Feb 28th, 2016
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  1. Seiran - by Haru
  3. AJS's Supercool Judging System!
  5. * My focus is on fun factor, fairness, and challenge of the danmaku. Aesthetics will be a MINOR component to reward going the extra mile or punish bad design choices.
  6. * I will score your entry based on the difficulty that is most "playable" for me (typically somewhere around Normal/Hard) while still being fun and fair
  7. ** I will not factor in how well your difficulty settings are balanced, however. That'd just kinda complicate things.
  8. ** It would still be to your benefit to make balanced difficulties though--or at least more than one--so I can find a difficulty most suited to me for scoring
  10. My scoring system will be as such:
  11. >0 -- Unplayable (i.e. broken, extremely buggy, etc.)
  12. >1 -- Terrible/No effort
  13. >2 -- Bad
  14. >3 -- Needs work
  15. >4 -- Has potential
  16. >5 -- Average
  17. >6 -- Okay
  18. >7 -- Decent
  19. >8 -- Good
  20. >9 -- VERY good
  21. >10 -- One of the best things I've seen
  23. -Stage portion (if you have one): X/10
  24. -Each nonspell (midboss included): X/10
  25. -Each spell card (midboss included): X/10
  26. *All scores will then be averaged, then multiplied by 2 to give a final score of XX.XX/20.00
  27. *Aesthetic bonus
  28. (May be applied to individual pattern scores for making especially pretty/eye-sore attacks, or to overall score for general script aesthetics):
  29. *You will receive neither a penalty nor bonus for making a decent to look at script that doesn't stand out. I don't want to tip things in the favor of advanced scripters too much.
  30. -Score bonus for going above and beyond to make something beautiful: +4% if applied to individual attack score; +2% if applied to overall script score
  31. -Score penalty for making poor aesthetic choices that make certain things hard to see or look at: -4% if applied to individual attack score; -2% if applied to overall script score
  33. I will also do my best to provide commentary on every aspect of your script throughout my judging, pointing out things you did right and things you could
  34. improve on. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but these comments will just be my honest opinions and advice on what you could do for future scripts, or if you
  35. wanted to improve your contest entry script after the contest.
  37. ***DISCLAIMER: Please don't get hurt if I give your script bad/mediocre scores. I try to be as strict and objective as possible when scoring, so even scripts that I personally liked or thought
  38. were pretty decent may still get "meh" scores from me. I try not to sugarcoat things in the hopes that you can improve, and so long as you're willing to listen to advice, I have nothing but
  39. respect for you. Also, I'm just really really picky... So please bear with me ^^; **
  41. =================================================================================================================================================================
  42. =================================================================================================================================================================
  43. =================================================================================================================================================================
  45. Difficulty judged: N/A
  47. Nonspell 1: 4/10
  48. *Not a bad pattern for a nonspell, but the setup is a bit long for an attack that lasts such a short amount of time
  49. *Thus, most of the time of this nonspell is spent waiting for the actual threatening part to come
  51. Spell 1 (Real Battle "Evil Portal"): 7/10
  52. *A very challenging pattern that includes an extra level of difficulty in the fact that the black bullets obscure your view
  53. *Not very Seiran-ish, but hey who am I to judge :P It's a decent pattern
  55. Nonspell 2: 6/10
  56. *A decent pattern, but ironically the most fun part of it may have been unintentional I'm guessing--but when the stream of rings that Seiran fires shifts slightly from her movement, it forces the player to make quick and precise movements
  57. *I would recommend embracing that by perhaps making the rings less dense but more interesting
  59. Spell 2 (Flight "Eagle Kamikaze"): 8/10
  60. *This pattern was very fun to dodge! The new twist on this old pattern made moving and planning out paths quite fun, especially when Seiran fires out five shots at once
  62. Nonspell 3: 5/10
  63. *The density of the pellet bullets makes this an interesting pattern to dodge, but for the aimed shots, I think you should modify them quite a bit
  64. *Quite a bit of their threat is the fact that they linger, but since all the bullets onscreen delete if the player takes a hit, that basically just removes the threat entirely
  65. *This happens for a few of your other patterns as well--take into consideration the fact that slow and lingering bullets won't be much of a threat in the case that the player takes a hit
  67. Spell 3 (Trap "Death by Cartridge"): 6/10
  68. *You have a very interesting concept going with these different varieties of attacks--however, I don't feel they synergize all that well
  69. *Especially considering the criticism I had for the previous nonspell--if the player takes a hit at any point, then all the bullets will delete, and the rest of the entire wave will become completely trivial, leaving several seconds of downtime of the player just sitting there and shooting the boss
  71. Nonspell 4: 6/10
  72. *It's simple, but effective. Essentially a rehashing of Junko's nonspell, only made to be much more fair
  73. *It's fun to dodge, but I can't really score it much higher given that it's basically a ripoff
  75. Spell 4 (War "Star Wars 8"): 5/10
  76. *Again, an interesting concept. However it can get rather repetitive fairly fast
  77. *You should have a few of those explosions spawn high up so that the player knows what they do before they start spawning near them
  78. *But also, you should take the RNG of where they spawn into consideration. A few times when I played this, hardly ANY of the explosions spawned near me, leaving me to just dodge the regular bullets
  80. Spell 5 (Portal "Galacta Wormhole"): 3/10
  81. *For the first wave, again, you should have a demonstration wave so the player knows what's actually going on
  82. *Also, I feel the spell is very slow to get off its feet and start to become interesting. And by the time it does, the timer's almost up
  83. *Though even so, the later waves don't do too much to make things more exciting, particularly the rainbow spray of purple bullets
  85. Spell 6 ("Eagle Ravi of Lunatic Kingdom"): 3.84/10
  86. *I have no idea what you did for this spell, but there should be no logical reason why the FPS for this attack drops SO low when you're not doing anything special [-4% AESTHETIC PENALTY]
  87. *Aside from that, the attack looks rather dense -- even while dodging at 20 FPS. I can only imagine what it might be like at full speed
  88. *Still, if you fixed the FPS issue and toned down the intensity a bit, I think it could be a very fun attack
  91. Average Score: 53.84/100 = 53.84%
  93. FINAL SCORE: 10.77/20
  94. *Some of your patterns were really fun to dodge, and the ones that weren't had some interesting concepts that had potential
  95. *As I mentioned, you ought to reconsider the way you construct your patterns. Since the player roster was limited, I have no reason to doubt you knew that dying erased all bullets--some of your patterns would benefit from planning for this
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