Hero of Shield ch218 version 02

Dec 23rd, 2014
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  2. Chapter 218 – Loyal Loincloth Dog [T/N: Naofumi’s nickname for Kiel]
  4. Translator: darkstrolm
  5. Editor: kookiedreamer
  7. As a change of pace for the day, I felt like making a suitable dessert with the wheat flour (which may be different in reality) I received from the town.
  8. I’m making a dessert because I was able to have refined honey produced by a variation of the Bioplant that I made by researching with Rat.
  9. I also make samples for taste testing.
  11. “Nii-chan! What are you making?” (Kiel)
  12. “Be quiet and watch. Ah, the fire…. it’s best to have it as weak as possible.” (Naofumi)
  14. I heated the iron plate and made the dough by mixing the wheat flour with monster milk.
  15. I also whip some milk and let the fat float to the top to make some cream. I put some honey in the cream to add sweetness.
  16. In addition, I also prepare some fruits.
  17. While I am cooking, the slaves, monsters and Filo Rials gather, enticed by the smell.
  18. ……Do I have enough?
  19. For the time being, I also have the rest of the cooking slaves make some more using the same materials.
  21. “Anyway, don’t you guys have things to be doing?” (Naofumi)
  22. “It’s natural, Nii-chan!” (Kiel)
  23. “Is cooking Naofumi’s hobby?” (Ren)
  25. Ren asked, having finished his training with the Female Knight.
  26. If I’m not mistaken, aren't there language studies waiting for you next?
  28. I wanted to know how determined this guy was so I gave him the order to study.
  29. For the time being, he obediently follows it.
  30. I thought he would be the type to disliked it being told to study by people, but he seems to be taking it seriously.
  32. I’ve made him a table of letters and he’s transcribing it earnestly.
  33. If he had asked for ‘a means to quickly become stronger instead of this kind of thing’ or something, then I would know there was no remorse.
  35. “It’s not particularly a hobby. I just learned it before I noticed.” (Naofumi)
  36. “So it’s just like you got used to it. The smell is good too.” (Ren)
  37. “That aside, would you like to learn?” (Naofumi)
  38. “If Naoufumi wishes it……” (Ren)
  39. “…..Just kidding. If you would like to eat, then wait a bit.” (Naofumi)
  40. “Ah, I’m looking forward to it because the meals Naofumi makes are delicious.” (Ren)
  42. Are you trying to get on my good side?
  43. Even though you’re the type to just think about yourself…. I’m still not used to it.
  45. “Okay.” (Naofumi)
  47. I made the dough as thin as possible and cooked it on the round iron plate, immediately flipping it over to cook the other side.
  48. I move that base to a different table, spread some fruits and cover it in the cream, and then finally wrap it into a cup shape.
  50. “It’s finished.” (Naofumi)
  51. “Ah, you were making a crepe after all.” (Ren)
  52. “Well, I know how to make them because I used to part-time at the Food Corner.” (Naofumi)
  53. “Part-time…… what a nostalgic word.” (Ren)
  54. “Ren didn't work part-time?” (Naofumi)
  55. “I didn't. Even though I would have liked to.” (Ren)
  57. Ah, Ren is a high-school student, and there are many students who are not allowed to have a part-time job due to their schools or parents.
  58. In fact, my younger brother goes to a school where part-time jobs are prohibited.
  59. Me? As a high-school student, I had a part-time job because I wanted the money.
  60. You can guess what I used the money for.
  62. That being said, I pass sample No. 1 to Ren.
  63. Did I reproduce it well? The one who could give the best appraisal is probably Ren.
  65. “Mu…… it’s as delicious as I expected. The taste is a little different than I remember but it’s nothing to worry about.” (Ren)
  66. “So. It was delicious after all?” (Kiel)
  68. Kiel asks with her eyes sparkling.
  70. “Look, this is one of the foods from my world. It’s called a crepe.” (Naofumi)
  72. I made a second one and pass it to Kiel.
  74. “Crepe…… it’s a food I've never heard of. Food from Nii-chan’s world.” (Kiel)
  76. Kiel smells and looks at the crepe intensely.
  77. Right now, she is in her human form. But recently she’s been a dog more.
  78. According to her, transforming consumes magic but her senses are sharper and her body becomes lighter so it’s comfortable.
  79. With a *chomp*, Kiel ate a mouthful from the crepe.
  81. “It tastes like nothing I have eaten before.” (Kiel)
  83. Kiel wags her ears and tail many times while chewing.
  85. “It’s tasty!” (Kiel)
  86. “I see.” (Naofumi)
  88. At Kiel’s words, the slaves, monsters and Filo Rials express their desire to eat as well.
  89. And so I begin baking crepes one after another.
  91. “Tasty! The crepe is deliciouuuuusー!” (Kiel)
  93. Kiel begins to run while saying that.
  95. “Don’t fall downー” (Naofumi)
  97. I think it happened around the same time I said it.
  98. Kiel tripped!
  100. “Hey…. Haven’t I seen that somewhere before? That scene.” (Naofumi)
  101. “What a coincidence. Same here.” (Ren)
  103. Furthermore, the crepe falls to the ground magnificently and is scattered everywhere.
  105. “I think it was an ice-cream that time.” (Naofumi)
  106. “For me it was shaved ice. It was a while ago, but I’ve seen this before.” (Ren)
  108. An event that happens in Japan also exists in the strange world of the VRMMO it seems. (TN: short for Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online)
  109. Kiel…… you’re a person who cannot escape from it.
  111. “Wahhh…… the crepe that Nii-chan made isー aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” (Kiel)
  113. Kiel cries while staring at the scattered crepe with teary eyes.
  114. If you’re that disappointed then I’ll immediately…. do we have the ingredients?
  115. After I have finished handing them out to the whole village, it’s doubtful that there will be enough.
  117. “……” (Kiel)
  119. Kiel stares at the crepe strewn on the ground very regrettably.
  120. The other demi-human slaves extend their hands to help her stand , but she doesn't notice it.
  121. Eventually……
  123. Chomp!
  125. She ate it!?
  126. I don’t know what she was thinking, Kiel transformed into a dog and started eating the splattered crepe on the ground.
  128. “Kiel-kun! What are you doing!” (slave)
  129. “You’re going to get a stomach-ache!” (slave)
  130. “Let me go! It’s something Nii-chan made with great care. I’m not going to let it go to waste.” (Kiel)
  131. “That’s no good! Didn’t Onii-chan say not to eat stuff that has fallen on the ground.” (slave)
  132. “Even so, I’m going to eat it! Out of my way! I can’t reach the crepe! Uwa~aaaahhhhhhhh!” (Kiel)
  134. This Kiel, even while being restrained her eyes dart wildly around, and one of her hand stretches out to the splattered crepe.
  135. Ah…… did I put in something addicting?
  136. I need to report the failure of this honey to Rat.
  138. “Settle down! Hey, I’ll give you my share!” (Ren)
  139. “You will!?” (Kiel)
  140. “Yes.” (Ren)
  142. The situation was barely contained by Ren shouting about giving Kiel his crepe.
  143. Ren must find it hard to understand why Kiel is so upset, but he’s considerably adapted to the village.
  144. Well, you’ll get used to the village after you have lived here for a while.
  145. Not long after that, Ren returns with a slightly troubled expression.
  147. “To be this emotional……” (Ren)
  148. “No. The honey might have some narcotic components in it.” (Naofumi)
  149. “I think it’s different. So please don’t stop what you’re doing. Everyone is looking with expectant eyes, so please continue making them.” (Ren)
  151. Ren might be feeling pressured by the slaves.
  152. I suspect there might be narcotics, but it’s not confirmed so it’s fine.
  153. During our talk, Motoyasu comes over while being surrounded by Filo Rials.
  155. “Father in Law. You are doing something that’s making me envious!” (Motoyasu)
  157. Motoyasu says after seeing the Filo Rials receiving the crepes and eating them with great pleasure.
  158. That’s the first thing you say?
  159. I always thought Motoyasu’s remarks were annoying since the time he was being accompanied by Witch.
  160. You’re calling me ‘Father-in-Law’ as usual and yet what is it that you envy?
  161. Say something more appropriate…… I wanted to preach.
  162. Well, even though dealing with Motoyasu is troublesome, I know how to handle him well.
  164. “Father in Law!?” (Ren)
  166. Rens asks in a shaky voice while pointing at Motoyasu.
  168. “We didn't have the chance to speak, but what on earth happened!?” (Ren)
  169. “Ahー…… I forgot to explain. Ren, Motoyasu was betrayed by Witch and has now been broken.” (Naofumi)
  170. “Is that so?” (Ren)
  171. “Father in Law, it’s impolite to say “broken”. I was only just awakened by true love. Ren-kun must not make the same mistake either.” (Motoyasu)
  172. “Ren……kun!?” (Ren)
  174. Ren who is trembling with goose bumps seeks help from me.
  175. What a relief.
  176. Looks like it’s not only me who is being called with a strange name.
  177. Because it can’t get more sickening than Motoyasu attaching ‘-kun’ to Ren’s name.
  179. “What’s this about “true love”!?” (Ren)
  180. “Ahー…… to make it easy for you to understand, just like Witch whispered to you when you were down…… and our foolish bird gave him words of encouragement afterwards. Rather than an owner, I who is the foster parent is considered to be the father-in-law.” (Naofumi)
  181. “Ha~a…… I’m not sure I understand it well, but he seems happy.” (Ren)
  183. Ren analyzes Motoyasu, who was laughing merrily while touching the Filo Rials.
  185. “And? Motoyasu, are you doing anything? If you don’t have any errands, then play with the Filo Rials.” (Naofumi)
  187. He was so devoted to bringing up Filo Rials, I hadn’t given him any particular instructions.
  188. If you raise that large quantity of Filo Rial Queens, they could probably play an active part against the Waves.
  190. “Okay. I would also like to know if I could buy new Filo Rials.” (Motoyasu)
  191. “You still want more! That’s enough!” (Young Filo Rial)
  193. At my anger, a young Filo Rial appears from somewhere and berates Motoyasu.
  194. This Filo Rial…… It’s the one Firo borrowed from Motoyasu and entrusted to me. He disappeared before I realized and reappears whenever I’m angry or troubled. Though his Level is raised, there are no changes to his appearance. He has a lovely charm because of his really small appetite. (TN: Not sure if this is a male or female Filo Rial)
  195. What is the reason for this?
  197. I mean, was this the Filo Rial counterpart of the Dragon’s core?
  198. This Filo Rial would appear whenever I invite child Gaelion to sleep in the same bed, and they would proceed to intimidate each other.
  199. Well they usually would get along well though.
  200. On the surface they are on good terms, but they have a cold relationship of checking and restraining each other.
  202. “I see…… I will endure it then.” (Motoyasu)
  204. Motoyasu backs down meekly.
  205. Or rather I want you to stop calling me your father in law.
  206. However, it doesn’t seem like he would concede over this and there’s no sign of him quitting.
  208. “And? Isn't it almost time to continue your studies, Ren?” (Naofumi)
  209. “Ah. That’s right.” (Ren)
  210. “Father in Law!” (Motoyasu)
  211. “……What is it?” (Naofumi)
  212. “I would also like to learn.” (Motoyasu)
  213. “Ah, yes. Then go ahead and study together with Ren and the slaves. When night comes, I will do a review.” (Naofumi)
  215. He can also observe whether Ren is working seriously.
  216. I will not forget. The thing at Cal Mira Island.
  217. I remember how fervently these guy agreed with Itsuki when he mentioned where they learnt the Different World Language Comprehension skill.
  218. You’ll have to show your sincerity.
  220. “Let us go then! By the way, can’t something be done about how this pig smell? My nose is about to fall off.” (Motoyasu)
  221. “I won’t deny that there are many women, but it’s impossible. Your personal odor…. I’ll consider it when you cure your bird odor.” (Naofumi)
  222. “Father in Law, isn't this a matured fragrance that is both noble and mellow?” (Motoyasu)
  223. “How annoying. Keep your opinions to yourself. If you don’t like it, then leave.” (Naofumi)
  225. This guy, he can immediately tell that Kiel is a girl.
  226. I wonder why that is.
  227. Kiel is certainly a female, but she looks like a bishounen. (TN: beautiful boy)
  228. Speaking of androgynous faces, Ren would be the king. [T/N: Ren has a super androgynous face]
  229. No doubt, Motoyasu being able to talk to Ren is because he can tell.
  231. “Alright then, I will brace my nose and endure it.” (Motoyasu)
  232. “……Hurry up and leave.” (Naofumi)
  234. I finish distributing the crepes and resume studying for the day.
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