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Jul 8th, 2019
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  1. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  2. Since I wont be able to make the meeting I'll be posting a quick update here and will comment afterwards
  3. So as the month of June comes to an end so does my first funding period as a part time dev for masari. I've been working now for 3 weeks and have 1 week left so I'd like to start by recapping what I've done in that time.
  4. Week 1:Fixed some libwallet_api bugs that affected the GUI, made a new release v0.3.1.0 for both the CLI and GUI
  5. Week 2: I started by porting over cross compiling capability via depends from Monero, this allows us to build releases for any operating system from Linux, vastly simplifying the release process. I then setup continuous integration via travis-ci. This will help us to avoid build bugs in the future and could possibly used for a build pipeline. I also made modifications to the core RPC API so that gnock could roll out a webwallet update in which the in browser wallet connects directly to a remote node, rather than using a server backend as a middle man. The webwallet is now functional again, it's just a little slow with the new changes. I've made a new v0.3.1.1 CLI release including these changes
  6. Week 3: I made some more changes to the RPC API to fix a mempool bug and try to improve the speed of the webwallet sync. I'm now waiting for @gnock to deploy.
  7. A quick overview of github activity for the last month can be viewed here:
  8. GitHub
  9. masari-project/masari
  10. Masari: simple, scalable, and private cryptocurrency - masari-project/masari
  12. Going forward I'll be addressing a spending bug affecting a very small subset of users related to a bug with uncle mining reward indices, assisting webwallet things as-needed, and I'll be looking to work on the webwallet based electron wallet
  13. engr.tun06/29/2019
  14. Good day everyone!
  15. ph06/29/2019
  16. Hello
  17. engr.tun06/29/2019
  18. :zucc:
  19. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  20. afternoon :wave:
  21. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  22. @thaer <not asking for crypto> hi there please can you share admin access to discord with some mods like Jeff
  23. thedawson1306/29/2019
  24. Hey guys due to bad timing I won't be around much or at all at meeting but I will still do summary later if needed. My input for this meeting is we need to prioritize things and it might be an idea for everyone to give top 3 priorities and see where most people's heads are at. Mine are improve the Dev donation process multisig whatever; contact exchanges like stex and south and get their nodes fixed and obviously continue with wallet fixes. Have a good meeting guys :thumbsup:
  25. ph06/29/2019
  26. stex, south must have the highest priority imo
  27. olehansen06/29/2019
  28. agree
  29. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  30. @thedawson13 pretty much my top 3 aswell
  31. - Fix Exchange Issues
  32. - Wallet Fixes
  33. - coordination of media across - reddit/discord/twitter etc
  34. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  35. Part of the updates on my end are regarding accessibility:
  36. 1) Admin priviliges were on the Core role, I'll circumvent that and bring the admin rights for specific people
  37. 2) Medium access is being recovered
  38. 3) I'm reaching out to the Blockfolio team regarding some 2FA keys that need to be reset for access
  39. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  40. @ph idk about south but stex is affected by the spending bug I mentioned
  41. @thaer <not asking for crypto> sweet
  42. ph06/29/2019
  43. Gotcha
  44. olehansen06/29/2019
  45. ok
  46. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  47. My top things:
  48. 1. Figure out what to with the remaining funds in the dev wallets (Masari, Monero, and BTC).
  49. 2. More marketing coordination and admin access.
  50. 3. Figure what what everyone wants to fund and pioritize.
  51. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  52. Also, @cryptochangements for your next funding round, we have about 0.22 BTC left in the donation address and I'll be topping up your crowdfunding with it when needed
  53. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  54. Welp there that :joy:
  55. :thumbsup:
  56. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  57. We need a spot where there are open tasks for the volunteers to get work done.
  58. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  59. That's a good idea.
  60. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  61. I don't like the idea of an excel doc so something else besides that.
  62. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  63. Well if the community OKs it we could just use that fund instead of asking for individual donations for now
  64. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  65. Easy to do a vote channel as well to get things like that figured out.
  66. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  67. people had questions on how much MSR is left, I haven't looked at it since then but there should be about 12k MSR remaining, and in total about ~100k MSR has been dispersed to community members
  68. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  69. thumbs up and thumbs down like we've done in the past.
  70. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  71. @BazookaJeff what happened to taigo/trello?
  72. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  73. I am good with draining the dev account for future funding.
  74. For now.
  75. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  76. Can we multisig that wallet then that's one issue done and dusted
  77. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  78. I agree multisig would be good
  79. notthisguy06/29/2019
  80. Is there anyone on blocktree development?
  81. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  82. @Dug Punk has been very vocal about that
  83. @notthisguy currently, no
  84. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  85. @cryptochangements It's still up. we can pin it to the volunteer channel so it gets more exposure.
  86. I don't mind sharing access to it with some trusted members.
  87. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  88. It seems the current idea is to get all the bugs fixed and everything smooth before going any further.
  89. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  90. @BazookaJeff ok cool
  91. notthisguy06/29/2019
  92. So when all wallet are fixed? Or no plan for that yet? How long implementing block tree can take approx?
  93. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  94. @notthisguy scroll up take a look at the dev recap I posted along with github. I've documented things I fixed and my priority lost for other bugs to fix
  95. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  96. Also: do we need more developers for blocktree? I can't imagine only cc and gnock can get it done?
  97. Just thinking ahead.
  98. If you think you can, great! But it is a huge project.
  99. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  100. More developers would be a dream come true
  101. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  102. @cryptochangements we can get the word out on the official Twitter.
  103. Also, on a stickied getting started post on reddit.
  104. JeuTheIdit06/29/2019
  105. Okay, so we probably should be thinking about ways to get more developers then while cc and gnock are fixing things.
  106. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  107. topics for sticked post: ask for more devs, what to do when starting out with MSR, how to reach out to marketing people for podcasts, etc.
  108. notthisguy06/29/2019
  109. @cryptochangements I did, just wondering when blocktree dev could start, how long it could take and is doable with donations like now
  110. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  111. I'm not giving a timeframe on blocktree. It depends on too many variables we dont yet have figured out
  112. @BazookaJeff cool, I think it would be good to first setup the taiga so that all open tasks are organized that a new dev could pick up
  113. Dubz06/29/2019
  114. 1) SECOR – Attack Vector, Miner Payments
  115. 2) Wallet Issues – Mobile, Web, GUI (if not already addressed) – Exchanges are pointless without this
  116. 3) Direction – Define realistic goals, timelines, and development team
  117. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  118. I'll be working on Blocktree development when I have more free time, can't give an exact timeline. We didn't get as much feedback from the whitepaper as I'd have liked so what would likely happen is a first pass implementation that would be in an extended beta (testnet) as we try to break the protocol to find any potential flaws that need to be addressed
  119. ph06/29/2019
  120. RN I think that with your time constraints we should pivot in something else in the meantime
  121. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  122. To that point, my first address would be the wallet bug some exchanges are facing if cc doesn't get to it first
  123. are you referring to anything else?
  124. notthisguy06/29/2019
  125. Thanks for answers I'll definitely ask again when bugs are fixed and things settled a bit as blocktree would be a game changer if its working, with upcomming alt season and it would actually get masari ahead of monero
  126. ph06/29/2019
  127. yea and also we can go forward with the other points of the roadmap
  128. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  129. it seems like Medium changed some things, I can't find a way to nuke/reset a password but as long as somebody like @BazookaJeff has access to the email they would be able to sign in
  130. @ph I would consider SPT as well, it's isolated enough that it wouldn't be too much of a pain to put Blocktree on top of it (would be mostly db schema related)
  131. engr.tun06/29/2019
  132. In addition to efforts we are putting into fixing things and planning future developments.. I think we should also explore ways how can we grow as community. Growing is number can only guarantee that we get more devs, contributors, meme-creators, traders and hodlers. Hence marketing is my #3 priority after wallet and exchange fixes.
  133. perma06/29/2019
  134. My 2 cents are: 1 fix bugs 2 marketing 3 marketing
  135. camthegeek06/29/2019
  136. @thaer <not asking for crypto> where do you want feedback from regarding blocktree WP? I'll throw it out to a few people
  137. perma06/29/2019
  138. When price recovers we can fund development
  139. Without price we can throw money for nothing
  140. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  141. @camthegeek anybody able to give technical feedback is welcome, and I'd be happy to discuss things with them
  142. notthisguy06/29/2019
  143. Is there anyone on marketing?
  144. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  145. We have MSR engagement.
  146. A group of guys that have diff backgrounds to get things done.
  147. in conjunction with Tagia, we can get some marketing material out there.
  148. ph06/29/2019
  149. MSR engagement it's really a good idea imo
  150. engr.tun06/29/2019
  151. I think we need to make coordinated efforts to keep ANN and reddit active. ANN is the place people go to find new coins.
  152. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  153. We can post updates there first and then post the links to reddit and Twitter.
  154. That way, we get traffic to the ANN.
  155. ph06/29/2019
  156. I think bitcointalk is dead long ago, today people are on twitter/reddit mostly. But after all it's effortless put some updates on the ANN
  157. just post the links
  158. notthisguy06/29/2019
  159. I can say that masari was under the radar for me for a long time, didn't hear much about it till it was like top 3 mining profitable for me
  160. If I seen masari memes :smiley: or roadmap or community I would definitely be here earlier
  161. ph06/29/2019
  162. yeah I know. Sad but true
  163. from the marketing point of view we have been overtaken by a lot of crapcoins
  164. notthisguy06/29/2019
  165. Exactly
  166. Many dead already
  167. ph06/29/2019
  168. oh yea
  169. notthisguy06/29/2019
  170. Did you try maybe get some deals with pool owners like cryptoknight?
  171. Or at least add some more info on masari there
  172. ph06/29/2019
  173. I don't think we're on good terms with Cryptoknight lol
  174. :pepegrin:
  175. a little marketing on other discord channels wouldn't hurt though
  176. olehansen06/29/2019
  177. i'm an long time hodler, early in. Thaer brought someting new to the table. Don't loose the momentum now: fix bugs and make it work 100% on all exchanges. Masari may be one of the best coins on the market and will be easy to promote :smiley:
  178. notthisguy06/29/2019
  179. Didn't know msr is on war path with cryptoknight
  180. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  181. great, we are crashing the price nicely :pepegrin:
  182. Anomander06/29/2019
  183. Any talk of new features?
  184. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  185. yeah loads
  186. Anomander06/29/2019
  187. @Kafkathedog do you have a link?
  188. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  189. working wallets and everything
  190. notthisguy06/29/2019
  191. Think it would be good idea to explain in simple way what is blocktree (I had to ask on telegram, cause name got interesting for me... Its not said it solves scalability issues) its hard for newcomer understand what this is about.. And if I didn't ask I would probably be gone mining/trading other coin.. You seem to hide all the gems
  192. girugamesh06/29/2019
  193. There should be a synopsis somewhere
  194. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  195. @notthisguy we can get an article on the Taiga.
  196. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  197. nothing's being hidden - to put it simply, think at every block of the blockchain, we create lets say 4 buckets/blocks instead to mine transactions in, in a way that they can be mined in parallel
  198. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  199. We need a bounties channel.
  200. funding avenue is great but it'd be nice to have both.
  201. notthisguy06/29/2019
  202. IMO technical talk should stay in tech documents, and for people visiting website, twitter etc it should be as easy as possible, couple words why its SOO good and important and then links to tech documents for that 5% of people who can actually understand tech documents
  203. So it should be straight to the point, short, understandable for average crypto noob
  204. Articles are nice but I think to make someone read it you need that person interested in masari already.. Tbh.. Who have time to read long article about another small market cap coin?
  205. camthegeek06/29/2019
  206. so explain all the things like you're 5. got it.
  207. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  208. why not??
  209. if you want interest you will have to get more people like me who are stupid..
  210. notthisguy06/29/2019
  211. For marketing I would say YES
  212. @thaer <not asking for crypto> I understand.. But let's say yore new.. you somehow came across masari.. Mining or volume on exchange for example.. So you probably check cmc and masari website.. Twitter/telegram pinned message.. Roadmap and you build your first impression based on what you see there
  213. IMO I shouldn't be digging for info, it should hit me
  214. camthegeek06/29/2019
  215. I'm ill-equipped for any conversation right now as I'm quite busy doing some home office rebuilding.
  217. As far as what I'm doing for Masari currently: the new Masari website is in the process of being done and is nearing completion. Things are laid out in a bit more readable fashion, looks like an actual project that may go somewhere, and doesn't use too much technical lingo on the landing page. I expect to have this done by end of next week, assuming I don't get slammed on the day job. A PR will be opened and anyone can pick at it and review. The way the site is built leaves it open to easily be modified by anyone, translatable into any language and there's probably a few other features I'm looking over because I stare at it daily.
  219. I'll leave this image preview here. This is not the front page but a page that describes what Masari is. The writing was done by community members @JeuTheIdit and @Ghost (image preview removed, gotta click it sucka's!)
  220. notthisguy06/29/2019
  221. Things msr could be proud of
  222. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  223. I'm not here to do marketing. I've come to resolve with that term personally and what it's definition is, and I'm not going to stop anybody from doing that, but marketing just isn't my strength and you're best with somebody else doing that. I'm more than happy to help with content, but I'd rather work on code in my free time over marketing presentation/slides/videos/etc.
  224. notthisguy06/29/2019
  225. No, no that's not I wanted to say, or give you more responsibilities.. Just tried to explain my point of view
  226. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  227. I understand, and the point you made is valid
  228. notthisguy06/29/2019
  229. Thank you
  230. Lodo06/29/2019
  231. For the login to medium: you login to it with your "google" account details which is the & PW
  232. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  233. Do you guys know the password or does it have to be reset?
  234. Lodo06/29/2019
  235. Afaik that PW hasn't been changed in a long time
  236. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  237. Would you mind PMing it to me then?
  238. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  239. hi all there was a mention of an ICO yesterday any more thoughts on that
  240. camthegeek06/29/2019
  241. I think that was a joke.
  242. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  243. ok
  244. is there anything we can do about the problem bots on TO any ideas
  245. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  246. Bots are not the problem for the immediate future :Fffff:
  247. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  248. so what direction is the community taking while the devs sort out the final problems and look at multisig
  249. i noticed jonnys new additions today and i am hoping the new animation is not about cigarettes and alcohol as oasis has already done that
  250. camthegeek06/29/2019
  251. masari brews and bro's have been around for a very long time lol
  252. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  253. ok lol
  254. in future nobody is allowed to demote anybody with out consensus at its a community decision now
  255. you lot need a channel to argue with yourself s then create one and hash any issues in private
  256. it dose not look good to new guests
  257. somebody dumped 18000 coins at 600 sats during the spat
  258. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  259. the situation with RL has been ongoing for a while now and I have done my best to keep the peace despite the animosity that he was bringing in. Yesterday it got to the point where it was unreasonable to keep him as mod without risking an abuse of power.
  260. I'd also like to note that this was discussed heavily in private and semi-privately (in a mod channel), with what was seen in #general only being a segment of it
  261. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  262. i understand we may not see the full picture but its no longer your choice .we will vote if we are going to demote sorry you can not through in the towel and still be in charge . its time for you to 100% deside what you want to do. me i am happy for you to come back and take the reigns and give us direction and instruction like you have not had before . there are a lot of people that love MSR and want it to have a bright future
  263. we are here to support you @thaer <not asking for crypto>
  264. girugamesh06/29/2019
  265. As long as it doesn't affect the project itself, imo
  266. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  267. I didn't throw in any towels and I still have a say in how things are run, you might not agree with my demoting him but I can't trust emotional instability, you would be on the other side of the fence if he went on a rampage deleting channels
  268. girugamesh06/29/2019
  269. There will always be affairs and drama
  270. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  271. we didn't promote him either tho so....
  272. @flyguyry_2.0
  273. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  274. mate i have him ripping strips off me in the past i know what he is like
  275. all i am trying to say is you can not have all the authority with out responsibility
  276. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  277. well FWIW he doesn't want to be here anymore...
  278. Johnny Gonzo06/29/2019
  279. @notthisguy we are planning some graphics and animation to explain this. but we pushed it back to match the developments.
  280. notthisguy06/29/2019
  281. Would be great to have it
  282. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  283. we may need the video for new direction we just have to deside what that is 1st
  284. if we cant have blocktree then what can we have for the road map ?
  285. MODs' what do you want and VIP's what would you like to see
  286. notthisguy06/29/2019
  287. Thaer said something about SPT, so that's probably first in que after wallet fixes
  288. camthegeek06/29/2019
  289. SPT depends on BT, IIRC
  290. ph06/29/2019
  291. ledger,spt,i/o
  292. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  293. @thaer <not asking for crypto> @cryptochangements what is possible from above list for implementation
  294. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  295. SPT doesnt depend on BT
  296. camthegeek06/29/2019
  297. ty
  298. cleared that up for me :wink:
  299. Lodo06/29/2019
  300. SPT would be a great addition to the network imo. Scaling is necessitated by use
  301. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  302. i/o PoW I think should be removed from the roadmap
  303. Gnock is already working on ledger with webwallet, I told him I'd look into it for CLI/GUI after I deal with more urgent issues
  304. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  305. and blocktree until further progress is known . what can we give people
  306. we all look at other coins what can we plagiarise from them
  307. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  308. I'd prefer to do something new rather than plagerize lol
  309. I'll look into SPT but more urgent bugs need to be addressed first
  310. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  311. sound wonderful lets have the light bulb moment between us right now
  312. thats cool we now have a plan thank you CC
  313. so we now have the funding for CC for how long ? with the 0.22 btc
  314. maybe jonny could work the animation regarding the launch implementation of SPT
  315. what els would we need for SPT
  316. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  317. Dont get ahead of yourself. It will probably take a few weeks minimum before we even get there
  318. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  319. thats cool i dont mind the wait as long as we know where we want to go
  320. its called progress
  321. SatoriNakamoto06/29/2019
  322. imo something important that laymen like myself can do is to generate content. This includes tweeting, retweeting, making pictures and videos, mentions in social media etc. Spreading awareness. It's a slow process but I think that if we start now, the technical stuff that the coders are working on might be ready by the time we have a bigger audience. Secondly we need more exchanges. @thedawson13 sorry bro i only got 2 :sweat_smile:
  323. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  324. is there anything we can do for bittrex to reconsider MSR
  325. SatoriNakamoto06/29/2019
  326. some newer members like @Ghost and @BMO-noire have generated some pretty sweet content and that's awesome to see, thank you guys
  327. we can all work together and push it around the web
  328. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  329. please no more dicks !!!
  330. SatoriNakamoto06/29/2019
  331. yea, of course @xiaomogwai is the man. i always think of him when i see dicks
  332. or read something like "blah blah more dicks !!!"
  333. if anyone makes something msr related and doesn't have twitter or reddit, just ping me here and I'll post it on MSR_engagement
  334. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  335. a tweet channel would also be good so we can retweet it
  336. SatoriNakamoto06/29/2019
  338. MasariEngagement (@MSR_Engagement)
  339. Website:
  340. Github:
  341. Discord:
  342. Reddit:
  343. Tweets
  344. 16
  346. 18
  349. Twitter
  350. and we have the official twitter which is more serious and doesn't post dick clouds
  351. Masari (@masaricurrency)
  359. Tweets
  360. 276
  362. 1820
  365. Twitter
  366. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  367. cool lol
  368. SatoriNakamoto06/29/2019
  369. i recommend you stick with the official one @flyguyry_2.0 bro :joy:
  370. thedawson1306/29/2019
  371. Flyguy thaer does have responsibility for example having his name and face linked with the project and writing technical papers about new ideas and coding them. So your authority without responsibility comment is a bit off.
  372. The theme that is emerging is building a system where everyone can contribute their strengths without impediment. That being said it shouldn't be a free for all either
  373. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  374. if we have a big ball of string with people pulling in every direction we have nothing left in the middle in no time at all forward consensuses is required for continuity
  375. you cant just sit on the side lind and say no all the time
  376. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  377. I think it's time to conclude this meeting, we're going quite off-topic at this point
  378. please take it to another channel like #random or #general
  379. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  380. Agreed, though I'd like to finish by setting up a date/time for the next meeting
  381. flyguyry_2.006/29/2019
  382. thank you all for you time
  383. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  384. I think Saturday July 13 should be fine but I'd like to change the time to be a little earlier or a little later
  385. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  386. I like this being biweekly, we can modify it later if we feel like it's too much/little - lets say July 13?
  387. :thumbsup:
  388. sounds good, July 13 then
  389. BazookaJeff06/29/2019
  390. I would like it to be a little earlier.
  391. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  392. How about 15:00 UTC?
  393. One hour earlier?
  394. I realize that's probably pretty early for Thaer in BC though. What is that like 8 or 9 am?
  395. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  396. hopefully we don't go any earlier than that, it's at 8am for me
  397. I can do 7am, but I might be a bit late depending on how I wake up
  398. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  399. Ok I'm good with 15h UTC, sorry T you're pretty much behind everybody else here :p
  400. Kafkathedog06/29/2019
  401. surely its bi-monthly.......runs and hides....:pepegrin:
  402. camthegeek06/29/2019
  403. Ends up being 11AM for me.. that's probably best as noon is often my busy hour
  404. cryptochangements06/29/2019
  405. Alright I guess we'll pencil in 15:00 UTC July 13 but we can change it if needed
  406. thaer <not asking for crypto> pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.06/29/2019
  407. camthegeek06/29/2019
  408. Let's also do a weekly reminder across all messaging/social mediums.
  409. thaer <not asking for crypto>06/29/2019
  410. sounds good to me
  411. Dug Punk06/29/2019
  412. Thanks @thaer <not asking for crypto> for being so active during the meeting:grinning:
  413. Dubz06/29/2019
  414. My thoughts. Thaer has been active on this for over 2.5 years. CC is kicking ass and taking names. Many developments have happened prior to this "need funding" mentality that seems to have developed over the past few months. This blockchain "Dev tax" is a horrible idea (not trying to offend anyone). Masari has had great accomplishments without funding. We all should be thankful for the devs that work on this project regardless if it fits in with your timeline of getting rich. Hearing this sense of entitlement from some community members disheartens me. Masari has always been known for its community and lately, well for lack of words, there seems to be a lot of bitching, arguing, etc... I've always loved this project for it's transparency, initiative, and it's community. People have lives outside of crypto and we have to give people space to live them.
  415. Johnny Gonzo06/30/2019
  416. @Dubz agree 1000%
  417. flyguyry_2.0Yesterday at 2:59 AM
  418. @thaer <not asking for crypto> @cryptochangements @gnock Main block explorer certs are expired, certs for web wallet are expired . what can be done regarding the certs .thanks sean
  419. cryptochangementsYesterday at 11:27 AM
  420. Wait for gnock or spin up a new instance
  421. flyguyry_2.0Yesterday at 11:40 AM
  422. do you think we should just do a new web wallet now ?
  423. BigSlimYesterday at 3:29 PM
  424. @Dubz Many people that work on Crypto Projects outside Corporate backed ones typically do not work full time jobs and Crypto is their "hobby". When large amounts of people join a community in a short period of time for certain reasons or not, typically it seems they want progress right now to keep up with other projects they know about that have paid devs working full time. Smaller projects can not support this forward movement on the scale of those projects that have full time devs paid to do the work and thus funding platforms have been created either community backed or blockchain tax backed. As many people have said, they do not have the time to work on a project because it does not make financial sense to do so with other commitments they are paid for and still require time. I myself do not believe any type of dev tax, dev fee, premine, hidden dev funds, funds locked for devs after a certain height are an acceptable part of decentralized blockchain platforms. One can not be upset for those working hard to be paid for their work and this is why I support community funding pages. Let the community decide who is paid for what work so long as the operator is decentralized.
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