Mega Man Battle Network 2 FAQ

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  1. Mega Man Battle Network 2 FAQ EN -> JP -> EN
  3. Q: You are trying to achieve?
  4. : I can as fast as possible trying to the gospel to beat.
  6. Q: Do do you mean what is the "JP Which%"?
  7. :. "Any% of JP is the name of the category of" I'm running in this category, the goal is, through in all of the game is to complete as quickly as possible games, etc. to exploit the glitch Japanese only , it means that you need.
  9. Q: What is this exclusive glitch?
  10. : By using a combination of prism and Treebom1, I will be able to provide a substantially infinite damage and square up to 9 at a time. Interrogator is obsolete.
  12. Q: world record (WR) for what Mega Man Battle Network 2?
  13. A: No idea.
  15. Question: What your personal best (PB)?
  16. None yet,:.
  18. Q: What is your goal?
  19. : 2 am good 10 minutes or more.
  21. Q: How are you record your run?
  22. : I use the open broadcasting software (OBS) for streaming to twitch. I am using the LiveSplit to track my progress. I use the GBA SP, such as Game Boy Player of attachments and controller, play in the game cube.
  24. Q: Why are you reset so much?
  25. : I am in need of a particular chip for execution is easier. I was grinding for 3 guard * chip, 2 DashAtk G is / * chip.
  27. Q: What this "RNG Manip is (ulation) or I" I keep hearing?
  28. : In BN2, all of battle beyond the first six minutes of the game, I all the chips required can be operated in a way to draw in order to win as quickly as possible. Deceit and while I've got the game under 2:25, in order to put it into perspective, Tterraj42 is, 2:40 is the non-operation of, was running.
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