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  1. Stranger: hi
  2. You: hihi
  3. Stranger: m
  4. You: g
  5. Stranger: from australia
  6. You: wait, no. f
  7. Stranger: age?
  8. You: 22
  9. You: where in aus!
  10. Stranger: 23
  11. You: im in vic
  12. Stranger: adelaide haha
  13. Stranger: you?
  14. Stranger: ayeeee
  15. Stranger: that's groovy as
  16. Stranger: so no limits aye?
  17. You: ya
  18. Stranger: same here
  19. You: well what are you into?
  20. Stranger: the thing i kinda hate about this tag is I never know where to begin lol
  21. You: right?
  22. Stranger: I'm into everything
  23. rape, piss, scat, femdom, abdl, beast, fucking anything lol
  24. You: beast! are you active?
  25. Stranger: no haha are you?
  26. You: not rn but ive done stuff
  27. Stranger: fuck i'm happy I bumped into you
  28. Stranger: what's your list
  29. You: list?
  30. Stranger: of what you're into
  31. You: oh!
  32. Stranger: haha mine wasn't much of a list tbh
  33. You: zoo, slavery, abuse, guro, body modification, hypnosis, watersports, orgasm denial
  34. Stranger: see that's a way more professional list than mine
  35. You: im sure theres more but thats all i can think of lol
  36. You: ya well, im a slut who spends wayyy too much time thinking about this stuff
  37. Stranger: same here haha
  38. Stranger: would you like to keep chatting somewhere else? do use skype or snap?
  39. You: i have discord?
  40. Stranger: i just got that today haha
  41. Stranger: what's your discord?
  42. You: uh hold on i dont have it on my laptop, i just have it on my phone
  43. You: whats yours
  44. Stranger: carlosisyourfriend
  45. Stranger: #9982
  46. Stranger: i have no idea how discord works lol
  47. You: added
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