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1.5.4 Changelog

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Dec 29th, 2019
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  1. 1.5.4
  2. =============================
  4. Splitters:
  5. Instead of the IBufferControl interface, the more universal IExFilterConfig interface is now used.
  7. ShoutcastSource
  8. Improved support for JSON metadata.
  10. Flacsource
  11. Added support for files with an unspecified number of samples.
  13. AudioSplitter
  14. Added support with ID3Tag for WavPack.
  16. RawVideoSplitter
  17. Fixed accidental connection to "MPEG-TS".
  19. RoQSplitter
  20. Fixed freezing when opening some files.
  22. OggSplitter
  23. Fixed errors when opening some files.
  25. FLVSplitter
  26. Added support for the KUX container.
  28. MpegSplitter
  29. Improved support for corrupted MPEG-PS.
  30. Fixed display of tracks for the current Blu-ray playlist (.mpls).
  32. MatroskaSplitter
  33. Added support for new font mime-types.
  34. Fixed crash on some corrupted files.
  36. MP4Splitter
  37. Extended support for DV Video.
  38. Fixed calculation of aspect ratio for some files.
  39. Improved support for Opus audio tracks.
  40. Fixed opening files with VC-1 video.
  41. Added support for TrueHD audio.
  42. Added support for covers in the 'covr' atom.
  44. MpaDecFilter
  45. Improved bitstream capability check.
  46. Improved DTS bitstream.
  47. Improved support for AAC HE v2.
  49. RoQVideoDecoder
  50. Removed output support for 'I420', 'IYUV', ARGB32, RGB565, RGB555.
  52. RealVideoDecoder
  53. Removed output support for 'I420' and 'IYUV'.
  55. Mpeg2decfilter
  56. Removed output support for 'I420' and 'IYUV'.
  57. The obsolete option "Enable planar YUV media types (NV12, YV12)" has been removed.
  59. MPCVideoDec
  60. Added media types to support DV Video.
  61. Fixed calculation of SAR video frame.
  62. Improved AV1 decoding.
  63. Implemented updating the output format in status after changing the settings.
  65. MPCVideoConverter
  66. Added support for 'b48r' video.
  68. MpcAudioRenderer
  69. Fixed playback of audio data with a time delay.
  70. Fixed DVD playback.
  71. The size of the internal buffer is now set depending on the buffer of the device. This improves playback on some audio devices.
  72. Improved switching between audio devices.
  73. Increased maximum playback speed to 16x.
  74. The device is now remembered not only by identifier, but also by name.
  75. If the Exclusive mode is unavailable, the Shared mode will be used.
  76. Improved support for Shared mode on Windows 10. Added support for virtual 7.1 speakers when activating the "Windows Sonic for Headphones" mode.
  77. Improved performance when resuming playback after a pause.
  79. EVR-CP
  80. Fixed interpolation of DXVA2 / DXVA-HD after reconstituting Direct3D9 device.
  81. Added ability to use Flip / FlipEx mode.
  82. Fixed display of the line "Processing" in statistics.
  83. Fixed display of the frame after stopping playback and subsequent navigation.
  84. Fixed overflow when calculating Diplay Aspect Ratio.
  86. Subtitles
  87. Fixed a high load on the CPU when displaying VobSub subtitles and the active option "Only forced".
  88. Improved support for PGS subtitles in incomplete .sup files.
  90. Youtube
  91. Updated support for Youtube.
  92. Added support for multi-channel (5.1) audio tracks.
  93. Added option "Select maximum frame rate or bit rate" when using youtube-dl.
  94. Added the ability to not use the available youtube-dl.
  96. Player
  97. Fixed the taskbar icon.
  98. Fixed auto-switching of display frequency for interlace.
  99. Removed the ability to launch files from the playlist using the "Space" key.
  100. Fixed display of tooltips in the playlist.
  101. Fixed background color of the search bar in the playlist.
  102. A playlist of type "Explorer" is no longer created by default, because it can slow down the start of the player.
  103. Pressing the middle mouse button is now redirected to the main window.
  104. At the beginning of playback, the player now sends a command to wake up the display or turn off the screen saver.
  105. Added "Refresh" command in the context menu of the playlist.
  106. Added support for MPC Video Renderer.
  107. Added support for subtitles from external audio files.
  108. After deleting the file in the trash in the playlist, the player will go to the next file.
  109. Added the ability to select multiple external audio tracks when opening a video file.
  110. Added forced closing of the filter properties window after closing the media file.
  111. Added the ability to select a priority filter for UDP streams.
  112. Adding subtitles by the Dran'n'drop method now works when the playlist is active.
  113. The playlist is now saved after each opening of the media file or link.
  114. The range of the option "Do not scale at small frame size decreases" is increased to 6.3%.
  115. Added setting "Auto-hide the pointer during playback in windowed mode".
  116. Added "Window size" settings panel.
  117. Improved subtitle update after changes in an external editor.
  118. Improved support for loading .m3u(hls) playlists with audio tracks in separate streams.
  119. Added command line parameter "/ clipboard".
  120. Added option "Go to the next on error" in the playlist menu.
  121. Added option "Remember selected tracks in playlist".
  122. Added the ability to open magnet links and .torrent files with TorrServer.
  123. Added ability to specify AceStream and TorrServer addresses.
  124. Improved functionality for adding similar files.
  125. Redesigned the video renderer selection option. Added information about installed but inaccessible renderers.
  126. Added "Network timeout" setting for URL checking.
  127. Added the ability to paste paths from the clipboard into the playlist using Ctrl+V.
  128. The transfer of the "Shaders" folder from the player’s folder to the user profile has been fixed.
  129. Improved calculation of the speed of saving online streams.
  130. Fixed navigation on folder shortcuts in the file open dialog.
  131. Added the command "Copy filter list to clipboard".
  132. Paths in the "Recent files" are no longer checked before displaying the menu. The path to DVD-Video now points to the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. The path to the BD now points to the index.bdmv file or the selected * .mpls.
  133. Added option "Do not show 000xx.mpls shorter than N min."
  134. The "Open Disc" command can now open "DVD-Audio". If the disc is mixed, "DVD-Video" will open.
  135. Improved dark menu.
  136. Added error message about opening file in OSD.
  137. The OSD font size range has been increased to 8...26 (it was 10...25).
  138. Fixed selection of displays for full-screen playback.
  139. Fixed OSD font size when using Windows scaling.
  140. Added saving display state of system time and file name.
  142. Updated Russian translation.
  143. Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).
  144. Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh1986).
  145. Updated Japanese translation.
  146. Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao).
  147. Updated Chinese (Traditional) and Dutch translation (by beter).
  148. Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky).
  149. Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey).
  151. Updated libraries:
  152. dav1d git-0.5.1-1-g07dab8c;
  153. ffmpeg git-n4.3-dev-1770-g547b0c61af;
  154. Little-CMS git-lcms2.9-43-g9a30662;
  155. libflac git-1.3.3-44-gb02e1593;
  156. MediaInfo git-v19.09-34-gfa8cba8f;
  157. openjpeg git-v2.3.1-24-gac373737;
  158. rapidjson git-v1.1.0-508-gd67a69a9;
  159. ZenLib git-v0.4.37-50-gfef7392;
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