Sep 2nd, 2013
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  1. “Spi-ike! Did you finish cataloging those books I gave you?” Twilight called to Spike on the second floor, slowly trotting over to monitor his progress. Spike didn't answer. He was busy trying to understand why the newest princess of Equestria suddenly needed her assistant to catalog every book in the library at three in the morning, and after a day in Canterlot, too. “Now Spike, I want to make sure that we know exactly how many copies of Your Magic and You we have, Ponyville Elementary is just starting to teach basic levitation to the unicorn foals and I don't want to run out.”
  3. “Uh...sure...Twilight... just let me get a new quill...” He yawned. Twilight gave him a bit of a smile and a pat on the head, then began to head back downstairs. The baby dragon then promptly slumped to the floor and quickly fell fast asleep. Twilight heard the noise and looked at her number one assistant, the dragon she had raised since she was a filly. On a pile of books, he slept, exhausted from the day. “Sleeping on books...” Ordinarily she would be shocked at the lack of respect given to the printed medium, but instead, she smirked. Somehow Spike had adapted to that situation a lot better than she had.
  5. Twilight walked over to the pile of books and the dragon that slept upon them. She picked him up and placed him on her back gently, though she knew that he wouldn't stir. She stopped at his basket, lowered Spike in, used her wings to pull the covers over him, and let out a sigh. “He must be really tuckered out from all that work. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it up to him somehow,” she thought. Leaning over, she gave him a kiss on the forehead and said “Sleep tight.” Her bed was somehow less comfortable that night, and she fitfully managed to fall asleep to the sound of dragon snores.
  7. The morning came earlier than either Twilight or Spike expected. Twilight had been planning a picnic with Pinkie and Rainbow Dash for weeks now, and she had to get up early to prepare the daisy sandwiches. “Spike, get down here! The market always sells out of the best daisies just after dawn!” Twilight knew that if she didn't end up getting the sandwiches made, then everypony would have to eat whatever was Dash's latest attempt at cooking with Pinkie. She shuddered at the thought of her chocolate-covered buckwheat cakes. “Took eating half a dozen of Pinkie's Crazy Candy Cane Cookies to get that taste out of my mouth,” she thought. “Spi-ike! Come on! I don't have all day!” she screamed.
  9. Spike began to stir, but only a little bit. He'd gotten used to hearing Twilight yelling from at the door for him to get ready. Sometimes he was lucky, and convince Twilight to go out by herself. Other times, not so much. Twilight wasn't afraid to overturn his basket, even if that didn't wake him sometimes. But he heard his stomach growl, and it felt like something was cutting into his back, so he got up. He walked over to the mirror that Twilight had hung near her bed. “Ugh, those gemstones looked so good,” he said with a slightly sick look on his face. His eyes moved down the mirror,. “Lookin' good Spike, lookin' real good!” he muttered to himself. He turned his back to the mirror, still hurting from his basket. He stopped at his shoulder blades, and began to rub the spot that hurt the most. Spike felt a gust of wind and a sudden release of pain. He looked up into the mirror.
  11. He had grown wings.
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