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  1. This is Project Robin Hood. Its essence is based on a simple principle: access to knowledge & information should be free.
  5. you have to request access and wait for approval.
  7. PS 1 beware all folders will look empty until the sync process is complete. It takes MULTIPLE hours to complete the sync due to the huge amount of data (more than 50 terabytes), be a little patient
  9. PS 2 learn to use advanced search terms to find exactly what you want faster, as explained here:
  11. PS 3 I'm sorry but unfortunately email accounts with privileges and/or affiliated with universities aren't allowed due to server-side restrictions. You may request access via personal or business accounts only.
  13. PS 4 to avoid stress on the servers, please mind to delete your secondary accounts or fake emails after you've validated the project's intent
  15. PS 5 please contact me if you encounter files with low resolution, low quality, errors, desynced or acting weird, or if you want to be removed from a specific category, I'll fix it ASAP
  17. PS 6 feel free to complain, send requests, suggestions.. but be mindful that I work in a very loose schedule so they may take a while
  19. PS 7 a couple of files are too big and had to be split in two pieces, they function just fine separately, but if you want to unite them to pristine condition as if it was never split, use a program called MKVToolNix
  21. PS 8 if you want to contribute, we are accepting soldiers to accelerate the project's growth, it is 100% profit-free
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