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  1. <duixml>
  2.         <Element resid="ProperTree" sheet="propertreestyle" layout="borderlayout()" animation="rectangle|s|fast">
  3.         </Element>
  4.         <Element resid="ProperTreeInner" sheet="propertreestyle" layout="filllayout()" direction="rtl">
  5.                 <ProperTreeHost id="atom(ProperTreeHost)" width="170rp" layoutpos="client" padding="rect(1rp,0rp,3rp,0rp)" TopMargin="9" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x8001, library(shell32.dll))"/>
  6.                 <Sizer id="atom(PageSpaceControlSizer)" sizingtarget="atom(ProperTreeModuleInner)" SlidesUpAndDown="false" FramePersistType="2" layoutpos="Right"/>
  7.         </Element>
  8. </duixml>
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