Bladerunnr vs TheNewAli (6/6/2021)

Jun 6th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. TheNewAli vs BladeRunnr
  3. R1:
  5. Both fighters start fidgeting around to find their initial footing.
  6. Both fighters go for an one-legged overhand, Blade gets there first and hits Ali with significant force before Ali can close the distance.
  7. Ali attempts to kick on the off balance but is knocked backwards and is forced to re-stance.
  8. Blade closes in on Ali and meets Ali with a hard left straight to the lower rib area. Ali begins to kick at Blade during the punch and lands across his back whilst Blade is attempting to sweep the far leg
  9. Both figthers swing their right hands at each other but Ali is higher up.
  10. Blade adjusts his positioning whilst Ali is still finding his, slowly being off-balanced to his left. This allows Blade to find a double leg off the scramble where he begins to follow and control Ali on the ground until about 50 frames are left on the time. Where Ali begins to up kick and attempt to keep his opponent away, still getting hit in the end by a falling, stray right hand.
  12. 10-8 Bladerunnr
  14. R2:
  15. Blade jumps in with a jab to begin punching in combinations but fumbles his balance. Ali is too preoccupied being on the back foot to respond.
  16. Ali attempts to kick back at Blade but Blade is out of range and level changing.
  17. Blade then steps around and spins on his heel for a spinning hook kick to Ali's exposed face.
  18. Ali does a lil shuffle before coming back at Blade. Blade throws up a kick and Ali responds with a longer one. But Blade sends the leg back down and launches a right uppercut that only finds a home for a grip; but, the recoil of the shot allows him to smash in a devastating elbow to Ali's chin.
  19. Blade tries to level change for the takedown but Ali jips his hips back and kicks on the break.
  20. Ali attempts to combo up at the end whilst Blade fumbles around but lands very little damage.
  22. 10-9 Bladerunnr
  24. R3:
  25. Ali starts off the round immediately moving into a scoot and corks in the air whilst Blade attempts to reverse sweep Ali before he launches.
  26. Blade misses but changes his hand's grip to frame against Ali as he is falling to force himself to spin back in the other direction to then Martelo no Chão Ali; but, lands it on the arm and does not make significant impact.
  27. Blade then restances into Cocorinha to attack with a low side kick to the base leg of Ali as Ali attempts to fly and reorient his body horizontally to attack Yoko Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri.
  28. Blade then converts the motion to a hand-stand o soto gari of sorts.
  29. He assumes side control and then Ali dies, assumingly giving up the match, rendering this a victory for Bladerunnr via Fighter retirement.
  31. 10-8 Bladerunnr
  33. Blade was able to meet Ali in the center with strikes first and with more significance during the entirety of the fight. Pursuing him to the ground whenever possible and controlling each aspect of the grappling whilst also finding his spots to land damage. A very dominant performance by Blade in both the striking and grappling.
  35. 30-25 - Bladerunnr by TKO
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