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  1. Do it all Manticore
  2. High
  3. 1x Covops Cloak II
  4. 1x Bomb Launcher (Concussion bombs)
  5. 3x 'Arbalest' Siege Missile Launcher (Caldari Navy Juggernaut torps)
  6. Mid
  7. 1x Catalyzed Cold-Gas Arcjet MWD -
  8. 1x Sensor Booster II
  9. 1x PWNAGE Target painter (best named)
  10. 1x Warp Disruptor II
  11. Low
  12. 1x Nanofiber Internal Structure II
  13. 1x Ballistic Control II
  15. Cargo: 2 spare bombs and a couple hundred extra torps.
  16. You'll need very good to perfect fitting skills to use this fitting. If you drop the Nano for a Micro Auxillary Power Core I or use a Ancillary Current Router I rig, you can fit it with shitty skills, too. This fitting easily allows you to camp an enemy jumpbridge and kill any hauler that comes through. Sit at 19km away from jump bridge. When a hauler jumps in and starts moving (remeber they have session timer after jumping for 30 seconds unless they move!), decloak, point, TP, shoot torps. If it's tanked launch a bomb. If it's not dead in 3 torp volleys, warp off but 99% of haulers should die easily.
  17. Switching out your MWD for an afterburner2 is also a viable solution for poor fitting skills.
  20. Can't use Bombs Manticore
  21. High
  22. 1x Covops Cloak II
  23. 1x Wildcard
  24. 3x Arbalest Torp Launchers (Caldari Navy Juggernaut torps)
  25. Mid
  26. 1x Catalyzed Cold-Gas Arcjet MWD -
  27. 1x Stasis Webifier II
  28. 1x PWNAGE Target painter (best named)
  29. 1x Warp Disruptor II
  30. Low
  31. 2x Ballistic Control II
  32. Cargo: A couple hundred extra torps.
  33. The wildcard highslot can be an offline cyno generator or remote armor repairer.
  34. [edit]BlackOps portal hotdrop manticore
  35. High
  36. 1x Covops Cloak II
  37. 1x Wildcard (Salvager/Small Remote Armor Repairer/offline Bomb Launcher just in case/whatever)
  38. 3x Arbalest Siege Missle Launchers (Caldari Navy Juggernaut torps)
  39. Mid
  40. 1x 1MN Microwarpdrive I
  41. 1x Target Painter (best named or T2)
  42. 1x Small Shield Extender II
  43. 1x Your choice of Warp Disruptor, second Target Painter, or second Small Shield Extender II
  44. Low
  45. 2x Ballistic Control II
  46. Rigs
  47. 1x Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
  48. 1x Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
  49. The entire purpose of this bomber is to supply DPS in a recon gang that has been bridged by a blackops battleship to a pinned down hostile ratter/stationfag - this fit should not be used without adequate ECM backup to stop you from being instapopped and someone to tackle. Jump in, align to nearest celestial object (away/perpendicular to target), light him up with target painters and start to giev missl. If an anti-support ship turns up on grid, cloak and wait until your falcons jam him then decloak and continue to shit out torps.
  52. High skill blops / ninja hotdropper
  53. High
  54. 1x Covops Cloak II
  55. 1x Wildcard (offline Salvager/offline Small Remote Armor Repairer/empty)
  56. 3x Siege Missle Launcher II (Juggernaut Rage Torps)
  57. Mid
  58. 1x 1MN Microwarpdrive II
  59. 1x Target Painter (best named or T2)
  60. 1x Small Shield Extender II
  61. 1x Your choice of named Warp Disruptor, T2 Scram, T2 Web, Sensor Booster II, or second Small Shield Extender II
  62. Low
  63. 1x Ballistic Control II
  64. 1x Nanofiber Internal Structure II
  65. Rigs
  66. 1x Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
  67. 1x Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
  68. Got Torpedo Specialization? This fit has better alpha, better DPS, much better align time, and essentially the same midslots. It's tight on CPU so if you want to fit a Warp Scrambler II you either need high skills or to change the TP to a named item which uses less CPU, or you can just use a meta 4 scram. Same with a disruptor, use named disruptor and named TP. Very easy to fit a SB2 or second SSE2 with T2 painter... and when we're getting 30 guys in a hotdrop gang you probably won't need a point on your special snowflake bomber anyway. Adjust fit as appropriate for that night's fleet. You can also mix and match if you don't like the painter -- this can still fit MWD2, SSE2, named web, named scram. If you feel like it, you can also carry Juggernaut Javelin torps in your hold for engaging smaller/faster targets.
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