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  1. DQIII Leaderboards
  3. 1. Check out how old some of these times are. There's so many times from 2010-2013, over 100 of them. These people were speedrunning competitively in the East before speedrunning was barely a thing in the West. You can see that many of the top players have times that have updated in the past year or so in the top 100, showing how much the game has progressed in terms of competition and fastest strategies.
  5. 2. This game really is the SM64 of the Japanese world. Everyone plays. Multiple WR holders of other Dragon Quest titles have great times in this game (ヌル is the DQII SFC record holder (and is an all around amazing runner), ふにふに was a DQV record holder, ゆう~ is the DQIV PSX record holder, つれづれ is the DQIV Famicom record holder, rai_dq6 was a DQVI record holder, etc.)
  7. 3. Shoutouts to #100
  9. 4. If I didn't know better, a certain bjw might look like he's 61st place
  11. 5. Shoutouts to countdown beating someone (the only one) who somehow made the J leaderboards with a time over 4h
  13. I eagerly await the day someone in the West takes the sub 3 challenge and fights Japan alongside me
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