Apr 21st, 2015
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  1. What I first saw was a glimpse of a city, my body seemed off and looking back on it the city appeared to be Japanese. But frankly that mattered little. For next I was engulfed in a cloud of smoke standing on dirt. As the smoke cleared I started to recognize this setup. Big old castle, standing in a magic circle with any number of students looking on at me with varying expressions and a pink haired pipsqueak looking shocked at my arrival. Don't think those weird ephemeral things I can only see when I focus on them were there in the usual setup for this though.
  3. "Who are you?" My summoner asks.
  5. "Joseph Robertson, the jellyfish sorcerer at your service madam." With that there are various murmurs in the crowd. "You should probably get on with the ritual for now. While I'm not familiar with your rituals in particular it's rarely good practice to let summons run around unbound."
  7. A few jeers come from the crowd of students. "Ignore them milady, from what I can glimpse of the tides of fate few even begin to approach yours." Might as well recycle that old cover story for now. Louise at this point could do with some reassurance.
  9. My summoner looks to the instructor pleadingly "Mr. Colbert can I redo the ritual?"
  11. The middle aged man in the crowd speaks up "I cannot allow that, just do as your familiar suggested"
  13. "But I don't want some madman of a commoner as a familiar"
  15. I feel the need to pitch in at this point "First of all I'm not a commoner, I'm more of a philosopher, I'm not even from this world. Secondly you really shouldn't leave rituals half completed, that's just asking for something to go wrong. As for proof of my claims I think a demonstration is in order." With that I briefly discharge my sting between my hands, I don't want to show off my Pandimensional Workshop and making golems would take far too long.
  17. "Fine, stupid familiar" She performs a brief incantation then kicks me in the shin causing me to go down to my knee "what did y-" I'm cut off by her kissing me briefly, ah right the binding, I tense my hand in anticipation of the pain, therefore I'm completely blindsided by the intense burning pain across my head. Ah great looks like we're headed into AU territory.
  19. After I'm done just barely not screaming in pain Colbert speaks up again "Good job on managing Contract Servant on your first try."
  21. Someone within the audience throws a quick barb "If it was a powerful magical beast she couldn't have managed it." Oh so we're going there now.
  23. A quick look shows it was Montmorency. "Says the stupid girl with the frog. Truly you summoned a potent and marvelous magical beast." I almost include a barb about Guiche's cheating on her but think better of it, wouldn't do to demonstrate my knowledge of the setting.
  25. "How dare you address a noble like that" Lady I've talked on even terms with the Shinigami, your nobility is full of shit.
  27. Colbert having stopped ogling the runes on my head interrupts our little disagreement "Time to get back to class" With that as one the entire class except my master go off floating toward a building, with one or two barbs at my master.
  29. "Well milady I guess it's time to go show them up" With that I open one portal to my Pandimensional Workshop on the ground in front of us and another over in the building. "Hold on tight" With that I grab hold of her, fling her onto my shoulder and then jump into the portals I set up. This should be quite interesting. Although sorry Pyon, I don't think running around with my own familiar would help right now. I'll just have to leave you in stasis in the workshop for now.
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