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Pulling an all-nighter with Yuri

WholesomeYuriAnon Jun 13th, 2018 117 Never
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  1. >Staying up all night with Yuri!
  2. >Sitting on a blanket laid out on the ground, both of you clad in your matching pajamas, the only light source being the jasmine-scented candles that Yuri lit.
  3. >"Checkmate, looks like I win again, Anon~" Yuri says, once again beating you at chess.
  4. >"Don't be upset though, A-anon... I still l-love you, even if you're bad at chess" She reaches forward and kisses you on the cheek, giggling as she teases you.
  5. >It's been like this all night, playing chess, losing, her bullying you, you can't take it anymore.
  6. >You challenge her to arm-wrestling, her teasing smile turns into a frown.
  7. >"Anon... that's unfair! I mean, y-you've been working out for me and all, I'd just lose!"
  8. >You promise her that you'll do anything she wants if she's the victor, even weird things.
  9. >She accepts your challenge, her smile comes back, this time as a mischievous grin.
  10. >You both get into position, holding her soft hand, you start counting down, and within 3 seconds, the competition begins.
  11. >She's really trying her hardest, nearly taking you out by surprise, you look up at her, licking her lips, and winking at you.
  12. >You decide to stop trying, and you let her win, her face turns bright red and she looks away.
  13. >"A-as for my request... A-anon..." she looks back at you, with lust in her eyes.
  14. >"I want you to s-strip down to your u-underwear, and s-spoon with m-me... I want to be the big spoon... t-too."
  15. >You do as you're told, and you get into position, she wraps her arms around you, feeling you up, squeezing your muscles.
  16. >"M-my big strong A-anon.. haha..." she giggles, you can feel her hot breath as she gets carried away fondling your almost-nude body, feeling the wetness of her lips all over your neck.
  17. >"Good night, Anon, I loooove youuuuu~" is the last thing you hear from her before drifting off to sleep.
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