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  1. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:06 PM
  2. idk if you knoe but im member rank in discord
  4. MeruLast Sunday at 9:12 PM
  5. the paladin copenhagen - you kicked them here only to have them join legends rise
  6. they were not inactive
  7. and we would have used them tomorrow - on the monday raid
  9. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:15 PM
  10. really? he planned to be a ret paladin. i told him to come to mondays. as his gear and ability isnt suitable for any other run. he was mad he doesnt get invited to raids, and i taught him YOUR  advertisement was for fresh meat.
  12. MeruLast Sunday at 9:16 PM
  13. right, but you still kicked him from the guild for ??
  15. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:18 PM
  16. cuz u filled him with false hope, i told him the real deal, and he chose the easy life of a highly expendable ret paladin. he thought he could ret on warmane due to retail nostalgia. like being a r et paladin solves guild problems
  17. i even told him he can come back, but hes so set on being thjer 50th ret paladin lets keep nearly wiping on LDW
  19. MeruLast Sunday at 9:21 PM
  20. we don't exactly have an excess of rets  - or people right now, pushing warm bodies out for no reason isn't productive
  22. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:24 PM
  23. then let him learn to tank, ill fucking ret. but more importantly you have plenty of bodies just all of them dont play classes that makes raids happen (tanks/healers) instead they make their 3rd or 4th MDPS toon
  25. MeruLast Sunday at 9:25 PM
  26. you can look through the general of discord & see that we've been scraping to get +2 or +3 or +4 bodies these last few weeks - syn out, coughlin out - leo - out - etc.
  28. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:26 PM
  29. yeah i agree certain people have abandoned you, but im still fuckinng here and i get fucking punished? just give me officer too and ill abandon u as well for classic
  31. MeruLast Sunday at 9:26 PM
  32. lol
  33. I need you to not kick people who /want/ to raid with us
  35. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:27 PM
  36. what were u gonna do with a 5.2 ret a whole lot of nothing
  38. MeruLast Sunday at 9:31 PM
  39. grow them, the same way golden has
  40. and any of our players
  42. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:34 PM
  43. thats not my fucking job. and you know i have no interest in that.
  45. MeruLast Sunday at 9:34 PM
  46. right, and I'm not telling you to
  47. but kicking them for no reason?
  49. FurovisLast Sunday at 9:35 PM
  50. since were a random recruit system, u constantly take in ineptitude/weakness and i like to remove them asap.
  51. back in the  day an application system solved that problem. but when ur open to the sewage system somebody has to slowly correct the pipes
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