True DBR Credits.

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  1. I am equal parts pretentious and devoted enough to recollect (mostly) everyone who has ever worked on this game or any derivative of it's source, and I intend to thank each and every one of you: Owners, past and present, wipe-runners, iconners, coders, exceptional admins, lorebringers, and anyone who helped pave the foundation for what the game is today.
  3. Jesse - (Current Owner/Coder) - From your idea to spawn yet another shitty Finale clone came the most genuine, heartfelt experience on BYOND.
  4. Jinx/Yan - (Ex-Coder) - The amount of devotion and consistency in effort displayed in coding over the years is matched only by Jesse.
  5. Amatsu Darkfyre - (Ex-Owner) - Coding, co-management, and design for years.
  6. EnvyAttraction/Tim - (Ex-Owner/Coder) - Coding.
  7. K3ny4rd - (Ex-Coder) - The man who made DBR's combat what it is today, refined and helped redesign several, several aspects of the game.
  8. Katie - (Ex-Coder) - Many of the design philosophies of DBR as well as major efforts in optimizing the gain loop.
  10. Greg - For his constant, tireless work on both the redesign of Stands and several themed wipes.
  11. Milly/Fusichou - Provided several early maps.
  13. And special thanks goes to:
  15. - Spudly
  16. - MasterDarwin88
  17. - TenebrisLuna
  18. - Hellz Raze
  19. - Kopmon
  20. - Adam
  21. -
  23. And of course, most importantly, you.
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