Event 99: Traces of childhood that remain with us

Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. Event 99: Traces of childhood that remain with us
  3. [Opening: Reminiscing on childhood]
  4. [Chapter 1: Chi-chan is so cool]
  5. [Chapter 2: Rehearsal for two]
  6. [Chapter 3: I shouldn't be crying]
  7. [Chapter 4: The real me is inside you]
  8. [Chapter 5: The day a prince was born]
  9. [Ending: Two actresses]
  11. Card stories(First one only)
  12. [Kaoru 4☆: With Chi-chan][A bygone evening]
  13. [Chisato4☆: Because I have Kao-chan]["Fleeting" for the first time]
  15. [Opening: Reminiscing on childhood]
  16. [Synopsis: While Chisato is rehearsing at the agency she receives a phone call from Kaoru...?]
  17. [Idol Agency]
  19. Chisato: "...I don't care about my childhood memories. I've thrown away my past!"
  20. Chisato: "Don't go bringing up my past!"
  21. Hina: Woah, Chisato-chan's making a bold statement!
  22. Chisato: These are my lines from an upcoming drama
  23. Hina: Oh lame, is that all
  24. Chisato: Sorry for startling you
  25. Hina: I'm sure if Aya-chan or Eve-chan heard that they would run away in terror! Ahaha
  26. Chisato: That's probably true. I'm glad you were the only one here at the agency
  27. Hina: ...Besides that, those are some crazy lines aren't they~. Throwing away your childhood memories? I guess I wouldn't be cool with that in the slightest. cause of all the precious memories I had with my sister!
  28. Chisato: That's right, I feel the same
  29. Chisato: Huh? A phone call from Kaoru...?
  31. [Several days later]
  32. [Hazawa coffee]
  34. Kaoru: Yo, Chisato! Thanks for making time out of your busy schedule to see me
  35. Chisato: I seriously am pressed for time!? Because I had to find a video of that drama I starred in ages ago for you
  36. Kaoru: I'm terribly sorry about that. And thank you very much. I tried to find it all by myself but I couldn't find it anywhere
  37. Chisato: Besides all that, why do you want such an ancient video? It's not like you suddenly wanted to take a trip down memory lane is it?
  38. Kaoru: Fufu... a trip down memory lane? Actually, that was part of it. The way you acted with all your might when you were a child was...Aah, fleeting...
  39. Chisato: Let's try this again. Why did you ask me for this ancient video?
  40. Kaoru: Actually, the drama club's next performance will be...that drama you appeared in
  41. Chisato: Now that you mention it, that drama has had countless stage play adaptations hasn't it
  42. Kaoru: Yeah. And I've been cast as the the role you once played
  43. Kaoru: So I wanted to watch the one you acted in as reference
  44. Chisato: Do you realise how ancient that drama is? I starred in that when I was in primary school?
  45. Kaoru: Of course I'm fully aware. however, a masterpiece is still a masterpiece no matter how many years ago it was made. isn't it?
  46. Chisato: Don't try to pull the wool over my eyes, why didn't you just try looking for a video of the other stage play adaptations? I think that would be a far better reference compare mine
  47. Kaoru: Nope, there's no greater point of reference than your performance. because the role you played in that hold a special place in my heart
  48. Kaoru: And I didn't even appear in it did I. fufu, how strange...
  49. Chisato: ...Is it
  50. Chisato: I filmed that so long ago I've forgotten everything about it
  51. Kaoru: Oh, have you now?
  52. Chisato: Yep, it's all ancient history
  53. Kaoru: Fufu... Then how about we have a little trip down memory lane?
  54. Kaoru: You acted with such strength and dignity... and there's a memorable story attached to the role
  56. [Chapter 1: Chi-chan is so cool]
  57. [Synopsis: Chisato and Kaoru's relationship during primary school was completely different from the present]
  59. [Several years ago...]
  60. [Primary school]
  62. Chisato: "You'll have to obey my every command if you want the vaccine. that's the rule of this city"...
  63. Kaoru: Chi-chan!
  64. Chisato: Hello Kao-chan. What's the matter?
  65. Kaoru: Ah...Sorry. were you rehearsing?
  66. Chisato: Nah, it's fine
  67. Kaoru: So, I saw it yesterday! "The city of solitude"!
  68. Chisato: Thank you. So how did you like it?
  69. Kaoru: You were so cool Chi-chan~...
  70. Kaoru: But, it was so intense when you intimidated the main character, I was a bit frightened~...
  71. Chisato: I've never spoken to any of my friends like that before so that scene was really tough
  72. Chisato: But, I'm an actress. I have to act perfectly even with things I've never done before
  73. Kaoru: So cool~...!
  74. Classmate A: Chisato-chan! I saw "The city of solitude" yesterday!
  75. Chisato: Really? Thank you!
  76. Classmate B: Chisato-chan is really scary isn't she~
  77. Chisato: Huh? Why?
  78. Classmate A: Well duh, cause you got into a fight, you must be terrifying if you get into fights!
  79. Kaoru: Ah...
  80. Chisato: That was just acting. It's wasn't real
  81. Classmate A: Did you watch the drama Kao-chan?
  82. Kaoru: Chi-chan...isn't that kind of girl...
  83. Classmate B: Well whatever! I'll keep on watching it anyway-!
  84. Chisato: Thank you very much
  85. Kaoru: ......
  86. Chisato: That just all part of acting. there's nothing to worry about
  87. Kaoru: But...! Chi-chan, they're getting the wrong idea about you?
  88. Chisato: Like I said, I can't treat people kindly when I'm acting. There's nothing I can do about it
  89. Kaoru: But you're really a sweet girl Chi-chan...
  90. Chisato: Kao-chan...
  91. Chisato: Thank you. I'm perfectly fine
  92. Kaoru: OK...
  93. Chisato: I don't have work on our day off tomorrow so you why don't you come round to my house to play
  94. Kaoru: Really? I'd love to!
  95. Chisato: And let's take Leon for a walk as well
  96. Kaoru: Yeah, sure...! I'll do my best
  97. Chisato: Huh, is something the matter?
  98. Kaoru: Cause when Leon jumped up at me last time I got startled and fell on my butt..
  99. Chisato: Did you?
  100. Kaoru: Yeah I did~! I'll do my best to catch him next time!
  101. Chisato: Fufu! Leon sure loves you Kao-chan
  102. Kaoru: He does doesn't he! Alright, I'll do my best...!
  103. Chisato: So how about you try holding the leash this time?
  104. Kaoru: Is he going to drag me around again?
  105. Chisato: Ahaha! My mommy will be with us so you'll be fine
  106. Kaoru: You sure about that~? It's scary~!
  107. Chisato: You'll be fine! If you're having trouble I can help you hold it
  108. Kaoru: Yeah, please do...!
  109. Chisato: Leave it to me. I'm already starting to look forward to it♪
  111. [Chapter 2: Rehearsal for two]
  112. [Synopsis: Kaoru visited Chisato's house to play on their day off, there she finds one of Chisato's scripts--]
  114. [The next day]
  115. [Shirasagi residence: Living room]
  117. Kaoru: Hello. Thanks for inviting me
  118. Chisato: Come on in! I got some tasty snacks from the film set. shall we eat them together?
  119. Kaoru: Woah, thank you!
  120. Kaoru: It's sweet and fluffy, so delicious~...!
  121. Chisato: Yeah, they are tasty aren't they. Did you know that this one is called a "dacquoise"
  122. Kaoru: Duck wars... Duck... I see! It does look like a duck doesn't it
  123. Chisato: Huh...!?
  124. Kaoru: It must be called a duck because it looks like a duck mustn't it? See, if you take a closer look it looks like a duck's beak!
  125. Chisato: Does it now...?
  126. Kaoru: Duck means duck doesn't it? So the wars part most likely.... means...
  127. Chisato: Most likely means...?
  128. Kaoru: Basically...it means what it is!
  129. Chisato: Fufu...! What does that even mean?
  130. Kaoru: Did I get it wrong? Anyway, how come you have all these tasty snacks?
  131. Chisato: I got them from the older actresses at the set. they're sweet and delicious aren't they
  132. Kaoru: You're so amazing Chi-chan~...! You can have proper conversations with adults and you know about snacks I've never even heard off!
  133. Chisato: Fufu. that was the first time I heard of a "dacquoise" as well
  134. Kaoru: ...Is that a script over there? Can I take a peek at it?
  135. Chisato: Of course. But don't tell anyone that you saw it
  136. Kaoru: Sure! Thank you
  137. Kaoru: Hmm... " Hey, you! what are you doing here?"
  138. Chisato: "The name's not "Hey, you", it's Akane"
  139. Kaoru: ! Chi-chan, you've memorised the lines?
  140. Chisato: Yeah I have. try reading another line and I'll finish it off
  141. Kaoru: "Want to trade?"
  142. Chisato: "Fine I will. however I have one condition. and that is you have to freely provide food, clothes, and shelter to everyone who lives here"
  143. Kaoru: You really memorised them~...!
  144. Chisato: Memorising that much is a piece of cake
  145. Kaoru: You're so amazing. You memorise all these difficult lines, attend school and...you know how to study
  146. Kaoru: Oh yeah. Chi-chan, why do you want to become an actress?
  147. Chisato: I don't want to become one, I already am an actress!
  148. Kaoru: Ah. oh yeah, you are. sorry
  149. Chisato: I wanted to become an actress because...hmm...
  150. Kaoru: ? Maybe, that's a difficult question? Sorry!
  151. Chisato: No, not at all. I wanted to become an actress because "I'll have rich life if I expand my range of expressions"
  152. Kaoru: Life...? That sounds kinda complicated doesn't it
  153. Chisato: I know right? It's a tough job being an actress
  154. Chisato: So I want to become an actress who can fully express the emotions of any role and be a person who leads a rich life
  155. Kaoru: Do you...
  156. Chisato: And if I become and actress I can become all kinds of different people
  157. Chisato: A cool person, a cute person...a kind person, and even a cold person...I can become all kinds of people
  158. Chisato: I can even become a princess that I dreamed of becoming, or a cool prince. don't you think that's just wonderful?
  159. Kaoru: Becoming all kinds of different people...yeah, that's fantastic isn't it!
  160. Chisato: Yeah, so that's why I became an actress
  161. Chisato: I know. How would you like to try being my rehearsal partner? You can read all the lines except my ones
  162. Kaoru: You sure? I'd love to give it a shot...!
  163. Chisato: Alright then, let's start from the beginning
  164. Kaoru: "Hey! Don't say something so stupid"....
  165. Kaoru: ......
  166. Chisato: What is it?
  167. Kaoru: I can't say this kind of thing to you~...!
  168. Chisato: Fufu...Ahaha! It's just acting. there's nothing to worry about
  169. Kaoru: Yeah but...
  170. Chisato: You're such a kind girl aren't you Kao-chan. Alright then, shall we try a different scene?
  171. Kaoru: Sorry Chi-chan...yes please
  172. Chisato: Don't worry about it. Alright then, shall we try the scene on page 10. Are you alright with that---?
  174. [Chapter 3: I shouldn't be crying]
  175. [Synopsis: Kaoru witnesses classmates saying something cruel to Chisato. She wants to stick up for her but...]
  177. [Several days later]
  178. [Primary school]
  179. [After school]
  181. Kaoru: Chi-chan, let's go home together...
  182. Classmate A: I saw yesterday's drama! You were a dirty liar and a cheat weren't you
  183. Chisato: That's just the type of story it is, so I can't do anything about it
  184. Classmate B: If you hate it so much why don't you just quit
  185. Kaoru: .....!
  186. Chisato: ...Ah, Kao-chan
  187. Chisato: What are you doing standing over there?
  188. Classmate A: Ah! I have study class today! See you tomorrow~! Bye bye!
  189. Classmate B: Bye bye!
  190. Kaoru: ......
  191. Chisato: ...Shall we go
  192. Kaoru: ...I saw yesterday's drama!
  193. Chisato: Did you. So how did you like it?
  194. Kaoru: Hmm...That scene where you lied... if you paid attention you'd know that she did for the sake of her friends, so I didn't see her as the bad girl!
  195. Kaoru: Our classmates may have said that too you, but I don't see it like that!
  196. Kaoru: And I know you're not really a bad girl. you're the kindest girl ever so
  197. Chisato: You're the kinder one for telling me that
  198. Kaoru: But I...couldn't tell that to everyone. sorry...
  199. Chisato: They just don't know that it's all acting. Don't pay any attention to it
  200. Kaoru: You're really strong aren't you Chi-chan. You're the complete opposite of me
  201. Kaoru: If someone said something like that to me I would be too shocked and scared to...say anything
  202. Chisato: ......
  203. Kaoru: If only I could become as strong as you
  204. Chisato: ...It's not like I want to be a strong person or anything
  205. Kaoru: Chi-chan...?
  206. Chisato: I'm scared of what people will say to me the day after the weekly drama airs
  207. Chisato: And that people will be scared of and avoid me and get the wrong idea that the real me is like that as well, and it's not like I want to become a person who is perfectly fine with that
  208. Chisato: I do want to get along with everyone and play with them! How can I be alright with people calling me scary!
  209. Kaoru: Chi-chan...
  210. Chisato: Uwu...Uwu....
  211. Chisato: I was told not to cry because I have to take responsibility for my work so I shouldn't cry or complain
  212. Chisato: But if I bottle everything up then one day I wont ever be able to feel sad ever again. What should I do? I'm scared...!
  213. Kaoru: Chi-chan...! It'll be alright! Cause I know the real you!
  214. Kaoru: It's alright, it's alright...!
  215. Chisato: ...Uwu
  216. Kaoru: Hmm, so...
  217. Kaoru: Everything will be alright...
  219. [Chapter 4: The real me is inside you]
  220. [Synopsis: Kaoru is worried about Chisato's tears however Chisato herself seems to be resolute about something...?]
  222. [Several days later]
  223. [Primary school]
  225. Kaoru: ...
  226. Kaoru: (I wonder if Chi-chan is alright...)
  227. Chisato: I do want to get along with everyone and play with them! How can I be alright with people calling me scary!
  228. Chisato: But if I bottle everything up then one day I wont ever be able to feel sad ever again. What should I do? I'm scared...!
  229. Kaoru: (I feel like she's been depressed ever since that day...Maybe things would be different if I tried harder to speak to her... ?)
  230. Kaoru: (And...I'm sure things would be different if I had the courage to speak up to our classmates and tell them that Chi-chan isn't really like that... )
  231. Kaoru: (It's because, I'm such a coward...)
  232. Chisato: Good morning Kao-chan!
  233. Kaoru: Wa!? Chi-chan! Good morning
  234. Chisato: We're all playing "The city of solitude" at lunch break today. Come play with us Kao-chan
  235. Kaoru: Huh...!
  236. Chisato: I was thinking that since everyone watches that drama I'd be able to make friends with them if we played make believe together
  237. Chisato: I called everyone and they were all for it!
  238. Kaoru: Were they...then I'll join in as well
  239. Kaoru: (Is this really what she wants? It looks to me like she's forcing herself...)
  240. Chisato: Alright then, I'll go tell everyone that you're coming as well!
  241. Kaoru: Yeah...
  242. Kaoru: "The city of solitude" was re-broadcasted so many times and with that it got lots of attention, it was hailed as a work of art
  243. Kaoru: And after your acting in "The city of solitude" was met with rave reviews you moved on to acting in all kinds of other productions didn't you
  244. Chisato: You remember more about me than I do don't you
  245. Kaoru: Fufu, cause you're my precious childhood friend. And then one day you started acting as a compassionate detective with a strong sense of justice
  246. Kaoru: I clearly remember that your role was the complete opposite of the one from "The city of solitude" but you played it magnificently and our classmates started to look at you in a different light
  247. Kaoru: They're all two faced aren't they. Everyone is suddenly acting kind towards you and saying you're cool since "Primary school girl detective Mako" started
  248. Kaoru: I can't...accept this...
  249. Chisato: It's fine, Kao-chan
  250. Kaoru: Huh...?
  251. Chisato: It's alright now
  252. Chisato: You, my mommy, my little sister...and Leon. If all the people I love know the real me then it's fine
  253. Chisato: Because that's just how I appear to other people when I'm acting
  254. Kaoru: Chi-chan, what's gotten into you...?
  255. Chisato: I am still frightened about what I will do if all my sad feelings vanish but...
  256. Chisato: I'll be able to express all those feelings and all the feelings I haven't felt yet though acting won't I. so there's nothing to be afraid of
  257. Kaoru: But...what about you? Where will you go?
  258. Chisato: You're a kind girl aren't you Kao-chan
  259. Chisato: Don't you ever forget how kind you are Kao-chan
  260. Chisato: Fufu, You may be a bit of a scaredy cat and get dragged around by Leon but that's what makes you, you
  261. Kaoru: Chi-chan...
  262. Kaoru: Our friendship continued on to this very day, but that was the day were I felt like you turned into a true "professional"
  263. Chisato: ......
  264. Kaoru: Fufu, that takes you back doesn't it. The moment you started your new life
  265. Chisato: ...All of that did happened didn't it
  266. Chisato: But, the day you suddenly appeared as the new you was just as big of a shock
  267. Kaoru: I've always been the same old me
  268. Chisato: Or so you say
  269. Kaoru: Fufu... Shall we continue our trip down memory lane for a little bit longer?
  271. [Chapter 5: The day a prince was born]
  272. [Synopsis: The two girls have entered in different middle schools. Kaoru was invited to try out the drama club...? ]
  274. [Haneoka girls school: Middle school]
  276. Kaoru: (Now that I'm a middle schooler I need to get my act together)
  277. Kaoru: (Especially now that I'm going to a different school to Chi-chan...)
  278. Kaoru: ......
  279. Kaoru: (I haven't met with Chi-chan at all since I started middle school. I do see her everywhere on TV but still...)
  280. Chisato: I am still frightened about what I will do if all my sad feelings vanish but...
  281. Chisato: I'll be able to express all those feelings and all the feelings I haven't felt yet though acting won't I. so there's nothing to be afraid of
  282. Kaoru: I wonder...how she's doing
  283. Drama club member: The drama club is accepting people to try out our club!
  284. Drama club member: Would anyone like to do a little play with us~?
  285. Kaoru: Drama club...
  286. Kaoru: ...That's it
  287. Kaoru: Excuse me! I'd like to try out your club...!
  289. [Haneoka girls school: Drama club room]
  291. Drama club member A: Has everyone pulled their role from the hat?
  292. Kaoru: Yeah!
  293. Drama club member A: Alright then, you can just read your lines from the scripts as is so let's start!
  294. Drama club member B: "It's a misunderstanding! Please believe me"
  295. Kaoru: "Oh my... A commotion has broken out over there. What on earth is going on?"
  296. Drama club member B: "They're accusing me of stealing a loaf of bread. I swear I didn't do such a thing!"
  297. Drama club member C: "This person is poor. so they must have stolen it"
  298. Kaoru: "You mustn't make arbitrary accusations like that if your eyes aren't willing to see the truth"
  299. Kaoru: "If you look at them with beauty in your eyes you'll understand that they have strength surging inside"
  300. Kaoru: "I understand how beautiful you are to rise up against this injustice with such bravery"
  301. Drama club member B: "Such kindness... who on earth are you?"
  302. Kaoru: " I'm a person who loves beautiful hearts and justice...I'm the price of this country--"
  303. Drama club member A: That was some fabulous acting girls! The role of the prince suited you perfectly Seta-san! What do you think?
  304. Kaoru: ......
  305. Kaoru: If I act I can become the person I want to be...
  306. Kaoru: (To rid myself of my cowardliness and... to become a strong person like Chi-chan... )
  307. Kaoru: I will Join the drama club!
  310. [Several months later]
  311. [Station entrance]
  313. Chisato: I need to hurry to the set...! Oh, what's up with that crowd of people...?
  314. Student A: Seta-san is so cool~!
  315. Student B: Like a real prince~!
  316. Kaoru: Little kittens. Please be careful not to faint from my beauty
  317. Chisato: Eh, isn't that...
  318. Chisato: Kao...Chan...!?
  320. [Ending: Two actresses]
  321. [Synopsis: A moment spent reminiscing about the past, what hasn't faded is the way they both feel about each other]
  323. [Hazawa coffee]
  325. Kaoru: ...
  326. Chisato: I'll never be able to forget... how much a shock it was when I re-united with you...
  327. Kaoru: Excuse me... The fleetingness of our memories is bringing tears to my eyes...Aah, how fleeting...
  328. Chisato: Sure whatever, real fleeting
  329. Chisato: But, that's just who you are now isn't it
  330. Kaoru: Chisato...
  331. Chisato: If you became who you wanted to become then that "fleeting" isn't all bad...
  332. Chisato: I think I kinda get it now
  333. Kaoru: ...Yeah. I am me. Thank you Chisato
  334. Chisato: Whatever, that's just what I think from all this reminiscing. It'll most likely go back to making me puke tomorrow
  335. Kaoru: Fufu... I'm fine with that too
  336. Kaoru: Just like how I am now, the strength you have hasn't changed at all
  337. Kaoru: I may not call you by your childhood nickname anymore but, your strength and kindness hasn't changed. I'm aware of that so I can support you with whatever your next challenge may be
  338. Chisato: ... When I first met the new you I wondered why you chose the same acting path as me, and I felt something like pent up anger
  339. Chisato: I thought that sooner or later you would quit crying and getting angry just like I did. And then I'd lose the Kaoru I once knew
  340. Chisato: But, deep down you're still the same Kaoru I knew
  341. Kaoru: Fufu... have you just remembered?
  342. Chisato: Your slightly peculiar sensibility is still the same as back then, but I guess what is different about you is that you've gained courage?
  343. Chisato: ...*sigh*. all things considered I feel like I have to take responsibility for how you ended up
  344. Chisato: You didn't even need to stick up for me
  345. Kaoru: Don't be like that. thanks to you I found my calling card and the life I want to live
  346. Chisato: You're exaggerating. We just happened to be childhood friends
  347. Chisato: ...Well, as long as you're happy with who you are then who am I to argue
  348. Kaoru: ...Now then, this chat has gone on a bit too long hasn't it. Time for me to use your video as reference to bring my role to life like you did
  349. Chisato: ...So when's the performance?
  350. Kaoru: One and half months from now. I'll send you an invitation if you want
  351. Chisato: If my schedule allows it. and because it also means Maya-chan will be working hard on the performance
  352. Kaoru: Yeah, this very moment she busy getting everything ready
  353. Himari: Hello~. I wonder if Tsugu is here?
  354. Kaoru: Oh my... A little kitten just appeared
  355. Tomoe: Hey, Himari. Seta-senpai and Shirasagi-san are here
  356. Himari: Woah, they are! Hello there Kaoru-senpai and Chisato-san!
  357. Chisato: Hello Himari-chan
  358. Kaoru: Hello to you too Tomoe-chan. Did you come for a cup of tea?
  359. Tomoe: Yeah, something like that. You two having a cup of tea as well?
  360. Chisato: Yeah, It was a nice cup of tea. Well then Kaoru, our business is done so It's about time I took my leave
  361. Kaoru: Aah... Don't be so heartless Chisato. these two little kittens just got here
  362. Kaoru: So how about us four enjoy a little more fleeting time together?
  363. Himari: Eh!? Can we really?
  364. Kaoru: Yeah, of course you can
  365. Tomoe: Good for you Himari!
  366. Chisato: *Sigh*... fine then. I did want to have a chat with Tomoe-chan and Himari-chan so I'll stay a little bit longer
  367. Himari: Yay-♪ It's great that we came here isn't it Tomoe!
  368. Tomoe: Sure is! So what were you two talking about?
  369. Kaoru: We were just having a little chat about our childhood
  370. Himari: Were you, you two were childhood friends weren't you. I gotta know~!
  371. Kaoru: Sorry Himari-chan...I can't do that. For it's a secret
  372. Himari: Eh~! Is it? I still gotta know~...
  373. Kaoru: Oh yeah Himari-chan. The drama club is exhibiting a new production soon. I'd love you to come see it. and how about you too Tomoe-chan
  374. Tomoe: Phwoar! You sure? Thank you very much!
  375. Himari: I'll absolutely positively be there!! What role will you be playing this time?
  376. Kaoru: Alright then, why don't I go ahead and tell you all about my role. Would you two like to join in as well?
  377. Chisato: Fufu, sure why not
  378. Tomoe: I want to hear all about it as well!
  379. Kaoru: Aah...What a fleeting time. Let's start things off by discussing the story
  380. Kaoru: For you see this story is---
  381. [End]
  383. [Translation by: Maya MIA]
  386. [Kaoru 4☆: With Chi-chan][A bygone evening]
  388. [School route]
  390. Kaoru: I had so much fun taking Leon for a walk~. Can I come with you again?
  391. Chisato: Of course you can. I'm sure that would make Leon happy as well
  392. Kaoru: Yay~! Thanks Chi-chan
  393. Kaoru: And thank you too Leon for being such a good boy during your walkies. Let's do it again
  394. Chisato: Fufu, Leon looks happy about that
  395. Kaoru: I want to play with you two more but...the sun has set has it
  396. Chisato: Yeah it has, It's already dark so we should start heading home
  397. Kaoru: But...
  398. Chisato: If you don't hurry home those ghosts you're scared of will come out
  399. Kaoru: Ghosts!? Quit it~! I'll be too scared to go back home
  400. Chisato: Fufu. anyway, ghosts haven't been scientifically proven have they. almost all of the sightings were just peoples eyes playing tricks on them. They're most likely not real
  401. Kaoru: Most likely... that means there's a chance they are real doesn't it...
  402. Kaoru: What am I gonna do... I'm starting to get the jitters...
  403. Chisato: What am I gonna do with with you Kao-chan... Alright then, me and Leon will walk you home
  404. Chisato: And I myself come off as scary don't I
  405. Kaoru: You sure!? Yeah but then you'd be the one who has to walk home alone
  406. Chisato: I have Leon with me so I'll be fine. Come on, let's get a move on before it gets dark
  407. Kaoru: Yeah...! Thank you Chi-chan and Leon
  408. Chisato: Fufu, Looks like Leon is head over heels with you
  409. Kaoru: Really? That's nice~. Let's play together again Leon
  410. Chisato: ...Huh? I wonder what's the matter. Leon has started barking all of a sudden
  411. Kaoru: He's barking at the sky isn't he... I wonder if there's something there? Maybe someone is there...?
  412. Kaoru: Don't tell me it's a ghost!? Oh no, there might be a ghost there!
  413. Chisato: It's alright. There's no such thing as ghosts so there's nothing... to worry about
  414. Kaoru: But, he keeps barking at something that isn't there...
  415. Chisato: I'm sure there's something there that only Leon can see but it's definitely...not a ghost or anything
  416. Kaoru: Then, what is he looking at? Wouldn't it be a ghost...
  417. Chisato: I'm sure it's some kind of creature... that only Leon can see...
  418. Kaoru: Some kind of creature...?
  419. Chisato: In other words... it's something like that...!
  420. Kaoru: Something like that...? Ahaha. That's true. those kinds of creatures do exist
  421. Chisato: Please make fun of me, anyway, it's anything but a ghost...!
  422. Kaoru: Ah...Leon's stopped barking hasn't he
  423. Chisato: He sure has. and he's stopped looking at the sky
  424. Kaoru: I wonder what on earth that was...?
  425. Chisato: I'm sure whoever he was barking at has left
  426. Kaoru: It's something like that, isn't it
  427. Chisato: I'm sure Leon and that creature were just having a chat
  428. Kaoru: That did scare me at first but Leon was just having a chat with a friend that we couldn't see wasn't he
  429. Chisato: Yeah, I'm sure that's what it was. Wasn't it Leon
  430. Kaoru: Woah, Leon responded! That's a relief~ it wasn't a ghost after all
  431. Chisato: It's like I just said. There's no such thing as ghosts
  432. Kaoru: Yeah, there's no such thing as ghosts...! Everything is fine!
  433. Chisato: So shall we head back home. if we hang around any longer it really will get dark
  434. Kaoru: Yeah it will, let's go!
  435. Chisato: ...Nevertheless, I had such a fun day off. I haven't had such a carefree day like this in ages
  436. Chisato: Thank you very much for playing with me Kao-chan
  437. Kaoru: I should be thanking you, thank you. I had so much fun reading that script and taking Leon for a walk. And the dacquoise was delicious
  438. Chisato: You looked like you enjoyed reading that script. So how would you like to be my practice partner again sometime?
  439. Kaoru: Can I!? Yay! I wonder what the next script will be like?
  440. Chisato: Fufu, seeing you look forward to it is making me excited about my next job as well
  441. Kaoru: I'll start studying a load of kanji so I'll be able to read the next script with ease!
  442. Kaoru: I'll do kanji drills every day!
  443. Chisato: Fufu, how reassuring. I know right, you'll have to learn to read loads of kanji won't you
  444. Kaoru: Alrighty then, from today I'll start studying kanji in addition to my homework ones, and after that I'll do loads of reading out loud
  445. Chisato: Ah...Kao-chan, we're already at your house
  446. Kaoru: Ah... that was fast wasn't it. I wanted to talk with you for longer and everything...
  447. Chisato: Fufu. We'll see each other again at school. and won't we play together on our days off
  448. Kaoru: Hmm... Chi-chan, will you be able to walk home on your own? Will you be alright?
  449. Chisato: I'll be fine, cause I've got Leon with me... Ah, it's my papa!
  450. Kaoru: It really is, it's your dad! I wonder if he's on his way home from work
  451. Chisato: Looks like it. I'll be walking home with my Papa and Leon so there's nothing to worry about
  452. Kaoru: Yeah, got it! Thank you very much for walking me home Chi-chan
  453. Kaoru: See you tomorrow! Bye bye!
  455. [Chisato☆: Because I have Kao-chan]["Fleeting" for the first time]
  457. [Hanaoka girls school: Gym]
  458. Chisato: (This is the first time I'm seeing Kaoru's acting as part of the audience isn't it... I wonder if that's why I'm feeling kinda anxious...?)
  459. Chisato: (Nevertheless, Kaoru is a mysterious girl isn't she... The one on stage right now isn't the childhood friend "Kao-chan" that I know...)
  460. Chisato: (Nor is it the "Seta Kaoru" that everyone else knows...)
  461. Chisato: (Her facial expressions and mannerisms are that of a completely different person)
  462. Chisato: (Kaoru. you really are something else...)
  464. [After the performance]
  466. Kaoru: Hey, Chisato. I'm honored that you came
  467. Chisato: That was a fantastic stage play. I should have known the story like the back of my hand yet it felt like I was seeing it for the first time, it was a riveting play
  468. Kaoru: Fufu... nothing makes me happier than hearing those words come out of your mouth
  469. Kaoru: And you deserve some of the credit for me being able to perform the role. Thank you Chisato
  470. Chisato: We just played the same character. Seriously though, did you even need that video of the time I performed it?
  471. Kaoru: Don't be like that. I have the greatest respect for you as my acting senior
  472. Kaoru: The way I expressed the character may have been different from yours but, it was true that I wanted to use yours as a reference
  473. Chisato: was it now. If so then it was worth going to the trouble of obtaining the video
  474. Kaoru: Well then, would you mind telling me your unabridged thoughts of it? Since you made time out of your day to come see it
  475. Chisato: It was like I was looking at a completely difference person. I don't know who it was other than someone who exists in that play
  476. Kaoru: Does that mean I did everything necessary to bring the role I was playing to life?
  477. Chisato: Who on earth was that? It wasn't the Kao-chan I knew nor was it the Kaoru who's standing in front of me now
  478. Kaoru: That was one of the girls who lives in the "City of solitude"
  479. Chsiato: ...
  480. Chisato: I'll be honest with you here. I might be feeling envious of you
  481. Kaoru: What do you mean by that?
  482. Chisato: A little while ago I made my mind up and decided to live my life as "Shirasagi Chisato" but that decision had already been made ever since I was a child
  483. Chisato: ...But, the you who chose to follow the same path of theatre as me is both my childhood friend Kao-chan and the Kaoru who is standing in front of me...
  484. Chisato: Furthermore, you're also a presence that lives the roles you're presented
  485. Kaoru: ...I am who I am, it's not a matter of whether you or I are right
  486. Chisato: Sure is, I understand that. I'm sure it's one of those "the grass is always greener on the other side" situations isn' it
  487. Chisato: I felt the same when we were doing the cultural festival last year, every time I talk with you about our childhood I get the strange feeling that I can move forward with my life
  488. Kaoru: Fufu... I'm honored
  489. Chisato: I'll continue being "Shirasagi Chisato". No matter what
  490. Chisato: But... I want you to continue being Kao-chan, Seta Kaoru, and an actress who brings whatever role they're playing at the time to life
  491. Kaoru: Yeah, of course. I swear on that intense determination you displayed last year that I too will stay who I am
  492. Chisato: ...Thank you
  493. Chisato: *Sigh* Nevertheless, your acting was breathtaking. We're past the point of no return with all this serious talk but I was genuinely blown away. frankly speaking, it made my blood boil
  494. Chisato: I'm not going to take this lying down
  495. Kaoru: I am also inspired by how radiant you are are on a daily basis
  496. Kaoru: This relationship we have... it's such a magnificent rivalry! Fleeting!
  497. Chisato: Sure is, it is fleeting isn't it
  498. Kaoru: Chisato... did you just say it's fleeting?
  499. Chisato: Yeah, I said it. Because I won't be able to have a conversation with you now without saying that word
  500. Kaoru: Aah... I'm so thrilled Chisato...! Fleeting!
  501. Chisato: Yeah yeah. it's real fleeting
  502. Chisato: Fufu, I'll have to make sure I don't get into the habit of saying "Fleeting"... won't I
  503. [End]
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