Anonymous in Celestia 4

May 5th, 2013
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  1. AiC 4
  3. >Dear Princess Celestia,
  5. >You will be happy to know that I have come up with a solution for our problem of communicating efficiently with Anonymous. Unfortunately, it will be some time before it will be fully developed and implemented.
  7. >Obviously, verbal communication from him is out of the question. For a short period, I toyed with the idea of using written communication, but on top of the obvious problem of how we'd safely get the necessary tools to where he could use them, his hands have already transformed enough that they would be useless for holding anything, and he has no experience whatsoever writing with his mouth.
  9. >It quickly became clear that some form of telepathic communication would be necessary, but a direct link would obviously be less than ideal for reasons you are already aware of. I think all of these issues would be ameliorated by the use of an artifact to intermediate the link, ensuring that it the link is omnidirectional.
  11. >I am therefore currently working on a device, temporarily named the gestational unidirectional psychephone, or GUP. I have included a schematic of the artifact, in case you are interested. Currently, I am focusing on fine-tuning the spells for the magical portion, specifically filtering out background thoughts, and translating verbal thoughts into audible speech. I'm sure Anonymous doesn't want everything he thinks to be broadcast, so you will understand why I am putting so much care into this project.
  13. >By my current estimate, the GUP should be ready in two to four weeks.
  15. >Your faithful student,
  16. >Twilight Sparkle
  18. - – — – -
  20. >"Anon, we're here!" Celestia announces.
  21. >Celestia had apparently received a letter from Spike that Twilight's gadget was finished, so she'd taken the closest opportunity to pay the Ponyville library a visit.
  22. >"It's so nice to see you, Celestia!" called Twilight's voice, perky enough to be made out at her distance.
  23. >"Likewise." said Princess Celestia. "I'm eager to see this GUP of yours. It will be so nice to get to speak with my little Anonymous after all these months."
  24. >You can't make out Twilight's response, but soon enough you feel the gentle rocking of Celestia's footsteps as she presumably follows Celestia into Twilight's laboratory.
  25. >"Are you ready to speak, Anon?" Celestia coos.
  26. >Wow, are you ever. You still won't be using your vocal cords, but it's good enough.
  27. >Suddenly, it dawns on you that you'd given up quite a lot during your stay in Celestia. Not only can't you talk, but you realize that you haven't smelled or tasted anything in months.
  28. >You suppose you technically could masturbate, but you don't really like the idea of breathing your own sperm for the next few months.
  29. >You kick to signal you're ready.
  30. >You feel some pokes and hear some beeps and ticks, and infer Twilight is setting up the machine. It seems complicated.
  31. >"Done!" exclaims Twilight Sparkle proudly.
  32. >"Now, Anonymous, once I turn on the GUP, your words will be the first words spoken from and extraterrestrial being in Equestria, as well as the first words spoken from the womb. Do you have any words for this momentous occasion?" she asks with exaggerated grandeur.
  34. >"No pressure…" she adds awkwardly, flipping the switch.
  35. >"Gee, thanks for putting me on the spot." you think, rolling your eyes.
  36. >As soon as you think it, you hear your voice say "Gee, thanks for putting me on the spot.".
  37. >You jump a little as you hear your own voice from outside Celestia's womb. Interestingly, the voice that came out wasn't the higher, more nasally one in recordings.
  38. >"Wow, this is really weird."
  39. >"Why is his voice low like that?" asked Celestia, curiously. "That's not how he sounded when we first met."
  40. >Twilight thought for a moment. "If I were to hazard a guess, this is how Anonymous imagines his voice. When we talk, sound travels through the air to somep0ny else's ears, but when we hear ourselves we also hear the sound waves that our transmitted through our bones. You can hear the difference for yourself if you record your own voice with a phonograph."
  41. >"Ah, that makes sense." Celestia says. "It's fascinating, and slightly disconcerting."
  42. >"Anyway…" Twilight changed the topic. "Are you ready for your interview, Anonymous?"
  43. >"Oh dear!" you snark. "I'm afraid I'm not wearing the proper attire for an interview."
  45. >Celestia giggles. "Oh, Anon can be such a smartass at times. He's ready."
  46. >"Okay…" says Twilight, right up against Celestia's belly. "How are you feeling in there, Anonymous?"
  47. >"I'm feeling great, actually. At first I felt really tired, but I feel a lot better now. I've really gotten used to living in utero."
  48. >"Mm-hmm…" mumbles Twilight. "If I'm not mistaken, humans are omnivorous by nature. The fatigue you experienced may have been from not getting 100% of the nutrients you needed. Fortunately, the transformation spell seems to have progressed to the point where you can thrive on the same nutrients as any other pony. You should be more alert from here on out."
  49. >You consider this plausible, as you had felt vaguely hungry at times. "I guess. But it's still really relaxing in here. It's not hard to drift to sleep, even when I'm not tired."
  50. >Twilight mutters to herself, presumably taking notes. She then directs her attention back to you. "Okay, how is the transformation progressing?"
  52. >"I haven't really noticed it that much, to be honest." you admit.
  53. >"Oh, really?" asks Twilight, suddenly intrigued.
  54. >"Yeah… my body isn't something I've really had to worry about, or be able to use, so a lot of the time it's like I forget I have one. I have noticed my hands and feet have gotten really long, though."
  55. >"That's really interesting." she says. "I'll have to do some more interviews to study the psychological effects of your gestation. As far as your hands and feet, that is to be expected. One of the most fascinating facts about human anatomy is that your skeletons are almost perfectly homologous to ours. The bones that make up your hands and feet are growing to become the bones of your lower legs."
  56. >That sounds vaguely familiar to you from some textbook. "Could this gizmo be taken back to the Palace? I'd love to be able to talk to Celestia like this."
  57. >"Uhhh…" Twilight says, thinking. "I know you can't see it, but it's not exactly portable. However, I should be able to dismantle it when we're done, and reassemble it in Celestia's bedchambers."
  59. >"So, Anonymous, Celestia tells me a human's coat is much sparser than a pony's, or really any mammal. Have you noticed yours getting thicker?"
  60. >Your coat? Oh, right, body hair. You run your… handhooves across your shins, and sure enough they're covered in short, but thick and dense, hairs. "Yeah, I seem to be growing some fur."
  61. >Twilight asked you several more questions about the transformation and how you were feeling, until finally she was done.
  62. >"Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Anonymous. You gave me some fascinating data."
  63. >"You're welcome." you respond. "I'm glad I could fit you into my incredibly busy schedule."
  65. CYOA time! Read 5Ⓐ to be born, or 5Ⓒ to stay.
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