['MURICA] Tempest Shadow 4th of July

Aug 24th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. >you are anon
  2. >proud freedom loving American
  3. >and you are severely lacking in freedom right now
  4. >not literally; you have the same rights as any other sentient creature in Equestria
  5. >but damnit it’s the 4th of july and it’s the time of year when FREEDOM INTENSIFIES
  6. >but you have a plan
  7. >a wonderfully awful plan
  8. >you were around after the Storm King kicked the bucket
  9. >turns out the whole “thou shalt not kill” thing the ponies have doesn’t apply when the villain of the week does himself in
  10. >IN ANY CASE
  11. >you saw what a certain Fizzlepop Berrytwist was able to do during the celebration afterward
  12. >MAGICAL
  13. >FUCKING
  15. >you had almost given up hope of ever getting your 1776 decibels of freedom again
  16. >but now you’ve got a pony that can make fireworks on command
  17. >did you mention that it’s fucking magic?
  18. >”So why do you want me to do my thing Anon?”
  19. “Because today is a very important day in ‘Muri- I mean my people’s history. Essentially today was the day we collectively told the crown to fuck off.”
  20. >”So you want to tell Celestia and Luna you’re seceding?”
  21. “… tempting as that is I just want to celebrate my history and give Equestria an extra helping of FREEDOM, and fireworks were the best symbolism of that.”
  22. >”Whatever Anon. Just let me see your notes for fireworks and I’ll see what I can do.”
  23. >you oblige her, passing your notebook
  24. >your grin widens as her eyebrows rise
  25. >you may be trying to turn her into Gandalf
  26. >firework dragons are the shit yo
  27. >”You want me to do WHAT with my magic? Anon I can’t do that kind of magic! All I can do is a simple firework effect and-“
  28. >this won’t do
  29. >good thing you have a backup plan
  30. >good ol’ homegrown moonshine
  31. >it may just be paint thinner at this point
  33. (1/3)
  35. >pouring the concoction down her throat you ignore your burning nose hairs and sing the song of your people
  36. >
  37. >p0nies are starting to turn and stare at the two of you
  38. >you only have eyes for the magenta war hoers succumbing to the alcohol beside you
  39. >and by god it’s working
  40. >her eyes are glazing over as she begins swaying to the music
  41. >at least you think she’s swaying to the music
  42. >no it’s definitely the music since she’s starting to smile
  43. >”Alright Anon you wanted fireworks? I’ll show you shome fuckin fireworks!”
  44. >she plants her feet and starts charging up her spell
  45. >crackling with barely contained power she lets the spell go
  46. >the night sky explodes with color
  47. >good ol’ red white and blue
  48. >it brings a tear to your eye to see such freedom again
  49. >p0nies are gathering around to watch the show
  50. >looks like even some song magic is being worked as some p0nies are joining you in singing
  51. >wait they’re replacing “America” with “Equestria”
  52. >ah well it’d be too much to ask them to switch loyalty to a nation that doesn’t even exist in this world
  53. >patriotism is patriotism either way
  54. >”Hey Anon?”
  55. “Yea Tempest?”
  56. >”Hold on to your ass and watch this!”
  57. >her horn crackles even louder
  58. >you can’t smell the moonshine over the ozone now
  59. >with a loud screech her spell fires off higher than ever
  60. >you swear it sounded just like a bald eagle
  61. >the thought is blasted from your mind as the spell detonates with a thunderous boom
  62. >what appears leaves you speechless
  63. >a giant red white and blue eagle of Tempest’s magic appears in the sky
  64. >it turns its head to you and gives you a single nod
  65. >you nod back in understanding
  66. >with a mighty flap of its wings the firework eagle soars higher into the night sky before collapsing on itself
  67. >well that was anticlima-
  68. >BOOM
  69. >a series of explosions red white and blue rock the night sky
  70. >Gandalf would be proud
  71. >no fuck that he’d be green with envy with the display above you
  72. (2/3)
  74. >as the fireworks finally die down the surrounding p0nies cheer and holler, the spirit of patriotism fueling their fervor
  75. >you feel something lean against your leg
  76. >you look down and see Tempest struggling to stay awake
  77. >”H-how was that Anon?”
  78. >looking around you see all of Ponyville with smiles on their faces
  79. >you realize that even in your selfish desire to relive the glory that was America you brought pride and patriotism to the small town
  80. >you do the only thing you can do and smile at her
  81. “It was absolutely perfect. Thank you Tempest.”
  82. >she nods before completely falling asleep against your leg
  83. >you just shake your head at the silly p0ny
  84. >today was a FREEDOM kind of day
  85. (3/3)
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