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Jan 20th, 2019
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  1. I'm sorry everyone, but as far as everything has gone in the past few weeks I've been feeling nothing but increased tension in my life and I partially owe that to my time on Smogon, which has given me a horrific addiction that taints my posts and follows me around everywhere. It's my identity on this forum and I wish I could stop adding it into my arguments but it just won't go away. With exams coming up in the next few months I need to get my focus sorted and find my ways out of my own problems - sorry guys, it just is that way.
  3. Shoutouts:
  5. stresh - You're a great man, I hope you can replace my lack of presence in the MnM discord now. You taught me how to win against things I never knew how to, and I never listened. You helped me out with my own petty little problems - carry on being you, otherwise I probably wouldn't have stayed that long. You even made a bunch of innovations I wouldn't have even thought of that made my teams what they are today. Thank you, and I hope your mental resilience may carry on the future of Mix and Mega to come.
  7. TheCoastsOfToast - Very cute user. Not necessarily a competitive player but that's not an issue - you've been fun to play for everyone - your innovation goes a whole long way!
  9. Andy - The man of the sticky web, dare I say it. Your presence as an elite player of offensive builds has made me more conscious about my building. Free mgar btw, it did nothing wrong
  11. Gmansour20 - I promise if anyone hurts you just message me and I will show them what wrath I have. You're too kind to be insulted and I hope you stay that way.
  13. Quantum Tesseract - We disagreed. We fought, and I lost, and I ignored that. You helped me out a lot during my earlier adventures with you, and I never really thought about it too much. I only realize now what you were trying to convey with offensive counterplay.
  15. Minor shoutouts:
  17. Willdbeast & Racool: Go UK - hope you guys do well at uni!
  19. Camo goons (Jrdn / ITH / Sylveon): The amount of times you guys have teched on me has been great. I'll never learn how you guys do it, but if I do come back, I will request for you to teach me.
  21. OM leadership: You've all been great at supporting me so far. It's been a fun ride, but it stops here unfortunately. I'm sorry I was lazy on my analyses, I'm sorry I couldn't keep up with projects etc, but maybe that just told me what I really cared about.
  23. GL Volkner: You helped me out a lot when my friend left me. You kept me under control. I may have lost to you in the MnM open, but it's not the fault of that as to why I'm leaving.
  25. It's been fun everyone.
  27. Discord: Chazm#2062
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