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  1. User name: TerryMcGinnis
  3. Character Name
  4. Terry McGinnis
  6. Your IRL age
  7. 19
  9. Link your Steam Account
  11. Steam HEX Code
  12. 1100001076d69be
  14. Confirm that you have joined our Discord
  15. Yes
  17. Discord Username
  18. Linna3us#8539
  20. Please choose which of the following category your character falls under.
  21. Criminal RP, Social RP
  23. Tell us about the character you will be playing and what makes him/her unique. Please be as detailed as possible. Include a character history, any major life events, what motivates them and how you plan to develop your character.
  24. Terry McGinnis was raised in a small town Near Portland Oregon, named Lorville. Terry, was a child of privilege growing up. Both of his parents, named Owen, and Tessa owned multiple farms across the state and did little work on their own. As upper class citizens, they treated Terry well. His parents paved his way for him; private schools, spoiled with materialistic things, were going to pay for his University at one of the top schools in America. There was an issue with this however. Terry was not interested in any of that. Terry was a lazy sort, unlike his parents, he did not want to go to a fancy top notch school. He did not care about school. He was more obsessed with the fancy materialistic things that were given to him. His fancy sports car, his beast of a gaming PC, the allowance. When terry was in high school, he had an addiction to a hobby that would change his life forever. *Racing* . It controlled his life. Since the age of 16 he had a fancy sports car and would race it to and from school, this unfortunately evolved into Terry skipping classes to race for money with other rich kids at the school. One afternoon after lunch the teacher were about fed up of a select few students not showing up for 5th period class and they voiced their concerns to the principal who quickly realized what was going on as soon as he heard the names of the students that were skipping. The principal kept close tabs on all students and knew all their hobbies and habits, as he was also close with the higher class families at the school. He called their parents for a meeting with the boys and their families. Jesse, Matt, and our protagonist, Terry, had all been caught for illegal street racing. As 'harmless' as it may seem, the parents were all amused. The principal had quickly come up with proposal. The private school had a sister school, one that was sponsored, by the US army. In other words, this was a military school. Terry hated the idea, and so did Owen and Martha, but alas, this behavior was unheard of for Terry. They grimaced as they sent him to the military school with little hesitation, after all, they just wanted him to go to college. Terry spent the next year and a half at the military school, fortunately Jesse and Matt's parents weren't so keen on the idea of sending away their kids. Terry was at a new school... a military school, all alone in a place where having a friendship seemed to be looked down upon. One thing was strange though, Terry found a very peculiar sense of calm being there only after a few months. For once in his life, he found structure, something he did not have once before. He graduated at the top of his class, with a invited into the US army. Terry found he was eligible for many different MOS's based on his scores. However, he picked possibly one of the jobs that he was severely over qualified for. MOS 88m Motor Transport Operator. His recruiter was shocked and urged him to reconsider. Terry was set on his path however, and kept on that path. He was a good soldier, but once he was finally deployed... Terry had a urge. The urge to race filled him with bad intentions. He resisted as long as he could until one day, one of the other drivers asked him to race for fun... how could Terry say no? They raced through the unpaved streets whilst the troops riding along as passengers were cheering for him, and it was a landslide, Terry was farther ahead, and all was going well, until they got open fired on. The impromptu safari was un-authorized. The first part to go on car was the tires resolving in them sliding into a tree. Two troops were launched from the vehicle and died, on impact, Terry survived along with a few lucky others. Needless to say, they fought their way back to BOP, and were immediately scolded. Everyone pinned the blame on Terry for starting the race, and he was immediately dishonorably discharged. Terry has since decided he wants to live a simple life. No more heavy excitement, he has decided he is going to live the rest of his life as a driver, but one question remains? Will being behind a wheel be too tempting?
  26. What is roleplay in your own words? And what RP experience do you have?
  27. Role-play is a unique art practiced by many around the world. It exists in many different forms in many different parts of the world and is used to form communities and bring people together. Role-play is in its own sense, improv. You act as a person that is not who you are in the real world. In role-play you can be anyone, as long as you are able to make it convincing. Role-play only works well when the rules that surround the specific role playing scenario are followed. In role-play I can be anyone that I want, I can be a Wizard in forest, a Knight, I can be a mobster, or a cab driver. As long as you can improv the role in which you intend to play, you can be anyone.
  28. I have a good list of RP communities that I have been a part of. A lot of them I can't remember but here are some of the more recognizable ones.
  29. IN ORDER
  30. ARMA II DayZ:
  31. DayZ RP
  32. ChernarusRP (can't remember server name)
  34. DayZ Standalone:
  35. DayZRP
  36. DayZ Crossroads
  37. DayZ Underground
  39. ARMA III:
  40. A3L
  41. No-Pixel
  42. Renegade Gaming RP
  44. GTA V:
  45. EclipseRP
  46. LARP
  47. TwitchRP (application pending)
  48. RivalryRP (application pending)
  50. As you can see GTA is the latest role-play community that I have decided to join. So far I am having a blast, and am looking to expand my experience, according to a couple friends this server is where its at, at the moment, and I am eager to join them and have a blast role-playing!
  52. You walk out the backdoor of a building and into an alleyway, when suddenly a vehicle comes out of nowhere and hits you. The player stops the vehicle after hitting you to roleplay that they hit you. How would you proceed? Be as detailed as possible, one or two lines will not be accepted.
  53. If I were to walk out the back of a building into an alleway, and got hit a vehicle that came out of nowhere, and the player did indeed stop to roleplay that it was an accident I would first, determine whether or not I actually got knocked down and need to call a medic (the respawn screen). I would continue RP in the sensible matter. I would be roleplaying pain (moaning, groaning, yelling) I would be verbally angry with the player because he/she should be watching where they are going. (In any sensible IRL situation and person would be at least slightly flustered with the person who hit them with their car). I would determine if I needed medical attention, if I did I would ask the player to call 911 as I lay there on the ground RP'ing in pain. Upon medic arrival I would respond to the medic with proper /me /do text, and stay in character and not break RP in any form or fashion such as responding to a /do with voice chat. If I did not require medical attention I would tell the player to be more careful next time and watch where he is going (all yelling at him of course) I would then proceed to take my character to the hospital for proper medical attention and roleplay at the hospital properly.
  55. A player comes up pulls a gun on you and demands you hand over your keys and any cash you have on you, what would you do? Be as detailed as possible, one or two lines will not be accepted.
  56. If a player were to come up to me and pull and gun, and demanded I hand over keys and any cash I have on me there really only one thing you are able to do. Stay in character and obey the rules, as per the fearforlife rule, I must comply with the demands, IRL if someone were do that I would comply with all demands because I do not want to do die. I would hand over my keys and cash to the player and I would not call any police or message any friends in discord/teamspeak/steam as this is meta gaming and not allowed on any roleplay community. After staying in character and complying with demands I may report this to the police after I am no longer in danger.
  58. What is the definition of metagaming in your own words?
  59. Meta gaming is using any information that your character would be unable to know from the information presented to the player in the server. This includes but not limited to, receiving messages on discord to arrange a meetup or calling for backup, or feeding friends information via steam i.e *I just saw so and so's stream and they are on their way to come rob you dude! RUN!*
  61. Do you have any video recordings or clips of yourself roleplaying? If yes, please link them here.
  62. Unfortunately I have not streamed or recorded any of my RP gameplay.
  64. Do you know where our rules are? Post the link here.
  65. Yes sir Johnny Trombone:
  67. Have you read and understood our rules? Do you also understand that breaking said rules could result in being removed from whitelist or even receiving a ban?
  68. Yes
  70. Are you sure you have read our rules? We may spot check you on this during the "Waiting for Tags" process
  71. Yes
  73. Do you understand that this is NOT Grand Theft Auto but a roleplay server based on real life and as such you must treat it this way.
  74. Yes
  76. Pineapple on pizza?
  77. Yes
  78. Report
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