of us.
  359. Iona: Bring up a map.
  360. Weapons officer, prepare to launch torpedoes.
  361. Engine, prepare to start the engine.
  362. No. 1 Weapons: Aye aye.
  363. No. 1 Engine: Aye aye.
  364. Iona: No. 2 will pass right in front of us?
  365. No. 1 Sonar: She's right in front of us. She's maintaining her course.
  366. Iona: Curiosities one after another. Bring up the audio analysis graph.
  367. No. 1 Sonar: Here's the raw data, as well as the propeller and engine sounds on record.
  368. They match.
  369. Iona: The captured data has a faint noise in the high-pitch range.
  370. No. 1 XO: But couldn't that be noise from the ocean?
  371. Iona: No, this looks like the speaker noise that decoys make.
  372. No. 1 Sonar: That certainly is possible, but...
  373. Iona: And we can't detect any leakage noises from the one in front.
  374. We should be able to detect it at this range.
  375. Did we detect any leakage noises from where we last detected No. 2?
  376. No 1. Sonar: No, we didn't detect any.
  377. Iona: Don't tell me that she quickly stopped the leakage noise and dared to dive down with that level of damage.
  378. That would make absolutely no sense at all.
  379. No. 1 XO: Captain, orders, please.
  380. Iona: We'll move out too.
  381. The one in front is a decoy! Start the engine! Full speed!
  382. The enemy is still at where we last detected her!
  383. Load torpedoes into bow tubes. Launch at the target directly!
  384. No. 1 XO: Hard to starboard!
  385. No. 1 Weapons: Torpedoes loaded!
  386. Iona: Fire torpedoes! Fire all tubes!
  387. No. 1 Sonar: Our four torpedoes are moving towards the target. 15 seconds until impact.
  388. Iona: What about the decoy?
  389. No. 1 Sonar: Still maintaining its speed and course.
  390. No. 1 Sonar: Multiple explosions detected.
  391. Seven instances detected.
  392. Sonar sensitivity impaired by explosions.
  393. Iona: Seven...?
  394. That's too few explosions for a sinking.
  395. There should be more for a chemical explosion.
  396. No. 1 Sonar: Torpedo movement sound!
  397. Iona: Huh!?
  398. No. 1 XO: What!?
  399. No. 1 Sonar: Unknown number! From 9 o'clock! 15 seconds until impact!
  400. Iona: From the left!? Engine to full! Hard to port! Fire decoys from the stern!
  401. No. 1 Sonar: We won't make it!
  402. No. 1 XO: Impact! We've been hit by three torpedoes!
  403. We...have been sunk.
  404. Iona: What? What happened?
  405. No. 1 XO: Captain, the result will now be displayed on the monitor.
  406. Iona: So that's what happened...
  407. 401 to Supreme Flagship Yamato,
  408. the following is my report on the assessment of Gunzou Chihaya:
  409. I saw it. I saw his spectacular performance as captain.
  410. It was quite nostalgic, wouldn't you agree?
  411. In order to make his ship look like a decoy, he made the engine create a faint noise and maintained her course.
  412. He left torpedoes at where I shot my torpedoes to make them detonate
  413. in order to impair our sonar with the explosion.
  414. In the midst of the explosion, he turned, got close to us, and fired torpedoes.
  415. When we fired the torpedoes, we completely exposed ourselves.
  416. He got me because I put too much trust in the data.
  417. There is such a thing as being too perfect.
  418. This is a new discovery for us.
  419. I see now, Yamato...It's just as you said.
  420. We need Mental Models.
  421. Iona: So you're really in this park after all.
  422. Gunzou: Kirino. How did you know I was here?
  423. Iona: I analyzed your personality, movement patterns, and stamina,
  424. and found four different places where you could be.
  425. I found you by process of elimination.
  426. I narrowed down the places where you can see the remains of Facility No. 4.
  427. Gunzou: I'm impressed.
  428. Iona: Is that sarcasm?
  429. You won against me.
  430. In love and war, one must understand the other.
  431. That means that you understood me more than I understood you.
  432. Gunzou: So, what you need from me?
  433. Iona: Oh, yea.
  434. I want to show you something. Come with me.
  435. Gunzou: Something you want to show me?
  436. Gunzou: Where is this?
  437. What's near these old warehouses that you want to show me?
  438. Iona: Do you want to sail out to the seas?
  439. Gunzou: Why are you asking this all of a sudden?
  440. Gunzou: Thanks to Fog blockade, we humans can't...
  441. Iona: Do you want to sail out to the seas?
  442. Gunzou: Well...
  443. Yes.
  444. Iona: No matter what happens beyond that blue horizon?
  445. Gunzou: Yea.
  446. Iona: Even if your father is lying in wait there?
  447. Gunzou: Huh!?
  448. Iona: Answer me, Gunzou Chihaya.
  449. Even if all of you can find in the far depths of that world is despair,
  450. can you still be yourself?
  451. Will you still be able to wallow in regret?
  452. # Unsure.
  453. Gunzou: I don't know
  454. what is making you ask this from me,
  455. but right now, I...
  456. Iona: "I..."?
  457. Gunzou: I can't even imagine how strong I am, or how strong I will become.
  458. That fills me with worries.
  459. I don't know what I can face and stand, and to what extent,
  460. but no matter what that is, I want to see it.
  461. I want to see how my world comes to an end.
  462. I'm always thinking about it, to a painful extent.
  463. Iona: Very well, Gunzou Chihaya.
  464. I may have demanded too much from humans.
  465. Gunzou: Huh?
  466. Iona: I'll take the ends of your world.
  467. Gunzou: this?
  468. Iona: Cruise Submarine of the Fog, I-401.
  469. From now on, this ship--me--will be your ship.
  470. Gunzou: No way...You're a Fog...
  471. Iona: Don't make such a miserable face. Take my hand...captain.
  472. Gunzou: Captain?
  473. Me? A captain of a Ship of Fog?
  474. And...this is the last ship that dad set sail on!
  475. What...What kind of joke is this?
  476. Iona: You are to captain me skillfully.
  477. Or should I say...there is no ship more fitting for you than me.
  478. Iona: Interesting reaction.
  479. Do these occasions typically call for explosive laughter?
  480. Gunzou: I get it. I get it.
  481. I can't believe this. This is too much. Too much!
  482. It's so much that it's driven me crazy!
  483. What am trying to run away from? Hope?
  484. Or a nightmare?
  485. Iona: You will decide how you use me.
  486. For mankind, for the Fog, or for your own gain.
  487. Use me as you please.
  488. Gunzou: "Maybe I'll live my life without ever being able to do anything in this locked-down world."
  489. I can say goodbye to that fear now.
  490. Iona: You're the only human who has such a wish.
  491. # Very unsure.
  492. Command me, Gunzou Chihaya.
  493. Gunzou: I wanted to see this country and this world from the seas.
  494. Even if that's all that I do, I'll have no regrets.
  495. From now on, you are my ship.
  496. Iona: I've come for you...
  497. from the blue abyss...
  498. of the deep seas...
  499. Iona: That concludes "My Girlfriend is a Submarine!?".
  500. The digest version, at least.
  501. Takao: What do you mean, "I've come for you from the blue abyss of the deep seas"!?
  502. Trying to play cool.
  503. ..."Digest version"!? And you even changed the title! Why are you appealing to that fetish?
  504. # I'm not sure if this is the last part (なんであのフェチを?).
  505. Iona: We'll eventually adapt the detailed version into manga.
  506. Takao: Who'll draw that!?
  507. Anyways, unlike now, you talked quite a bit back then.
  508. Iona: I don't need to say much when I have a captain I can trust, right?
  509. Takao: Oh...
  510. Gunzou: Iona, come here. I want to check something.
  511. Iona: Oh. What is it?
  512. Gunzou: It's about the new superheavy cannon.
  513. Iona: Oh. The controller for that is attached to the weapons systems like before...
  514. Takao: I'm not...jealous at all.
  515. Takao: I'm home~
  516. 400: Oh, Takao. Long time no see.
  517. Takao: Ah, I'm tired.
  518. Hey, 400.
  519. 400: What is it?
  520. Takao: Why am I not a submarine?
  521. 400: Huh?
  522. Takao: Why isn't the Takao class a class of submarines!?
  523. Why...Why!?
  524. 400: What's wrong...Hey.
  525. Kongou: Is 402 here?
  526. 402: Ah, O Great Kongou, thank you for coming!
  527. Kongou: I hope you called your fleet flagship here for something important.
  528. 402: Well, you see...
  529. Kongou: Hm?
  530. 402: they're...making a drama CD!
  531. Kongou: Drama...CD?
  532. 402: Yes, it's quite an influential medium in the human world!
  533. If we do this well, your popularity will skyrocket! The humans will worship you!
  534. # Can't parse last predicate.
  535. Kongou: Such a thing exists?
  536. 402: But there's just one problem.
  537. To star in a drama CD, you need acting ability.
  538. Kongou: Acting ability?
  539. 402: Yes. In this case, you need voice acting abilities.
  540. Kongou: Wait a minute. I'll look it up over the humans' network.
  541. Oh, I see.
  542. Kongou: I can just reverse engineer and imitate past humans with voice acting ability.
  543. 402: You can't do that!
  544. Kongou: Wh-...Why?
  545. 402: That's not...real acting ability!
  546. Real acting ability something you get from training yourself and overcoming many obstacles!
  547. Kongou:
  548. 402: Listen up, O Great Kongou! It's time for special training!
  549. Kongou: Special training?
  550. Kongou: No, I have duties as a fleet flagship...
  551. 402: Just let Hiei take care of that!
  552. 402: Let's start with vocalization training!
  553. Kongou: Vocalization?
  554. 402: Please repeat after me!
  555. A-I-U-E-O-A-O
  559. That's all for now. Go!
  560. Kongou: H-Huh!?
  561. A-
  562. AIUEO...AOAO...
  564. SASHISUSE...SO...
  565. Hey, 402.
  566. 402: Save it for later!
  567. We can also do tongue twisters.
  568. Kongou: Why do I feel that this is going to take a while?
  569. 402: Let's start from the basics!
  570. Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku.Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku.Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku.
  571. Tokyo Patient Permissions Center.
  572. Basu gasu bakuhatsu.Basu gasu bakuhatsu.Basu gasu bakuhatsu.
  573. Bus gas explosion.
  574. Aka makigami ao makigami ki makigami.Aka makigami ao makigami ki makigami.Aka makigami ao makigami ki makigami.
  575. Red scrolls, blue scrolls, yellow scrolls.
  576. Go!
  577. Kongou: Huh? Uh...Umm...
  578. Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku.Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku.Tokyo To-to-to...
  580. 402: gasp!
  581. Kongou: What!?
  582. 402: Ah, no...
  583. Good, good! That was moe!
  584. Kongou: "Moe"? What's that?
  585. 402: "Moe" is the phenomenon of causing something to sprout in the viewer or listener's heart.
  586. Ah, that reminds me. Listen to me, O Great Kongou.
  587. Recently, everyone has started thinking that moe is about sexual feelings.
  588. Even they don't even talk about the face, they call their love moe-moe, but that's wrong!
  589. Kongou: What?
  590. 402: Moe isn't about seduction!
  591. Take steel plates for example! Steel plates!
  592. Just looking at them makes you fall for their hardness, right?! That's moe!
  593. Steel plates are making something sprout in your heart, capiche!?
  594. "Sexy" this, "sexy" that...Shut up! Is that all you guys are looking for!?
  595. "Breasts"?  Is that all you can thinking about!?
  596. You guys are why we have that law now!
  597. Kongou: What circuit did she add this time?
  598. Takao: Hey, you guys sure are noisy.
  599. Huh? Kongou?
  600. Kongou: Look at you, acting as if nothing happened after you changed sides.
  601. Takao: Don't be so stiff. We're just ships after all.
  602. So what are you doing?
  603. Kongou: Something about a "drama CD."
  604. Takao: Drama CD?
  605. Oh, the one they just made?
  606. 402: Huh?
  607. Kongou: Huh?
  608. Takao: The drama CD, right?
  609. There was a recording just now.
  610. They just recorded 401's memories, though.
  611. 402: Huh? Huh? But, isn't it on the 28th?
  612. Takao: Isn't that the last day to buy it?
  613. 402: Oh. You're right.
  614. Kongou: Now then, 402.
  615. 402: Huh? Um. Yes?
  616. Kongou: Come with me on a blockade cruise around Japan.
  617. You'll be under my direct control.
  618. 402: Well, that's kinda...
  619. My cruising speed doesn't quite match up to your speed, O Great Kongou...
  620. Kongou: Then your engine will have to be at full speed at all times.
  621. Let's go!
  622. 402: Huh? Ah, please forgive me, O Great Kongou! A cruise submarine like me...
  623. # Unsure about this part.
  624. Ahh~ Wait! O Great Kongou, please, please!
  625. But, I'm not supposed to be under your direct control!
  626. Kongou: First, I'll drill the rules of the fleet into you!
  627. 402: But then I can't go to my part-time job!
  628. Ah, ah, ah~! 400, go to my job in my stead!
  629. 400: What is she doing?
  630. Takao: Why am I not a submarine?
  631. 400: Do you really want to be like her?
  633. Cast:
  634. Gunzou Chihaya - Jun Fukuyama
  635. Iona, 400, 402 - Aoi Yuuki
  636. Kyouhei Kashihara - Minoru Shiraishi
  637. Sou Oribe - Sugita Tomokazu
  638. Iori Watanuki - Aki Toyosaki
  639. Maruri Hibiki - Kana Hanazawa
  640. Takao - Rina Satou
  641. Kongou - Houko Kuwashima
  642. No. 1 XO - Ryouta Igarashi
  643. No. 1 Sonar Operator - Noriko Aoki
  644. No. 1 Weapons Officer - Shun'ichi Suzuki
  645. No. 1 Engineer - Ayaka Taguchi
  647. Staff:
  648. Original Work: Ark Performance
  649. Script: Ark Performance (No. 2)
  650. Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama (Groove)
  651. Assistant Sound Director: 郷文裕貴 (Groove)
  652. Sound Effects: Katsuhiro Nakano (Sound Box)
  653. Recording: Tooru Kumakura
  654. Recording Studio: Studio Aqua
  655. Sound Production: Groove
  656. Production: Monthly Young King Ours Editing Department (Yoshitaka Nonoguchi)
  657. CD Design: Kouji Oozuka (BBD)
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