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Jun 14th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. meager mortal should scarce think he
  2. enjoys for eerie enjoyment only to
  3. unborns coil: punctured pleasure easing
  4. pain does not sit you in leisure's
  5. taunted train
  7. do you think you've won punctured
  8. patience? yet you've begotten sassy
  9. sentience! if a gaunt grape tree bears
  10. pear what's your contention, or
  11. boar bear?
  13. trade not lanky love with a lout
  14. make moaning ocean her pool, she'll
  15. pout give what'ver you love to cherish
  16. it's better to be dead than undead,
  17. callous clips
  19. you're described by what you do
  20. sun is ne'er a pool, or vanity,
  21. voluptuous view.
  23. Note: of voluptuous vices
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