saige/ashley hyperfart/hyperscat/voyeur thing

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  1.     It was bad enough for Ashley that her space-crystal-fortress-homebase had turned her into a freakish mutant of a 30-something. Now Saige, wife of the pasty nerd that bombed her capitol planet, had established herself as an actual meaningful threat to her power. Even worse was the fact that Saige had been a much more successful savage conqueror in mere weeks than she herself had been in years. Countless thoughts of how she detested everything about that shut-in sociopath bounced around in her reconstructed head.
  2.     “…You would think she’d at least shower before torturing captives. That’s common decency! Like, sure, do all the war crimes you want but at least make sure I can’t smell you from lightyears away.” She ranted to nobody as she paced around the elevator. “I’d kill her myself if I could stand to be in the same room with her.”
  3.     Ashley wiped her sharpened precision-cut hair out of her face, reverting it back to its original needlessly complex shape. “Really wish she’d stop wearing that stupid ‘imperial standard’. I can literally see every lump of cellulite in her ass those things cling on so tight. Surprised she even fits that massive thing in there.” She stepped off the elevator, rolling past saluting henchmen on her one prosthetic foot. For some reason, Ashley couldn’t shake the image of Saige’s fat unwashed ass out of her mind. Each vile detail replayed itself in her mind even though she had never even seen the thing uncovered.
  4.     “And how the hell is she married!? I mean—Orton’s not my kind of guy but like—really, what does she have that I don’t! I’m so much prettier than she is!” she ranted, nearly stopping in her tracks to make some overdramatic arm movements. Really, the problem wasn’t that she didn’t have a husband nor that she didn’t have a concubine to have an heir to her throne with. She was still a virgin. Despite making it abundantly clear to all her henchmen that they could fuck the galaxy’s best empress if they just so much as asked nicely, not even one seemed to catch on. The closest she had ever gotten to any action was when Lemarion held her hand that one time 4 years ago. God, he had pecs that just wouldn’t quit.
  5.     The multipurpose lounge/command center still had the hole in the wall from the couch she threw through it. Besides her quarters, it was one of the few places in her city-sized fortress that she could have some privacy. She came here to masturbate a lot. It was a nice change of scenery from the Imperial Bedchambers where she also masturbated frequently. After a moment’s hesitation, she finally decided on a course of action to deal with the geek menace.
  6. “…To hell with it. Surprise invasion. I’m tired of seeing her stupid face.” She announced to herself, leaning up against the white couch within the command lounge. Ashley pulled up a chair to the center console and then adjusted her facemask to look extra menacing. This was not going to be a simple raid. This would be an all-out attack on the Antship. A full declaration of war in unreadable formal language would be too time-consuming for right now. Yelling it at Saige’s acne-scarred face would be so much better.
  7.     Sure, it was about 25 in the morning and most sane people would be asleep right now, but this simply could not wait any longer. After 6 incorrect button pushes, she finally managed to find the one that initiated voice subroutines. Stupid cumbersome futuretech. Typing out Saige’s weeb-as-hell username into the namefield was painful, but not nearly painful as the destruction that Ashley, savage conqueror, would bring upon this pale terror. Finally, after what felt like forever, the two were connected.
  8.     “SAIGE BENNETT TAYLOR.” She yelled across all 64kbps of VOIP. “WE ARE OFFICIALLY… AT… war...” she trailed off, finally taking inventory of what was being shown on the holographic display. After turning up the brightness, it was incredibly clear what she was seeing. Saige was fast asleep, nude, and laying on her stomach. It also just so happened that the camera was pointed directly at Saige’s massive butt.
  9.     Ashley fell silent. Her heart began to race. Here she was, basically right up against her most hated adversary and watching Saige in her most vulnerable position. It was exactly how Ashley imagined it, if not bigger. Even if she wanted to cop a feel, she’d need two hands for each chunky pock-marked asscheek. Thoughts raced inside Ashley’s head of all the things she would do to Saige if she had a chance. Of all the punishments she would inflict upon those undoubtedly soft cheeks.
  10.     Was this wrong? Can’t be that much worse than subjugating a few planets, right? If that’s fine there’s nothing objectionable about getting a peek of some fine royal ass now and then. No real reason not to look! With a click or so, Saige’s giant nerd butt was made fullscreen, turning it into Ashley’s own private show. Her hand began to drift dangerously close to her thighs and crawled further up her toned flesh entrapped in her leggings.
  11.     Normally she wouldn’t be concerned about someone barging into her war room and getting a glimpse of her masturbating, but this was an exception. If someone saw her getting off to what was basically a still image of her unconscious rival’s unwashed ass she’d lose the respect of her entire army and subjugated peoples. But, also, she wanted to bury her face between those acne-scarred cheeks for hours at a time, so this was a compromise of sorts. “God, you’re so filthy…” Ashley muttered, not realizing her microphone was on. Her resolve finally wore thin as her hand began to rub her wet, (sadly) tight pussy through her tight leggings. “Ugh, do you even wipe your ass? It looks like an environmental hazard back there… probably smells as bad as it looks.”
  12.     Her weird horny mumblings were cut off by a soft, muffled burst of air from Saige’s backside, barely flapping her heavy cheeks. Ashley was caught offguard by the slight prrt, barely giving it any mind before the real show began. An ominous gurgle could be faintly heard through Ashley’s computer speakers. Although the video feed wasn’t the best, Ashley could make out the vaguest outline of Saige’s mildly bloated guts. I mean, Saige was pudgy, this was obvious to anybody. But now, her belly looked tighter. Somehow. The gurgle got progressively louder, but not loud enough for it to be heard from outside a foot radius of Ashley’s speakers. That was until, Saige’s puffy swollen butthole opened with a loud, nearly deafening BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFF---PRRRRRT.
  13.     The sheer force of Saige’s fart nearly knocked her webcam back and blew out Ashley’s speakers. The empress ripped her hand out of her pants and hurriedly muted her speakers so that no one would hear while the other empress continued to rip ass. Saige’s asscheeks rippled and clapped together as she ripped hot farts into her unventilated room, asshole opening right in front of the camera.
  14.     Ashley, having fully recovered from the shock and having made sure that no one heard that, tentatively began to turn her speakers back on. Why let a little gas get in the way of such a perfect show? Hell, if anything it reinforced her thoughts of just how filthy Saige was. Ashley KNEW she was better than this walking gasbag of an empress that she was masturbating to. “N-now I know why your ass is so disgusting, there’s no way y-you can—keep it clean with farts like that. When I’m done with you, you’ll be my personal, uh, fartslave. Displayed nude for all of my subjects to laugh at!” she continued, rising in volume. By now Ashley had fully submitted to her urges, stifling moans as she masturbated to her unconscious rival’s massive farts. Each BRRRRRRRRMP that erupted from between Saige’s buttcheeks nearly sent her reeling.
  15.     The bouts of gas soon shortened, dying down to short half-second bursts as something more solid descended into her bowels. “F-finished already? C’mon, y-you’re so much grosser than that. I know you c-can--- what’re you… oh my god.” Ashley gasped. Saige’s ass was opening around a deep brown turd. It already looked thick enough when just the very tip was visible, but it kept getting wider. The hard log slowly crept out of her butt, already at 3 inches in diameter. Soon it’s girth had grown to half a foot as it hung in the air, still just barely poking out from her cheeks.
  16.     Ashley had been reduced to a moaning mess as she watched Saige nonchalantly shit the bed. The image of it burned inside her mind. She’d be masturbating to this for at least the next 6 months. Each little crackle and gas bubble that came from her speakers sent shivers down her spine as she was finally about to cum. The turd coming out of Saige’s ass had grown to a foot thick, the insides of her asscheeks being stained brown.
  17.     “You enjoying the show?” a voice asked. It was Saige. Her head was turned directly towards the camera from her comfy position and was looking right at Ashley’s stupid face. With the slightest of movements, Saige softly shook her ass side to side, letting the turd drop onto the bed with a thud. Just as Ashley was about to cum, Saige had to ruin it again.
  18.     “NO. FUCK OFF. DIE.” Ashley yelled as she slammed the “off button” on her console. Her face was flush red and her mind was racing at what would happen now that Saige knew her most private of fetishes. Not to mention all the things she said to Saige. Fully defeated, Ashley resigned herself to finishing up right there, cum soaking her leggings as she imagined Saige teasing her with her giant thick dumps. “God I’m so fucked up…”
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