Breakfast - Muffins!

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >For the first time in quite a while, you woke up with no mothpony in your arms.
  2. >Your brain couldn't handle the odd situation.
  3. >In hindsight, it was somewhat sad.
  4. >Sad, meaning pathetic.
  5. >You freaked out.
  6. >Badly.
  7. >Like, hyperventilating.
  8. >You thought she might have just up and left.
  9. >Turns out, a quick depressed trip to the kitchen later, she was making breakfast for you.
  10. >You were ecstatic when you saw her.
  11. >... Then you had to explain the situation.
  12. >She mocked you a bit for it.
  13. >But you still don't care.
  14. >You're just glad she's here.
  15. >...
  16. >Goodness, you really need to control your reactions to things.
  17. >That was way too much.
  18. >All of her stuff was still here, why would that indicate her being gone?
  19. >Your mind skipped every level of Happening.
  20. >Back to the muffins.
  21. >Chocolate Chip, by the way.
  22. >She even got a glass of milk for you.
  23. >Then immediately told you to just drink the milk, not dip the muffins in it.
  24. >... Sadly, that was your plan.
  25. >Maybe you're predictable.
  26. >Maybe it was just meant as an insult.
  27. >Either way, you laughed awkwardly.
  28. >You rolled really low on your Bluff check.
  29. >Currently, you're finishing off the last muffin and the last bit of milk.
  30. >They were really good.
  31. >You feel a hoof on your shoulder.
  32. >Your eyes meet hers.
  33. >...
  34. >One stomach-pump session later, she pulls away from you.
  35. >"Delicious. See, that's how cooking it done."
  36. >You smirk.
  37. >She thought you didn't notice.
  38. "Shimmer, the only muffin mix in this house is Just-add-water."
  39. >She deflates a little, then groans.
  40. >She gets off her chair and leaves the room.
  41. >You just sit there in silence.
  42. >... Well, it seems breakfast is done for today.
  43. >...
  44. >Wait, you didn't even thank her for the muffins!
  45. >All you did was prove they were easy to make, you didn't say anything about how she went out of her way to make them for you.
  46. >... Now you feel bad.
  47. >You have to fix that.
  48. >Like, now.
  49. "H-hey, Shimmer, wait up!"
  50. >She went left... right?
  51. >Dang it, Anon.
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