TwAIlight operations manual

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  1. Demonstration video -
  3. Step 1 - Download “win_executable.exe” from
  5. Step 2 - Download “20180505_deepvoice3_ljspeech.json” and “checkpoint_step000200000_22khz_16bit.pth” from
  7. Step 3 - Place the three things you downloaded into one folder, then hold shift and right-click in the file window and select “Open PowerShell window here”.
  9. Step 4 - Copy and paste the following into the command window:
  10. .\win_executable.exe "./checkpoint_step000200000_22khz_16bit.pth" "./20180505_deepvoice3_ljspeech.json" "This is a test." "test.wav"
  12. Step 5 - Press the enter key to run the command and wait for the program to do it’s thing (~10 - 20 seconds). It will output the sound file “test.wav” to the same folder the programme files are stored in.
  14. Step 6 - Replace the "This is a test." and "test.wav" text with the words you want to generate, and the file name you want respectively. Make sure to include the “ marks around each part and .wav for the file name.
  16. Example:
  17. .\win_executable.exe "./checkpoint_step000200000_22khz_16bit.pth" "./20180505_deepvoice3_ljspeech.json" "I want ear scratchies." "Ear scratchies.wav"
  19. Right now, TwAIlight can’t generate more than about 10 seconds of audio in one go, so it’s generally best to only do one sentence at a time.
  21. Step 7 - Poni poni poni.
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